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October 2013 hula hoops, daytime snoozes and booking in appointments

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Iheartcrunchiebars Sat 02-Mar-13 07:27:57

Here you go. New thread...number 3!

fish88 Sat 02-Mar-13 12:30:22

Rock It is our first so me and OH are coming up with cheesy ideas to announce to both sets of grandparents. Have thought about wrapping up a babygro that says "I love my grandma" or something of the sort. Too corny??

fish88 Sat 02-Mar-13 12:32:33

Can I be added as well...
fish88, 24, EDD 27 October, 0DC

BirdsDoIt Sat 02-Mar-13 12:39:40

Wow, that's quite a list! Still haven't been brave enough to add myself - might take the plunge after my 12 week scan. Two weeks on Tuesday...Not sure I can hold out that long to be honest.

orange, I had my first spotting (brown) yesterday pm, some more this morning, and it's freaked me out too - like others have said, I know it's quite common, and brown means it's old blood) but it's really unnerving - especially as I haven't had an early scan. Not enough to justify a trip to epu for me, though, I think...much as I'd love a scan to reassure me. I should only go if it's red blood and/or painful cramping, right?...

MrsExcited Sat 02-Mar-13 12:46:05

I have my 12 week scan on 28th March and much as we have already told close family and some friends we are so thinking of April 1st on Facebook.

Blimey page 3 in a morning, this thread isn't going to last long is it!!

juniper9 Sat 02-Mar-13 12:53:46

Falcon I'm 9+5 and lots of my symptoms have eased or gone. I saw blob at 8+2 and it was happy and healthy then. No bleeding or cramps since so I think it's probably normal for symptons to come and go.

cherrycherry41 Sat 02-Mar-13 12:59:00

Think we'll be doing the april fools on facebook idea lol :')
need an inventive way to tell dgp's as we dont want to 'say' it x

TheFalconsmistress Sat 02-Mar-13 13:07:32

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
WillSantaComeAgain, 35, EDD 27 Sept, 1 DC (2.1)
tackytiger, 32, EDD 28 September, 1DD
TheFalconsmistress, 28, EDD 29th Sept, 1 DC (4)
Juniper9, 28, EDD 30th Sept, 0DC
Umlauf, 26, edd 1st October, 0DC
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC
Artyparty- 38, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2yrs 3 months)
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DC
Legallyblond, 31, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2.4)
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
GreenSunrise 33, EDD 3 Oct, 1 DS (20 months)
Doobeedee, 33, EDD 4th October, 0 DC
GTbaby 30, edd 5/10. Ds1 is 4 months
MrsZzz, 30, EDD 5/10, 1 DS(3)
Tarlia, 30, EDD October 6th, 1DS (2)
Pinkush, 33, EDD October 6th, 1DS (18m)
xuntitledx, 25, EDD 7 October, 0DC
Mama2jandt, EDD, 7th October, 2dc
JethroTull 36 EDD 7th Oct
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
GettingObsessive, 31, EDD 8th Oct, 0 DC
Irishfairy, 28, EDD 8th October, 1DD (2.5)
Carcassonne, 30, EDD 8th October, 1 DD (3)
Cazboldy, 31, EDD 8th Oct. 3DS, 2DD. (16,13,11,7 and 5)
Pinkbuttons, 22,EDD 8th October, 1DS(2)
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
roofio87 25, EDD 9th Oct, 0DCs
Pannacotta, 34, EDD 9th Oct, 0DC
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Xiaoxiong, 29, EDD 10th October, 1DS (14m)
mini28, 28, EDD 11th October, 0DC
Topslou, 34, EDD 11th October, 0 DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Sal1977, 35, edd 12th October, 0DC
Soupqueen, 36, edd 12th October, 0DC
Livened, 30, edd 12th October, 1DS (1)
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0D
wickedgirl, 37, EDD 14 oct, (14, 12, 8) oh no!
MumWithCamera, 37, EDD 14 October, 1 DD (3)
Haylebop12, 25, EDD 15th oct, 1dd (4years)
CelticPromise, 34, EDD 15th Oct, 1 DS (3.5)
Koalaface, 27, EDD 15th October, 1 DS (2.5)
moonblues, 34, EDD 15th October, DS(5) DD(3)
Bluesnowfalcon, 32, EDD 16th October, 1DS (2 years 8months)
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
FeministInTraining, 26, EDD 16th October, 0DC
Flyer747, EDD 17th October, 0DC
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)
PseudoBadger, 32, EDD 18th October, 1DS 2 years
HotSoupDumpling, 29, EDD 18 October, 0DC
Sephy, 27, EDD 21 October, 0DC
Pinksky, 33, EDD 22 October, 0 DC
OrangeBlossom2, 27, EDD 23 October, 0DC
ChocoFrog, 36, EDD 23 October, 1DS (3 years)
JLSmithy, 26, EDD 23 October, 0 DC
RainbowsFriend, 39, EDD 25 October, 1DD (19 months)
Pinkmoonlight, 26, EDD 25 October, 0DC
Feelinghungry 32 EDD 25 October 0DC
TDD32, 36, EDD 25th October, 0DC
Sparkeleigh, 31, EDD 25th October (0 DC)
Candr, 34, EDD 26 October, 1DS (17m)
fish88, 24, EDD 27 October, 0DC
DachsandPup, EDD 29 October, 1 Dd (10m)
Slippysnow, 22, EDD 29 October, 0DC
Crookie1, 32, EDD 30 October, 0DC

Thanks juniper and rovox smile

Edited mine new dd is 29th sep added you fish88

TheFalconsmistress Sat 02-Mar-13 13:09:33

Im the same as juniper i saw very healthy bean at 8+5 no worrying signs but still I worry as I feel pretty not pregnant other than being tired!!

Doing a bit of digging does seem to happen to most though xx

pinkbuttons Sat 02-Mar-13 13:19:58

Im 8+4 and lots of my symptoms have disappeared too including sickness which Im greatful for. Am still horrendously emotional though so think the beans still there smile
Gutted our scan is on the 2nd April so no april fools announcement for us. Thinking of doing something very cheesy like sending email to all our family with a picture of DS with a future big brother t shirt on. Want family to know before a general announcement but dont want to be ringing round.

roxvox Sat 02-Mar-13 14:30:09

Afternoon all!

The reassuring thing is that many of us seem to have lost our symptoms, so I assume it is relatively normal!

I've just picked up my 'mum to be' pack from Boots and it's got various freebies in it (nothing too exciting, but still nice to get free stuff!) Also in it was Edition 2 of Bounty magazine, advertising a competition to win £2000 worth of baby gear. Here's a link for those interested - Bounty Competition - lots of stuff there I would like to win and they're selecting one winner a month until July,

roxvox Sat 02-Mar-13 14:39:19

Ok this is probably going to sound stupid, but I am 8+5 today and I never know whether I should be reading the 'Week 8' or 'Week 9' section of the pregnancy guides. Anyone know?

notsoold Sat 02-Mar-13 14:45:01

Helloooooo there!!!

Marking my place! I adore hotdogs and once I read the word I had to go and get some!!! smile

Not name checking and I am wary to place my ame on the list as I am still waiting for the 2nd scan to see if things are ok. I am beside myself with worry and stressed to the maxim . I close my eyes and see the MW shaking her head and saying to me not to have much hope. But still no bleeding or cramps.
That has to mean something , right??? I keep repeating " today I am pregant" but all symptoms are gone and I am sitting in limbo....

SOrry to rant and moan here. DH is getting stressed with me stressing ...sad

PseudoBadger Sat 02-Mar-13 14:52:06

Week 8 Rox I think

PseudoBadger Sat 02-Mar-13 14:53:20

I haven't managed to get hotdogs yet notsoold so I'm jealous! I hope all is ok for you x

thethreeblondies Sat 02-Mar-13 15:02:24

Thanks for popping by Notso I'll admit I was stalking ur threads earlier to see if u updated with how u were getting on in ur wait for scan! blush
I've got booking in on Monday, have picked up my notes to fill in before app but can't find the motivation to do it, wishing again for window in to womb to check what's going on in there and that it's all worth it!

doobeedee Sat 02-Mar-13 15:20:57

Rox vox read week 9 if you are 8+5 it means you are into week 9.

RainbowsFriend Sat 02-Mar-13 15:51:26

For those with disappearing symptoms I remember with DD it all used to go away for up to 3 days - then come back with a vengeance!

Iheartcrunchiebars Sat 02-Mar-13 15:56:37

I should have called this the hot dogs and hula hoops thread! Damn you all. I want hot dogs now and I can't get to the shops till Monday!!!

PseudoBadger Sat 02-Mar-13 16:41:15

Oh dear I'm responsible for both those cravings on MN blush

HotSoupDumpling Sat 02-Mar-13 17:00:25

Rainbows, don't say that! Have felt a bit better the last few days, only have fatigue and loss of appetite, none of the other awful symptoms that have been making me a mopey person. I've been hoping and hoping I've turned a corner, but I think I'd better wait a week before I can be sure!

Is anyone else off meat? I'm usually an avid carnivore but now really don't fancy cooking/eating any meat apart from unhealthy processed stuff!

Flyer747 Sat 02-Mar-13 17:09:44

HotSoupDumpling- same here completely off meat, actually knocks me a bit sick thinking about it.

cherrycherry41 Sat 02-Mar-13 18:02:58

Tonighy is going to be fun, going out for my birthday (which is tomorrow) and people are going to be trying to get me drunk :/
Going to say my stomach still doesnt feel right after my trip to hospital last week..
Think i'll get away with it? wink

Rockchick1984 Sat 02-Mar-13 18:19:16

Noooo, stop talking about hotdogs!!! Every time I see it, I can almost smell them and it's knocking me sick!!!

There was a thread a while back about best ways to tell family that you're expecting - my favourite was someone bought her dad some Werther's Originals "because that's what Grandads eat"!! I'm not that inventive though - although have made sure to say "you're going to be a Nana/Auntie/whatever" rather than just "we're having a baby" as I think it's nicer for them!

OrangeBlossom2 Sat 02-Mar-13 18:40:57

Birdsdoit yes i agree my light brown spotting doesn't seem serious enough for visit to epu. Ours is closed on Sundays and you have to be refereed by gp or a&e . Maybe if it carried on for a while and definitely if it was red blood or very painful.

bluesnowfalcon Sat 02-Mar-13 19:25:56

Well hello all! It's been a manic week with migraines returning and feeling so very sick all the time. Also been in bed by half 7 every night so not been on to catch up all week and we've moved to a new thread! Amazing!

Have scan read this new thread and have sort of caught up with some of the new gossip.

As for symptoms still got the sore boobs and ms although now dry heaving rather than full blown sick and as for showing definately got a bump already which is getting more difficult to hide blush 7+3 I think.

Actually went out and bought a new skirt today to make me feel better and it is a maternity denim skirt so hopefully I'll get lots of wear out of it and it was a bargin cos it was in the sale for less than half price smile

Spent today with my nieces and my ds so now off to bed with my book to collapse again!

Is there anyone else who hasn't heard from midwives at all yet?? Should I be ringing gp to make sure I'm on the list??

Hope everyone has a good evening x

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