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BROOKING NO ARGUMENT! we will be full to bursting with Springtime graduates all preparing for their sneeze births (part 15)

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NewYearNewBoo Thu 28-Feb-13 15:14:26

Thought I would do us a new thread, I have gone seasonal again, but we will be so busy welcoming our new gradustes it will soon fill up, I am Brooking No Argument

ignoring the fact I could be sneezing on this thread

Sparks I am so so sorry for your loss. How lovely that twinkle was giving you a special mummy cuddle though, it is a very special bond!

I'm here for a chat or just to sit quietly with you, whatever you need thanks

Just checking in Sparks hope you're doing ok. Cartoon thinking of you and DH

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Not really any news here, I think I have been nesting a bit, cleaning things to within an inch of themselves. The insulin is really working keeping my levels stable, had physio for my hips and hopefully they won't get any worse and I have my new gym ball for a good bounce of an evening, hopefully Booby will be well prepared and ready to come. Ooh I finally sold teen boo's old bike (been trying to flog it since November) it went to a lovely young fella who got so excited about having a new bike he couldn't speak grin

Withalittlesparkle Sun 17-Mar-13 19:50:34

Thanks boo I just feel a bit spaced out and numb, I've spent the day with my mum but now we're back home it all just feels a bit surreal! I was very close to my Nan and she'd gone for nearly 81 years without even really showing her age so... Hmmm... I just can't quite verbalise

I can tell from your posts that you and your Nan were close, if I can tell that from what I have read, how loved and cherished she must have felt with you is amazing.

It is very soon for you to be able to talk about it and make any sense of it, take your time. thanks xx

Withalittlesparkle Mon 18-Mar-13 02:55:58

Very mememe but is there a way of promoting dreamless sleep? And is this stress going to affect the baby?

I don't know of any way to do that Sparks have you been having nightmares?? sad also worth remembering that bad dreams are just one of the ways your mind tries to make sense of what is happening when you are awake, they are not messages or prophetic!!

Please be reassured twinkle should be fine. As long as you keep eating and drinking he is getting what he needs. You and twinkle will get through this and you will be fine.

Withalittlesparkle Mon 18-Mar-13 13:20:17

It was horrid last night, I dreamt that she had opened her eyes and was actually still alive but so very alone. then I couldnt get back to sleep. so I'm shattered!

I couldnt eat this morning but Ive just managed to have some lunch which has obviously made me feel a little better about things.

Oh I'm not surprised you were disturbed by that dream, it sounds awful! But it is so fresh and raw for you I'm not surprised. Take it easy and, even if you don't feel much like it, have food or a snack regularly, twinkle will still be taking what he needs from you and you.

I can only roll out the usual platitudes of time being a great healer, but in grief it is right, you will come to terms with your loss, and find a way to live with it, and it won't always be as bad as it is now.

Here if you need me. xx


Evening Sweetie just popping in to say I really hope you have had as good a day as you could expect and manage some rest and sleep tonight. xx

Gosh I was quite tired last night, that clearly should have been for you Sparks blush

I hope you did get some rest last night and are having a good day today.

BeedlesPineNeedles Tue 19-Mar-13 12:15:25

sparks sorry about your nan, hope you managed to get some rest last night ((hugs)) thanks

Withalittlesparkle Tue 19-Mar-13 13:25:07

Thanks ladies, I did manage to sleep last night however this morning I was taken to A&E with breathing difficulties, cue a massive panic attack! Been sent home with antibiotics, steroids and the orders to calm down!!!

Waiting to fine out about my GTT that I'm meant to have tomorrow, don't fancy sitting round half starved for 3 hours!!

Oh Sparks, you are really in the wars at the moment. I'm sure they will be able to organise something for your gtt. May I ask why they are sending you for one?

Now do please try to rest and relax, I know it is hard but you must try.

Withalittlesparkle Tue 19-Mar-13 13:37:04

I think I'm being sent for one because of the PCOS, and I'm mildly podgy around the gills!!

It sounds like a precaution, I hope they move it for you.

Tell me where you are in the baby preparation. I have just got my pram, I have fitted toddly a buggy board to it. I have been washing like a demon all the blankets, sheets and covers all clean and ready to use smile

Still putting off packing myself a bag, I need to get some new (black) PJ's for the hospital. But I think almost there.

Withalittlesparkle Tue 19-Mar-13 14:06:38

What buggy did you go for?

We've ordered a mothercare orb but it won't come until end of May at the same time the furniture is due to be delivered!!

Nursery still needs emptying and decorating but we're getting there slowly but surely

How many weeks do you have left? Are you excited or nervous?

We have a Graco Quattro, first time I have had a proper travel system. I'm 34 weeks this week (Friday) so officially just over 6 weeks but induction means probably more like 4 weeks shock I think I am excited and impatient now grin

Tell me more about twinkle, how is your DH doing. Is he excited about his son arriving soon? (If you hadn't noticed I'm trying to distract you by talking about something lovely)

Withalittlesparkle Tue 19-Mar-13 16:57:33

I did notice what you were doing and I think it's a great tactic!!

Twinks is awesome, such a wriggler!! When I got the news about Nan (not dwelling, is a positive thing) I lay in bed and because I'd be crying my belly had sort been shaken. So I was lying down and he just started booting me and sticking his head or bum right out so I could see my belly moving! It was like he was just telling me it was ok!!!

Mr S is very excited but I think a little unaware of what's going to happen when the baby arrives, he keeps saying that he is going to plan some lovely days out when he is on paternity, like everything is going to be exactly the same just with a little baby in tow!! Bless him!!

Booby has a thing about sticking it's bum out too, I have also got a little foot that rubs along the top of my bump, I will miss these moments when I have to share Booby with everyone else wink

I want to give Mr S a hug and pat on the head, bless him, days out with twinkle in the first 2 weeks grin it's a very sweet idea. You might want to get him to Google new babies or show him the post grads thread on here grin

Where have you ordered your furniture from? I think I would have liked to know the sex of Booby now so I could buy lovely things for him/her, but that might be my impatience showing a bit hmm

How has your day been today Sparks? Hopefully not as eventful as yesterday!

Me and Booby have had a quite a quiet day playing with Toddly Boo. Not much to report really, I have an anti natal appointment with growth scan on Monday.

Did they manage to move your gtt to another day?

Frootloopz Wed 20-Mar-13 17:09:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Withalittlesparkle Wed 20-Mar-13 17:11:14

Cross post!!

GTT has been moved back 2 weeks, they wouldn't do it with the penicillin and wanted to book it for next week but obviously I was waiting for a funeral date so didnt want to commit to anything!!!

Withalittlesparkle Wed 20-Mar-13 17:14:27

Ohhhh Frootz!!!! Surely you won't make it another 2 weeks cus it sounds like babyfrootz is ready to make itself known, another brooking baby on its way

I think you will still beat me to it Froot I'm going to be pregnant forever , it's good to hear from you, sounds like everything is going really well, fabulous news that baby is not breech!! Booby is currently measuring just above the 95th centile shock and is also head down ready to go [eek]

Sparks I'm really pleased that they could move your gtt, it seems sensible to keep next week free for your Nan. How are you doing at the moment? Brooking that you are ok xx thanks

Withalittlesparkle Wed 20-Mar-13 21:45:40

95th percentile?!?!? That's crazy!!!!

I'm ok, my chest is killing like a crazy thing but have decided to self certify for the rest of the week! Think I need it!!!

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