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June 2013 - thread 5

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DontmindifIdo Thu 14-Mar-13 13:38:22

new thread! Jump on board!

pinkbear82 Thu 14-Mar-13 17:47:44

Ok so if today isn't terrific Thursday so we make next week our goal or look at a fantastic Friday for tomorrow?!

I'm more bubbly today. But think that maybe because I spent the day with my best friend and we agreed that we weren't to talk about DP and what might or might not happen. (Just that he's a pain in the arse and a knob wink) and I think it's just what I needed - altho knackered now!

I have no idea why but I'm having a really odd liking of giraffe things and this baby! Went into next today and say the cutest sleep suit things with giraffe print on and mini giraffes and a giraffe print hat..... As long as I'm not having a giraffe I suppose it's ok!!

Sending big hugs to everyone that needs them today x

pinkapples Thu 14-Mar-13 18:50:58

Marking my place and popped in to say really sorry some of you are feeling crap happy Friday tomorrow grin

arlandria666 Thu 14-Mar-13 19:12:47

28 weeks already eeeeek!
i had my GTT test yesterday not heard anything today they told me no news is good news and i would hear today if any problems so fingers crossed everything is fine?
Finally heard our baby's heartbeat today! my doctors don't listen til 28 weeks yet 2 miles from me they listen from 16 weeks!
invested in a dreamgenii pillow earlier in the week and have slept so much better since thankfully although still feel like i could sleep for a week!
can't believe we're in / entering third trimester already exciting times xxxx

Sunbeam18 Thu 14-Mar-13 19:14:59

I have a giraffe thing too! Everything I have bought has a giraffe theme!!!

pinkbear82 Thu 14-Mar-13 19:31:51

Yey sunbeam glad its not just me!! If u haven't already have a look in next they had lots of lovely things. Lots for little girls - I don't know what I'm having so was limited.
Got home and DP rolled his eyes and said I was getting a bit obsessed!!

massagegirl Thu 14-Mar-13 19:42:10

Suzy we're at the same hospital I think... I got a load of hassle as I'd forgotten my sample pot! They also think I might develop pre eclampsia.
Sorry to those of you struggling. I walked dog today and got v sore hips/pelvis but had lovely massage this afternoon. Can highly recommend pregnancy massage, I am trained therapist but this was my first time as a client. Wish I could afford it weekly!

pinkapples Thu 14-Mar-13 20:05:06

Would love a massage but don't have the time maybe when I go on maternity leave grin

MrsBri Thu 14-Mar-13 20:09:05

I've got quite a few giraffe things too! :-) Our theme seems to be wild animals.

The nursery has had a coat of yellow today. Looks great. Painting needs finishing and wallpaper doing, then I can start nesting in there :-)

I'm not feeling too bad this evening. Still got a twitchy right eye though, so definitely stressed.

Think I'll see how I feel after Easter, the decide if I'm going to leave work any earlier.

Can't believe we are all well into the 20-something weeks' pregnant. Seems quite bonkers!

curiousgeorgie Thu 14-Mar-13 20:47:36

Massagegirl - this might sound a silly question, but how do they do pregnancy massage with the bump smile

When I was pg with DD I bought the most adorable little giraffe all in one coat from mothercare as my first ever purchase... It's totally the wrong size / season for this baby though sad

Littlemissexpecting Thu 14-Mar-13 21:00:05

Curious I had a preg massage a few weeks ago and she had me on my side with pillow between knees and did one side then I rolled over to other side and she did the other side if my back (iykwim). It was amazing, I was on a bed with a couple of duvets under, loads of blankets and pillows. I heard some places have a bed with space for bump cut out

pinkbear82 Thu 14-Mar-13 21:21:46

Loving that it's not just me and giraffe things!!

Slightly random but the skin on my feet has suddenly gone really dry - any one have any wonderful tips? Don't think I can blame bubs for it but thought I'd ask!!

My surgery's the same with sample pots - altho I did get given a shiny new one yesterday - maybe the tears helped wink

massagegirl Thu 14-Mar-13 21:23:28

Yep what little miss said. In a side position supported by pillows. Then turn over to do the other side. That's also how I was trained and had good feedback from pregnant clients. I've heard to tables with bumps cut out put bit of pressure on lower back, but friend just had massage like that and really enjoyed it. I liked being on my side, felt like being in bed but having lovely massage at same time, maybe I can train my OH? I felt totally chilled after... Bliss!

curiousgeorgie Thu 14-Mar-13 21:24:53

Mmm... I want one! I need one grin

curiousgeorgie Thu 14-Mar-13 21:25:36

Pinkbear - I put cocoa butter on everything including my feet smile you could try that?

pinkbear82 Thu 14-Mar-13 21:40:16

Ooo good thinking curious - I'll give that a go!
I fidget so much the rough skin catches on everything and drives me insane.

learnermummy Thu 14-Mar-13 21:48:25

My lovely DH booked me a mum to be treatment for Saturday afternoon, really looking forward to it! Plus have found myself a crochet class for Saturday morning, so Saturday should be ultra relaxing. He'll be tearing his hair out by tea time looking after two DSs an escorting DS1 to a 7th birthday party grin.

AlohaMama Thu 14-Mar-13 22:08:59

Love giraffes. I just got a blanket made for a friend's baby (sadly no sewing machine myself) - v cute giraffe pattern in turkoise, green and yellow with super-soft turkoise minky fabric on the back. So wanted to keep it myself!

pinkbear - I have boots advanced care foot softener, i put it on at night and it soaks in leaving feet lovely and soft.

I could definitely go with a massage. Dropped a none too heavy hint to dh that it would be a perfect mother's day present for me! Mothers day in the US is in May, so maybe if I keep hinting over the next few months he might book one. To be fair dh does give me lovely massages but I feel guilty as I never give them to him, and he hopes it will lead on to something else.... I think guilt-free no-obligations hour long pregnancy massage on the other hand would be great!

pinkbear82 Thu 14-Mar-13 22:18:42

I'll keep that in mind aloha, happy to try anything at the mo. kinda forget about my feet - suddenly realised today I think the nail varnish on my toes has been there since jan shock on one hand I'm impressed its lasted on the other I really should sort it out.

All this talk of massage is making me feel every ache! Would love one too, or would love DP to actually put a bit of effort in when I ask him - 2 seconds later and something on eBay has distracted him and that's it.

Hmmm just remembered its daughters day on sat - I made this up when I was about 4. The Saturday after Mother's Day (because the shops didnt open on a Sunday and that was just rubbish!) is daughters day. I'm now 30 and I still get a card from my mum and a token gift of some sort smile maybe I could suggest she put something towards a massage! Hmmmm lol

AmIGoingMad Thu 14-Mar-13 22:37:59

Haha! I love that pink! Lovely that your mum still goes along with it too!

The pee pot is the same around here too- the Nhs must have a shortage?!

I hope that everyone manages a good nights sleep and that Friday is a good day!smile

Withalittlesparkle Fri 15-Mar-13 01:55:05

Pink I had gold sparkles I'd put on at Christmas on till DH offered to take it off for me last weekend!! Bagged myself a bit of a foot massage at the same time! Amazing!!

Thanks for the heads up on the giraffe outfit from next, my mum is rather obsessed, having to limit what she buys with a giraffe theme but that is super cute!!!

MrsBri Fri 15-Mar-13 07:26:08

That is fantastic, pink! Not sure it'll catch on in my family now...I think I'm too late at 36 to instigate new family traditions :-)

My toenail polish has been on forever. Not sure my feet are overly accessible right now. I will have to get DH to sort them out for me when he cuts them. Though he hates the smell (of the polish, not my feet!) so may decline. Boo!

I feel lucky that I don't have to re-use my pee pots. My surgery just gives me a new one each time I go. Finally a benefit to living here :-)

Very tired today. So glad it's Friday. I want to tackle our garden this weekend. Though I can see being left on the sidelines as DH doesn't seem to think I'm capable of doing it. Sigh. I like gardening.

Found out we paid 40 quid for one pot of paint, some wallpaper paste and some sundry items yesterday. All because we HAD to have trade paint. Never got to use my Dulux samples, thanks to it being banned. The room does look good, but dear god. Oh well, at least it is tax deductible on his tax return!

Happy Friday people :-) Here's hoping it is a good one.

pinkbear82 Fri 15-Mar-13 07:37:36

Morning ladies

Glad I'm not the only one to have toes in need of attention! If I'd wanted the polish to last this long we all know it would have fallen off in the first week!!

Suddenly thought last night maybe this year will have to be my last daughters day as next year I'll officially get Mother's Day..... I may need to think about the rules a bit more wink

Hope today is an ok day for everyone and that having the weekend ahead is something to look forward to.

Sarah2506 Fri 15-Mar-13 08:05:07

Sitting on train to work. One before was cancelled so expected this to be manic. Got on and no fewer than five people leapt to their feet! Amazing! Moving day today, god help me! Have to pack up all my files and personal stuff ready for it to be transported to our new life in Treasury Solicitors which starts on Monday. Kind of exciting but sad- I've worked for this Dept for 11 years! I expect chaos with crates and all manner of trip hazards everywhere. I may sit and let my boss do everything. Seems reasonable hey?!

Hawkmoth Fri 15-Mar-13 10:11:01

Two pages into a new thread already! So quick.

I'm back at work Tuesday, looking forward to it, though have been slightly marked by some of the emails I've received. Time to make sure people know what I do above and beyond my role! I am slightly scared about doing too much, but the mental challenge will be most welcome. I'm not good at being ill.

Will be sorting out baby clothes in the attic later on. Knowing there are so many up there is good, but have seen some lovely outfits and I'm trying to find a reason to buy just one...

Olimoss Fri 15-Mar-13 10:16:59

Morning all - might I recommend, as far as possible, fairly regular visits to a nice nail salon? I have kept it up all through winter and it's brilliant. Nice toes make me happy....

Pee pot situation is rather hysterical across my community and hospital midwives. We get as many containers as we want - in fact they are all over the place in massive boxes, but they are the diameter, at best, of a 10p piece and I am yet to meet anyone who can manage to fill one without making a mess. It's getting bloody difficult now that I can't really see what I'm doing, either....

We had new carpets (well, Sisal) fitted in the bedrooms yesterday so feels like one of the big jobs can now be ticked off the list. Load of furniture for the spare room due to be delivered today, backyard supposed to be sorted this month (making it useable again) and plumber booked in. So. I want to be done with all jobs by mid-April, I reckon.

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