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June 2013 - thread 5

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DontmindifIdo Thu 14-Mar-13 13:38:22

new thread! Jump on board!

AmIGoingMad Wed 03-Apr-13 14:46:48

Ha oli- I like the start as you mean to go on thing! It was like that with DH and ds- he's been amazing from day one and everything really is shared which is great!smile

Pink- so glad you managed to avoid hospital! I hope the tablets keep doing their job for you!

Sparkles I hope they get everything sorted/clarified for you!

I've been up all night with evil cough and its carried on all day grrr! I'm with you on the peeing problem too- every cough is a cross your legs challenge (sorry if tmi). Have been given antibiotics by locum doc but want to avoid them if I can so am holding off and od ing on honey and lemon warm drinks at the moment.

DontmindifIdo Wed 03-Apr-13 14:58:55

oooh I hadn't thought about trying to express now....

For those of us in need of just a little extra iron, dried apricots are very high in iron (try to avoid the brightly coloured ones, they are full of junk to get that orangy colour back). I'm sure I read that 4 is your daily iron requirement, quite easy to snack on those.

DontmindifIdo Wed 03-Apr-13 15:06:45

oh, re breast feeding rates after c section, I was concerned too, my mw (who is lovely) said as politely as possible that it might be more to do with the choices mothers make, and that a lot of the "too posh to push" types (she didn't call them that) are less likely to chose to breast feed, although to save embarrassment, they might say they tried but were unable too. She also pointed out a lot of c sections are carried out because mothers have underlying health issues which can also effect milk production.

Her view was that if I wanted the c section and I wanted to breast feed, I should be able to do both, but as it might take longer for my milk to come in, I might have to be a little determined to stick at it.

SunnyL Wed 03-Apr-13 15:54:24

I'm getting hassle today off a contractor who claims that I had a conversation with him about my maternity cover. He says says I told him I would give him full time days in May and that now I am reneging on the deal because I'm only giving him 8 days. This is really winding me up as I am an excellent project manager and I keep meticulous notes of meetings, I have several planning spreadsheets and this conversation, as far as I am concerned did not happen. It is particularly annoying since I don't intend on starting my maternity leave until May 17th so I don't see how I could have promised to hand all this work over. I feel like he is trying to take advantage of me as a pregnant woman. I can almost hear the niggling accusation in his e-mails 'oh you're pregnant so you don't know what you've promised me'.

Its irritating me because he won't pick up the phone and talk to me. He just keeps sending me shirty e-mails cc'ing my boss in claiming I had all these conversations with him and trying to attach excel spreadsheets which I clearly never made (I know my signature style). Wish he would either man up and phone me or bugger off and realise that I won't back down.

Thankfully I know when my boss comes back in after his Easter holidays he will back me all the way.

pinkbear82 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:28:16

yey pinkapples! hope you continue to now improve.
Sparkles hope your doing ok and everything is sorted.
Sunny the guy sounds like a knob! has he supplied any dates the convos are supposed to have happened? just wondered if he had, if the diary shows anything that says it wouldn't have been possible for them to have happened.... but fab that your boss sounds so good.

went for my 31 week check up. blood, protein and white blood cells all showed up at +++. bp was ok but high for me. black spots in eyes and was sick last night. So I was sent off to the hospital right away for more tests.
They are flagging a kidney infection (and with hydronephisis already) they have put me on antibiotics and booked me in to see a consultant asap to check. Good news is my bloods came back ok so that's a plus. And I have to take it easy and watch out fir any other pre eclampsia signs and go straight back if it's not right.
Also bubs seems to have its back to my front and I have an anterior placenta so I'm not feeling it move as much either!
what a day!!!

RueDeWakening Wed 03-Apr-13 16:59:24

Dontmind you totally can BF after a section, I have twice now. Your milk is usually about 24 hrs later coming in than with a vb, but you'll still be producing colostrum (yellowish, gloopy very high in nutrients and sugar excellent for the baby) and so long as you feed on demand (expect 3 hourly ish) you should be fine. You might not be able to use the traditional cross hold for a while because of the wound, but the rugby ball hold works great (I actually prefer it for teenies anyway).

Mawgatron Wed 03-Apr-13 17:00:39

At least you are hopefully more confident about what is going on now, will be keeping my fingers crossed re ore eclampsia (as in hoping you don't get it!)

What a cock knocker sunny, just what you don't need right now...

I am a weepy mess today. Popped into school to pick up coursework to mark over the and wasn't allowed in my room because of building work going on in my corridor which I wasn't told about. Site manager was really shitty with me about it as apparently he had people whining yesterday and 'if one more person asks me about it I'm going to go mental'. I burst into tears on him, and went home feeling like it was a complete waste of time being in. Then on the bus, I saw a man who looked just like my dad (who passed away 5 yrs ago), and sat weeping behind my sunglasses. Oh dear!

Feel better now though, have spent the afternoon with my sewing machine making a baby blanket which looks great, and getting a wax in about half an hour so at least I will feel slightly less like a yeti shortly!

Mawgatron Wed 03-Apr-13 17:01:03

Pre. Bloody iPhone!

SunnyL Wed 03-Apr-13 17:16:50

Aww Mawg - your day sounds far worse than mine. Bless you honey. Did you watch Sewing Bee last night? Maybe a spot of harmless BBC chuff like that on the telly will make you feel better as you sew your blanket (if its the one you shared the other day from the Guardian website I'm right behind you - just need to find some nice fabric).

The guy is being a knob. Apparently he transcribed a conversation we had in December, has taken it to my boss and gotten approval for these days already. Absolutely fantasy land because that is not the way we commission people in my company. I commission people for this contract and there is no way my boss would have had a verbal agreement with him on this contract without talking to me first - he knows how anal I am with my spreadsheets and minute taking.

He's clearly just trying to take advantage of me being pregnant and thinks he can play the 'silly female' card. Sadly for him our company doesn't play these games and he may well find he is without any contracted days if he keeps it up.

pinkbear82 Wed 03-Apr-13 17:26:23

kinda hope that happens Sunny just to show him being a knob and taking advantage isn't on! some people need showing.

Sunbeam18 Wed 03-Apr-13 18:15:51

Sorry so many of are having challenging days. Sunny, that guy sounds like a dick.
I had my consultant appt today and she was ace. I've to get 2 extra scans cos of being 40, to check baby growing well. Am glad we are getting to see him twice more! She said they would probably advise induction on due date, and maybe a sweep at 39 weeks to try to start things off. All depends on how things go between now and then; might be able to go on longer if all my stats remain good (as they have so far). Felt well cared for and reassured so good day.
The move is going slowly ok - two rooms moved and unpacked so far. Luckily there is no deadline so not big pressure.

MrsBri Wed 03-Apr-13 20:04:00

Sunny...clearly a total cock. At least your boss will back you up (and will know he's lying anyway).

Pink, well done on avoiding hospital.

Sparkle, hope all is going well.

I had a funny turn on the train, clammy, sweaty and nauseous. When it passed I've been left with a persistent headache :-( Got to Liverpool and turned straight around to come home. Still not feeling quite right.

Considering whether I'll go tomorrow or not. Not sure.

Had black spots in front of my eyes this morning. Pink has got me concerned about that now :-/

Would you ladies stay off?

pinkbear82 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:33:10

mrsbri I'd stay home and rest. One thing I'm learning is its only us that can look after ourselves and we owe it to us to put our selves first!
If you are at all worried call the midwife or assessment unit. I was made to promise I'd make a fuss before leaving today.
Rest up and feel better soon x

can't remember if I said earlier but brought my first pack of nappies!! feel this is good progress. Must also concentrate on packing hospital bag - almost had a fit today at the thought of having to stay in all my pjs were on the line drying!! shock lol

here's to tomorrow being less trying for us x

learnermummy Wed 03-Apr-13 20:57:42

Oh dear sorry you're all having such a rubbish time. I would get your blood pressure checked tomorrow MrsBri.
Sunny really hope you're boss backs you up and all that work stress goes away.
Only issue here is this awful cough. Just enjoyed lovely curry takeaway for DHs birthday though grin. Hope cough doesn't keep me up all night though. Often put Vicks on kids feet at night to stop coughing so might try that!

MrsBri Wed 03-Apr-13 21:08:54

Vicks on feet, Learner?! That's a new one on me.

I think I'll call my surgery just to check my blood pressure, just in case. Probably for the best.

Been very weepy again today. Thinking it may be a feature now!

RueDeWakening Wed 03-Apr-13 21:37:35

Well at this gestation 3 years ago I had a 4 1/2 hour old DS who I hadn't met yet in NICU with about a million tubes going in every which way.

I feel like I've passed a massive milestone! Although a strong Braxton Hicks did make me wonder a bit earlier today grin

pinkapples Wed 03-Apr-13 21:49:02

Braxton hicks hitting here to I think since all this with the dehydration still not feeling 100% and not eating much but as long as I'm eating and its staying down that's something grin

learnermummy Wed 03-Apr-13 22:53:21

Yes Vicks on feet seems to help the kids (google it you'll be surprised!) so worth ago. If nothing else my feet should be a bit softer in the morning!

forgetmenots Wed 03-Apr-13 22:56:42

Rue that is a milestone indeed. flowers

Sorry to hear of everyone feeling unwell - pink and mrsbri I hope you feel better soon sad

Bawled my eyes out at the last episode of OBEM tonight, haven't seen much of this series, definitely getting very emotional! smile

SunnyL Thu 04-Apr-13 03:46:38

We were very sad tonight and sat watching One Born Every Minute together with DH trying his best to wake up bubs. He reckons he could feel a leg and a foot. Ive been struggling to work out which way bubs is but it was v sweet to see DH get so excited about his baby.

MrsBri Thu 04-Apr-13 06:55:36

Strange how it is almost impossible to work out direction, isn't it? Especially when a midwife can have a feel and know exactly how baby is lying.

Baby B may have tried head down again last night as DH thought he could feel a foot in my ribs. It felt uncomfortable, so who knows?!

Active day yesterday with my belly moving around loads!

Staying off again today as I still feel wonky and I want my blood pressure checking. Still got a headache which is annoying.

I assume I just make a GP appt, not ring the midwife?

If it is high I'll have a dilemma as we only get SSP, so financially I'd be better off starting my annual leave / mat leave. But that's thinking too far ahead!

Mawgatron Thu 04-Apr-13 07:59:09

Glad you are staying off mrs bri, I was going to say you should! Pre pg I would generally struggle in but for the moment, if I feel a bit shit then I am staying in bed.

Glad it's not just me weeping all over the shop. Had a mate round last night for Chinese and movies that cheered me up (DH is working away till fri).

MrsBri Thu 04-Apr-13 08:08:35

I've got an appointment with the nurse at 10.30 to check my blood pressure.

I can't bloody stop crying at the moment...driving me a bit mad!

MrsBri Thu 04-Apr-13 08:12:48

Oh, and I was the same pre-pregnancy, Maw.

Can't be arsed now!

learnermummy Thu 04-Apr-13 09:04:02

Glad to hear you're off today and have got yourself an appointment MrsBri. Hope you feel better later.

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