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August 2013 - Part 4 - Half way there already!

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RugBugs Fri 15-Mar-13 19:00:11

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Stats thread:

zippyrainbowbrite Wed 24-Apr-13 15:21:40

Hi all!

Have been lurking away, catching up regularly, but haven't had anything exciting to post!

Ruck definitely get an emergecy appt - it sounds like you might have a UTI which they take seriously in pregnancy as it can quickly progress to your kidneys (as a long time UTI sufferer, take it from me that you do not want a kidney infection now, they're horrible!).

Mrspennyapple I've also got my big ball out but Zippydog hates it! If any of her toys/chews go any where near it she won't retrieve them, she'll sit a 'safe distance away looking longingly at them and doing her 'pleeeeaaaase' noise!

I think somebody else upthread mentioned a not-quite-feeling-like-you-can-take-in-enough-air feeling - I get that too sometimes, and do find that sitting on the ball somehow makes my posture better for breathing easier.

Pusspuss1 Wed 24-Apr-13 15:59:02

Hello everyone! I'm having my first baby in August - please may I join you? I've only just got addicted to Mumsnet, and I'm finding it all so helpful. Seldom have I read so much common sense crammed into one website. Those threads about the baby stuff that's a complete waste of money alone were worth their weight!

On the pram front - I've just bought a second hand Uppababy Vista on Gumtree; chose it because it's a Which Best Buy. Very pleased with it so far, although no baby to try it out at present.

RugBugs Wed 24-Apr-13 17:02:51

Ruck I absolutely second what Zippy is saying. Maybe ask if you can drop in a sample and a GP/receptionist should call you back if they find anything. Kidney infections are nasty blighters.

RugBugs Wed 24-Apr-13 17:04:07

Welcome Pusspuss! Nice to see another kitty related nickname grin

Woofers Wed 24-Apr-13 19:14:40

Hi zippy and puss grin how are things for you? Do you know boy or girl? Or staying team yellow. I personally love to hear what everyone has bought so I can tell dh that we need to buy that too "cause all the mums are getting theirs now"

Waves - thanks. See you there!!

Uti - defo urgent apt. Offer to see nurse practitioner or any gp. Tell the receptionist you think you have a uti and your preggers. They don't go away and they can lead to being v unwell. Get in ASAP. Message received?

RuckAndRoll Wed 24-Apr-13 20:17:37

Thanks everyone. I've been in and out of meetings all day so not able to phone the GPs back. Going to call first thing and ask for an emergency appointment. So, woofers yes, message received grin

BabyHMummy Wed 24-Apr-13 20:40:12

Hope they can see you Ruck!!

I am having a rough day...spd is horrific, feel sick as anything and have bizarre tummy cramps...roll on August!!! Luckily dp is being amazing and has parked me on the sofa and is now making my tea...i love that man!

RugBugs Wed 24-Apr-13 20:58:53

Woofers I've started to buy in the odd carry pack of small size nappies. I'm used to DD wearing just a few a day so going through 10+ a day again is going to come as a huge shock!
We always have a stash of wipes and I still have at least 3 bags of cotton wool from DD.
I freaked myself out today thinking that if DD2 is as early as DD1 I have just under 3 months left which feels not terribly far away.

FoofFighter Wed 24-Apr-13 21:35:50

Woofers, I've got it all pretty much aside from a top n tail bowl (can't find one not in a set and don't need the rest!!), a cot, a playmat, some toys and a few more cloth nappy wraps.

GaryBuseysTeeth Wed 24-Apr-13 21:53:05

Welcome Pusspuss!

Boots (Bluewater) had more stage one formula on the shelves than I've seen in the past month., which is reassuring!
Rug, I still have all the cotton wool I bought from DS, never used it!

BabyH, glad DP is being wonderful!

Christelle,glad triage were helpful, hope you have no more bleeding.

ruck, hope you're comfortable & manage to get seen asap.

Foof, no guesses on hb...according to those in the know, girls have faster hb but DS's 'measured' female when I was pg with him!
Hope you have no reason to see GP over heartrate.

MrsD, sorry to hear you had a rough day at Dr's too, glad they managed to get some blood in the end.

I don't have a MW appointment until the end of May, feels like ages since I've seen her!


Abilee90 Wed 24-Apr-13 21:56:44

Hey duebies smile
For all tht aint on our facebook group, i will fill you in with my day. Had spotting/bleeding today so called my midwife straight away. She came to my house to check me over. I knew my little man was ok, as he was thrashing about. Anyway i have a prolapse, had it since after my labour with dd. I had a bad tear with dd, so i'm putting it down to that anyway. The prolapse is pulling my cervix down and causing bleeding. I have to see a specialist fri to sort out a plan. So been told to take it extremely easy. I'm now sat on my bum doing pelvic floor exercises just to try and do something to help. Normally do them 3 times a day but been doing it most of the day. Also to top my wonderful day off, my midwife seems to think i have all the early signs of gestational diabetes :/ so fun fun fun.

But my little man is still kicking away and measuring 2 weeks bigger so a chunka lol.

25 + 2

Stopsittingonyoursister Wed 24-Apr-13 22:23:34

As I said on the FB page, Abilee, take it easy and lots of bed rest! What are the early signs of GD out of interest? Hope everything goes well on Friday. I had a friend with a prolapse after her first, and she went on to have two further entirely normal pregnancies and deliveries (although she is now seeing a specialist to get the prolapse sorted out).

Christelle I hope your bleeding was just a one off and no further causes for concern.

Gary I am still using the cotton wool roll I bought for DS, and he is 6 at the end of May! I had three cotton wool rolls, two have gone for snowmen at Christmas and the third one is still in the bathroom cabinet. I also don't have a MW appt until 28 weeks, which will by 13 May. Last saw the MW at 16 weeks! Seems ages to wait....

Foof no idea on the heartbeat but glad that all the tests were OK. Do you have a history of heart issues, or is this is new thing?

Ruck hope the GP is some use. When I was at my booking in appt with the MW she gave me a whole spiel on the importance of avoiding infections as they can "travel up" and cause more problems. If you can't get in to see the GP, ring your MW/triage centre. They have never made me feel like I am wasting their time.

Mrsd your day doesn't sound like fun! When do you get your results?

woofers hope you get the support you need from the HG thread, I'm sure they will have lot of excellent advice.

Managed to pull something in my upper back today. Twinging with pain every time I move my shoulders and can't take anything for it. Just sat here with a wheat sac thing and keep sending DH to warm it up in the microwave for me! DS also had an accident at school today; he fell over in the playground and slid along the tarmac surface. Huge graze on his side, really bruised and swollen, looks horrible. I got an awful flip-floppy feeling in the pit of my stomach when I collected him and found out, and again when I had to take the dressing off to clean the graze at bath time. Hope it has settled down a bit tomorrow.

BabyHMummy Wed 24-Apr-13 22:35:15

Gary am a very lucky girl. He has been brilliant all the way through.

Ohhh just had a hot bath country and ease the spd and coulda sworn my tummy moved when she 23+3 with dd1 am i imagining it or could she be strong enough to see the kicks?

Mrsd77 Wed 24-Apr-13 22:47:51

Hey stopsitting I was told I would get a call tomorrow if anything was abnormal. TBH I'm now more bothered about my BP. Not due to see mw for 28 week appointment for another fortnight but might pop in next week to keep an eye on things.

Abilee90 Thu 25-Apr-13 00:37:20

Early signs are excessive tiredness, constant thirst, having a dry mouth, peeing even more than usual, my midwife also said that my low blood pressure could be a sign but because i have a heart condition, i need to rule out that, that isnt making my blood pressure low.

On better note of tonight, i won 65 quid on a scratch card i had forgotten out! Woooo! Brightened my mood smile

RuckAndRoll Thu 25-Apr-13 10:26:13

well ladies, you were right as usual I got an emergency gp app and am now sat in the pharmacy waiting for my antibiotics prescription. they said it was definately sensible to get an emergency app and not wait a week.

RuckAndRoll Thu 25-Apr-13 11:12:43

BabyH entirely possible! DH can see my tummy jumping with the kicks if I'm lying on the sofa. Probably for about the last week or so and I'm 24+4 now. They just have to be lying in the right position to get the kicks in the right place.

We went to visit the first nursery earlier, seeing 3 more tomorrow. We have no idea what we are looking for and have come away with more questions than we started with! I couldn't fault the place, but I'm not convinced. I'm hoping gut feeling is sensible on this decision.

muddybloodypuddles Thu 25-Apr-13 11:38:29

Ruck - glad you managed to get it sorted, didn't want to say earlier (as it looked like you were getting the message anyway) but my mw said if a uti is left it can irritate the uterus and cause early labour shock which is why they test for it at the booking in appt (well did for mine anyway)

Abi - hurray for £65!! Hope you're getting plenty of rest today brew

stopsitting - it must be the week for accidents, DH took DS out on his balance bike in the woods - the last thing I said? 'don't forget his helmet' - as he goes really fast on his balance bike (I can't take him on it as too worried I can't keep up atm). So, what did he forget? Bless DS, he was saying 'daddy I can't go on my bike without my helmet' and DH says, 'just this once will be okay' - so anyway you can guess what happened. Going too fast, straight over the handle bars, grazed head and nose and nose pouring with blood. Needless to say DH will NOT be making that mistake again, luckily it was in the woods where it's mostly soft mud but then I don't think he would've chanced it on tarmac anyway. When they got back I had that flip flop feeling too. DS is such a boy though he just wanted to go out on his bike again. Couldn't say too much to DH as he was (and still is I think) quite traumatised by the whole thing... I also burnt my hand on a saucepan yesterday and DS fell over at nursery and hurt his wrist (the day after the bike accident!)

Babyh - def been seeing movements and kicks for last couple of weeks here, getting a lot stronger so no you're not imagining it smile

Gorgeous day again today, taken dog out, going to clean carpets (if I can work the VAX thing), do shop and general cleaning before picking DS up again. DH keeps saying I'm supposed to be taking it easy whilst DS is at nursery but I keep thinking of all the things I can get done (while I still can!)


BabyHMummy Thu 25-Apr-13 11:48:50

Thanks ladies will keep watching my tummy.

Christelle2207 Thu 25-Apr-13 12:23:22

well touch wood no more bleeding so hopefully that was just a one off. muddy my placenta is anterior but not previa -if it was p I get the impression they would have asked me to go in.

ruck pleased you got sorted out. We chose (well put £50 down to reserve place) for a nursery recently. Very difficult decision - some posher, some not so posh (or expensive). in the end we went for cheap and cheerful one (kids all looked well behaved and happy) because of its location (about 6 doors away). DH and I share a car - I have it mostly as he works from home, so that means he can do all the pick ups and drop offs really easily.

BabyH I bet that was kicks! I (and dh) have been seeing all kinds of bumps and movements in tum since about 24 weeks (now nearly 26). DH really likes it because he has felt very little and there's no no denying there's something in there!

BabyHMummy Thu 25-Apr-13 12:51:49

Glad the bleeding seems to have stopped christelle bet that's a load off your mind!!

I think it must be kicks but as a flabby gal wasn't sure of ot was just belly wobbles esp as the little Angel stopped moving completely the second i called dp in for a second opinion and the hasn't moved much since then.

Did think my anxiety was easing but then My boss rang yesterday to check up on me. Couldn't even answer it. It came up private number but just knew it was him. He left a vm and has taken me til now to call back. Was so relieved when i got him answerphone. The thought of talking to him makes me want to be sick.

Isisizzie Thu 25-Apr-13 12:54:43

Do we need to start looking for nursery places now? With this being my first I don't really know what to do. When I go back to work after 8 or 9 months my mum will have baby as I only work part time so it's 2 full days during the week and one day at the weekend so MIL will have it then.

Or can I wait until baby is here or a bit older before getting it in nursery. Is it a case of the older the baby the easier it is to get a place?

Hope this doesn't make me sound stupid I don't know who else to ask.

RuckAndRoll Thu 25-Apr-13 13:14:00

Isis we're in a different situation, I will need to come back 4 or 5 days a week at some point when baby is between 9 and 12 months old. A friend told me you're normally fine if you want part time but full time can fill up really quickly. We contacted 6 places, 2 were full until Christmas 2014 so no good for us, the other 4 we're visiting but did tell us we've almost left it too late.

On the flip side, my brother secured a place for DN with about 6 weeks notice. It totally depends on your area of the country and what sort of care you want. Sounds like you won't need it until it's a bit older so you should be ok. Maybe google a few in your area and give them a call to query how far in advance they book up normally to put your mind at rest.

muddy thanks for not scaring me witless last night! I pretty much knew after accepting the app in a week I'd have to take an emergency app. The dr was really good and said, you're in pain, symptomatic, and pregnant, of course that qualifies you for an emergency app. Enjoy your day in the sunshine and send some up to Scotland will you?

Christelle Glad the bleeding has stopped, sounds really scary. The one we saw today I can see from my office window so it's pretty convenient for me, I can't put my finger on why, I just don't feel 100% comfortable with it.

BabyHMummy Thu 25-Apr-13 13:32:13

We started getting recommendations from friend etc but all the good ones are way out of our price range and those that are within budget don't do long enough hours to make it worth while. We are gonna try and manage as long as poss with me not working and see what happens. I suspect i will have to go back at least part time once she ia about 18 months or so but am keeping fingers crossed

zippyrainbowbrite Thu 25-Apr-13 14:49:12

flowers to all those who are having horrible times. My only real niggle (touch wood!) at the moment is that my eczma has flared up, but so far the emollient cream is keeping it under control. I've also got a cough left over from a cold/bug thing I had last week, which is keeping me up at night, but can't really blame that on the baby!

Woofers we are team blue here - although we had a newly qualified sonographer and she didn't seem that sure on it to me! I'm hoping she's right though as we've painted one wall of the nursery blue, and I've been mainly buying blue accesories! I'm very much a traditional blue or pink kind of person, and I know that if we have a girl next I'd definitely want to put her in pink, so there didn't seem much point in going for too many neutrals!

So far we've bought a moses basket and Bugaboo Cameleon - both off e-bay at bargain prices grin. DH thinks I'm a bit mad as he's not really into second hand things, and is more of a 'spender' than me, but we don't have an infinite amount of money, so I'd rather save what I can on some things! We'll buy a new matress for the moses basket, and a new car seat (which is the next big thing to buy!).

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