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November 2013- thread 5 of 100,000 ��

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honey86 Sat 13-Apr-13 10:15:02

started yet another grin as im aware were about 20 posts from full again lol!

harverina Sat 13-Apr-13 23:39:08

River where is Scotland are you? I Am in the west grin

EcoHippyMum Sat 13-Apr-13 23:49:01

Hi Loves, I lost 3 stone before Christmas, I think I put a little on when Mum died but have definitely 'popped' with this one and this is DC4 for me too. I went down to a size 12 and am wearing a size 16 now, have bought maternity clothes in size 16 which is too big for me now..but only just too big.

OneLittleToddleTerror Sun 14-Apr-13 05:11:10

Morning all. DD is awake too early again sad. Took me a while too catch up. We tried to go to town yesterday to by some new clothes and a duvet + pillow for DD. We gave up as the traffic was terrible. Ended up going for cake and coffee locally. And DD behaved so well at the cafe.

Welcome worriedmouse.

berry I didn't spot yesterday either. Fx it will be a good day for both of us.

fairy I think you might be our first buying baby stuff. Red is a lovely choice.. Both our carseats and our bugaboo is red grin. It is gender neutral for a start!

tired wow £800!

I'm also worried about having two, especial it will be two under 3s. DD is very high needs and demanding. But probably all babies and toddlers are like this. Our days still mainly revolves around her. I guess like you all say, the second wont have this luxury.

MissTweed Sun 14-Apr-13 06:08:45

Eurghhhhh.... Got to get up for work hmm at least it'll take my mind of the stress of worrying about my scan tomorrow. Petrified of them telling us that i have mmc. I still got swollen boobs and a definite stomach, that's got to be a good sign right?? Although I have no other symptoms hmm anyone else got their 12w scan tomorrow for mutual hand holding?? Mine is at 8:30 so at least I'm not winding myself up all day

MsFanackerPants Sun 14-Apr-13 06:54:47

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow MissTweed, I don't have a scan date yet but I'll hold your hand for company. I'm sure sore boobs must be a good sign. And commiserations at having to be up for work already.

Puked so hard I pulled a muscle! Nausea is just my standard setting now though I think. Definitely worse when I'm short on sleep and when my blood sugar is low.
harverina I found some strawberry mivvies in the freezer and it helped some. DP went out and got a felafel wrap plus some spiced cooked salads for me. I have to eat in small portions though. Going for lunch with DP, MIL and DP's grandpa, hoping I can manage to go as it's a lovely restaurant. I really wish we could tell Grandpa M but it's too soon and he'll tell EVERYONE he ever meets about becoming a great-grandpa.

Red for a gender neutral stuff sounds good. All I can comment on is the colours, I have no idea about car seats or travel systems or anything! I'll be doing a fair amount of walking in a semi-rural hilly area so need something that's fairly rugged but can also manage on buses and trains and in the city. DP reckons it's more complicated than buy a new car last week, that took him about 20 minutes to decide.

Dizzy81 Sun 14-Apr-13 07:59:07

Welcome worried mouse.

Miss tweed, we're here to hold your hand through it. I think most of us on here felt/are feeling the same about our 12week scan?

Fairy, the car seat sounds a bargain and reds a nice colour. I've told dh we have to wait till after the 12 week scan to buy stuff. I'm going to then have. Spree on eBay for maternity clothes and job lot baby grows!

To all of us who felt exhausted yesterday, I hope today is better!

Labracadabra Sun 14-Apr-13 08:10:39

Another newcomer here! I've been reading the threads since the first one started. I'm 10w 2d today, due on 8th Nov. I already have one DD who will turn 3 the month before this one's due. Having dreadful MS but luckily not bad enough to need meds. No bump as yet, especially as I've lost weight with the MS and there wasn't much of me to start with! However, woke up this morning with a full bladder and I could clearly feel the baby (or rather a "lump") on the right side so popped my Doppler on and there was the heartbeat! 166 bpm. Feeling really cheery now and got my scan on 26 th so really looking forward to that.
I'm glad to finally be joining the thread!

harverina Sun 14-Apr-13 08:12:25

Misstweed my scan is next week but we are here to hold your hand. Of course the symptoms you have are positive grin hope work passes quickly for you. Working on a Sunday should be banned! I too am worried that I will had a mmc when I go for my scan - probably most people do (maybe not so much first time - ignorance is bliss!) I have symptoms but that probably doesn't stop anyone from worrying.

Had quite a long sleep but have woken with the headache I went to bed with hmm hoping it will pass. It's a miserable wet day here so a day at home for us yay!

Eco and loves, I am wearing same size clothes just now and most maternity clothes are too big in my usual size - well the ones I tried on were anyway. I did manage to find one pair under bump black skinnies that fit quite nice so I have worn those this week, except they are over my fat tummy so technically not being worn properly! Hoping that once my jump grows they will naturally fit under. Eco I think for most women they show quicker and get a "thickness" round the middle quicker with 2nd and more pregnancies. I could fasten my jeans no bother until week 20 last time. I know right now that half my jeans are too uncomfy to wear now at week 11 (and have been for a while) I've spoken to a couple of friends and they have found the same 2nd time round (and 3rd etc). Our tummy muscles are obviously ruined!!!

harverina Sun 14-Apr-13 08:29:51

Welcome labra!! Congrats! great news about you hearing heartbeat that's lovely grin

WorriedMouse Sun 14-Apr-13 08:42:19

Here I am worrying again! Last week I had a tiny amount of spotting a a streak of pink when I wiped. I had a major panic and a lovely midwife arranged a scan showing baby with beating heart and right for dates. Last night in my mid-night loo visit I had the same- tiny streak of pink when I wiped. Nothing more since. Cannot stop worrying and was stupid and googled now I feel I need more reassurance. Should I bother midwives again? Or go to GP tomorrow? Or try and get a private scan this afternoon?

gubbinsy Sun 14-Apr-13 08:53:45

Hi. I posted about 3 threads ago - been lurking since. Just wanted to ask, has anyone else had a serious pain in a bum cheek? It feels sharp, a bit like pulled muscle but worse - I almost passed out when I stood up last night and although it's a bit better now it's really uncomfortable. Dr Google says probably sciatic nerve issue and that it can happen in pregnancy as things move about but truly hoping it's not like this for the rest - only 9 weeks!

Anyone else had this and know of how to get any relief? Planning to call midwife tomorrow if no better to see if they can advise too.

Dizzy81 Sun 14-Apr-13 09:22:24

Has anyone else noticed they've gone off the smell of their favourite perfume/ body lotion?

berrybomb Sun 14-Apr-13 09:24:12

worried- I'm in exactly the same situation as you (although no lovely midwife here, so had to get a private scan). I promised my DP after the last little bleed if there were any more worrying symptoms, I wouldn't self diagnose and I'd be more relaxed.

Of course then there was more spotting, and I've tried to stay calm, but it is hard. I'm hoping that after the first bleed I saw the heartbeat, so hopefully after this one I will too! However, for peace of mind it might be worth giving your midwife a call - she sounds much more helpful than mine who simply said it may well be a MMC but there was nothing she could do as it didnt warrant a scan!

Morning all, I feel so much better at weekends when I get a decent night sleep and can relax and take it easy!

MummaPanda Sun 14-Apr-13 09:35:19

Welcome back gubs and welcome all newbies / lurkers! I had bad siatic pain with dd, it did go away after a few weeks, but it does hurt a lot, and you look really silly limping around and holding your back like an old lady!

misstweed I have my scan tues so am also starting to get anxious about it! Excited too though!

Fairydogmother Sun 14-Apr-13 09:43:26

Hi to everyone new!

I woke up this morning with a horrible thought - how will I know everything is alright in there until my next scan at 18 weeks?! I should stop being a worry wart I know lol.

Dizzy I went right off the smell of my exfoliator! It's made from a rice base and I thought it was revolting!

BoyMeetsWorld Sun 14-Apr-13 10:44:07

Hi all, how are we today?

Dizzy - I've not only gone off perfume for me, the smell of DH's aftershave is making me feel sick hmm

MissTweed & Mumma - good luck for your scans! My next one is Weds (just to follow up after the cramps and bleed) so lets hope we all get good news.

Berry - I meant to reply on the old thread, but it ran out. When you said you like the name Jessica but its too popular, have you heard of Jerricah? Might not be to your taste at all but there's a cute little blondie girl in my son's nursery called that & I remember thinking how pretty and unusual at the time plus it's a bit like Jessica so just thought I'd share. I am stuck at home alone all day, DH is doing the drive with DS to his dads, then DH is off to a big bday party with his family. It was meant to be a joint party for me, his sister & bro as we all have bdaysclise together...but I'm still too ill to sit in a car for 4 hrs then face an 'American Diner' themed meal. Bit confused about it though. Glad I've got our dog for company!! Back to work tomorrow, that may be a struggle...

Ariel21 Sun 14-Apr-13 10:53:41

Hi Gubs I've been getting a stabbing pain in my butt cheek too! This is after having a seriously painful front of leg (thigh) about a week ago that made climbing stairs difficult.

This week I'm ok just shattered, and not able to work in the evenings like I normally do, just falling asleep in front of the laptop... Ten or eleven in the morning is a difficult time too - starving hungry, dizzy and tired eyes!

Had some more brown spotting yesterday and a pale brown smear today. Panicked yesterday but feeling a bit more calm today. Seeing doc on Thurs so will mention it then, unless it gets worse. Maybe I'm too calm?! It's not like me at all.

Saundy Sun 14-Apr-13 11:22:52

Good morning!

Welcome Worried & welcome Labra - we're due date buddies (there's a few of us due on the 8th).

Wow Harv it sounds as though you have a huge task ahead house-wise, I HATE decorating so rather you than me!

Not long to wait now MissT xx

I'm pleased the sandwiches are hitting the spot ladies smile.

I had a bit of a food disaster last night, went for a Mexican - baaad idea. To say I was sick just doesn't do it justice, am still suffering now. After a sleepless sick sick night have had to take today off work. Meeting a friend later for a drink who doesn't know I'm pregnant, I thought there would be a few of us but its just us two of us so should be interesting.

To add to my super sick woes found out yesterday that DP has lost his job - stressed is not the word!!!

harverina Sun 14-Apr-13 11:32:56

Oh no saundy that's a shame you have been so sick and sorry to hear about your dh losing his job. Is he likely to find something else fairly quickly? Is your friend close enough to tell your pregnant? Suppose you could cancel and say you have a sickness big if your really not up to seeing her.

Yes we have a huge amount of work ahead with the house. I don't mind painting - if it's one room! When it's 10? Not so much! And we need to do it ourselves as couldn't afford to get people in.

I suffered from terrible sciatica last pregnancy and got physio for it at the maternity hospital. Might be worth asking your midwife about it to see if they can refer you on - although I was a good bit further on last time when it started.

Dizzy81 Sun 14-Apr-13 11:38:11

Fairy, I've got the same fear! After seeing jellybean at 7+4 where everything was spot on, how will u know everything's ok at 12 week scan. I hope to get my date through soon.

Saundy, oh no you poor thing. Sending huge hugs your way!

I'm glad others have gone off certain smells.

Another 8th November here!

Saundy Sun 14-Apr-13 11:48:15

That's it Dizzy everything was ok at 6 weeks but that means nothing for 12 really, also want my scan date now!!

I hope he finds a job soon, he has 2 interviews lined up but it's very competitive at the moment. Fingers crossed. Last time he was out of work if was for a year & was very hard on the relationship. He applied for everything going too. Trying not to let my mind go there. It looks as though that's that for my dream of shared maternity. It looks as though one or the other will be doing it all now hmm

Dizzy81 Sun 14-Apr-13 12:09:03

Exactly, the sonographer did say so much can change in5 weeks. The dh works from home and itext him at lunchtime to check the post!

Saundy, fingers crossed for you dh for Tuesday. He will find something and try not to think about the negative. Easier said than done. X

Saundy Sun 14-Apr-13 12:20:20

Well if it makes you feel better after detecting a heartbeat at 7 weeks the chances of a viable pregnancy are 95.8% (90.6% for me at 6 weeks) I find the miscarriage associations website strangely reassuring confused

I'll not panic too much yet. If he's worked his 4 weeks notice & still not found a job - then I'll panic!! He does enough worrying for both of us lol.

riverflow Sun 14-Apr-13 12:23:48

I'm in Edinburgh haverina but we do spend a lot of time kayaking in the west coast, love it over there. Planning a surprise whisky tour trip to Islay for DH's birthday in June and going to Skye for a week in May. (Hope I can stomach the strong smells!)

Hope everyone's scan's this week go well. I have another 4 weeks to wait but the ms is sickeningly reassuring.

saundy i had the same problem with drinking, only it was the same day as I took my pregnancy test, I had arranged to meet a friend for brunch and drinks. I am Irish which doesn't mean i have to be a bit of a drinker but stereotypically I am, and it was Paddy's Day. I hadn't seen her for years but she guessed within a second of me ordering orange juice. I guess life goes on and does it really matter if a few people know? I'd rather keep on doing what I want to. Although I have kept a list of names incase I MC again. DH has said that he will text everyone, so I don't have to break any news. I guess you just have to do what you think is best for you to cope. I am very cynical so like to have a plan for the worst case scenario! Either way its up to you and I am sure she wouldn't mind you cancelling.

Passing on your DH some good vibes for a job.

Dizzy81 Sun 14-Apr-13 12:37:43

Ah Saundy thank you for that, it's put my mind at rest!

He'll find something before the four weeks are up, as he sounds driven to do what's best for you, the bump wtc.

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