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April 2013 Part 7: As our miracle Alex continues to grow & the one that sees us reach TERM

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toobreathless Thu 21-Feb-13 18:56:25

Over here Ladies!

As the title suggests our fore runners will almost certainly hit 37 weeks this thread.

And the wonderful little Alex will hopefully continue to go from strength to strength and edge closer to the door home with Mama

Dysgu Sat 23-Mar-13 19:43:52

Hi all - hopefully everyone has had a good Saturday (and fluff I hope you have had a much more relaxing day than yesterday). How many of you have snow? I keep seeing friends on FB with lots of the stuff - have to admit to not being at all jealous as it would be too difficult right now as we need to be able to get out and about easily. I also wouldn't want the DDs off school right now as visits to Evan are much easier (and longer) when they are in school.

Not sure who was asking about cot bumpers... I agree that they are not recommended due to SIDS risk (which might be very small, but still..) We did actually have one with DD1 (and I cannot remember if we used it with DD2). As we have had to start all over again with buying stuff for Evan, we have not bought one. Partly due to the risk and also because, let's face it, it is just something else to spend money on!

Anyway, after Evan already demonstrating just how mobile he already is when he wants to be, there is no way I would be putting one on his cot! He is still only 35+3 gestation wise and is a real little wriggler when he wants to be so who knows what he will get up to when he gets more space to explore!

Dysgu Sat 23-Mar-13 19:55:44

Thanks for all your kind thoughts about Evan. He is doing really well and, having had the canula removed from his hand, he can now be dressed properly for the first time. It is really great to see both his hands peeping out of his sleepsuit - although we do have to watch him and make sure his mittens are turned over as he loves to tug at his NG tube - but is not so happy when they have to push it back down!

He really seems to have turned a corner (although he could always go backwards so we remain realistic) and is now drinking from a bottle and needing no medical assistance other than to have half his feeds pumped down to his tummy as feeding is still so exhausting! Now he has made a start, he should gradually be able to take more milk at a time and then will move to trying the bottle at every feed. He is managing the huge amount of 25ml from a 40ml feed today - which is great as he was still struggling to cope with 20ml pumped into his tummy yesterday.

Fingers crossed he will be discharged at some stage over the holidays - we are not expecting it to be any earlier than Easter Saturday but they can never tell you as babies do it their own way!

toobreathless Sat 23-Mar-13 20:18:04

giddy check most sections are done first thing in the morning (well planned for anyway) & I am assuming you would be nil by mouth as per other operations. Simply because although it isn't a general anaesthetic there is always the (slim) chance you might need a general if they can't get a spinal in.

I thought codeine was fine when breastfeeding but check this again. Just be warned, don't get constipated on it!! That is not what you need after a C Section.

toobreathless Sat 23-Mar-13 20:20:39

Dysgu Easter Saturday is a good day to aim for grin DD was born on Easter Saturday 2011 - also St George's Day that year as Easter was so late! So glad to hear he is doing do well & continuing to think of you all.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 23-Mar-13 20:29:34

I'm on regular codiene and have seen a paediatrician (due to potential side effects for baby). There's increased risk to baby and I've been on it all through my pregnancy. However he was emphatic that I would be fine to breast feed!

dysgu glad things are generally positive, hope they continue to go in that direction!

fluff sorry you had such a rubbish Friday. I hope everything is settling down and that they agree to let your DP stay with you!

I am full of cold and feeling a bit sorry for myself but at least I don't have to go to work on it! smile Chilled out day including a tour of the labour ward. Feel like its very real now!

EmpressMatilda Sat 23-Mar-13 20:48:42

Sorry I haven't been on the thread much lately but I have nothing useful to add really! I will take on board all the hospital bag and bedding advice. Very useful as always!

It's so strange that people on the thread have babies already. I had to have a good look at the stats to catch up with it all. So pleased that it's progressing well for the new mums. Best wishes to all those having a stressful time of it. These are exciting times, I guess it was never going to be straightforward!

Things trundle on here. My hospital bag is packed in the boot of the car and all the important phonenumbers are pinned to the fridge.


Mama1980 Sat 23-Mar-13 20:48:48

Dysgu- great news about Evan, sounds like he's well on the way up. How are you doing? I've been thinking of you. How lovely you could dress him smileand the needles are out.

Alex has decided he will no longer tolerate being put down-at all! It's wonderful grin to see him strong enough to protest. He is still feeding well and isn't spitting or sicky, I actually had a little wobble that I wasn't burping him properly as i remember ds1 spitting ip quite a bit but the nurse assured me its fine,I felt silly but he's still so tiny even compared to other 5lb babies he's all arms and legs no body or fat at all I'm terrified of making a mistake.
If we can go home Monday it will be one week before he was due smile I'm trying to stay calm but am also sick with excitement.

bunnygirl80 Sat 23-Mar-13 21:06:51

I have been absent for this thread for weeks blush Too much going on in rl. Congrats to all the ladies who have had babies.

DD arrived yesterday morning at 8:33 by ELCS, at exactly 38 weeks. She was in a footling breech presentation, and I was showing signs that labour might be imminent, so we decided not to take any chances, and deliver her ASAP. CS was fine, all very calm and relaxed, and the anaesthetist got us a great video of her emerging foot first into the world grin She's very pretty, even for a newborn, presumably because her head didnt get squished on the way out!

MonkeyBlossom Sat 23-Mar-13 21:17:17

Congratulations bunnygirl!

enjay0811 Sun 24-Mar-13 00:34:29

Congrats bunnygirl do u have a name yet? What was her weight? So exciting hearing about the new arrivals!

Decided to blow the yoga/birthing ball up today. Only bounced around on it for 10 mins or so but omg, the pains afterwards! Was having stabby cervix pains before but these were even worse, up into my bump and back. Think baby is wriggling right down!

36+1 - need to hang on till 37 to happily get my home birth!

LikeCandy Sun 24-Mar-13 06:20:08

Baby Candy is almost 12 hours old. Born at 38+3 by emergency c-section following 25hr labour (14hrs on syntocinon drip after contractions stopped).

Giddypants Sun 24-Mar-13 06:46:33

Congratulations * bunny* and candy 2 in 1 day! grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 24-Mar-13 07:10:35

Wonderful news bunny and candy!

candy what did you have?!

Mama1980 Sun 24-Mar-13 07:41:48

Congratulations bunny and candy! Such wonderful news smile thanks

Fluffeh Sun 24-Mar-13 08:08:50

Congratulations bunny and candy. I hope you both had a fantastic first day/night with your new babies smile.

Mw checked my BP again yesterday and although its no low enough to be normal she was happy enough to monitor it every other day instead of sending me back in.
They're more worried than they would be with a normal pregnancy as my brain pressure is already high my BP being high too puts me at more risk of cerebral bleeding. I'm hoping it stays under 150/90 just for 2 more weeks when I'll be 37wks and the baby will be term.
Although I'm physically prepared to rush in and just have the section, mentally I'm really not.

We had loads of snow! Sad news of a man found dead in the snow near me sad .
I'm slightly worried over gas too. It said on the news we only have 12-18 days in reserves, rationing gas in these temperatures would be awful.

Teapig Sun 24-Mar-13 10:32:29

Congratulations bunny and candy! Wishing you both a smooth recovery and plenty of newborn snuggles with your beautiful new arrivals.

fluff it's good news that they're happy enough to monitor every other day. Not long to go until you reach term now.

Thanks so much for all the bedding advice! I'm much more confident in what I need to get now.

jo, i think you asked about raspberry leaf capsules. I got mine from Holland and Barrett and they say to take 3-6 a day. Six seems like a lot so I'm building up slowly from 3.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and those with snow and hunkered down in the warm.

KelleStar Sun 24-Mar-13 10:57:15

Jorich the rlt capsules I have are natures aid from our alt health store and it's 2 a day with food.

Congratulations bunny & candy! Enjoy them snuggles smile

Took DD 2.4 swimming yesterday afternoon and she did a big poo in her swim nappy, we swim weekly and she's never done this before, hooked her straight out and it was a big mess in her swimsuit and nappy, DH was heaving at all the poo. It dissolves so quick in water, so I went and got changed quickly while he got started, made a mess everywhere, no showers at this pool and he had it in her hair and all over the towels to dry her and him off. Got the situation under control and vamoosed once we were all clean. Not sure I can take either of them back to that pool. It was a pool we don't go to very often as they don't have showers and as it's communal they have pathetic teeny changing cubicles. grin

Not sure how DH is going to cope with new baby nappies, though. Silly boy grin

Weather in the mendips is cold but no snow, awful rain in some parts of the area. Keep safe everyone!

I'm cleaning today... shock Unheard of!

Trishstar Sun 24-Mar-13 11:22:18

Congrats Bunny and Candy! Lovely news to wake up to!!! Xx

birdbrain17 Sun 24-Mar-13 11:32:13

hope everyone is having a good weekend and congrats to the new arrivals smile

so after much discussion and obviously a lot of tears on my behalf (pregnancy hormones!!) we've decided that DH is going to accept the job in manchester. I know I'm going back to a different situation to when I was actually living with my mum, and DH is going to be the one to tell her we're coming and that she has to give us our space, in other words he's happy to deal with any arguments that come up, he's been really amazing about the whole situation as he knows it's not easy but we're going to make the best of it. And the contract doesn't start till september so we have ages after the baby is born to find a flat there and move. I'm sure I'll have lots of tears and tantrums about moving before we actually do but at the moment I'm feeling quite calm...

38+0 can't believe my due date is so soon! I had a dream last night about having the baby. DH thinks it'll be here by the end of the week, not sure where he got that idea from but I'd rather be a bit early then have to be induced wink

EssexWelsh Sun 24-Mar-13 11:54:17

More babies, congrats! Who will be next? Let it be me grin was thinking how odd it will be for the very last person on this thread out of 120+!!


toobreathless Sun 24-Mar-13 13:16:47

Apologies ladies I couldn't resist!

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