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August 2013 - Part 4 - Half way there already!

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RugBugs Fri 15-Mar-13 19:00:11

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MrsWajs Thu 11-Apr-13 03:49:29

Hello! Sorry been AWOL again, been trying to keep up on fb but just never seem to have time just now!

Think I'm starting to develop full blown PGP so have been grumpy mummy the last few days. Currently at work wishing I'd phoned in sick!! Had no luck with MW yesterday angry was told there's nothing they can do until I'm 20 weeks (umm, you mean in 3 days time!?) and "it is to be expected to be sore with your second" WTF!? What shocking advice, they wouldn't even give me a tubigrip ffs! So have tracked down an osteopath near me and am going to phone for appt tomorrow.

Baby is getting more active or I can feel it more, probably the latter! Scan is finally only 1 week away!! Can not wait!

Will try and keep up better. I am usually lurking but no time to post.


JollyPurpleGiant Thu 11-Apr-13 06:55:06

MrsW that is awful! I have my first physio appt today at 20w. Do you think your GP would refer to physio?

RuckAndRoll Thu 11-Apr-13 10:36:44

MrsW as Jolly says, might your GP be a better bet? I find my GP is scared witless of the fact I'm pregnant so will do whatever I ask with referrals, time off work etc!

I've been trying to get through to book a place on the self refer ante-natal physio since last wed, finally got through today to find out why. The person whos phone line it is only works 9.30-2 Mon-Thur. I couldn't even get an appointment though, she's got to phone me back.

Nearer the time I'll have to get one of you 2nd/3rd timers to look at my birth plan and tell me if it's totally stupid and PFB!


Boosiehs Thu 11-Apr-13 10:48:17

Whoop whoop! Another one for team blue (probably).

the sonographer at first told me he was a girl, then right at the end said "whoops - what's that", and said "Oh dear I think I've made a mistake".

90% sure it's a boy. More importantly all healthy - which I was totally panicking about!

muddybloodypuddles Thu 11-Apr-13 11:12:36

congrats on healthy scan and joining team blue boosieh
Birth plans, I wrote one but nobody asked for it and I just went with the flow, dh knew what I wanted so he was in charge of making sure I got itbut as it was in a birthing centre there are no other drugs available apart from gas and air and pethidine so I just had gas and air. My only requests were to keep active, limited intervention (they only checked cervix once) and for lights to be dimmed and it to be calm. But thus is mainly the way the birthing centre works anyway, think it will be different in a hospital! But if I do go to hospital (haven't made up mind yet) then I would hope to at least keep active (depending on if baby needs constant monitoring).

mrswajs and anyone else suffering with pelvic pain old check out the exercises I put on fb (under files tab) from my physio appt for pgp - mine has really calmed down lately, I put that down to having lots of rest last week while away in Cornwall and starting antenatal pilates. The physio person said antenatsl pilates and antenatal yoga are really good too. She recommended just going to a few classes so you know you're doing it right and then getting a dvd uf you can't afford to carry on with classes. So I'm going to carry on with pilates class and do an antenatal yoga dvd

Feeling knackered today :-/


Boosiehs Thu 11-Apr-13 11:44:05

Thanks v v much mbp.

Has anyone else had hip pain at night? sleeping on my left is a total pain fnar

I've been waking up with chronic hip and back pains. Stretching seems to help a bit - does anyone have any good stretches?

21 today.

JollyPurpleGiant Thu 11-Apr-13 13:52:12

If anyone is interested, here is my birth plan from last time:

Birth Plan
Updated 15.03.2011

The most important thing is that the baby is healthy and given the best opportunity to thrive.

* I would like MrJolly to be with me during the labour and birth.
* I would like to be able to move around if I want to.

Pain Relief
* I do not want any pain relief that will affect the baby
* I do not want morphine derivatives as they can cross the placenta and cause drowsiness in the baby
* Nor do I want a remifentanil PCA
* I will only have an epidural (or spinal block) if a caesarean section is necessary
* I would like to use water during labour (preferably a pool, but a bath if this is unavailable)
* I would like to use gas and air if I want it
* I would also like to move around to find the best position for me at the time

Other medical procedures
* I would like the baby’s heartbeat to be monitored at intervals only, but understand that continuous monitoring may be advised if there are worries and I will agree to this
* I am happy for vaginal exams to take place as necessary
* I would prefer not to have artificial oxytocin to stimulate contractions and would like other options to be exhausted before going down this route
* I would like to give birth to my baby in whatever position I find most comfortable, but probably not in the pool (although I might change my mind on this!)

After the second stage
* I would like a medical professional to tell us the baby’s sex and also to cut the cord
* I would like an injection to help with the third stage of labour
* I would like to cuddle my baby as soon as possible after the birth
* If, for any reason, I cannot do so, I would like MrJolly to cuddle the baby
* I would like to put the baby to the breast soon after birth
* I would like my baby to have vitamin K by injection

If there are problems
* I would prefer not to have a forceps or ventouse delivery and would like other options to be exhausted before going down this route, however I would agree to this if we have tried other birthing positions and anything else that may assist birth first
* Alongside this, I will agree to an episiotomy if it is necessary
* I understand that if the baby is in distress that a c-section might be necessary and would be willing to have one to ensure the health of my baby
* If this is necessary, if at all possible, I would like MrJolly to be present during this and to have skin to skin contact with the baby if I cannot

OxfordToLondoner Thu 11-Apr-13 14:20:04

Oh god, this brings back my birth plan. Which had loads about natural birth....but ended in a C-section! Really good idea to have one though, I defo will again.

JollyPurpleGiant Thu 11-Apr-13 14:38:37

Hah, I'm not going to say what actually happened but the birth plan did go out if the window! Not going to bother to have more than a couple of lines this time as I'm having a section.

20+0 Today!

RuckAndRoll Thu 11-Apr-13 14:45:34

Jolly good to see that. Mine currently consists of my name, alergies etc, DH's name and phone number. I'm tempted just to add 'get baby out safely' but think I may need to give it more thought than that. It's more a guide for DH but by no means a list I expect to happen. I've been on MN too long to know that they very rarely go to plan!

We've started looking at furniture a bit over the last week. How important is a drop side on the cot? I though as long as it had adjustable base height it would be ok.

Also, changing tables, do you need one? We already have an empty chest of drawers, can't we just put a changing mat on top of that and move to the floor if that doesn't feel safe?

muddybloodypuddles Thu 11-Apr-13 16:42:02

ruck drop side for cot useful to save your back, we had a changing table but a chest of drawers will be fine with mat on

boosiehs - have a look on the fb group for my pgp exercises / stretches - if you're not on fb group oi could email them if you message me

Sister has been over today with her little one who is 6mths older than DS and they're just getting to the age where they play quite nicely together, it helps she's that little bit more mature. So sis did my nails while kids made things with play doh.. so kind of relaxing (if you don't mind the kids keep bringing you their 'creations' lol) :-)

JollyPurpleGiant Thu 11-Apr-13 17:04:25

We don't have a drop side cot, but the base goes really high. So it was no problem. Especially because by the time DS was big enough to be pretty heavy he was standing up so didn't need dragging out of a low cot.

We do have a changing unit, but if we had had suitable alternative furnture would have used that. I've changed DS on my knee since he was about 6mos. I think the high unit will be useful post-section though.

BabyHMummy Thu 11-Apr-13 20:37:24

I have a wooden platform thing that locks onto the cot bars and u put a change mat onto it...just have to remember to take it off before dropping the cot side lol

Am still having horrendous pelvic pain :-( really struggling to get dressed and undressed it sucks! May have to go to the Dr

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 11-Apr-13 21:10:19

Ruck, we changed DS on the floor/bed on a towel or the changing mat, didn't need a changing unit.
Other thing to bear in mind, is if you have a climber a cot will be wasted on them...DS was out of the cot (and into his un-escapable travel cot) at 6/7 months as he continually tried to launch himself out of it (on the lowest setting), so if we'd bought a cot it would've only been used for a little while.

Boosiehs, I'm sleeping on the sofa/floor because my back/hips hurt too much on our bed.
Congrats on the scan!

Woofers, congrats on the scan, will have to look through stats & see how many blue/pink we've got, I'm in the Dec'11 group & we're mainly boys, I don't know anyone who has had a girl in the last 2 yrs!
I'm not anti-guns, but I am anti spending money on stuff that won't be used for a year or so.

BabyH, hope Dr can do something about it.


IJustWoreMyTrenchcoat Thu 11-Apr-13 21:29:52

Hello, I felt my baby move for the first time late on Tuesday, so exciting! It happened 4 times, then once again a bit later, like a bubble breaking the surface. A bit sporadic since, the odd feeling then a flurry of activity last night. Am looking forward to it getting stronger.

I am back at work this week and in pain sad. The pelvic pain seems to have concentrated itself at the front, every step hurts, I am getting shooting pains and in the afternoon I feel numb or pins & needly. Then at home after a rest I seize up in agony at the front and back and can only stagger around. This is taking it easy, with kindly colleagues, I am dreading being expected to get back to normal and being left on my own to just get on. I just don't think I will manage. Physio next week thankfully.


MrsWajs Fri 12-Apr-13 00:23:55

I think I will try GP although I know for a fact that I can go to the health centre and just ask for a referral form and refer myself! The mw also knows this but said it will take longer that way!! Why I don't know.

I forgot about your exercises muddy will go and find them and give them a try.

Came to work again tonight (mug) and still sore although definitely don't sound as bad as you, TrenchCoat mine is more of an aching pain at my lower back with occasional shooting pains down both bum cheeks and an ache at the front too. It's more tiring than actually painful if that makes sense? It also make me want to cry! Maybe it's not PGP at all but the prospect of having to deal with this for the next 2 weeks is pretty soul destroying.

We have a changing unit/chest of drawers which DD is really too big for now but I have been putting her back on it the last week or so as kneeling and bending over her on the floor is making my back worse!

Jolly I remember your birth plan from last time! I think I used parts of it for mine!! Mine was pretty much standard for a mw led unit, or so they told me. The only thing I found that was different in mine to most other peoples was that I wanted regular VE (because I'm weird and like to know where things are at!) and there was to be no dimmed lights! I can't stand sitting in the dark! DP always wants the big light off at home and lamps on and it annoys me so much, I like to see what's happening!
I wanted to leave the cord attached for as long as possible but as it turned out it was only about 10cms long so had to be cut straight away.
I also initially said I didn't want morphine, for the same reasons Jolly mentions but I did have some in the end because I was so exhausted and it was a choice of have it and get a little snooze or not have it and probably end up being transferred to a bigger hospital because I wasn't coping. After 22 hours of labour I was pretty easily persuaded! And it all turned out well as she was born about 6 hours later and had no ill effects whatsoever.
I'm hoping that birth number 2 will go pretty much the same if not a bit quicker!!

Abilee90 Fri 12-Apr-13 10:33:13

Changing units are a huge no no in this house. Specially when it comes to dmil. Dd has always been changed on the floor on a mat. It only takes a second for them to roll. Thats a big drop where as the floor has no drop what so ever. Too many babies have had cracked skulls and things so i wouldnt even risk it. Just my views. Please noone take offence.

Gonna try and have a water birth this time, was desperate for one with dd but i was strapped to a bed for 37.5 hours.

Baby is kicking really hard now and you can watch it on my tummy. Also managed to kick the tv remote that i was just resting on my tummy.

23 + 4 smile

DaveMccave Fri 12-Apr-13 11:44:08

I didn't write a birth plan last time. Wasn't planning to this time either, and homebirth group doesnt think they are neccesarily a good idea. My midwife will discuss the plans with me before the birth and go over consent forms for routine procedures, but maybe I'll write a list of the non conventional requests incase I have to transfer in to hospital? Things like I want to delay cord cutting until it has stopped pulsating, I want the cord to be tied and not clamped, I don't want syntocin injection for third stage or vitamin K for baby. I'll prob just make sure dp is on the ball for those things if necessary though.

JollyPurpleGiant Fri 12-Apr-13 13:00:29

I must admit, a lot of the reasoning behind my birth plan was so DP would know what I wanted/didn't want and the reasons behind each of my wishes. He's not very good at remembering things, so having it written down helped him. I also wasn't clear how eloquent I'd be in labour so needed to ensure he could speak up for me if need be.

wavesandsmiles Fri 12-Apr-13 13:19:18

My birth plans both times previously were pretty much essays. Main purpose was so the midwives understood my preferred outcomes and that there was no rush to intervene if things could progress as naturally as possible.

This time will be very similar, so will be specifying no pethidine, and generally no pain relief other than tens or water, no constant monitoring in order to enable me to remain physically active, delayed cord clamping, baby to breast and skin to skin immediately after birth, no vit k injection, natural 3rd stage (no syntocin) I've arranged a doula to be a hopefully calming and spiritual presence during the labour and birth, and also to advocate on my behalf with the medical professionals should that be necessary.

After months of hospital visits a natural birth as with my others, would be wonderful, so keeping my fingers crossed.

MrsPennyapple Fri 12-Apr-13 15:39:15

I didn't do a birth plan last time, I had no idea what to put on one, so just left it up to the midwives to do what they felt was necessary. They asked me questions in between contractions which pretty much covered everything anyway. I did ask that they wait a few minutes before cutting the cord though, as I'd read a bit about cutting the cord too soon not being a good thing. This time round, as we're on team polka-dot (surprise), I think I'd like DP to know the sex first, so I might write a more comprehensive one this time.

Will look at those exercises on fb, thanks MBP.

No changing unit here either. We used her mat on the floor, if downstairs. DD's room is next to the stairs and there is a bit that goes over the stairs, so there is a raised area which is about 18" high and has walls on three sides, so ideal to kneel at for changing. (That might not make much sense. The room is L shaped, but the floor itself is only a rectangle, the bottom line of the L is the raised bit.) Very useful for us, but not much help to anyone else!

Getting lots of wriggling thumping and bumping here, but DP still can't feel it. It's his thick rhino-skin hands that are the problem.

Woofers Fri 12-Apr-13 17:05:04

I'm really interested to hear all the birth plan options. Yet again the majority of the stuff you are including I have no idea about.

Completely see you point regarding baby rolling of changing unit, however I can see why you'd want one post section. I can't imagine the pain getting on the floor each time. However, I can feel a cunning plan coming on ...... I think I shall just use my bed with towel and mat to cover as we have a double height mattress and if baby is on the bed then there is plenty of room to roll. ...... But tbh it will get done where it gets done. Ask me in September !!!!!

My only 2 requests are water birth where possible - due to reducing risk of episiotomy, and I love water.

secondly no spinal unless medical emergency. And even then I'd prefer General anaesthetic. I have lower spine damage, and you just don't quite know where that 6inch needle is gonna go.

What's this about the cord cutting? Does it pulse?! I think I need a crash course in midwifery before August.

I think I will put in something about strong evidence base regarding drugs administered to baby.

And finally I don't want pethadine as its not actually a pain relief, it just gives a sense of euphoria. And I hate not feeling in control - I hate being drunk if you know what I mean.

Been to see the gp today regarding hip and recent hospital admission. Urine and bp back to normal. Hip pain - self referral to obstetric physio.

wavesandsmiles Fri 12-Apr-13 18:13:41

woofers there is a huge amount of research to suggest that it is beneficial for the baby to receive everything it can from the placenta, so it is best to request that the cord is not clamped until the cord has stopped pulsating. Usually (for ease) it is immediately clamped, but I am definitely requesting that the clamping is delayed. Want to give baby the best possible start.

And with pethidine, it passes to the baby, making it sleepy and amongst other things can make it a struggle to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

I am now on 2 litres of fluids, and 2 lots of IV ondansetron every day, making hospital admissions even longer. The assumption is that I am not just going to get better, given I've now passed 24 weeks. Feeling pretty rubbish about that, and it is such a huge struggle to cope with everything at home by myself. Every time someone has a moan about their OH, I am feeling envy, because I am totally by myself, and am soooo cross about the whole situation, particularly as I have ended up so ill.

BabyHMummy Fri 12-Apr-13 19:33:45

Am reading all ur birth plans with awe and horror...can all these things really happen/need to be planned for? No one has mentioned them to me in terms of mw or hospital but. Under consultant led care for various reasons so suspect until i meet with the anethetist (sp?) at wk 34 it will be irrelevant. my only concerns are if baby is in distress do what ever you need to to get her out safely.

Gary thanks hun me too...i am walking like a 90 yo!! Went shopping with dp to look at baby clothes (his mum and i went mad on Wed and bought tons) and as a consequence i am in absolute agony! Got stuck in a booth in a cafe cos couldn't twist to get out much to amusement of dp

JollyPurpleGiant Fri 12-Apr-13 20:02:32

Your birth plan can be as extensive or as detailed as you like. Mine fitted on one side of A4, just. I'm a bit of a planner and I felt better having thought through some of the less unusual scenarios and decided what I would like to happen in each of these. It may not be apparent from mine, but the most important thing for me (after getting baby out safely) was to get breastfeeding off to a good start. So a lot of the decisions/plans were geared toward giving us the best possible opportunity for this.

I also read stuff and remember it... possibly too much. So I had read a LOT about options in labour before writing my birth plan.

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