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August 2013 - Part 4 - Half way there already!

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RugBugs Fri 15-Mar-13 19:00:11

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chocolatesolveseverything Sat 04-May-13 09:28:53

Get some medical advice BabyH - vommiting blood is not something that should happen. Can you ring triage at your local maternity unit?

BabyHMummy Sat 04-May-13 09:35:23

Chocolate...haven't tried yet. Having eaten this morning i feel a bit better. I am wondering if the indigestion had aggrivates my stomach wall. Just not sure its baby related.

Om a plus note have had a massive breakthrough with the step kids. No daddy last night cos he was at work and they were fantastically behaved for the first time ever. Did homework without any argument...even when i made boy do last weeks that mum hadn't made him do (grrr i hate that woman) or when i made girl write about the picture she had to draw. They went to bed with no issues and have now taken themselves off to the local park for an hour while i get showered and dressed.

chocolatesolveseverything Sat 04-May-13 09:41:29

You won't know till you ask BabyH! My own experience is that triage would much prefer to be called rather than not if you have any worries. And whatever has caused it, it sounds grim!

Great news on the stepkids front though.

BabyHMummy Sat 04-May-13 10:06:08

Will ring them now. Dp thinks they will prob just say go in if happens again.

Am si relieved on step kids been a long battle to establish rules and discipline (they get neither of these nor attention from mum) but it seems like they are learning. we give them a lot of responsibility for themselves here (they are 9 & 7) and mum still dresses them etc. They do nothin at home and are left with ds's. Here they walk dog, go to park on their own and sort themselves out with getting dressed etc.

Both are quite shy and don't interact well with other. Mum is a bit odd and doesn't have friends and doesn't encourage them with others. But hey have just got back from park to tell me that boy has made a friend and place soooooo proud

Woofers Sat 04-May-13 10:42:46

Hurrah for step children break through. Treat for tea?
Depending on the amount of blood and the violence of the vomiting will depend on how concerned they will be. So. . ..... Call someone for some professional advise smile

BabyHMummy Sat 04-May-13 10:44:57

Have rung triage on antenatal unit who have umm'd and ah'd a bot about whether to see them or a&e but have told me to.go in for midday and they will check me over and then refer me to.general if they think i need it.

My tummy is really tight and sore (sad) and starting to feel queasy again...not taking tablets though just in case

BabyHMummy Sat 04-May-13 10:47:15

Woofers assuming hospital don't decide we are gonna take them to the fair later.

The vomiting was no worse than normal but there was a fair bit of blood...more than just traces. I thought at first my gums were bleeding but they weren't and it was very clearly fresh brright red blood (sorry for tmi).

LexiLoganberryBump Sat 04-May-13 16:37:35

Thanks rug and mrswajs I would like to speak to my DM about it but am reluctant to do so, DM is the type who tends to play the victim and has a tendency to massively over react about things and turn them round, she has changed a lot since being with her current partner, when she was with my DF she was confident and outgoing, she's not like that anymore and won't make decisions for herself, it seems that he has some sort of control over her and I can't help wondering if he's been in her ear. I wish I could talk to her but fear it would make things so much worse.

Hope your feeling better babyh

BabyHMummy Sat 04-May-13 17:53:09

Went to triage...was there over 3 hours and ebay 10 or so mins they were saying Dr is on her way but no one showed up...truly pee'd off. Ended up discharging myself cos we have he kids and dp had missed enough time with them.

Suffice to say still feeling iffy but less concerned as not been sick again. They think the blood is prob a result of damaging something when i was throwing up and that is where it was coming from.

Did have a major panic when it too the mw nearly 5 mins to find a heartbeat though. Longest time of my life!

Just tired as didn't sleep much cos was worried last night. Roll on bed time!!!

Woofers Sun 05-May-13 21:34:44

How's things girls? Have you all been enjoying the sunshine? Have you all started painting nurseries / decorating?
Hopefully ours will be finished tomorrow. smile

BabyHMummy Sun 05-May-13 21:54:34

Hi Woofers...other than hospital yesterday its been great. Loving the sunshine!!!!!!!! Dp is a tad sunburnt

RememberingMyPFEs Mon 06-May-13 18:42:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BabyHMummy Mon 06-May-13 19:20:01

Hey remembering still got sore tummy but no more throwing up so no more blood yay!!! But have had lots of chill out time this weekend even if naff all sleep.

Hope everyone else has had a blast

IJustWoreMyTrenchcoat Mon 06-May-13 20:16:02

How has your hypnobirthing been Remembering? Our classes start at towards the end of this month and run for 5 weeks.

I feel very positive about it, and my partner is up for it too but keeps making little comments about how I shouldn't be ashamed to take whatever pain relief I need hmm. He thinks I won't cope and am being a bit silly for not wanting pain relief.

The truth is I am terrified of being out of control, and the pain relief options scare me! The thought of an epidural freaks me out, I don't want an injectable painkiller in case it makes me feel sick, don't want to feel dizzy or woozy on gas and air...

BabyHMummy Mon 06-May-13 20:41:44

trenchcoat i am with you on the epidural thing hun and also being out of control. My anxiety manifests as ocd a lot so i absolutely have to be in control! The whole idea of giving birth is starting to freak me out big time!!!

I am not sure whether i will be allowed gas and air due to chronic doesn't let me...but am booked in with the anethetist at week 34 to discuss options.

I haven't looked into any sort of birthing classes yet as the price of Nct ones nearly gave me a heart attack! Will be asking mw about nhs ones on Wednesday.

25+1...just over 3 months to go thank god!!!!!

RememberingMyPFEs Mon 06-May-13 21:09:00

Trenchcoat - the classes were great but, tbh, you'll get 70%+ from the book by Marie Mongan and the Rainbow Relaxation CD

I'm a wuss so anything that means I'll be more comfortable / experience less pain is good with me! grin

Snufflebabe Tue 07-May-13 06:21:21

Hi everyone,

Well I've been diagnosed as having varicose veins in my 'area'. My oh my they are sore. At worst when I'm on my feet a lot. I've had physio and I've to do lots of pelvic floor exercises. Apparently they are very commen, and will go away a couple of says after baby arrives.

Another symptom that's completely different to my first pregnancy!

As its my second child, we won't get any antenatal classes. I'll be honest, we had the nhs ones the last time and there isn't anything that you can't read in a book. The breathing exercises that you see on the likes of Corrie aren't covered, in fact, it's nothing like what you see on the TV!

I'm suffering from bad insomnia, waking at all hours of the night. I also get a really blocked nose during the night. Not ideal when yous have a full working day and a toddler to run around after.

Pain relief wise, I'll go with whatever the midwife thinks is best. Last time I managed on gas and air, and then some diamorphine towards the end. I hate getting wet, but I might try a bath this time. Last time I was soooo hot, so didn't want to even try. I made my OH move this big floor fan around so it was in my face the entire time!

What are you all thinking names wise? Anyone decided on a definite?

25+6 today!

Mrsd77 Tue 07-May-13 06:26:43

Morning all! Ooooo Snuffle I've never heard of that before! Bless you! You must be ever so sore!

Is anyone else an emotional wreck??!! I keep totally melting down which isn't me at all. And, I only want to eat breakfast cereal!


BabyHMummy Tue 07-May-13 09:21:48

snuffle my mate had them with her third she said it took about a fortnight for them to ease off after birth

mrsd total and utter wreck here too but am suffering a lot af anxiety attacks (meeting with occ health at work today) so hoping it should ease. But the spd pain is really creating issues.

As for names Yup we have a definite...pretty much settled on it before we knew it was a she... Evie is our choice with some family names as middle names

RuckAndRoll Tue 07-May-13 10:52:22

Ouch Snuffle doesn't sound fun.
Everyone keeps telling about about pregnancy 'glow' and 'glamour'. I think not.

Names, well we pretty much have a boys name agreed on, girls we're no where nearer than we were the day I POAS!

Good to see others are freaking out about pain relief too. I'm hoping to manage on water/gas and air, but think I may need to actually research others just incase!

Woofers Tue 07-May-13 11:34:56

Melt down - check
Snooty night time nose - check
Hairy belly - check
Insomnia - check
Concerns over pain relief and epidural - check
Names - was confirmed as defo, dh has now changed his mind.

Had an admission over the weekend for fluids and anti sickness and the silver lining is that the midwives are lovely. There were no idiot lip gloss wearing ones. That has dome wonders for my birthing anxiety. Although I'm not sure your meant to fancy the obstetric consultant. . . . .

Boosiehs Tue 07-May-13 12:05:11

Oh lordy am starting to panic.

When do I do birth plan, hospital bag, baby furniture etc etc etc....

Also really paranoid about the baby's movements.

RuckAndRoll Tue 07-May-13 12:42:30

Woofers glad your admission helped your anxiety. My few hours in maternity triage certainly helped even if I will be requesting minimal internal examinations after that. It was useful just to find out where to park and the correct door to go into (maternity has a separate entrance to the rest of the hospital and its own car park).

Boosiehs We've got some furniture ordered but have delayed delivery until start of June for DH to finish painting first. Hospital bag I will probably think about 34 weeks ish.

Is anyone else struggling to get their head around the fact that one deed 6/7 months ago is now kicking you regularly and causing all these changes to your body? It's mad!

RememberingMyPFEs Tue 07-May-13 12:47:34

I've just got my GTT results back and all normal gringrin
Soooo relieved but now wondering if I should be worried about the size of the bump... No-one warned me I'd be such a worry-wart throughout PG. God only knows how worried I'll be once she's on her own at school etc hmm
Snuffle Ow! Just OW!! Hope it eases off sooner than later flowers

FoofFighter Tue 07-May-13 13:38:13

omfg snuffle <crosses legs> would sitting on some frozen veg help maybe??

not having the best of days today, majorly stressful time at work, friend mcing sad

can I get a [group hug]

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