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July 2013 - Thread 6: cankles, bumps, strangely placed lumps, the glamours of pregnancy go on and on

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dinkystinky Wed 13-Mar-13 11:32:52

New thread to natter away on.

Link to waddlers and riders and stats list here

iclaudius Mon 15-Apr-13 17:10:52

Big belly what car are you thinking of? I classy self as the queen of some stuff and mpvs is one ( what a bore!!)

SchroSawMargeryDaw Mon 15-Apr-13 16:47:23

Indecisive Well my DS was a really sleepy unborn baby and rarely moved. When he was born he was the same and when in SCBU the nurses were having to actually wake him up once 5 hours had passed to feed him as he just was happy to sleep. He's continued pretty much the same until toddlerhood.

BadMiss Having lost weight while eating nothing but junk I can't imagine what it would be like without the junk! Is it gestational diabetes? Will you be able to eat what you like once the baby is born?

I don't have a huge bump either though, that's the thing. For anyone to know I'm pregnant I would actually have to tell them. confused

BadMissM Mon 15-Apr-13 16:41:28

I get movements of my left all the time....but with quiet periods. I have an anterior placenta, which is apparaently to the right, so that would explain that, I guess. Occasional kick in the ribs.

I've lost weight too Schro, but is stupid diabetes diet, am now thinner with HUGE bump! Really hard as bump seems to like junk food (he tells me....).

Persuasion Mon 15-Apr-13 16:39:52

Ok, I've made a new thread as we're almost full, and no one else seems to have done one yet here

I hope that's worked!!

IndecisivePramBuyer81 Mon 15-Apr-13 16:38:27

I feel movements all over, but always below my belly button. is there any correlation between how active they are in the womb and what they're like when they're born d'you think?

all the best to shiv and family!

SchroSawMargeryDaw Mon 15-Apr-13 15:54:16

I'm not, I have never eaten so much junk and takeaways and chocolate and gummy bears in my life. Don't be envious as I am getting worried!

Mmmm Millies cookies...

I think maybe you are feeling movements less because at 26 weeks ish they start settling into a pattern like they would when they are born. According to the MN pregnancy thing anyway.

cheekbyjowl Mon 15-Apr-13 15:46:01

schro im totally envious. You.must be eating the right things and loosing weight from elsewhere. I wish I had lost weight (says I eating a cookie). I can def say my bump is getting larger but my thighs aint getting smaller wink

Movements seem a bit ad hoc for me. But dh can hear heartbeat when he presses his ear to my stomach! At 26 weeks sprog was traverse. Will see how he or she is doing on friday. I notice movements less now strangely. Not worryingly as they are still there but possibly muted under.a layer of millies cookies.

SchroSawMargeryDaw Mon 15-Apr-13 15:02:02

I'm currently getting a lot of kicks to the ribs. Something I never felt with DS. hmm


Abzs Mon 15-Apr-13 14:56:34

I get movements (as I look down) top right - Small's bottom, legs and feet - and lower left - Small's head. Quite often feels like the bottom is being pushed outwards and my bump goes a bit squint, especially with the braxton hicks.

Twinklestarstwinklestars Mon 15-Apr-13 14:39:41

I feel most (about 95%) on my right hand side and really low, with ds2 I only really felt him low down. This is only a recent thing though, until about a week ago it was always low down then I think it must have moved, will see at the scan next week which was round it is!

MrsRoss26 Mon 15-Apr-13 14:35:37

Totally I get almost all of my movement on my left side, with some on the front and rarely on the right. All of it is pretty low too. Baby seems to prefer that I suppose!

photographerlady Mon 15-Apr-13 14:29:44

hey Totally most of my movement is still lower, her kicking me in the bladder of just jabs below. I have nothing to really compare it to as this is my first smile

SchroSawMargeryDaw Mon 15-Apr-13 14:15:34

Totally I feel more movement on my right side, it used to be my left. DS didn't move much last time and we were always in MA being monitored because of it, this one never bloody stops!

Abzs Mon 15-Apr-13 14:02:06

Duly noted Schro.

TotallyEggFlipped Mon 15-Apr-13 14:00:56

We're going to need a new thread soon!

Up a lot in the night with DD who keeps coughing until she vomits then gets very upset and clingy (understandably) sad. We went to the beach this morning and she had great fun running around on the sand, collecting shells and trying to climb over the big rocks.

Can I ask you all - do you feel your baby moving all over the place or mostly just on one side? I feel about 90-95% of the movement on the right side, mostly in the same small area. Just wondering if its the same for everyone else? This baby moves so much more than DD did (probably due to my crappy placenta last time - poor undersized bean must've been conserving energy!) so I'm not worried, just curious.

Can stop thinking about shiv, Mr shiv & Oliver. Trying to send some more positive energy in their direction.

Abzs Mon 15-Apr-13 14:00:01

Oh, I've also had my whooping cough vaccine and my 28 week midwife appointment this morning. Blood taken for iron, sugars and anti-bodies testing. Then went to tesco and carried the basket with that arm and my vein has bruised...


SchroSawMargeryDaw Mon 15-Apr-13 13:58:53

Abzs When you get the pants try not to buy a size up, most people do this and it can make you feel like your insides are falling out! Tighter pants definitely make you feel more secure.

Abzs Mon 15-Apr-13 13:56:00

I can assure you the cleaning fits are random and not actually very productive. I haven't managed to do anything with the 6 inch layer of DH based detritus (and important paperwork etc) that litters most of the house...

Have started on the hospital bag contents today too. Bought some cheap flip flops for hospital showers and some huge maternity pads. Think I need a primark trip for big black pants and pjs.

SchroSawMargeryDaw Mon 15-Apr-13 13:39:56

BigBelly I've been window shopping cars too, I'm hoping I might pass my test just before or after the baby is born. I really really like the Nissan Qashqai +2

SchroSawMargeryDaw Mon 15-Apr-13 13:38:53

Hi everyone.

Glad to know little Oliver is being strong. Sending my love to Shiv and family. x

BigBelly I ended up in MAU a week or so ago with a bleed and mucousy type stuff as well, same as you I have cervical ectopy.

I've lost weight again. sad I am getting quite worried now. Before I got pg I was 11st 3, overweight but my BMI wasn't at obese yet, I do have a lot of leg muscle though and am a huge 30H-HH in a bra so BMI gets skewed with that. I am now 10st exactly and bordering under some days.

bigbelly4 Mon 15-Apr-13 13:23:50

almost forgot - also been window shopping for a new car (well new to me)!!! muchly excited but have mixed feelings as i love my current car, but it only has 5 seats and will need 6 and space for general baby/children detritus!

Seen a couple that i like, just got to convince myself that we can justify it

MrsRoss26 Mon 15-Apr-13 12:53:33

Yikes, it's been just under a month since I last checked in here and it will take me forever to catch up - will try to read through later tonight. I just wanted to say hullo for now and hopefully catch up with individual updates later. My bump is definitely a bump now, and I'm really enjoying all the movements from the little one. Last night we saw my tummy move for the first time with each kick!

Have just spotted shiv's message and sending absolutely huge positive thoughts your way. I have everything crossed that Oliver makes progress. All of my brothers and I were prem (though no smaller than 3lb) and it gives me massive hope that medicine is amazing and babies are resilient, so I have big hope for you.

wifey6 Mon 15-Apr-13 12:50:14

Thank you Granny, all sorted & I'm now a proud group member. smile
I've had the same pains as you, although mine was on my right side & all across my lower back.
MW said it's so common at this stage -I'm 28 weeks & that baby is probably on a sciatic nerve & ligaments etc.
hope it eases for you soon

bigbelly4 Mon 15-Apr-13 12:46:33

Sounds like we have all had busy weekends - what with the puking/nose bleeds/cold/aches and pains, the joys of pregnancy eh?

Well as some the FB group know, i had a bit of a bleed on saturday and a swimming session with the kids - went to out AAU and all is well, just a cervical ectropian thats burst (bit like a blood blister/scab), which i kind of suspected as had them in previous pregnancies. Drs did confirm that baby is head down and quite low but not engaged thankfully! still back to back but can live with that.

But as i walked in to maternity dept saw my friends hubby coming out of the lift, turns out she had her baby 15 mins before! (at 39 weeks) - he had that OMG what just happened look on his face, very sweet - and it meant i got to say a very brief hello to baby valentino (dads italian-ish). Then kept it very quiet until it was officially announced!

Kids back at school today so i am being a bit of a lazy arse and enjoying the peace and just sitting relaxing!

Got my 28 week MW apt on thursday, so get to hear its heartbeat again!

27 + 5

Grannyapple Mon 15-Apr-13 12:13:00

Hi ladies-wifey I'm also an administrator so feel free to pm me too if you like (tho will be interesting me trying to add people to the group smile).

Hope shiv & her dh had on ok-ish night..

I have been in a bit of pain since yesterday morning...have been popping paracetamol to try to get some rest. Have lower back pain that feels like period cramps & a bit of a niggle under the bump at left groin area. Spoke to SIL (mw)...she thinks its either start if a UTI or ligament pain so I might need to curtail my weekly spin classes sad. Have appt with nurse tomorrow to drop off wee sample...hoping its not UTI...I ended up in labour ward at 30 weeks last time with suspected early labour but it was a bad UTI that got things going, so I'm paranoid now.

DS is poorly..had a fever in Saturday night, didn't eat anything all day yesterday & then threw up at DH's feet this morning as he was getting dressed for work grin...trying not to lift DS in case it is ligament pain-he is a heavy wee 15-16kg lump! So working from home today..

Hope everyone had a good day

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