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Feb 13 Babies....sleepless nights and stitches

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Nicky1306 Wed 27-Feb-13 08:22:44

Hi....thought I'd start us a new thread.
How Is everyone getting on? We are SLOWLY getting into a nighttime feeding pattern. My stitches are starting to heal (2nd degree tear shock) and. dare I say I'm starting to feel somewhat normal! It's been lovely having DP at home hes been great I'll miss him next week when he goes back. Hope everyone is getting along well and enjoying all those gorgeous new babies grin Im just off to do the school run with DD and DS in his shiny new pram, have a great day everyone! X x

BoxOfMonkeys Wed 27-Feb-13 22:13:33

Hi Nicki and those to follow!!! Thanks for starting this new thread, Nicky, and glad to hear you're happy and healthy, despite the tear (the things we go through...)

Here's my last post on the Due Feb forum (it's only been two days so I'd just be saying the same things again, lol!):

Well, it's done and dusted and our little boy is here at home with us now... a full 2 weeks over and officially post mature!

Casper Josef Kirk, 7Ib.11oz arrived on Feb 25th (Monday - a full moon), which was my date for induction but I didn't need to be induced as I went into established labour the night before. With DD a couple of years ago, I was on the birth centre and honestly, I don't know how I managed it without all the drugs that I had this time, lol! I had Codeine, gas & air, pethidine and an epidural on the ward this time and am SO GLAD I did! The labour was a LOT happier this time around, although the pushing was harder. Early labour started on Saturday but they smacked me up with Codeine and Red Bull and sent me off into the moors for a long walk - it was surreal (Red Bull and the moors weren't exactly prescribed to be fair!), but then everything stopped in the evening and I nearly had a nervous breakdown. However, Sunday teatime the contractions started up again and we followed our instincts and made our way to the hospital at what turned out to be just the right time. The care was second to none, lovely midwives and one-on-one all the way through, which was massively appreciated as I was quite nervous about the vulnerability of giving birth this time around. He arrived at 11am on Monday, brought him home yesterday, and now our family is complete. Our DD adores him and mothers the poor bugger more than DH and I put together!

Congratulations to all who've come through the other end, and thinking positive thoughts and pushing vibes to all those still waiting.

Add message | Report | Message poster BoxOfMonkeys Wed 27-Feb-13 22:10:07
Wow and yow, depending on whether you're waiting or not! Massive congrats to Panzee, NAR4, Mixxy and want2b and thinking of all you imminent lovely ladies. Will pop back and also onto the new thread 'feb 13 babies sleepless nights and stitches' - see you on the other side and GOOD LUCK all!

Nicky1306 Thu 28-Feb-13 19:05:52

Hi Box and congratulations! Lovely name! I can't believe DS is nearly 2 weeks old already it's flown by! DP is going back to work next week hmm how are you feeling now? X

Mixxy Fri 01-Mar-13 13:23:49

Hey boxofmonkeys! Love your sons name. I have a four month old nephew called Casper. It's just such a beautiful name!

hildainstant Sat 02-Mar-13 11:39:13

Hi everyone, I've moved over to the new thread, we can hopefully help each other through the puzzling times and share the loveliness that's is our babies!!

Baby Nathaniel is doing great - he's 16 days old now and doing great! His big brother loves him lots, but is at times challenging with his Mam & Dad!! Can't complain really, he's been great since we've tightened his routine back up. I'm blessed to have such a lovely little boy, hopefully his baby brother is just as well behaved!

How are we all getting on?

Mixxy Sun 03-Mar-13 05:37:31

Can't get the hang of breast feeding. Baby won't latch, despite the best efforts of my lovely lactation consultant, nipple shields and sheer force. Pumping going okay except for the agony of it all. "Shouldn't hurt" my ass, LLL.

irismom Sun 03-Mar-13 19:09:27

Hello new moms..
Hope everyone is coping with sleepless nights. our little one Christain is good as gold, compared to my DD, at least he sleeps 3 hours after every feed. Sore and bleeding nipples here too Mixxy I think I forgot how i did last time. After a horrible night and in such a horrible pain, Now expressing and going ok.
baby is vomiting zillion times after every feed, any tips?? I am scared to death every time it comes through his mouth (and some times nose too). burping is nt helping much..
Couldn't get hold of the laptop till now(with FIL), as I have my Inlaws here to help me.
will come here wen ever I can

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