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Due End Nov/Beg Dec 2013 With DC#2

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Tinyflutterby Tue 09-Apr-13 14:38:24

Hi everyone, was going to join one of the November threads, but they're so full already and I'm only about 6 weeks pg, so feel a bit behind some of the others!

Been ttc for about 6 months and delighted to find out I was pg as ds took 2 years ttc. Ds is now 20 months. Don't have an actual due date yet as I have really long cycles and havn't had booking appointment or anything yet.

No majorly troublesome symptoms as yet, just sore boobs, more tired than usual and digestion bit delicate. Don't even feel pg some days, so it's pretty hard to believe sometimes!

Look forward to speaking to anyone else!

yogafan Thu 02-May-13 19:24:32

Tiny, sorry to hear you've been worried about glucose levels. Are they planning to check again? Did they give you info on what could be done? I don't know much about it, but really feel for you. I hope you're not getting too stressed about it.
I can't believe they are so worried about rickets in Scotland - it is not that dark! I used to live in Edinburgh and always thought the light was really beautiful, and daylight hours aren't that different from where I am now (London). Anyway, I'm sure vitiamin d is a good thing to top up on - doesn't it affect your mood too, make you more cheerful? Maybe I should take some...
What made the cs necessary first time round tiny? Are you worried same thing might happen again? A friend if mine laboured for hours but her DS head was stuck and eventually had cs and was told she might need another next time round as shape of her pelvis could have played a part. But she is planning to consult an independent midwife as more active assistance could help next time? I did hypnobirthing which I found really helpful, it helped me feel that I could be calm and hold it together whatever shape my labour took (I wasn't really tested though! Just lasted 6 hours, vaginal birth with episiotomy)
Nice news about your sister in law aoifen, and pleased your DH is back to take over some childcare. I'm still finding things pretty tiring and I think my DD is getting a bit fed up of me being so low energy. I'm hoping this only lasts another month, then we'll start being all glowy and full of energy for the second trimester... Fingers crossed.

Tinyflutterby Thu 02-May-13 20:58:34

Thanks Aoifen. I wasn't diabetic before, although I did have high glucose show up frequently and then a pretty large baby, so maybe it just wasn't diagnosed. It worries me as they didn't find out I was anaemic until I was admitted to hospital and almost had to have a blood transfusion as I could barely breathe. I phoned the clinic today to try and speak to someone about it, just for some reassurance but was told they were too busy. Doesn't really fill me full of confidence. However my mum has a friend who was really high up in midwifery and I may be able to speak to her even though she's retired now.

I'd be interested in the Gentlebirth programme whatever I decide as my anxiety is so bad even at the moment. Looked into pregnancy yoga classes today, but most you have to be 16 weeks before you can start and they are quite expensive.

My DS also teething at the moment, molars seem to all be coming through at once, it's such as shame for them, must be so painful for them.

yogafan Thu 02-May-13 22:01:40

Sorry you're feeling so anxious tiny, it's horrible.
Some pregnancy yoga classes let you start when you're 12 weeks and some teachers might not mind if you start a bit earlier - are there any others you could check out? I find yoga and meditation techniques really help with anxiety. I've got a lovely book called 'mother's breath' by uma dinsmore-tuli - maybe you could order it from the library? It's got lots of gentle exercises you can do by yourself. But it is really nice to practice with others, so worthwhile looking for other classes. Sometimes they are cheaper in gyms? Or sometimes yoga centres have cheap classes (prob not preg ones though). I'm still doing regular yoga (quite gently) and avoiding stuff where you have to hold your breath or pump your tummy muscles. It might beceirth looking to see if there any 'restorative yoga' classes near you. They could be good for now, very restful and calming... Sorry for stream of consciousness post - I hope some of it is useful...

Tinyflutterby Thu 02-May-13 22:46:45

Thanks Yoga, that's all very useful. Had c section first time as induction failed. Tbh I think ds was lying diagonally, like head at my hip rather than down the way, but no-one seemed to notice it other than me! He was so big he seemed to have been stuck in that same position for the last 2 months. Makes you wonder doesn't it if the mw didn't know that?

They didn't seem particularly concerned about the glucose thing, so my options are call the clinic again tommorow and see if I can speak to someone or hand a first morning urine in to my GP for testing. My dh was angry that they said they were too busy to talk to me today and I'm angry at myself for just accepting it and not speaking up for myself. Maybe I should just phone again tommorow and insist that someone call me when they are less busy.

Oh dear, I'm having less faith in the medical profession as time goes on. And after reading the ELCS v VBAC leaflet I told dh I didn't want either!

Got my vit D today, so start it tommorow. Hope everyone well, sweet dreams.x

yogafan Fri 03-May-13 12:56:43

Gah, failed induction sounds horrible tiny. Crazy they didn't check the position of your DS, it does make you wonder. You just trust the professionals to know what they're doing, and it's really scary when they get it wrong. At least it's not a scenario that's likely to play out again. What are your fears about vbac - is it about the scar? It must be horrible to be faced with two 'options' you don't want, not really a choice at all. Does it help to think about the positives rather than the negatives, the risks must be quite small even though they sound scary...
I reckon it sounds like a good plan to request your GP calls you to talk through the glucose stuff. It might put your mind at ease, and to do a morning sample to double check.
I know it's a bit early but I was thinking I might start listening to my hypnobirthing rainbow relaxation cd - it's full of positive stuff and really relaxing. There's a bit in it about having the confidence to speak out, ask questions, make your views known. I didn't really engage with that part before - just went with the flow and trusted the midwives to do what they thought best, but I feel a bit more savvy now, like I'd prefer to ask more questions and have a better understanding if how things are going.
Hope the vit d pills are good tiny!

Tinyflutterby Thu 09-May-13 13:59:15

Hi girls, how are you? I'm afraid I had a setback with my back problem this week so have been out of action for a few days. Thankfully my osteopath managed to treat me yesterday and I'm feeling a lot better now. Other god news is my glucose is absolutely fine, GP checked it yesterday. (so I can still eat chocolate yippee!)

Yoga - my fears about VBAC are really that I would have to be constantly monitored due to my previous c section, which means I would be totally immobile and stuck on my back the whole time, which is the worst thing I can do for my back condition. As there's no telling how long that would be, at least with another section the time immobilised would be limited. When I was in being induced I was immobilised for 2 days under constant monitoring, then had the section and a further 3 days immobility and I think that's why my recovery was so horrendous. After the week I've just had with my back also, Its more or less made up my mind for me.

Your CD sounds good too Yoga. I just ordered a pregnancy yoga DVD to try out so waiting for that to arrive. Just not sure I can commit to a class as the preg ones I looked at you had to pay for the course in advance and it was quite expensive and if I have another bad spell with my back I can't move never mind attend a class! Hoping when our local leisure centre opens up in a couple of weeks they may have something suitable. Am going to do aquanatal anyway as you can just turn up on the day. When is your scan now? Mine's next week, can't wait! Take care.

yogafan Thu 09-May-13 20:08:44

Hi Tiny, sorry to hear about your back. Sounds a right pain, having to contend with that AS WELL as general labour pain. At least it sounds like it's helped you make a decision about the birth. Horray for good glucose test! That's a relief.
I had my midwife appointment today, I have put on half a stone and have the biggest pot belly. She admitted I looked about 14 weeks preg (although I reckon I'm only 9 weeks gone) - I was hoping she might offer an earlier scan to check dates, but no. Got to wait until 30th may, argh!
So exciting that yours is next week! You'll see your baby!

yogafan Thu 09-May-13 20:22:18

Oh, and aqua natal sounds great. Did you do it last time round? I might look to see if there's a class near me... I imagine it's good with your back problem as the water supports you while you move. I might try and go swimming too, once spring settles in to stay. We've got a lovely open air pool quite close (I am quite lazy though...)

Tinyflutterby Mon 13-May-13 13:12:08

Hi Yoga, I think half a stone is pretty normal. I've actually not put on any weight yet, but I also have a pot belly and boobs feel HUGE, so don't know how that works. If it's any consolation I put on almost 4 stone last time and when you're only 7 stone normally, that's quite a difference! Glad you had your midwife appointment. Only two days 'til my scan so getting pretty excited!

I didn't do aqua natal last time as there wasn't anywhere nearby. You're brave even considering an outdoor pool! It's like winter here today - hailstones and everything!

yogafan Thu 16-May-13 13:47:19

Hi tiny, hope your scan went well. I've been having dreams that I'm having twins as my tum is soooo big... Guess I'll find out in 2 weeks (my scan is on 30th)

Does DC1 know you're pregnant? We're not going to 'tell' DD until after the scan, but we still talk about it in front of her. Not sure how much she understands at the moment. We've definitely had days where I think she's fed up with me being tired and pregnant, not quite as fun and energetic as used to be. Or maybe it's just terrible twos and DD discovering her temper... Part of me thinks it's probably good for her to gradually get used to not having me totally at her neck and call so DC2 won't come as such a shock.

I've also dipped into the 'becoming Mary poppins coping with toddler and newborn' thread to get an insight into what it might be like. Terrifying!

Hope all is well with you guys

Tinyflutterby Thu 16-May-13 14:45:14

Hi yoga, yes my scan went well thanks. Everything looks fine as far as they can see and we have one active baby! (DS was/is incredible active so it's no surprise really!) In fact he/she was so active we were there for ages and I kept having to get up and move around to try and get him/her into a better position so they could get the measurements! they calculated me to be 12 weeks, so due date 27th November, but I know I'm only about 11.5 weeks. Both DH and I both feel more relieved now anyway and I'm just glad there's actually a baby in there and I havn't been imagining the whole thing!

That's weird you've been having twin dreams! Will be interesting to see if your hunch is true! I told my friend yesterday (she has twins!) as she was watching DS for me and she said she was looking at me yesterday and thought I had a bit of a bump! I definetly do now! Havn't told DS yet, but also speak about it in front of him, havn't decided when to officially tell him, but he is already used to me not being able to do a lot of things because of my back, so for him things havn't changed that dramatically so far.

I'm a big Gina Ford fan and have been reading her 'Contented Baby with toddler' book for coping strategies, although have given up last couple of weeks. Funnily enough the things I was panicking about before seemed really trivial after that hapenned to my back last week, guess it just helped put things into perspective.

yogafan Thu 16-May-13 20:59:13

Horray! So pleased your scan went well, that's wonderful.
I didn't read the Gina Ford book for DD but would be interested to hear tips from her on keeping sane with a baby and toddler.
Really sorry about your back problems, wishing you a good recovery and that it doesn't make things too hard x

Tinyflutterby Mon 27-May-13 09:54:32

Hi ladies, how are we doing? Sorry I havn't checked in for long, but have been unable to sit due to my back prob, hence very little time spent on computer. Doing ok other than that though. Just wondered if you used a nursing chair last time at all? I didn't but was considering getting one this time. Also, at 13 weeks I now look about 5 months preg! What am I going to be like by the end! Most def in maternity clothes now. Hope you're well.

yogafan Thu 30-May-13 16:43:52

Hi tiny - I've just come back from 12 week scan. All good, it was so lovely to see a little baby wriggling around. Amazing. It feels a lot more real now, despite it still feeling quite unreal, if you know what I mean.

Sorry your back is so bad, gave you got one of those pregnancy balls to sit on? I don't use a nursing chair but reckon they sound good. There was an amazing (and beautiful) but ridiculously expensive one in a posh baby shop near me. I used to go in there and feed DD almost every week at one point.

Are you going to find out the gender this time round? We didn't with DD and don't think we will this time either. But I think it's a boy...

I have been in maternity leggings/jeans for ages now, but have now progresses onto preg tops too! Just out one on. My tummy looks 5 months too, at least I can show it off now rather than the rubbish job of hiding it I've been doing!

Hope the sun comes out again soon, I'm finding it hard to do fun stuff with DD with the weather so bad (and my energy levels pretty low). Although I don't feel as rotten as I did a few weeks back. Fingers crossed for second trimesters where we feel full of beans!

yogafan Thu 30-May-13 16:46:05

Sorry for post riddled with typos...

New due date is 8th December, so all foing well they'll be here for Xmas!

Tinyflutterby Fri 31-May-13 09:56:04

Hi Yoga, really glad your scan went well, it's lovely to see isn't it?

I do have one of those gym ball things, but unfortunately can't sit at all at the moment as it's my tailbone that's the problem.

We found out gender last time round as my dh really wanted to. I wanted to keep it a surprise, but he talked me round. I think we will this time too, as at the moment our spare room is pink and I'd like to know if we're going to have to paint it or not! We both felt right from the start last time that it was a boy, but don't have any feeling at all this time - weird. My symptoms have been different, but I don't know if that means anything or not! What makes you think you're having a boy this time?

Yes it's good to show it off now and not have to try and hide it! A couple of my friends had actually guessed before I even told them! Difficult to hide isn't it?

We've been quite lucky here and had a couple of sunny days and ds loves to play in the garden so hoping we get a few more days. I feel bad for him as I'm so knackered and also can't do a lot with him because of my back. Hope the sun starts to shine for you too!

My due date is 27th Nov, but they think I'm a week further along, so I don't think it's 'til beginning of Dec.

lilstar Mon 10-Jun-13 09:08:13

Hi everybody, just realised there were antinatl threads this morning, and decided to join this one because originally I had a scan at 6w6d which made my due dae 4th Dec, which I thought was exactly correct according to my LMP and when I think I concieved, but then had a scan at which they put me 12w5d (when I was expecting to be 11w5d) putting me in nearly the exact position as tinyflutterby. My new due date is 27th Nov...but I think it's the start of December. Hope everyone is keeping well.

Tinyflutterby Mon 10-Jun-13 12:38:46

Welcome Lilstar! We are both due the same day then! How are you feeling now? Have some of the early pregnancy symptoms passed yet?

lilstar Mon 10-Jun-13 17:06:39

Yeh we are both at the exact same stage of our pregnancies which is nice. I still haven't told many people I am actually expecting so it's good to have others to chat with in the same situation. I have been keeping not too bad so far. Had a UTI early on, a couple of weeks of sickness/nausea and of course the dreaded tiredness (which is still here but not as bad). Starting to see my belly getting bigger now though! How have you been keeping so far is your bump showing much yet?

Tinyflutterby Tue 11-Jun-13 20:29:31

Hi Lilstar, I'm not doing so bad now, to be honest my symptoms were never as bad this time as first time round anyway so I feel very lucky. Like you, tiredness was the worst thing, but I think that is also passing now.

I am very petite normally so I'm afraid my bump has had nowhere to hide since about 11 weeks and a couple of my friends guessed before I even told them! Unfortunately we were all struck down with a horrendous stomach bug over the weekend and I lost a lot of weight, but starting to get my appetite back now so that's good.

I've actually been able to feel the baby move for about 2 weeks now, which I know is really early, but again it could be that I'm small and it doesn't really have anywhere to hide. That's the most amazing thing about being pregnant I think. Got my second midwife appointment tommorow so hoping I'll get to hear the heartbeat and dh coming along too so that will be good.

Started potty training my ds today so off to lie down - knackered! Good night!

yogafan Tue 11-Jun-13 20:59:26

Welcome lilstar! And wow, Tiny - how wonderful to be feeling your baby move. I think I can a teeny bit, but not sure if I'm just imagining it - it's quite subtle for me, can't wait for it to get a little stronger and more obvious. I agree it's the most amazing thing about being preg. Good luck for hearing the heartbeat tomorrow, that'll be lovely having your DH there too.

I've definitely got more energy than a few weeks back, but still not full of beans. I find I feel quite groggy and crap if I've been rushing around, so trying to rest as much as possible.

Well done for getting on it with the potty training tiny, I defo want to try and train DD before baby number 2 arrives but we're going on a long plane journey in August so thought I'd wait until after that. You'll have to let us know your tips...

DH is in a bit of a sulk today, think he's a bit fed up of having to do more around the house as I'm a lot slower at getting things done now. I'm not pushing myself to whizz around and keep on top of things, but still finding things tiring. Ah well, hope he snaps out of it soon. He's generally very understanding and supportive but I don't actually think he gets how exhausting being pregnant can be. We had a chat about it last week, he's probably forgotten, or is just super tired himself too.

Have a good night all!

lilstar Tue 11-Jun-13 22:39:40

Thanks for the welcome yogafan!

It is lovely when you start to feel the baby move. I remember with DD just being engrossed in the movements, especially later on when I could just watch my belly just dancing around with the kicks. Funnily enough I felt at around 13w5d what I was convinced was flutterings of movements this time, but I haven't felt it since. I know it won't be long though!

Tomorrow I also have my 16 week appointment. Would love to hear the heartbeat. DP is working so I'm going solo but hoping they might let me record it if the use the doppler.

Good luck with the potty training you pair. Personally, that's a distant memory for me. By the time this DC arrives, my DD (only other child) will be 14!

I do however work in a nursery. I work with the very young ones atm (under 2s), but normally if they are ready, they start showing interest on their own and take to it like ducks to water. Sometimes a little timer helps and reminds them to try every so often, less accidents means the don't lose confidence.

yogafan Wed 12-Jun-13 07:53:03

Hope you both have good appointments today and get to hear heartbeats - fingers crossed GP/midwife is good with the Doppler.
Thanks for the potty training insight, good we've got a pro on board!

MissTweed Wed 12-Jun-13 08:05:06

Hello! A lot of the November due peeps have moved over to a Facebook group (easier to manage conversations and add photos etc) there are a few due at the end of the month as well etc and newbies are always welcome! grin I can't add you myself but if you go to the November 2013 thread and ask, I'm sure someone (that can) will add you! smilesmile

lilstar Wed 12-Jun-13 08:40:01

I don't feel like a pro at all yoga! Infact it's pretty daunting for me this whole having a lil baby after so long. It's one thing looking after other peoples kids to having your own. Besides, i'm a great believer in mum always knows best. Anyone can hand out 'tips' but we all know our own children best.

Look forward to hearing how u get on at your apt today tiny!

Hey Misstweed! Cheers for the fb info. Maybe you can inbox a link to the page? I might not join for a few weeks because i have only told 3 people I am ecpecting. Cat will be out the bag in a few weeks tho.

Have a good day everyone.

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