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Pnd previously but now feel like I have anxiety and ocd

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User83 Wed 17-Apr-13 14:01:58

Hi was wondering if anyone has experienced the same with my first little one I had pnd and was treated for 3 years for this and was on anti depressant venlaflaxine 225mg a day it was a long process but I did get a bit better the crying all the time stopped etc but i know i was never fully well i just coped better, i always hate when the kids are out and im not with the etc the anxiety never left. have just had another baby 9 months ago and this time I was determined to put on a brave face as didnt want family members thinking here wee go again, I do have a really supportive partner and I have told him that I have really bad anxiety but I don't think he realises how bad it actually is, I went to the docs in jan but it was one that I hadn't really seen before when I suffered from the pnd so when I went in I tried to explain how I was feeling but couldn't because I cried so much I must have sounded like I was a looney anyway I said that I wasn't sleeping and really anxious and that I had pnd before he advised to try some sleeping pills for a few works but only under the understanding that they would be prescribed just to see if it was because I wasn't sleeping and Mabey that's why I was getting anxious after that day I did actually get a good few nights sleep without the meds think Mabey cos I felt a bit better about getting some of it off my chest but I still felt the same. What I'm asking is has anyone had pnd before then the 2nd time, I just feel different this time before I felt as if I was useless and cried loads and snapped at everyone but this time I feel anxious I have panick attacks about leaving the little one to go back to work n a few weeks and I feel so much more worried and uptight and just really tired of it all the wee one is a great baby and I'm only at ease when I'm with the kids when I'm with them I'm happy but the minute something comes up and I have to rely on someone watching them I just lose it I know I'm not ready to go back to work but I keep thinking if I don't people will know I'm not well again I know I need to see the doc and explain exactly what's going on as its getting to difficult to just rush it under the carpet now. Someone just has to ask how are you today and I burst into tears but it just feels different from the way I was the 1st time x any thoughts

mumblecrumble Wed 17-Apr-13 23:00:29

Really sorry you are feeling so shite. Sounds like, as a doctor siad to me, you have had a big life change to cope with [children?] and that your body is trying to cope with it and maybe needs some help.

I clicked on this as I have an anxiety disorder which I feel at the moment is fairly well mnanaged. I had some anti depressants for a little while which seemed to stabalise my mood enough for me to kind of get to grips with what was going on. Bit like having a plaster on while healing the underneath.

I am off that medication now and have a supply of beta blockers. hen I feel the physical symptoms of anaxiety - bowels feeling crappy, sicky,l extreme butterflies, thoughts rushing round, sweats, heart rushing etc - I have a beta blocker and it works miracles, again enugh form me to sort out something that has maybe triggered it.

It was tricky to figure out everything you wrote above but am I right in htat you worry when not withthe children? And that you have supportive partner. Please do talk to your partner all the time. Mine has become my mental health buddy and I think he preferes to know everything than worry himself, guess how I am etc. And often he is fantastic at helping me nip it in the bud.

This is like any other health problems. You cannot solve it alone, but need your partner, family, doctor etc. I have been in your situation [its so shite, so sorry] and got through it and feel generally fab now.

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