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December 2013 part 2.

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TakingTheStairs Thu 25-Apr-13 08:57:26

Just starting a new thread as we're starting to run out of room on the first.

weechops Wed 05-Jun-13 13:10:36

Oh jucy I'm so sorry sad big big hugs for you xxx

weechops Wed 05-Jun-13 13:09:58

Really sorry for everyone having a rough time of it just now.

I had my scan this morning and my dates got put forward a couple of days so I'm now 13+2 and due on 10th December. Really good seeing baby bobbing around smile

Jucymyname Wed 05-Jun-13 13:00:25

Hi there, I'm sorry some of you are not feeling very well. It's hard to deal with problems when you're not pregnant, never mind when you have raging hormones in your body.

I'm back from my scan and unfortunately there is bad news. I had mmc at 8 weeks and there is only pregnancy sack there.
So I'll leave you now, but want to wish everybody happy pregnancy.

Love to all of you x

froubylou Wed 05-Jun-13 12:24:59

Sorry you've had a rough week Holly. It can be soooo hard can't it. I know half of my feelings at the moment are completly irrational (like my rage at being told I can't have piriton lol) and I have snapped at OH several times and go from thinking 'awww lovely, lovely father of my baby to be' to 'what a fecking tosser' lol. I bit his head off last night for daring to move his arm whilst I was on my phone in bed (googling stuff) and I dropped it and it hit my already very sore lip lol.

I know what you mean about just being pregnant and not actually going to have a baby. I felt like it with DD 9 years ago and was in denial all way through. To the point I didn't buy any babystuff whatsoever until 2 weeks before she was due. And I never bought any maternity stuff either. Luckliy I wasn't that big and got away with going up a size or 2 with the old hair bobble trick.

My scan is 8 days away. Once I have had that I am going shopping for new maternity clothes too. Feels bad luck to do so beforehand. I'm huge as well. Luckily its all tummy and boobs. Not so luckily I've put on about 6lbs, despite loosing it on my legs,arms and face. Feck. I'm going to be the size of a small house by the time I've done.

Roll on next Thursday though. Really, really scared and excited about the scan. OH can't come as he's finishing a job off so BF coming instead. Which is nice of her. She has hinted she'd like to be in with me when I have it along with OH. I don't even really want OH there let alone the pair of them lol. I know she means well and she'd be a good birthing partner but I'm quite a private person and the thought of OH seeing me shit myself, spew up and moo like a cow is off putting enough without anyone else sat in the front row!

I've spent the morning in bed lol. Had headache and felt a bit sicky so went for a lie down and only just got back up. Loads of work to do now though sigh. And house a mess. And a huge pile of washing to be done. Feck.

Holly1977 Wed 05-Jun-13 10:36:44

Hi all, I've been MIA in action for a while due to a slight mental breakdown. Back on board with reality now!

Mumof2, sorry to hear that. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. When I had a bleed I rang my GP and she arranged a scan the next day with the EPU. If I were you I'd bypass the midwife and try that. You shouldn't have to wait another fortnight for a scan.

And sorry to hear your news Fluffy, it must be a really worrying time for you. 1 in 40 sounds awful but that does mean 39 in 40 chance that it'll be ok. But that's easy for me to say and I'm sure I'd be really worried and upset in your shoes too.

Mildred, I'm waiting for the mythical happy second trimester too! I've had a horrible week or so. Tbh I think I lost my mind for a bit there. I do get really bad PMT and think I've had that since I got the bfp! OH and I haven't been getting on at all well and have had some huge rows. Partly cos I feel he hasn't been very supportive and just been a bit of a typical thoughtless bloke and partly because I've been off my rocker so haven't dealt with it all well. Things came to a head on Monday and we managed to sort it all out eventually. I realised that I'd been bottling a lot of feelings up; feeling frustrated and pissed off about getting fat, having no clothes that fit, not being able to drink and smoke, not being able to do the same things physically as before without getting back ache, not feeling heard by OH but most importantly feeling absolutely terrified about the scan this Friday. Now we've talked about it I feel better, though I'm obviously still worried. I think I'm this weird stage where I don't really believe I'm going to have an actual baby, though I know I'm pg, if that makes sense. So it just feels like I'm having all these annoying symptoms but the idea that I'm going to get a baby at the end of it doesn't seem real. I'm hoping that the scan on Friday will change all of that. And being able to go fully public and start planning properly, buying clothes, knitting etc. My mum's bought me loads of stuff already apparently but I've said I don't want any of it just yet.

So yeah, it's been a shit few days but I do feel I've turned a bit of a corner now. OH spoiled me last night (as per my explicit request!) which really cheered me up. Doesn't help that I did far too much housework and gardening over the weekend and have had a sore back and hips ever since. Quite worried about getting SPD as I'm hypermobile but I'm seeing the GP tomorrow and am going to ask for physio and/or acunpuncture. Also I can go back to proper yoga next week and am going to sign up for a pg yoga class which my friend recommended and she says is really relaxing. Also going to ask GP for steroid nasal spray as if I carry on sneezing at this rate I'll end up sneezing poor bean out! It was actually quite painful all the sneezing yesterday, very annoying! And I've been getting the most horrendous headaches which is apparently normal and yet another delightful pg symptom!

Sorry to hear it's so tough for you Frouby. I've had horrible coughs in the past when I've stopped smoking and it's so awful that just when you think you should be fit and well cos you've finally packed in the dreaded weed, things get worse. Go see your GP immediately, preferably an older one who might actually know something rather than just googling stuff! I don't know about asthma but I do know that eye drops and nasal sprays are fine for hay fever since so little is actually absorbed by the body. My midwife told me Piriton was ok, then my doctor colleague told me absolutely not. I'm inclined to believe a doctor over a midwife when it comes to prescriptions to be honest. I hope it works out for you and you get some sensible answers soon.

I am getting slightly worried about how big I'm getting, though it's probably fine. I'm nearly 12 weeks and have put on about 4lb and feel quite fat around the waist. Which is all fine but I think I'm putting weight on my arse and legs too which isn't fine. Even my treasured tracky bottoms are getting tight and I've taken to wearing absolutely nothing in bed as even my knickers seem a bit tight now!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one. But I've finally found some mat jeans that fit me and some work trousers. I just keep looking at all my clothes and thinking that NONE of them are going to fit me or be comfortable for such a long time. I always thought you could just wear baggy clothes but I'm seeing that that's not the case.

Bitch colleague made another comment last week. That's strike 2. One more and I'm going to let rip! angry grin

TakingTheStairs Wed 05-Jun-13 09:47:07

Morning all

frouby what an irresponsible and misinformed midwife. You're doing great, keep off of the cigarettes. I am suffering from terrible hayfever too and what I have been told by both my GP & my Consultant is that I can use eye drops and nasal sprays.. the nasal spray makes a MASSIVE difference. and that I can also take Piriton (chlorphenamine) too. Though it might make me drowsy.
Do NOT go back on those cigaretes, you're doing great and I promise you that your baby is absolutely getting enough oxygen. You would have to be suffocating for the supply to your baby to be affected. Those studies commissioned by drug companies will have an agenda... results to encourage you to use their products.

fluffy fingers crossed for you. I hope everything turns out okay.

Queen, I'm very glad to hear your good news. Hoorah!

I guess I'm going to have to grow a thicker skin. Is everyone else finding that every random person has an opinion on everything and anything to do with your pregnancy?

My boss kindly left a Dr Browns bottle on my desk for me to have a look at after I was chatting to her to yesterday about various types of bottles. A (male) colleague saw me looking at it and said "obviously I'm no expert, but isn't the latest advice to go from breast to sippy cup and avoid bottles altogether?"
I said "oh really, I hadn't heard that. Well I'll be using bottles" and smiled.

F*%K off!!! angry
I'm sure he meant no harm but jeez everyone is an expert.
There's going to be a lot of this crap for the next 6 months!
and probably the next 18 years.

readyornot2011 Wed 05-Jun-13 09:39:08

Fluffy, I'm sorry you have this extra worry and I'm afraid we are in the same boat, again! Scan yesterday, huge nuchal- 4.5mm. We haven't been given 'odds' but with DD1 her nuchal was 'only' 3.7 and our odds were 1/6!! I'm only 31 so age isn't a big factor, is it possible I just produce fat necked babies??!?

Anyway with DD1 we had a CVS test (I don't think you can have amino until 16 weeks) and the results came back the next day and everything was fine, we now have a perfect DD (though pretty grumpy today) you get further results after 2 weeks with a full genetic breakdown - including the sex. And we had to go for a foetal heart scan at 16 weeks. All was fine with DD and hoping it will be the same this time but the nuchal was just so huge, at first I didn't even realise it was the nuchal I thought it was the edge of the womb or the sac, so not feeling positive. Plus all more difficult in a foreign country, albeit one with an excellent standard of care.

Fluffy, we too are having the test on Friday, I'll be thinking of you. I should warn you, I found it pretty distressing last time and I like to think I'm pretty tough, it over quickly though. Make sure you have plenty of support and don't plan anything for the following few days, you need to relax.

Frouby, I was prescribed piriton in my first pregnancy for HORRENDOUS itching on my hands and feet around 26-34 weeks. It nearly drove me insane and I had to beg but after researching it in some very big books the Dr gave me piriton, again my DD is fine, honest!!

froubylou Wed 05-Jun-13 09:31:31

Thanks feathers. I was shocked too tbh. I told her i was considering starting again to try and express how pissed off and ill and worried I feel. Didnt expect her to agree it was a good plan when I know its not.

Am going to get my patches tonight from chemist whendp gets in. My car in for mot so will get some otc then.

Its not just her that is saying I cant have anything. Its normal midwife, practise nurse and gp! This is why Im getting so pissed off as I know they are wrong. Its all very well to be on the safe side when pg but you have to consider the welfare of the mum as well. Im 1000% sure that the proven risks involved with smoking are far worse than any antihistimanes you can take, especially when you can give those sorts of drugs to other vulnerable groups such as young children!

Featherbag Wed 05-Jun-13 08:38:49

Frouby have you asked your GP about chlorphenamine? You can also buy it OTC, there's no need for you to suffer because a MW has her facts wrong! You absolutely CAN take it safely in pregnancy, and it's definitely better for baby than the fags, I'm utterly gobsmacked she's told you to smoke!

Cetirizine and loratadine are better while breastfeeding btw, as chlorphenamine can build up in a bf baby's system and cause drowsiness. Can you tell I've spent considerable time researching this grin

harry78 Wed 05-Jun-13 08:25:54

Morning all. Scan tomorrow morning and Im terrified!...

froubylou Wed 05-Jun-13 07:19:29

Morning all

Big hugs fluffy, am sure it will all be fine. Just take it easy for now and try not to worry too much. Impossible I know but when I have a worry about something I always tell myself that if there is nothing I can change about the outcome, then don't worry about it until it happens. Doesn't always work but it does help sometimes.

Mumof2, hope your issues sort themselves out too. xx

Say the Stop Smoking Midwife yesterday. Poor woman lol. Very much put her on the spot. Told her about stopping smoking kicking off asthma and hayfever to the point where I can't function and am also worried baby isn't getting enough oxygen. She told me I was imagining things. I pulled up the studies I had found on the matter (commissioned by drugs companies) plus anecdotal evidence on forums and message boards. Plus pointed out that my asthma was terrible until I started smoking with strong inhalers to control it, a home nebuliser at times and stints in hospital and now I have the lowest steriod inhaler and just a basic blue one and that lasts me usually 6 weeks. But since stopping I've gone through 2 weeks supply in about 5 days.

Shes still adamant I can't take any hayfever remedies and wants me to see the GP to discuss asthma medication being reviewed.

So I asked her why they could increase asthma drugs but not recommend piriton. And what would be worse for baby. To start smoking again to reduce the symptoms I have OR to take Piriton and increase strength and frequency of asthma medication.

Poor woman couldn't answer. Well she did but was very off record. She reckons I should smoke enough a day to keep symptoms at bay until she can do some research on the matter. Not what I wanted to hear. Sigh. I don't want to smoke. Hate it. But I can't go on feeling like this much longer. I know last time I stopped a few years ago (for 8 months) I saw Dr twice for an increase in asthma drugs which he wouldn't do as he didn't believe it was worse with stopping smoking.

I am just so frustrated at the minute that no one can help and no one seems to believe that stopping smoking is causing these issues, despite the fact I am showing them evidence of the matter. Because it is not NHS guidelines or whatever what I am saying isn't being believed.

But she has left me vouchers for patches lol. I'm seeing her again next tuesday. I'm giving while the weekend for things to improve with me and if they don't I'm going to try 1 ciggie in the morning and 1 at night to see if that has any effect. Really, really don't want to as the actual cravings haven't bothered me but I really don't know what else to do?? If it was just the hayfever I'd suffer through it with the thought that summer doesn't last forever but its the asthma thats really worrying me now.

Alyssa1978 Tue 04-Jun-13 20:42:18

Just read your post fluffy, thinking of you and pray everything turns out ok for you both xx

Alyssa1978 Tue 04-Jun-13 20:28:13

Hi can someone add me too please
Edd December 2nd baby #3

MadBannersAndCopPorn Tue 04-Jun-13 18:06:13

Thinking of you fluffy, I'm hoping everything will be fine for you and the odds are definitely in your favour. Take lots of rest and try not to fret too much; as Mildred said 39/40 chance baby will be just fine.

Gad to hear that there have been so many successful scans going on. Still haven't had mine. I'm telling myself the letter's in the post!

MildredH Tue 04-Jun-13 17:13:06

Fluffy- so sorry you're having the extra worry. 1/40 also means 39/40 would be fine but I imagine its hard to see it that way right now.

Mumoftwo- I've had lots of spotting throughout and things are fine. Just had midwife appt this aft and heard hb again. Midwife and EPU both said to me spotting/pink dc not so worrying. Red blood like you've cut yourself- more worrying. I hope you can get scan moved though to save unnecessary worry!

I'm 14+3 today and still zonked & frequently nauseous! When, WHEN does this promised land of second trimester more energy, less sickness kick in?

FluffyDucky Tue 04-Jun-13 16:42:08

Thanks ladies, just up form a sleep. The appointment is booked for next Friday (due to my dates etc..) We will speak to the consultant about the results, the sister I spoke said the 2 week wait one was where they grow colonies of stuff (can't remember exactly) so I'm not sure if they 48hr result tests for less.
Feel better now, I think it was the shock. I've changed my w/end off work from the wend to next as I need to rest for 48 hours after the test (just encase)so I'll be off work tomorrow. Husband also happens to have tomorrow off.

yogafan Tue 04-Jun-13 14:30:43

Sorry to hear that fluffy, the odds are still very much in your favour. So scary though. Hope you don't have to do the full length wait, it must be agony waiting and not knowing. Hope you and your DP can support each other and take some of the fear away. If you get the results back quickly maybe you could save any 'what if' conversations until you've got the full picture. Chances are all will be well but that you've got two really tough days to get through. Try and make the wait as easy as poss. Sending hugs x

PistachioTruffle Tue 04-Jun-13 14:17:48

Mumoftwo, I've just seen your post from this morning. Sorry you're having such a worry, I really hope you manage to get your scan moved forward flowers

PistachioTruffle Tue 04-Jun-13 14:15:55

Oh Fluffy sad I hope you're ok and with DH. Did they say if it was one particular element that had pushed the risk up? Have you and DH decided if you are going to pay to get the results faster? I hope you're taking it easy and being kind to yourself.

Scan this morning went well, baby was wriggling so much the sonographer had difficulty getting the measurements! It was unreal! I've been put forward a few days, due date is now 11/12/13 (!) making me 12+6 today. Our screening results should come back in a week. DH is so excited and wants to start telling people, but I feel maybe we should wait.

mumoftwoboysS Tue 04-Jun-13 14:14:43

Thanks violet and yoga well there's only a bit now so it seems to have reduced. I just want the reassurance - mw said next step (if it got worse) was to see a doctor. I'm wondering if I can at least get my scan brought forward a week so it's next week and I don't have to wait 2 weeks. Just to know all is ok would be so reassuring.

Sorry to hear you're having a tough timeFluffy - if you can afford it, why not pay for a quick result? At least you'll be reasured in a few days and god knows I know the agony of waiting and not knowing right now. Good luck and chances are all will be fine

babyiwantabump Tue 04-Jun-13 13:41:02

Hey all , just checking in . Had my scan today put me nearly a week ahead of dates so 13+3 today due 7th December !

All looking good !

Hope everything's going ok with everyone and hugs to those with bleeding or problems xx

FluffyDucky Tue 04-Jun-13 12:44:01

I've just come home early from work and husband is on his way home. We had our results back from the screening, I have a 1 in 40 risk of downs, which is 2%. I am going to have the extra test (amnio?) after I have read what she is sending me but I am so upset and scared. I have had such an easy pregnancy up to now. Just feel so teary.
The lady at the hospital said the test needs to be done in the morning but it can be arranged normally for the next day but the results take 2-3 weeks (we can pay £100 for it to be done in 48 hrs) Emotions are a serious rollercoaster now!

violetbean Tue 04-Jun-13 11:56:02

Sorry to hear about the blood mumoftwo - hope you are able to get the reassurance you need that things are ok. Thinking of you!

Queen, that's great news! Well done for doing the research!

I am way too over-emotional at the moment. Keep welling up reading the news (even when it's not something you'd normally find emotion-stirring!) and at other inopportune moments (friend telling me about money worries, etc).

Jucy, I regularly have those kinds of stretching pains. Particularly if I suddenly get up from sitting or lying down, or at any other time really!

Hope everyone is enjoying the day.

yogafan Tue 04-Jun-13 11:07:34

Sorry, just re-read your message mumoftwo - I'd call doctor say you've been bleeding and want a scan. What stuff have you got on today? If it's gonna stress you out I'd cancel as much as poss (some stuff might be good to keep your mind occupied though...)

yogafan Tue 04-Jun-13 11:01:57

So sorry for the stress motheroftwo - I totally get that you want a scan for reassurance. Really think they should give you one... Can you call EPU direct, or try the midwife again saying you're really worried? I bled a little when preg with DD, a couple of times, once pink discharge - all totally fine. Big hug x

Welcome jucy - I think mild cramping and a weird stretching/growing feeling are normal, enjoy the sunshine today and scan tomorrow!

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