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July 2013 - Thread 6: cankles, bumps, strangely placed lumps, the glamours of pregnancy go on and on

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dinkystinky Wed 13-Mar-13 11:32:52

New thread to natter away on.

Link to waddlers and riders and stats list here

dinkystinky Wed 13-Mar-13 18:29:12

As we discovered when in NY for a wedding and ds1s buggy broke, you need to go to specialist baby stores for buggies/nursery stuff.

cheekbyjowl Wed 13-Mar-13 18:33:23

thank you dinky for finding us a new place to natter

Schro good news. Glad it wasn't anything to worry about. Enjoy the first lesson
totally my movements alter too - sprog seems to like being in a car when the music is on but not being at work- we have that in common. But when i do feel it it's still exciting and DH got a kick yesterday when he spoke to the belly and said 'hello child it's your father speaking are you there?' it was an awesome moment!
photographer i'm thinking of just doing the hospital ante-natal classes. They told me i can't book yet though - have to wait till i'm 26 weeks to book into a class that starts at 30. are you going to do NCT also? are they expensive, much different do yu know?
Shelly boo to the hospital. I think it's fair to be a little worried they shouldn't be dismissive but they might have had a really busy day. We're meant to be in a baby boom aren't we, something to do with the mix of the recession and 50 shades of grey! Who's betting that Ana and Christian go up in popularity on the naming list!

It's been a pants day here. We're in a one bed in London which is absolutely fine for now but we've been saving really hard for a house deposit. The aim is to move to a house near my MIL so that they can help with childcare when i return to work, as nurseries in London would take my entire salary. We've managed to save 15% which is fantastic but now realised we can't get a mortgage when i'm on Mat leave as they'll only take my statutory (can't spell it) as my income. No one here is a mortgage advisor are they? We'll pray that we can find somewhere over Easter in the hope we can exchange before mat kicks in - but i'm not sure it's realistic. Anyone else been through this?

MightBeMad Wed 13-Mar-13 18:41:04

Cheek - yes! We bought when I was pg last time and they asked if I was 'anticipating any interruption in my income' so had to tell them about upcoming mat leave. One lender refused to lend (totally unlawful discrimination if you ask me, but that's a whole other thread) but the second one we tried just required a letter from my employers confirming that I had a job to return to at x salary (which was simply stating what they are legally obliged to do in terms of keeping my job open) and the lenders were happy to lend against my full salary on that basis. Don't give up hope!

cheekbyjowl Wed 13-Mar-13 19:18:28

That's good to know MightBe, thank you.

Abzs Wed 13-Mar-13 20:08:09

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, you lovely people! We had a nice meal at a Spanish restaurant in town in the end instead if the pub. Got an unusual (but good) present from my SIL - Herdy herb pots. Can't link on tablet, but essentially plant pots in the shape of herdwick sheep.

Thanks for that link cheek it's on the possible list.

elliejjtiny Wed 13-Mar-13 20:43:18

Just thought I'd check in as haven't been on for a couple of days. HV rang yesterday morning saying she thought 2 bruises that DS3 had on monday looked suspicious. Not really sure what's happening now as she phoned at 8am and my brain was still foggy but she's talked to the GP and waiting for the paed to get back from holiday so she can talk to her too. Hopefully they will both tell her that there is no way I would hurt any of my DC's but I've been panicking and cleaning like a mad woman just in case a social worker comes round unexpectedly.

Then today DS2 had his annual eye clinic appointment and the dr told me that his squint is starting to get worse and they want to operate in June. I knew it was going to happen eventually but it was still a shock. It's day surgery thank goodness and will be done on the children's ward, so different from when I had my squint repaired aged 8 and had to stay on the eye ward for 3 days with all the old people having their cataracts done.

This evening when I put the children to bed I noticed that DS3's eye was looking a bit red and gunky so looks like a trip to the chemist for eye drops tomorrow and no toddler group.

So it's been a busy and scary week for us so far and I'm just having a quiet sit down before tackling the mound of washing and putting the toys away.

VinegarDrinker Wed 13-Mar-13 20:45:04

Evening all smile

Tom I am umm-ing and ah-ing about whether to turf DS out of his cot. On one hand, I really can't be faffed with buying a second, on the other hand I'm terrified it'll send his sleep to pot .... Plus if this one is anything like him it'll be in our bed most of the time anyway.... Need to decide either way soon.

VinegarDrinker Wed 13-Mar-13 20:47:05

Gosh ellie how scary on both fronts. Hopefully your GP and paed can put the HV's mind to rest, but still ... not what you need!

Beginningofthejourney Wed 13-Mar-13 21:27:34

Hi everyone I have massive cankles :-( the go down once I put my feet up bit not easy to do at work!
photographer I'm booked on to hospital antenatal classes but think they are run by nct, I'm just a bit concerned that they do not start until mid June, the last one is 1st July, maybe I'm just being optimistic that 1st bubba might come early!
Can't remember who was saying about summer clothes but hopefully primark will have lots of maxi dresses in again, noticed they are starting to get summer stuff in. Also peacocks have over the bump jeans for about £16 I've found them comfortable. I'm on a mission to find a dress for a wedding, got one in April and one beginning of June so hoping I can wear the same dress to both.
ellie hope hv gets back to you and reassures you soon, sure it's a big stress you could do without!
Sorry for long post!
23 wks tomorrow :-)

TotallyEggFlipped Wed 13-Mar-13 21:31:16

ellie you're having a terrible time!
I hope everything with DS3 gets resolved quickly, his eye gets better and the GP can sort it out for you.
I'm sure DS2 will have a much easier time with his squint surgery than you did! It's terrible that young children used to be bundled in with sick old people - children's wards these days are so much more friendly.

TomDaleysTrunks Wed 13-Mar-13 21:35:01

Oh gosh Ellie. Hope it gets sorted soon.

No antenatal etc here either. Will dig out my CD at some point but that's it.

vinegar my thinking is that I want to crack it before the baby comes along. I don't think I could handle a newborn plus Getting DD into her bed. This may be wishful thinking but going to give it a go.

shro how was your lesson?

MrsRoss26 Wed 13-Mar-13 22:02:02

Hello new thread! Over half way now...what an achievement.

This is not going to be good for name-checking, sorry, but grand to hear of all the little girls. I think there are a lot of yellows like me though? I had my scan last week and the sonographer had no chance of looking thankfully.

We made our first baby purchase this week: a 2nd hand Moses basket and stand. It looks incredibly cute in the corner of our bedroom and has started to make things feel even more real.

We're another twosome off for a holiday in a fortnight. A week in Spain over Easter weekend will be very fun, and a lovely way to celebrate our last holiday without baby.

Ellie: let us know how you get on, the call from the HV must be awful. Hoping this sorts itself easily.

Cheek and Totally: my movements seems mostly erratic, though baby seems to move quite regularly when i'm driving now.

Photographer: I'm booked in for NCT, starting in May. I'm really looking forward to meeting other expectant mums hopefully some around my age.

Mightbe and schro: I've been going mad with ice lollies recently,and having what feels like uterus growth / bh, so I suspect I'm dehydrated. Keep on drinking!


PhieEl06 Wed 13-Mar-13 22:02:21

Haha MightBe & Dinky almost certain that hotpant days are over anyway now.

Ellie I hope everything gets sorted quickly & with minimal stress!
Schro how did the driving lesson go?

emblosion Wed 13-Mar-13 23:13:11

Hi all, Blimey another thread already! I'm afraid I can't properly name check either as I'm on my phone, but -

ellie sounds like you are having a nightmare week sad really hope everything is sorted soon.

photographerlady I'm another one not bothering with antenatal classes this time round, its all still fresh in my mind from ds, haha wink think I started mine at 35 weeks last time, but they were the NHS ones so only ran for 3 weeks.

NCT does a discount for anyone on low income, its worth looking into (I think normal cost is about 200 quid? It might depend on area tho)

schro hope driving lesson went ok, I once drove the wrong way up a one way street on a driving lesson - my instructor was traumatized! I still passed my test in the end....

V jealous of all the holidays! It's our anniversary in April so we might try to get away then, it'll have to be something baby friendly however - no romance for us! Can't remember who was talking about Japan, but we were supposed to be having 4 weeks there for our honeymoon, but that plan got scuppered by me getting pregnant 6 months before the wedding. One day I'll do it!

Congrats on all the scans, lots of girls this time?! We're having a gender scan in Sunday - my intuition is telling me its going to be another boy, but we'll see.

I'm another one that has unquenchable thirst, I feel so dehydrated all the time. Bump is suddenly much more 'bumpy' as opposed to flabby too. Am v tired at the moment so wondering if the baby is having a growth spurt or something?

I have a posterior placenta this time (was anterior with ds) and good grief I can feel so much more movement! First time round it was all squirms and pushes as he got bigger but now I can feel all these little taps and pokes. Keeps freaking me out until I remember what it is!

I don't get a chance to post much but best wishes to all, I'll def be back to spill the beans after my scan! X

AmaDablam Thu 14-Mar-13 07:54:30

Thanks for the new thread dinky - wow they are lasting a shorter and shorter time as we all natter so much!

Lots of talk re. Braxton Hicks - I've been wondering the past few weeks if I've been getting them as I get this kind of dragging sensation, almost as if someone's put their hands around my bump and pulling it towards the floor, when I stand up quickly or rush around too much. I wouldn't describe it as the "tightening" that all the books talk about but I wonder could this be my way of feeling them. They're not at all painful but it does happen a lot, so hoping it's nothing to worry about.

Re movement and anterior placenta I too can easily go for 24 hours with barely feeling anything, then the next day she is kicking like a mad thing. I don't think it's a worry at this stage, although if I went several days in a row with nothing I would probably ring the MW. Spent several hours in the back of a car yesterday with someone who didn't believe in slowing down for speedbumps or braking slowly in anticipation of traffic lights - that soon got LO going and had some of the strongest kicks ever!!

Ellie sorry about the awful time you've been having. Please try not to worry about your HV's comments about the "suspicious bruising". If they were really that worried that you were hurting your DC's they wouldn't have "tipped you off" as it were but got straight on to social services and you would probably know about it by now. In the very unlikely event you do get a visit or call from a social worker, just remember they are only doing their job and need to make sure DC is OK - there have to be LOTS of mitigating circumstances for them to take any serious action so it's highly likely it would be a one off visit and once they see you are a good parent who is taking proper care of her DC's, that would be it. Still, I appreciate it's extremely stressful and upsetting and I do hope you've had more reassurance today.

Oh dear, meant to have left for work by now but still sat in my dressing gown hmm. Can't get motivated this morning.


Persuasion Thu 14-Mar-13 08:19:48

dinky thanks for new thread. I love the name...

ellie it sounds like you're having a tough week. As ama says I'm sure it will be fine with the HV but understandably very anxiety inducing nonetheless.

photographer I've signed up for NHS antenatal classes in may, and for 6 weeks of postnatal NCT group in august after baby is here. I thought it was a good way to get the best of both worlds, and meet as many people as possibly. The postnatal ones only cost about £80 for 6 sessions, and that's without a discount.

All the holiday talk has made me feel quite jealous. Because of timings of our annual leave years we haven't even got any leave booked yet before July, although hopefully we'll get some to coincide even if we don't end up going anywhere.

phie your post also made me laugh. I was definitely a hotpants and croptop sort of girl in my teens but that's a long time ago! I do empathise though, it's just another change in your life to think about.

Oh, and I'm also thirsty all the time, and have been getting occasional brackston hicks (I think). Always worth getting checked out if you're not sure though, IMO.

Grannyapple Thu 14-Mar-13 08:33:46

Hi ladies...just a quick question....I haven't had morning sickness in either pregnancy...but woke up feeling a bit ropey & have now just thrown up a bit in car park at work (pleasant, I know!).. Can morning sickness suddenly make an appearance at 22wks??

dinkystinky Thu 14-Mar-13 09:01:18

Morning all. Granny - if you're feeling ropey, its likely is a bug rather than morning sickness, but yes if you're tired, dehydrated etc, morning sickness can appear later on. Hopefully its just a sickness bug which will pass soon.

Ellie - sending you huge hugs as you're having a really tough time of it. Look on the bright side re DS2's squint - once its done, its corrected and will make things easier for him in the long run, and carers on children wards are lovely. Re DS3 and the HV - I guess she's just doing her job but as Ama said, she cant think its anything too serious as she called you to tell you. DS2 in particular was one huge bruise at 2 - due to his running everywhere head first and not looking - so hopefully your GP will put HV's concerns to rest. Gunky eyes - I found the ointment rather than the drops easier to get in the boys eyes. Hope life in your house starts becoming alot rosier v v soon.

Emblosion - how old is your DS? If he's over 1, I can totally recomend a lovely gite in Normandy - super baby friendly as all the stuff is there for baby and you can request a pre-arrival shop and get restaurant meals delivered. Also a huge playbarn and garden. We went there when DS1 w

BB01 Thu 14-Mar-13 09:03:28

Dinky, it's nice to hear you still manage some good trips abroad! Agree that babies are actually quite portable, esp compared to toddlers - bet that's another ball game altogether! Also glad it's not just me with mixed feelings about last hol as a just a couple. Am sure I should just be grateful we managed a holiday!! Think one of my main thoughts is that we prob won't be able to afford to go abroad for a while as prob will be staying at home and apart from the huge mortgage holidays are one of the few areas we could really cut back on!

Ahhhh Japan. May have already said this but DH and I spent a month there for honeymoon. Was best holiday ever. Absolutely amazing. Would think it's a great place for kids too.

Had the anti-D and heartbeat checked and all seems ok, phew.

Also think someone said they'd bought the Cosatto Giggle and liked it? Read this in old thread while on holiday, sorry for delay and lack of namechecking. Thanks so much for the recommendation :-)

Re ante-natal, we're doing the NCT ones and the NHS ones. Need all the help we can get :-)

Ellie, hope things get sorted out soon, not the best week for you.

Grannyapple, not sure but I had a return of the nausea for just one day a few weeks ago. Wasn't sick but felt so bad I went home. Hope you feel better soon.

dinkystinky Thu 14-Mar-13 09:10:13

Bugger - half my post got cut off - stupid work internet quota system!

Rest of post said:

Went there with DS1 when he was 1, 2 and 3 (with 3 month old DS2). Ferry crossing uber easy and only 20 minute drive at the other end.

Mightbe - good luck for consultant appt and debrief this afternoon.

MrsRoss - have a lovely trip to Spain. Anyone travelling around the 26/7 week plus make sure you've checked the airline requirements re fit to fly letter (some say has to be within 6 weeks of date, some within 5 days!).

Toddlers and cots - if your DC will be 2 and a half or so when the baby comes, you may want to move to a bed or toddler bed for them. DS1 was 2 and 10 months when DS2 arrived - we moved him to a toddler bed at 2 and 6 months with no issues at all as he was really excited to hae a big boy bed. Gap between then and baby meant he didnt feel like he was giving up his beloved cot for baby too.

BB01 Thu 14-Mar-13 09:18:26

apart from the huge mortgage holidays are one of the few areas we could really cut back on!

Just realised this doesn't even make sense...we can't really cut back on our mortgage unless we move - sorry, back-to-work brain!

photographerlady Thu 14-Mar-13 09:28:00

Morning all! Picked up my MAT B1 form last nice from my midwife and happily skipping to work with it. Roll on the end of May I fancy weeks on the beach and coffee in town. I know the reality will be me with cankles, not sleeping and waddling around the house but a girl can dream can't she?

cheekbyjowl I think my classes at NCT were around the £170 range. My DH got me a 2 day hynobirthing workshop for valentines so May is going to be a busy month. MrsRoss26 I am really shy around women so not sure how much of a friend magnet NCT will be, also I will be rushing home from a commute so will look like a right mess.

emblosion have a good scan!

Persuasion oh post classes sound lovely. sadly they do not offer it in my area. I am ummming over pregnancy yoga maybe in late May.

Grannyapple sounds like a bug. Hopefully it will clear up soon.

dinkystinky Thu 14-Mar-13 09:35:09

BB01 - you can still have fab cheap holidays in the UK and abroad (esp while the little one is not at school so can take advantages of offers). Just a case of being canny and sussing out the great deals. The holiday we're off to in April is 8 days in Lanzarote - accomodation in a self catering bungalow and flights for the 4 of us came in at £800. All booked - and mostly paid for - last year (shortly before I found out I was pregnant).

TomDaleysTrunks Thu 14-Mar-13 09:59:40

Yep we are getting DD out of her beloved cot well before baby so she doesn't feel she is giving it up! We'll see how it sorks.

Agree about holidays both UK and abroad. We've done holidays along thr south coast of UK for £60 for 3 nights, self catering in Spain for £500 for 10 days and Kos was £1000 for May all inc. the best thing is when they are under 2 you don't pay for their flight!

Hooray the sun is shining, I feel great today! Shame it's not going to last the weekend.

Good luck for all those with scans and appointments.

TomDaleysTrunks Thu 14-Mar-13 10:00:58

Oh and photographer don't worry about being shy. Everyone is nervous at NCT initially. But by the time you've discussed fanjo's, boobs and nappies conversation will flow grin.

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