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Sept 2013 - kicks, prods and finding out the sex...

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LexyMa Sat 30-Mar-13 17:25:53

here we all are... hoping for nice clear 20w. scans, not too much inadvertent weeing and getting that 'glow'...

Girraferama Sun 31-Mar-13 19:17:36

badguider weirdly I was going to post the same thing today (16+2) - my bump (or lack of) doesn't seem to have grown in last 2 weeks and had started to feel firm but yesterday was all flabby. No movements either so I was starting to freak myself out. Glad to see there's lots of others who haven't felt anything yet. I know I'm just being silly. I'm sure we would know if there was anything wrong, we are just in that in-between stage where the euphoria of the 12 week scan has passed and it feels like an age to the next one! Roll on midwife appointments and hearing heartbeats!!

redandyellowandpinkandgreen Sun 31-Mar-13 19:18:01

I distinctly remember pulling a pair of past year's shorts out of storage in my last pregnancy and fitting in them easily at maybe 18 weeks and I was panicked but everything was fine.

lovesteaandcake Sun 31-Mar-13 19:56:39

I did the dreaded task of stepping on the scales today. I've put on 1st 3lb in 17 weeks. Oooops.
I feel like total rubbish today as have some sickness bug thing. Can not face anything other than water so missed out on the beautiful roast dinner the rest of the family had sad

badguider Sun 31-Mar-13 20:09:20

Thanks everybody - it really helps to hear from people feeling the same smile

JammyTummy Sun 31-Mar-13 20:25:30

I know that this might not be an option for everyone and not everyone wants to pay for scans, but we went for a 'sexing scan', which as well as obviously telling you the sex has a flying look over everything- size, heart, limbs etc, and if anything it's a nice excuse to see your bubba again. It was relatively inexpensive at £75 and makes your heart bound with joy when you see your little one so grown since your last scan! I would really recommend to anyone that way inclined and who us maybe a bit worried!

frogchops Sun 31-Mar-13 20:52:40

Oh bad guider I'm sure that's normal....I'm beyond worried about my poxy 2lb. :-/

frogchops Sun 31-Mar-13 20:54:01

Sorry it was lovestea that was worried about weight gain not bad guider.... I'm I far enough along to blame baby brain??

Creamtea1 Sun 31-Mar-13 21:07:57

frog I would absolutely love it if I had only put on 2lb! As such I will be 18 wks on thurs and have put on 13lbs. Don't look preg just like I've got a fat tummy! Am 5ft 6 was 9 stone exactly before getting preg, size 8-10. Wearing size 10 now (not mat stuff yet) - disclaimer can't fit in topsho size 10 but next and river island jeans still ok.
Have reverted back to low carb eating the last week and dropped a couple of pounds.

BinarySolo Sun 31-Mar-13 21:51:24

Frogchops, I recommend the River Cottage veg book. I got it out of the library and made the beetroot pizza today and the baba ganoush. Both were delicious. Pizza can be a good way to get veg and dips with peppers and cucumber etc are dead easy and yummy too.

JammyTummy Sun 31-Mar-13 21:52:26

binary I looooove baba ganoush! It is so yummy!!!

PurplePoppySeed Sun 31-Mar-13 22:00:52

I'm in the low weight gain group too, also feeling fat though, it's weird, I think weight is coming off my thighs and going on my tummy!

badguider Sun 31-Mar-13 22:10:49

I gained loads in the first eight weeks but then only 1kg since then.... but MW only has my 8wk weight from booking in so won't know that I started much lighter than that before my period was due.

juniper9 Sun 31-Mar-13 22:49:12

I've not really gained anything as not drinking beer anymore has meant I've lost beer weight at the same rate I've gained baby weight.

KamikazeeKid Sun 31-Mar-13 22:55:29

flobot in response to your last post on old thread. ...I still at 18weeks haven't told people and I love that because of that- I've not yet become a baby vessel like with ds....where I could have any number of conversations - I am only allowed to talk baby!!!

AND for anyone daring enough. ...should you have people rubbing /grabbing baby bump belly....grab their bellies back and give theirs a good shake. ...the reaction is superb. .....I often thought about ut and did it in the was a good feeling hahaha!!

This is dc2 I have felt the odd flutter but no where as near as much as with ds who I felt a lot by now....but I was a lot slimmer then!!!

Having to chase baby with the Doppler instead

kipsonline Mon 01-Apr-13 01:29:36

Oooh hello new thread! Back from lovely and v relaxing family holiday in lanzarote... Not looking forward to the mountain of washing and jobs tomorrow!! Looking forward to catching up on your news

BinarySolo Mon 01-Apr-13 07:33:04

jammy it's dead easy to make, quite healthy too as it's basically aubergine, nut butter, garlic, lemon juice and seasoning. I forgot to drizzle with olive oil but it tasted yummy any way!

Have ordered my baby carrier. I went for a Boba 3G in the end. I like that it's suitable from birth to toddler and you can loosen straps so you can breast feed wearing it. Cute design too!

frogchops Mon 01-Apr-13 10:14:06

I just don't get it....I've gotten much bigger but not much is showing on the scales. At my initial Drs appt when my weight was done i was at about 5 weeks. Anything before that I put down to Xmas eating! And although I was fully clothed, I'm still only a pound or two over it. So, allowing for my clothes, that's not much at all. I'm worried now cos I'm eating like a pig!!

JoCheshire10 Mon 01-Apr-13 11:13:04

Frog-I'm the same, my stomach is big-I can't web fit into my 'emergency jeans' which I keep for my 'fat days'. Haven't been able to fit into these for weeks, but the scales show I've only put on 5lbs which is quite a lot, but I would have expected it to be much more due to my tummy size...

PurplePoppySeed Mon 01-Apr-13 12:56:53

Same here, massive heavy boobs and fat tummy, but only a few pounds on confused

andadietcoke Mon 01-Apr-13 13:02:15

girafferama I had a panic last week when my bump went flabby and seemed to disappear. I think it was the calm before the storm because since then I've gone enormous. Have a proper, high bump, and can't see my feet. One of DH's friends turned up at the house on Saturday and said 'wow, you're showing'. This was through a hoodie. And he's a boy so isn't supposed to notice these things hmm
So, in summary, don't worry. I think it changes as bits move around inside.

PurplePoppySeed Mon 01-Apr-13 13:09:34

Hehe - that's what I'm worrying about, I feel a lot less bloated, so I guess this is now the start of the 'real' bump grin

Just been to the stats thred for the first time in a while - I like the new layout, good call binary!

Creamtea1 Mon 01-Apr-13 17:13:49

Looks like I'm the fatty of the thread then with my 13lbs! Am going to get back on the diet then this week and try and get it down a bit.

Dorita75 Mon 01-Apr-13 17:20:06

I don't own any scales so can't say but have had to put loads of my skirts away in the back of the wardrobe for the next...god knows how long!

Can someone put the stats thread link on please, I've lost it. Thank you.

Just eaten almost a whole melted Camembert to myself, so much for my swapping cheese for veg plan!!

PurplePoppySeed Mon 01-Apr-13 17:44:41

Oh no Creamtea, don't diet, we're all different, I'm sure we all gain at different times. I know I'm starting to get the dizziness now, I can't imagine trying to diet at the same time. We've all got time to diet later.

frogchops Mon 01-Apr-13 18:18:26

In other frog news!! .... I've had my first baby clothes present. Sooooo cute from MIL and I want something to put them in!!

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