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January 2014 - Start the new year off with a pop

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MissMedusa Wed 24-Apr-13 21:18:23

Any one else hoping for a 2014 baby?

I'm hesitantly dipping my baby toe in the pool after having a mc last October. I'm 4+2 today with my first and hoping and praying this one sticks.

Here's to 2014!

ClearlyDad Thu 25-Apr-13 00:34:34

Hmmm... last time I checked it wasn't a toe you dipped to get pregnant!

I wish you the best of luck.

MissMedusa Thu 25-Apr-13 06:16:39

Maybe that's what went wrong last time ;-)

Trying not to get my hopes up yet but this one already feels different. CBD says 1-2 weeks pregnant and I'm 10 dpo. Last time I didn't get a BFP until 16 dpo which was a bad sign to begin with.

Anyway that should put the ETA at January 6, 2014. Yeah!

MissMedusa DC1 34 January 6, 2014

Penny31 Thu 25-Apr-13 10:38:16

Hi can I join please? I am 4+4 with my first ever BFP. I think my EDD is 29th December but everyone is already so far ahead on the December thread. Hope you don't mind!

Have sore boobs only when I take my bra off, had very mild nausea a couple of days ago but nothing else. A bit worried about lack of symptoms. I don't really feel pregnant like I did a few days ago....

MissMedusa Thu 25-Apr-13 15:38:22

My symptoms haven't been so much different than premenstrual but I do have some localized cramping, slight nausea and I definitely have a heightened sense of smell. For the most part I think it's too early to experience too many symptoms.

I remember from last time that sore breasts were the first major symptom I felt (to the extent that I had to wear a sports bra to bed) I haven't really had that yet.

Iwish Thu 25-Apr-13 16:32:16

Hi. Can I join? Little bean due around 3rd Jan. currently feeling very sick but I thought that was too early?

How are you? Xx

Chottie Thu 25-Apr-13 19:55:02

Congratulations to you all! What a lovely way to start a new year by welcoming a new baby into the world smile

donttrythisathome Thu 25-Apr-13 19:55:20

Ah, I'm glad someone started this, thanks!
My EDD is actually 31 Dec, but it is likely to be Jan 2014.

This is DC2 for me (I have a DD who is 3). I had two mcs, one last July and one in November. I'm old though, so it wasn't so much of a surprise.

My only symptoms are tiredness, a weird feeling in my pelvis sometimes, and some stomach pains last night (didn't have that with last 2 mcs, so will assume is not a mc). Positive, me.

I feel ready for another baby now - I wasn't really with the two pregnancies I lost. New Year Eve's baby would be exciting.

Yonionekanobe Thu 25-Apr-13 19:57:10

Hi everyone. I'm 4 weeks with my second pregnancy. I had an ectopic before DD, who is just 2, so very nervous.

I had a breeze pregnancy with DD but already nauseous with this one. Had a cup of fresh mint tea last night which I thought would help but had me gagging! I'm also worried about how knackered I'm going to be - I worked part time when pregnant with DD as was studying but now have a stressfully full time job and a two year old!

Penny31 Fri 26-Apr-13 13:40:12

The very few symptoms I did have seem to be disappearing. I'm a bit concerned. My boobs are still a bit sore so I'm hoping that means all is well. My friend had an MMC recently so I'm paranoid. Dont know how I can wait for another 7 weeks to find out if everything is ok!

Telling our parents the news at the weekend. I'm 33 and been with DP fpr 15 years, but still feel anxious about telling them!

Fairydogmother Fri 26-Apr-13 17:07:08

Just popped on to say good luck to you all! I'm on a November thread and we were excited to see a January one started!

SadPander Fri 26-Apr-13 21:20:27

Hi Ladies, hope you're all doing okay, could I join please? I'm expecting number 1 on the 31st December (so probably Jan). No idea what I'm doing really, have filled in some forms at GP surgery and called the hospital to book my scan and 1st appointment as instructed, only be told its too early and I can't book till 7 weeks! Guess I'm getting a bit ahead of myself?! The GP receptionist said I need a pack from them but they can't find any to give me -love my Doctors!

Also a bit worried by lack of symptoms, very mild nausea (could be all in my head?!) constant trapped wind and slightly sore boobs - keep thinking maybe I'm imagining it!

MissMedusa Sat 27-Apr-13 08:34:36

I think it all depends on where you live. Where I live, they will give you your first scan as early as 5 weeks and then every 2-4 weeks after. I'm going to put off having my first scan for a few weeks as last time I had already had 3scabs by the time I was 6 weeks along and they just added to the worry when things weren't developing the way they were supposed to yet it was too soon to tell for sure if something was wrong. I'm trying to take it easy on the worrying and anxiety this time (easier said than done).

Stupid question (I thought I knew the answer but now I'm confused). If I conceived on April 15 (I'm certain of the date due to temping and peeing on sticks) how far along am I in my pregnancy? I thought 4+5 but DH says that makes no sense as I only conceived 13 days ago.
Gah, pregnancy brain kicking in already.

Penny31 Sat 27-Apr-13 08:52:52

sadpander my first docs appointment isn't until 9th May and i will be nearly 7 weeks! I wont have seen anyone before then. It just feels like forever doesn't it? I get concerned about lack of symptoms too but I do have very sore boobs so I'm keeping positive.

missmedusa you count it from the first day of your last period. The two weeksish before you conceived are classed as the first two weeks of your pregnancy even though you weren't technically pregnant. Ifyswim....

SadPander Sat 27-Apr-13 08:57:48

MissMedusa - think its calculated from the 1st day of your last period, so roughly when you conceived + 14 days (assuming you ovulate around day 14). Wow a scan every 2-4 weeks! Think we just get 2 where I am. Hope it all goes well for you this time and I know what you mean about the worrying.

So I can't book my hospital appointment and scan until I am 7 weeks (and I think they then book me in to have these at around 12 weeks) but I've heard others saying they have a booking appointment at around 8 weeks - is this with the community midwife? Do I just wait for them to contact me?

qumquat Sat 27-Apr-13 10:12:06

Oops, just started a new thread as I hadn't seen this. Due date 1.1.2014! Very excited! No symptoms yet apart from a weird taste in my mouth. It's a weird feeling that there's nothing really to DO right now, just let things develop; I keep wondering if I'm just fooling myself and I'm not pg at all! X

MissMedusa Sat 27-Apr-13 10:24:35

I ovulated on cd18 so counting back to my period won't be entirely accurate. What I'm doing is just adding two weeks on to the time of conception. I think DH might be right in that it makes me 3+5 and not 4+5. Somehow I got confused because I'm in my fourth week.

Really excited about all the 2014 babies, we're all just starting to find out now.

donttrythisathome Sat 27-Apr-13 12:05:22

MissMedusa can't believe the number of scans - are you in the States?

It's normal to have no symptoms yet for anyone worrying!

My DD has chicken box, and I don't think I've had it. It can be dangerous, so off to A&E to get a blood test to see if immune. Oh the joys of pregnancy. While I love being pregnant, I hate having to be so cautious all the time!

And not tip - Becks Blue actually tastes like beer. Drank it last night at a dinner party and didn't miss the wine.

donttrythisathome Sat 27-Apr-13 12:05:52

Emmm, chicken pox!

winterpansy Sat 27-Apr-13 13:02:02

Hello ladies!
I'm cautiously excited about being pg with DC2! I was using opks so have worked out that I think I am 4 weeks today (ov on 12th April), with an edd of 4th Jan.

No symptoms yet apart from being a bit tired but having a 22 month old DS makes me tired anyway!

Not sure when to go to doc. I did have gestational diabetes last time so think I need to be monitored early but not sure how early. Might leave it for another week or so to make sure everything is sticking.

Yay for little New Year babies smile althought my DS was 2.5 weeks early so who knows when this wee one will arrive!

MissMedusa Sat 27-Apr-13 13:32:33

I'm in Germany, the healthcare system here is expensive but very good.

Figgygal Sat 27-Apr-13 14:45:13

Hi Ladies can i join?

Tested yesterday as AF was late and got a BFP it is completely unplanned and am very confused about how i feel about it. What doesnt help is that DH is away for the weekend and so cant tell him until he gets back, that means until Monday have only the anonymous joy of mumsnet to offload to. This will be DC2 have a 16mo ds (Dec 11) who though a joy is becoming more challenging daily i.e peppa pig obsession, refusal to brush teeth.

The EDD calculator suggesting end of Dec but i dont trust it as have no idea how long my cycles usually are and i know that I conceived on 01st April due to a particularly unusual reckless evening. DS was 12days late so i think start of Jan is much more realistic.

Figgygal Sat 27-Apr-13 14:53:21

Oh meant to say in terms of symptoms i havent had any yet though last time i didnt have any at all apart from sore hands and wrists which lasted from about 3 months.

I took pregnacare religiously last time and i credit it with lack of sickness, tiredness, discomfort etc so will be off to get some again soon by the looks of things.

I foolishly gave away everything of DS's Baby stuff i.e all his clothes, his moses, his swing, bouncy chair, i even gave the midwives back my NHS pregnancy book as didnt think i would need it....bugger. Oh well if it is a girl it wont matter if i have to rebuy all the clothes will it.

SadPander Sat 27-Apr-13 14:57:05

Hi penny yes it seems so long to wait just hoping everything is okay doesn't it?! Trying not to get too anxious about it all, but also not too excited is very hard!

It's comforting to hear that it's normal not to have too many obvious symptoms at the mo. Feels great to be able to chat about it on here at this stage when I can't talk to people in real life. Seems crazy when people ask if you've been up to much and you say "no not really" when in fact the biggest thing in your life is happening and you're bursting to tell them!

MrsAVB Sat 27-Apr-13 17:03:10

Hello ladies, may I join you? Have done two hpts Thursday and today, both BFPs! Today's was a digi test which said 2-3 weeks pregnant! Very exciting but crapping myself too. Have had two early miscarriages last year so very nervous about this one.
EDD is 6th Jan, baby #1

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