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November 2013- thread 5 of 100,000 ��

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honey86 Sat 13-Apr-13 10:15:02

started yet another grin as im aware were about 20 posts from full again lol!

harverina Sat 13-Apr-13 18:38:09

A sensible purchase at least fairy and red is lovely for boys and girls grinI keep looking at tiny pink and blue baby grows. I actually picked some up but dh made me put them back smile

Msfan I am 11 weeks and some days my nausea is horrific other days it is better. It's not been consistently bad which has probably made it more bearable - this week has been pretty bad though and grazing hasn't helped as much. I do feel that my sickness is MUCH worse when I don't get enough sleep so my aim is to sleep better this week. Hope your feeling better soon. Get plenty of rest and keep yourself hydrated. I find sipping on cold water is a huge relief when the nausea is really bad - oh and ice lollies are lovely and refreshing too.

Honey what was for tea tonight with you being kitchen-less?

Hope those of you with spotting are ok.

Dd and I had a lovely sleep for an hour and a half in the car smile dh had to waken us! Yet I feel like I could still sleep! It's DVD night tonight for us with popcorn and treats.

Out focus at the moment is getting our house in order. We only moved in late last year and need a lot of work done still. Not one room is completely finished and we have 4 rooms untouched. I want the get the "nursery" done ASAP - will just paint it cream just now but want it ready as at the moment it is stripped to the bare walls with no skirting or door frames so its not just a quick lick of paint shockI m trying not to worry about how much we have to do.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday night!

And thanks for starting new thread honey - cant believe we are on number 5 already!!

williaminajetfighter Sat 13-Apr-13 18:58:06

Marking my place. Had a panicky day as cant imagine how am going to cope with baby and think I'm nuts for doing this at my age. Could the mums on this thread with one more than one DC reassure me? How much harder is it with 2? My dd is almost 7 and I'm a bit panicky about going back to the all-consuming baby years. Sorry....hormones....

SpanishLady Sat 13-Apr-13 19:14:35

Willamina, was thinking about just that today and I think with #2 you have abit more confidence in yourself eg not taking 30 mins to change a baby (was guilty of this) also the older child is probably going to set the agenda my son for example has a weekly swimming class and we are determined he continues so he'll make me get out my pyjamas! We also now know the value of a routine and what that might be...... Hope that helps to reassure you!

WorriedMouse Sat 13-Apr-13 19:16:22

Is it too late to join you? You all seem so supportive and lovely! I'm due 11.11.13 with baby 2. Already had 2 scans - one private for peace of mind and one after some mild spotting last week. Both showed baby right for dates with a heartbeat. Still can't stop worrying as my sickness has stopped - DH thinks I'm mad! Is it normal for sickness to improve at 9/10 weeks? I wish I'd kept a diary from my last pregnancy as even though it was only 3 years ago, I seem to have forgotten everything!

Fairydogmother Sat 13-Apr-13 19:23:40

Hi worried and congrats!

TiredFeet Sat 13-Apr-13 19:27:13

Welcome worriedmouse and congratulations! I feel the same, a lot of the details from my previous pregnancy seem very hazy now

williamina I am wondering about coping with two as well, will seem quite different I think. Mainly just wondering how we will all fit in the house though, we desperately need to move (2 tiny bedrooms) but need to find somewhere we want to buy first!

TiredFeet Sat 13-Apr-13 19:29:24

fairy well done on the car seat. Good colour! Crazy that they have 'last seasons' colours but that is how we have always got car seats, puschair etc for more sensible prices.

honey86 Sat 13-Apr-13 20:06:10

hi worried, congrats smilethanks

watchin britains got talent... david walliams is soo funnyy grin

EcoHippyMum Sat 13-Apr-13 20:12:08

Wow, new thread already! Marking my spot!

Names - I have a few I really like, DH said I am better at that sort of thing (in fact most of the names of the animals has been my choice, even before we were living together if he got something I'd end up naming it!). I give suggestions and he says yes or no to them, and so far we have two names that we both like both beginning with T. Both of us have families where there are traditional names passed down but we both want to steer clear of that....I think he is leaving his family 'traditions' down to his twin brother lol.

Dizzy I too am absolutely shattered, last night I kind of just collapsed in the sofa after doing a couple of hours of work, and feel like I'm just not catching up on my work! As for the ms I still haven't actually vomited but it's getting worse rather than better! I keep getting that awful sour taste in my mouth too... a few times I've had to literally just sit bolt up right in bed ready to dash for the toilet as the queasiness really takes hold. I have a bag of crystallised ginger on top of the microwave that I have every now and then if it gets bad.

Think I will start doing some shopping for baby bits after my scan, although I am now wearing maternity clothes that I got from New Look.... my other clothes were digging in and making me feel uncomfortable. My middle daughter remarked today that I am really showing already...quite worrying when I am only 10 weeks!

EcoHippyMum Sat 13-Apr-13 20:13:26

Welcome Worried!

harverina Sat 13-Apr-13 20:15:23

Saundy guess what I am eating for dinner? You guessed it, tiger bread sandwich with cheese and coleslaw mmmmm! I am struggling a bit with sickness tonight so hoping it helps.

Williamina, you know I only have 1 dd just now but I kind of think if you can cope with 1 then you can cope with 2. I agree that the newborn will probably have to fit in more with an older child's routine. Whereas with our first everything revolved around them. Yes of course you will have the care of another child but you will be more confident this time round. Plus your dd will be at school during the day when you are on mat leave. The newborn days are hard but they don't last long and when dc2 is a little older they will have a sibling to keep them occupied and play with. I think you sound like a strong person - you work in a good job while looking after your dd while your dh is away at work. Remember work will be out of the equation during the hardest months. I'm not very good at expressing what I mean sorry.

harverina Sat 13-Apr-13 20:18:32

Sorry meant to say welcome worried mouse and congratulations! It certainly is not too late to join at all grin I totally wish I had written a pregnancy diary last time. My dd is 3 now so you'd think I would remember!

BoyMeetsWorld Sat 13-Apr-13 20:20:12

Welcome, Worried! Count yourself lucky lol - I jolly well hope my sickness disappears at 9 weeks, can't take much more of this! I think statistically they say once youve seen the heartbeat past 8 weeks you're in much safer territory

Animol Sat 13-Apr-13 20:37:49

Hi willemena soon after DC4 was born I had a day where I felt I did nothing but shout at the kids - they did nothing but shout and probably everyone was in tears at some point. I honestly thought ' oh no, this is what our life is going to be like from now on' - of course it's not - we're not quite like the Waltons yet but I think we have a fairly healthy mixture of laughter and tears - and yes, some shouting - but I'm working on it. You'll be great!

Welcome worried you're 2 days ahead of me!

getoffthecoffeetable Sat 13-Apr-13 20:52:38

Hi all, happy new thread!
Sorry that some of you aren't feeling well. Hope you're soon feeling more human again.
I'm feeling knackered. I've been ruthlessly going through my wardrobes putting things in bags for charity or bin or sell on ebay.
I've also been getting tummy pains, is this normal at this stage? (11 weeks). I really can't remember from last pregnancy.
dizzy I've been craving salads too, had a lovely one today with loads of fresh ingredients in.
I totally agree with keeping names secret.until you introduce the baby. Lots of people hadn't heard of DS's name until they'd met him.

riverflow Sat 13-Apr-13 20:54:38

Yep I also feel that this thread is really lovely not bitchy or judgemental at all. Thanks guys.

Well we have been having more dreams, though thankfully not about plants growing out of my boobs. DH is welsh and welsh speaking. Names were our first conversation before last MC. I am not Welsh but quite fancy a welsh name too. Anyway he dreamt that I asked him to go to the registrar, and he came out with a birth certificate saying a generic non Welsh name (which I won't mention so as not to offend). Bless him he is having an identity crisis on behalf of our 8 week old bean!

Ms Fanackerpants I am also feeling really and contstantly rubbish (7+6), vomiting all last night and wretching most of today.

Hope everyone who is feeling anxious/spotting finds a way, any way of making it easier to cope with. I found chatting the best way.

riverflow Sat 13-Apr-13 20:55:51

Welcome worriedmouse

harverina Sat 13-Apr-13 20:58:31

Eco I feel the same - not being sick just feel constantly sick and this week it seems to be worse and more constant. Previously it came and went so I had lots of good moments on between the nausea.

getoffthecoffeetable Sat 13-Apr-13 21:08:36

Loads of new posts while I was just composing my contribution!
saundy you totally started a trend, we had tiger bread for lunch, we ate the lot!
Welcome worried
williamina I keep thinking the same about adding another person into the family. I know once DS gets used to it though he'll love his new sibling and having a ready made friend and playmate.
We're in a two bedroom house too and will have to sort that put at some point add it to the never endings list

getoffthecoffeetable Sat 13-Apr-13 21:11:06

Ps river my DH is Welsh and I'm not. Our DS had a Welsh name although we live in England.

riverflow Sat 13-Apr-13 21:21:21

getoff we have just moved from England to Scotland, I'm from Northern Ireland and he is Welsh. We have it all covered there! Are you planning on a second Welsh name?

riverflow Sat 13-Apr-13 21:32:10

Ordered a treat of salad and pizza from a lovely independent place. They were late so brought me a small bottle of coke for free. I am not drinking sugary fizzy drinks just now so it was a lovely (if not dirty) surprise for me, enjoying it more than the pizza! Dh is at a poker night and I am about to watch Johnathon Ross with my coke! Surprise secret treats are great!

RemoteControlledChaos Sat 13-Apr-13 21:41:59

Hi everyone, checking in for end of Nov, feeling like poo & keep forgetting to be happy! I don't remember it feeling this awful last time...but managing (or not) a toddler as well as myself is trickier...

LovesTheChoas3 Sat 13-Apr-13 22:21:30

Hi Ladies, I read something about the more DC you have the earlier you show. I am was a skinny minny. This is DC # 4 I am 9w4d and i am not joking when i say i can't fit in any clothes i own or the next size up. I have a very definite round belly :/ Anyone else heard of this or do i just need to stop eating and sleeping and get off my arse?

getoffthecoffeetable Sat 13-Apr-13 23:09:16

river we're planning on another Welsh name, I think it helps DH feel more connected with his brethren lol!

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