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January 2014 - Start the new year off with a pop

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MissMedusa Wed 24-Apr-13 21:18:23

Any one else hoping for a 2014 baby?

I'm hesitantly dipping my baby toe in the pool after having a mc last October. I'm 4+2 today with my first and hoping and praying this one sticks.

Here's to 2014!

SadPander Sat 27-Apr-13 17:11:18

Hello mrsavb congratulations! Hoping all will go well for you this time.

Penny31 Sat 27-Apr-13 17:18:01

Hi MrsAVB! Fingers crossed for a sticky bean!

Told the parents and in laws this afternoon. They were really happy for us smile won't be telling anyone else until after the scan. I felt so anxious about telling my parents, no idea why because my mum seemed delighted, my Dad was in a bit of shock but he will get over it! It's a relief that its out in the open now.

I'm seeing a friend tonight who miscarried at the beginning of the year. She has been TTC ever since and knows we stared TTC. She said she would be devastated if anyone got a BFP before her because she feels its should be her. I can completely understand. I don't think I'll tell her my news tonight sad

MrsAVB Sat 27-Apr-13 17:30:19

Thanks guys! penny nice to see a familiar face from the April bus! And meet some new faces too!
I think we're going to leave it as close to 12 weeks as possible before telling anyone, even the parents. Am not sure how this will pan out as will have a few friends who I think will be suspicious.
Has anyone bought, or can recommend any pregnancy books?

Penny31 Sat 27-Apr-13 17:32:49

I've been looking at the what to expect when you are expecting one and I'd also like a pregnancy journal. The journals I have seen so far look a bit to cheesy for me though!

SadPander Sat 27-Apr-13 18:36:15

Glad everyone was happy for you penny! Think we are going to try to wait till after scan, bet it feels great now they know smile

Figgygal Sat 27-Apr-13 18:49:35

I had the mumsnet book it was good and there is an nhs one which was good but not sure if they still handing them out or not.

Yonionekanobe Sat 27-Apr-13 20:12:30

In terms of actual parenting books I lliked Lucy Atkins's 'First time Parent' when I had DD. DH liked 'The Whole Nine Months' by Mark Woods whilst I was pregnant and I learnt a lot from that too!

missmakesstuff Sun 28-Apr-13 07:51:35

Hi all can I join? Currently very early on like all of you, very hesitant as anything can happen at this stage, currently 4 +3, feeling very sick and have had loads of cramps, oddly not as tired as I was the first week after I ov though! I knew something a was up from about 4 dpo, which is mental I know but just felt odd..this will be #2, have a dd just turned 3, we had been trying about 3 months, much quicker than last time, so a bit surprised! Only one of my friends and a work friend know plus Dh at the moment, we have a wedding abroad next week though with lots of family and friends, I am generally a bit of a lush so no idea how they will not notice! we have pil visiting for 2 weeks from tues, they are going to drive me mad, we will prob tell them the weekend before they go with my parents, as will be 6 weeks then.
Due 3rd Jan, although dd was early, breech c sect, desperate to avoid one this time...
Glad you lot are here, will mean I can avoid obsessing in real life!

MissMedusa Sun 28-Apr-13 09:43:27

Penny, I think it's a good idea to avoid telling your friend tonight but when you do, do it one on one. I was in a situation last year, about a month after I had my MC when our closest friends (who got married 1 month after us) and who have hit loads of milestones with us announced their PG when we were out in a large group for dinner. Of course, I was so happy for them but it reopened a wound that was still really raw and while I was smiling and congratulating them, tears were running down my face and I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I tried to be subtle about it but a few people I really didn't want to see did. Not to mention it's not really the reaction I would have wanted to give the happy couple either. I just wish they had pulled me aside and told me one to one, they had known about the miscarriage. I am truly happy for them but those are emotions I couldn't control.

We're not planning on telling anyone right away as untelling people is just the most heartbreaking thing to do. I have a feeling close friends will figure it out as we go out often to events where there is alcohol. So far, I've had the bartender put apple juice in a Magners glass which worked well but having a sprite and calling it a vodka and sprite has resulted in people assuming I'm drinking water and when I insist I'm not, demanding to sip or smell so that's not really working. My parents come in a couple weeks so I'll try to hold off telling them until then. At that stage we should know a little more about the viability of the PG and while I would tell them if I had a MC either way, I want to spare them some of the anxiety of the not knowing.

Yonionekanobe Sun 28-Apr-13 10:44:03

It is such a minefield telling somebody you know has miscarried or is struggling to conceive that you're pregnant. I've been on both sides of the equation. After my ectopic a friend of mine became pregnant but didn't tell me. At the time I was taking a Masters course which included one exam. My friend came into the stifling hot exam room late, took off her jacket and revealed her tiny, but noticeable, baby bump just as we were told to turn over the paper. I realised then that she, and others had kept her secret from me for quite a while. I was more upset that nobody had told me that she was pregnant than the news itself! (Unbeknown to me I was actually just pregnant with DD on that day!). is everyone doing? I've been staying at my parents house this weekend as DH is on a stag do so it was a good opportunity to come and rest. I've not told them as I want to have my early scan to check all is okay first. Avoiding caffeine in this house is impossible! Having terrible headaches and nausea this time, so it won't be long before the secret is out I'm sure!

Penny31 Sun 28-Apr-13 13:13:38

I didn't say anything to my friend. It's awful because all she talks abut is TTC and that she dreads anyone saying they are pregnant before her! I am praying it works for her next cycle so that we can be happy for each other. I don't t like keeping it from her sad

Figgygal Sun 28-Apr-13 13:25:32

Having lots of the stomach tightening cramps today had these last time too still not tired or feeling sick just desperate for DH to get home tomorrow so i can tell him and we can work out how we are going to afford another lo let alone work out where to put it grin am off my food not sure if that is because i am stinking with the cold or if its the pg.

Am not telling anyone until after 12 week scan i am going home to scotland in may to see my family and friends going to have to hide the lack of drinking though since having ds i have lost the taste for it somewhat especially since ds is an unpredictable riser which doesnt go hand in hand with hangovers!!

CrabAppleTree Sun 28-Apr-13 15:02:20

Hello ladies
Just popping on to say hello as well.
Took the test on Friday 1-2 weeks pregnant with number 3 - due on 2 Jan according to some kind of EDD calculator online.

It is v reassuring to see no one else has much in the way of symptoms

DP and I completely in shock as we had sort of said, okay, yes lets go for it but really it happened v quickly.

Couple of MNers I know said how brilliant their AN threads were. I know they are VERY fast moving, I tried (under diff nicknames) to keep up with DCs 1 and 2 but didn't manage it.

MrsAVB sorry to read about your MC and hope that this one sticks for you.

I can't remember when we have to let the system know about the BFP but it still feels VERY early

Am a bit worried too as have a couple of big social things where its going to be hard to lay off the booze - as in people will guess, rather than I will want it.

MrsAVB Sun 28-Apr-13 18:07:19

Afternoon all!
Was thinking we should start a list? Have tried to put one together from previous posts but just correct if I've forgotten or got anyone wrong. I'm not normally the organised list person but am having a lazy afternoon!

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #?
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
Yonionekanobe EDD?. Baby #2

Hope everyone's well!

Yonionekanobe Sun 28-Apr-13 18:52:30

Good idea MrsAVB! I'm due 2nd.

I know what you mean about the fast moving thread CrabAppleTree! I failed to keep up with February 2011 completely but will try harder this time grin

Just back from a lunch with friends I made at pregnant yoga first time round. To avoid the 'no wine' question I elaborated a story about being hungover in the way there but when I arrived none of the Mums were drinking!

missmakesstuff Sun 28-Apr-13 20:12:41

Hi all - I too have a friend who had a miscarriage, she is a work colleague and we are close, I am really worried about telling her as she is so down about work and everything at the moment as I think she feels she is running out of time, as they have had problems TTC. It is early days though but think I will tell her once have had the scan and before anyone else. I will try to tell her when it is the end of the day, so at least she doesn't keep having to bump into me and be nice, as I am sure she really will be thinking 'cow'.

I have had horrible tightening type cramps, so uncomfortable, ry uncomfortable been going on for about 4 days now, keeping me awake most nights. Nausea is still with me, most of the day today, seems to be when I am hungry, so doesn't bode well for keeping my weight stable - I only just lost a few pounds, everyone has been saying how well I look, don't want to bugger it up now!

I didn't manage to join a thread last time, would like to try to keep up this time. I struggle for real life friends with children the same age as I never got to meet anyone at antenatal and everyone elses kids are either a lot older or a lot younger, so good to have someone to talk to about all these niggles.

Thanks Mrs AVB, very good list. I like lists. Currently working through mine for when the in laws arrive on Tuesday. Most of it not done, but I am, think I might have a bath and head to bed...this is as exciting as it gets for the next 8 months I suppose!

Figgygal Sun 28-Apr-13 20:33:15

I love my other thread there is still quite a few of us posting on there and sharing stories about toothbrush refusals and toilet paddling grin ds is 16mo i kind of feel bad for taking another lo into the fmaily at this stage as he really wont understand what is going on and i dont want to neglect him in any way.

Can finally tell dh tomorrow when he gets back it has been hell not being able to talk to him about it.

winterpansy Sun 28-Apr-13 21:14:54

Good list making there mrs! It's nice to see it there in black and while.

I am so paranoid I am going to mc. I don't know why. I even took my last cb digi last night and although it came up pg 2-3 weeks straight away (with very diluted evening urine) I can't shake the feeling that something is going to go wrong. I'll just take each day as comes, I suppose. By lmp I'll be dated a week earlier than I when I know I ov'ed so hopefully I'll get a scan around 9 weeks or so but I am seriously considering paying for a private early scan. Maybe it's because I have had no problems at all conceiving DS (I was on the pill) and this one (2nd cycle) that I feel I am 'due' some bad luck in this dept. Sorry for rambling but I need to let it out somewhere and DH doesn't understand as he is just so happy about the whole thing!

I still have absolutely no symptoms apart fom tiredness. No cramps or twinges or sickness. So I'm worrying about that too. Arrggghh!!

MrsAVB Sun 28-Apr-13 21:42:40

Have updated below.
How's everyone doing? It must be upsetting for those of you that have people you're feeling uneasy about telling. Most of my friends are either way ahead of me and already sprogged up, or still single, so there's no one I'm dreading telling. I think my mum is going to be the hardest, not because she won't be happy but because she's developed a serious health problem in the last few months, which means she's very limited in what she is well enough to do at the moment, and it's likely to impact her indefinitely. So it'll be hard for her (and me) to think about being a grandma and not being able to do any of the things she thought she would as she's fairly young and has always been active.
I'm very nervous about miscarrying again too. It's hard to get the balance right with being excited but not too excited or get too ahead of ourselves.
The symptoms I have are really tender heavy boobs and some nausea. I've had a stinking cold the last few days as well so some of the exhaustion is probably down to that rather than pregnancy.

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #?
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1

qumquat Sun 28-Apr-13 22:32:24

Hello all! Amazing to see my name on an actual list- makes it seem so real! This is baby #1 for me. I also have friends who are struggling ttc or who have miscarried. Will wait to 12 weeks to tell I think. I'm still testing every day to check bean is still there!

donttrythisathome Mon 29-Apr-13 00:11:19

I've been on both sides of the telling a friend who miscarried. Definitely do it one on one. I'd prefer a text or e-mail so I could react in private-no rearranging of face, or having to go with normal conversation after the bombshell! Some might see that as cop out, but just explain your reasoning.

cosmickitten Mon 29-Apr-13 10:24:39

Hello, can I join you lovely ladies please? Took my test on Friday and have a due date of 2nd Jan!

I think the bfp is still sinking for me. We have been trying for 15 months and the tests I've had weren't all that reassuring in the fertility stakes (low AMH, no ovulation and lots of scar tissue one ovary). This Thursday we are due to go see the fertility consultant via NHS to arrange tube check and clomid.

I had totally given up all hope of a natural pregnancy. I'd been charting my temps all cycle as ( information gathering for fertility treatment )and there were no clear sign of ovulation, however my temps kept going up in the week before my period was due. I'd been feeling rather coldy and ill and assumed that was why. However after 5 days, I got so fed up of the unfairness of a pregnancy symptom on my chart when I couldn't be pregnant, took a test to stop 'the pointless hope'.

The test was positive, as were all the ones I took after. Feeling stunned, happy and scared all at once. Hubby can't stop grinning. Accidently told my best friend as she called to see how I was feeling about starting fertility treatment, while I was still holding a positive test! Babbled in it out in shock really. I feel bad that I told her and not my mum, but I trust her to keep it quiet and it feels far too early.

My lovely friends and family have been checking in over the weekend to support us, re fertility treatment starting in May. I feel like fraud, but also have a strong fear it will jinx everything if we tell someone else. I can't quite bring myself to cancel the long awaited fertility appointment until the last moment. Which I know is selfish as it will be a god send for someone else to get a cancellation. But it feels like tempting fate to call too soon!

Wow sorry that was a long unloading session!

MrsAVB Mon 29-Apr-13 10:34:57

Hi cosmic, welcome and huge congrats flowers! This must be a very special and nervous time for you grin.
Have made a GP appointment for this afternoon. I know there's nothing much to be done at the moment but wanted to get started. Plus when I went to by a test on Saturday there were posters in the pharmacy saying "see your gp as soon as you're pregnant". I don't know whether that's because it's quite a deprived area...? Exciting though!
Have updated list below... But please note I am not precious about the list! Have a good day everyone, and good luck concentrating at work haha!

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1

Figgygal Mon 29-Apr-13 10:57:01

MrsAVB will be interested to hear about your gp appointment we don't see them here once we have a +test they have us register straight away with the mw team which covers all local surgeries to arrange booking in appt. not done it yet as still to tell dh but he will be home soon grin

Congrats Cosmo lovely story wish you lots of luck!!

I've lost 2lbs over the weekend must be the shock same happened last time!!

SadPander Mon 29-Apr-13 12:03:07

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well?

Winterpansy I know just how you feel - I think from what I have heard and read it is totally normal to feel a bit paranoid about something going wrong, especially at this early stage. Trying to stay positive but realistic if you know what I mean?!

Can I just ask is anyone else experiencing trapped wind type stomach pains? I'm getting them on a off throughout the day and I feel like I want to vomit when they are at their strongest! This isn't something I normally suffer with, but have been having this the day before my missed period and not sure if I should be concerned, or if it is just trapped wind or normal pregnany symptom?!

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