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July 2013 - Thread 6: cankles, bumps, strangely placed lumps, the glamours of pregnancy go on and on

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dinkystinky Wed 13-Mar-13 11:32:52

New thread to natter away on.

Link to waddlers and riders and stats list here

dinkystinky Mon 01-Apr-13 17:33:25

Yep, definitely meant to be mosh!

MiniPenguinMaker Mon 01-Apr-13 19:29:59

Good evening everyone... is it really evening already?!!

I haven't been on in ages but hello again. I did a happy little viability dance to myself last Wednesday when I hit 24 weeks (yay!).

I finished work after having been made redundant, and signed a compromise agreement with them to settle with them and say I wouldn't take them to an employment tribunal. I was quite happy with this as the stress of an employment tribunal would have been awful while pregnant.

And, well, you know - life. I hope you're all well and I'll have to do some reading to catch up with everyone's news smile.


AmaDablam Mon 01-Apr-13 19:53:06

Hello again and happy belated Easter all. Just had a catch up on the last 7 pages of news but thanks to baby brain I now remember hardly anything so apologies for not acknowledging people by name, but hope you an bumps are all well.

Thanks for all the well wishes for our Paris break. Not exactly a baby-moon though as we went with a bunch of friends, which included 3 school age kids, so quite a different itinerary than if it had just been the two of us. Still, we had a lovely (if expensive shock) time and it was nice just to get away. "Paris in the Spring" it was not though, unfortunately it was just as flipping freezing as here and all that lovely blossom that should have been out at this time of the year was still in hibernation!

We ventured over to Kiddicare in Peterborough today. I have to say I found the whole thing rather overwhelming and almost burst into tears at one point, at the thought of all these things we are "supposed" to get that I hadn't even thought of. Fortunately DH is very grounded about these things and reminded me that we used to raise babies in caves and the human race didn't die out!

Think we have chosen our travel system though - the Jane (apparently pronounced not like the girl's name as we thought but more "Hannay", guess it must be Spanish?) Trider Matrix. We loved the fact that it's the only brand that does a car seat where the baby can fully lie down, which also doubles as a carrycot. I'm hoping this isn't just a gimmick which turns out to be a bit rubbish so more research is definitely in order before we part with any cash. Anyone got any advice/experience of this make?

24+1 (did a mental viability dance on Eurostar yesterday!)

AmaDablam Mon 01-Apr-13 20:09:53

Oh, and re,*royal baby*, although it would be nice not to give birth on exactly the same day as HRH, I'm not too bothered about it. We got married in the same year as Kate and Will, and on the same day as Zara Phillips and none of this eclipsed our big day or particularly affected our wedding preparations, and I'm hoping it'll be the same with the baby. I think that no matter how much they're into their royal celebrities, the people that matter are always going to be far more interested in the big events in your life smile. A name clash would be a little unfortunate but again, really not the end of the world. At least with our babies being born at the end of the school year, if there's a whole run of copycats in the following months there's a good chance their children will be in a different class!

dinkystinky Mon 01-Apr-13 20:54:54

Mini - glad the work related stress is over.

Glad you had a lovely break Ama - sounds like a lot of Europe is still suffering the big freeze. Don't get stressed at all the potential baby stuff you might have to get - just choose what you really need and add to it as you go on. Maybe worth checking the pushchair board to see if you can find some Jane users who can say how they like it.

josine32 Mon 01-Apr-13 22:10:31

Hi there - did post back when I still had three weeks of work to go before mat leave but have been so busy I haven't been able to! Finished work on Friday though so I can now!

Just to (re)introduce myself, I'm Josine, 32, Dutch (my DP is English) and am due on the 25th July with a baby girl who's going to be called Sophia. Ladies, is there anywhere I can add this to the famous list?? smile

dinkystinky Mon 01-Apr-13 22:23:22

Yes - put your details on the Waddlers and riders thread Josine - link right up at top of the thread. Hope you are enjoying mat leave.

SlouchingPanda Mon 01-Apr-13 22:50:59

Welcome back Josine - very jealous of your maternity leave! I'm working until mid/late June assuming the pregnancy stays uncomplicated...

Ama don't panic about feeling overwhelmed. The sole purpose of these shops is to make money, so you will feel like everything in there is essential. Far from it! DH and I sat and made a list of absolute essentials we actually need to buy before the birth (we found a good one on the Which website)... it's pretty short. I have so far bought a travel system for this baby (2nd hand from a friend) and that is all... no clothes, nappies, cot, breast pumps... nothing. You can't be more poorly prepared than me! My strategy is to buy only the absolute essentials before birth, then buy the rest gradually, as we adjust to life with a baby and work out which items we actually need.

Also, if you are anything like me your emotions will be all over the place. I swing between the rage and a sobbing, pathetic mess. Today I cried because my seedlings died in the cold weather. Seriously. I am a grown woman with the emotional control of a 4 year old. Damn pregnancy hormones (it was sad though).


PhieEl06 Tue 02-Apr-13 00:53:55

Ladies I really need somewhere to vent, I'm sorry I haven't done any personals I will go through in the morning when I'm thinking straight. Found out tonight that my sister's (in mid/late 30's) husband who she has been with for the last 15 years has been cheating on her, baring in mind seen as I'm only 18 I have grown up with her husband like a brother. My head is a little all over the place, I cannot sleep & just feel like if I write down what's playing on my mind it might be a bit easier. She found him in bed with other woman around 2/3 weeks ago, she hasn't given details but she was living down south, army wife & all that, & as he has now come out of the army this weekend they have moved back up to midlands, she wants to make this work so the whole family are supporting her, but it's playing over & over on my mind. She's also said to me all that has got her through it is me & her future niece, she doesn't have children of her own & has had numerous attempts at IVF which have all failed, I just feel like she's placed a massive burden on me which I know is very harsh when she's going through this. Wow I feel messed up & this isn't even my life!

photographerlady Tue 02-Apr-13 06:46:52

Morning ladies. Back to work after a bust 4-day weekend. I feel like I need another bank holiday just to catch up on sleep. Anyone else feel considerably larger every start of the week when they put on thier work clothes. Not long now and I will be wedging myself into the seat on the train.


dinkystinky Tue 02-Apr-13 07:56:35

Oh Phie, ((hugs)) and much sympathy for both you and your sister. My FIL died suddenly when ds1 was 2 months old and MIL and DH and SIL always say that having DS1 to focus on as a point of joy in an otherwise dark and bleak time was the only thing that got the, through it - it isn't a burden she's placing on you, she's just letting you know you bring her joy and light at the time. I know you are grieving too, for the loss of the perfect brother you thought her DH to be - both of you need time and space to process what you are feeling.

Slouching - my avid gardener MIL was in tears over the state of her garden in this cold weather too, so its not just you!

GTT this morning - looking forward to my sugar drink breakfast at 9.15....

Runswithsquirrels Tue 02-Apr-13 08:16:15

Hello all - the sun is actually shining brightly today! Long may it last!

Sorry to hear that Phie and I agree with Dinky, I don't think your sister is trying to put a burden on you - she's got something to look forward to. I bet she'll be the best aunt in the world.

Today I enter the third trimester, or so my various apps tell me. I have to say I noticed it the past few days with a complete inability to get comfy!

I hope everyone has a nice day.


AmaDablam Tue 02-Apr-13 08:31:50


Thanks for the reassurance ladies about not worrying over not having the right kit. You are all absolutely right of course and I'm sure pg hormones have a part to play. I have been feeling quite emotional lately - this morning I almost cried because I thought DH had left for work without saying goodbye (in fact he'd just gone out to de-ice the car), how needy am I?! Sorry to hear about your seedlings Slouching (sob).

Phie I'm really sorry to hear about your sister's situation but also want to echo what others are saying - it doesn't sound like she is burdening you, just trying to look at the positives in her life, and it's really great that she is still able to regard you and your baby as just that, despite the difficulties she has had. Still, I appreciate it must be awful for you, and it sounds like you feel betrayed as well, having someone who has been a close and trusted member of the family for so long behave in such a despicable way. Thinking of you...


PhieEl06 Tue 02-Apr-13 08:37:48

Morning all, feeling a bit more calm & thinking straight after the few hours sleep. Thanks dinky & runswithsquirrels for the hugs & kind words, I suppose DSis is looking for some joy to hold on to. Sorry for venting on here she doesn't want anyone in RL other than close family knowing so I feel like I needed to get this out to someone/something. However DSis & her b@£/ard husband are staying at our house until theirs is ready to move into & my mom had to stop me throwing my cup of tea down him this morning before I left for work!

Glad to hear you had a nice time in Paris ama, very jealous!!
Third trimester already, wow runswith, due dates are creeping upon us!

Hope everyone has a good day whatever you're doing! 24+3

Hai1988 Tue 02-Apr-13 08:38:18

Hi all its been a while since I've been here, tried to catch up but you lot are a chatty bunch!

Hope everyone is well and you have had a lovely Easter.


dinkystinky Tue 02-Apr-13 08:40:25

Ama - to remind you the absolute basics are somewhere to sleep, car seat, buggy or sling to get out and about, nappies and wipes/cotton wool, change mat, feeding stuff (bottles etc if bottle feeding, muslins, cushion and breast pads and lansinoh or similar if breast feeding), big pants and maternity pads (get the fat ones for post birth) for you and some clothes. The rest can follow as and when you decide you need/want it.

Mothercare has a 3 for 2 on maternity pads, breast pads, lansinoh etc at the moment so may be a good point to stock up now if you have the time, space and inclination.

PhieEl06 Tue 02-Apr-13 08:40:25

Oo didn't see your post ama, thank you for your thoughts, I think that is it I feel very much betrayed. MN today feels like group therapy for me, thank you for that. smile

dinkystinky Tue 02-Apr-13 08:44:34

Ah, him staying with you certainly doesn't help with the space and time you need Phie. Could you stay with OH, or a friend, for a couple of days to have some breathing space Phie?

PhieEl06 Tue 02-Apr-13 08:47:47

Going to OH's tonight dinky & stopping there till they move, when DSis told me it was about half 11 & I'd only just come home. Don't like pretending everything is normal when it is so obviously not.

MightBeMad Tue 02-Apr-13 09:01:27

Sending hugs to phie and everyone else in need of them this morning due to seedlings, baby kit worries, more snuggly fitting clothes (I'm with you there photographer!!) or anything else!

Good luck for those with the ggt today/this week - I think we have a few?

24 weeks today! <does viability dance> grin

notprincesskate Tue 02-Apr-13 09:40:13

Morning all, I'm just catching up on all the news over the past week, now we have returned from a very beautiful but cold and snowy Scotland, and a wonderful wedding for BIL, however I never want to go to another wedding as I felt like I could have cried all the way through and I'm not usually that emotional!.
At least with the wedding done (DH was best man, and v stressed about speech etc, plus a manic time at work) we can now concentrate on sorting all the bits and bobs for the baby, and sorting out the spare room, so that we have space for one of us to escape too for when baby is refusing to sleep, DH is very poor at being tired!
I'm also packing my bag soon, as my weekly appts start this week for monitoring for PE, and I was admitted at 28 weeks last time, and I'm no good at leaving these things to DH- who just pretends to be useless. Luckily DD is still sleeping in- completely unheard of, so I'm enjoying a chocolate breakfast opps no good for my GTT in next couple of weeks, in bed.
Also hoping for some good news re house sale today, and then I would feel a large weight off my shoulders.
Sorry for not mentioning others news, hope all are getting on ok, Phie sorry to hear about your BIL, its so hard to find out someone isn't the person you thought they were, SIL also had this, and only advice she had was to support your DSIS, whilst being pleasant to her DH as not to create a rift between you two, especially if their decision is to make it work, she said it was sooo hard not to rip his head off, but ultimately relationships and events/decisions within them are between the people involved, and she couldn't get in the way of that by voicing/expressing her opinions....too loudly anyway.
26+2 (i think)

SlouchingPanda Tue 02-Apr-13 11:41:51

Gosh, Phie, what a situation to find yourself in the middle of. Sounds like a good plan to decamp for a few days to allow the dust to settle. I am sure your DSis is finding something positive to look forward to in your pregnancy. You sound incredibly mature and I am sure will be a great support to her, but do tell her if it is overwhelming you. It might be worth having a quiet word with your BIL to say that you can't quite cope with being around him and that you will continue to support your sister but find it hard to deal with him right now. Ultimately if they are going to work through this you can't avoid him for ever, but playing happy families is pretty hard when he is so present but has betrayed not only your sister but the whole family... your priority has to be you, your relationship and your baby right now, so look after yourself. Feel free to vent on here as much as you need.

And there's me banging on about my stupid seedilings... off to plant some more now. Have cleaned and hoovered the car this morning. Accidentally hovered up a tampon which blocked the nozzle. Haven't seen one of those for a while! That tells you something about how long ago I last did this task grin.


PhieEl06 Tue 02-Apr-13 11:53:23

notprincess will definitely keep my opinions to myself or at least MN as I'm sure I shall tread on some people's toes.
slouching thank you for the advice, I have realised my sister needs me right now & whatever my now opinions of her husband they aren't really important as long as she is okay! & hahaha oh I cried yesterday at trying to find a parking space at my local shopping centre, I was driving round for 45 minuts though at this point, definitely hormones! grin at hoovering up a tampon!

PhieEl06 Tue 02-Apr-13 11:53:51

Ooo & mightbe thanks for the hugs! Xx

dinkystinky Tue 02-Apr-13 12:56:05

Lol at Slouching hoovering up her tampons! In our car, with DS1 and DS2 around, its more likely to be lego pieces/small freebie toys from magazines/discarded snacks killing our hoover. Hopefully it will warm up so your next batch of seedlings fare better.

Had MW appt and GTT today - god that Lucozade stuff is foul! MW v kindly told me I'm measuring bang on dates and I only look big when standing up hmm so at least I know I'm not growing a ginormo baby in there (well not yet).

NotPrincessKate - hope you manage to avoid the PE and enjoy chilling out at home for much, much longer.

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