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September 2013 - roll on the second trimester!

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Creamtea1 Tue 19-Feb-13 21:05:18

Last one nearly full so thought I would start a new one - new thread, new trimester!

RunningBear78 Wed 06-Mar-13 12:45:06

Its aliiiiivveee! Scan yesterday went well, real wriggler, much arm waving and spinning around. EDD spot on, measured 5.84mm. NT was 2.1 ... not quite sure what to make of that, just waiting for results I guess and take it from there. Hospital staff were super.

I'll add myself to the stats list if I can find the link again.

As a present to myself/pip I bought a cute moses basket for £1.99 in the local charity shop. Other than that have promised not to buy a single thing until the summer, I don't think DH is convinced it'll survive. A good friend lost hers just after birth which has left him quite worried. rosie i'll be fighting for you for stuff on ebay/freecycle/gumtree! I'm already addicted to buying maternity clothes at auction smile

fl0b0t Wed 06-Mar-13 13:10:54

Thanks for asking guys. I've had a few ok days but the sickness is really affected by tiredness, so trying to lead a normal life (or at least go to work) can make it worse. So this week I've done two normal days so far, and right now I could go to bed for a year. Had 11hr sleep last night too. I can eat relatively normally but have constant strong nausea and retching all the time. Only actually sick about once a day, but the nausea is worse sad

Baby brain has sideswiped me. I do forget things but even worse, I can't make decisions sad

Tdrizzy Wed 06-Mar-13 13:14:59

Well I for one will definitely be sending hubby out for some plums when he finishes work today! Thanks for the tip binary x

Tdrizzy Wed 06-Mar-13 13:23:16

I am very similar to you on the nausea/sickness/retching and exhaustion front fl0b0t I had to leave work yesterday and am still of today because I can't function having to run off to the toilets all the time and its sooo embarrassing especially as I haven't told people at work yet....I am off today too and to top it off have a sore throat and stuffy nose sad so popping quacks at 3 just to make sure I've not got a throat infection, I'm actually sick twice a day at the minute. Sending a hug fl0 hope it gets better soon for both of us! X

fl0b0t Wed 06-Mar-13 14:10:28

Tdrizzy sh*te isn't it? I've already had three weeks off (wks 6,7,8 of pregnancy) as I was so sick at the start, but my medication seems to be keeping it under control enough. Since going back I had one half week at work as I had holiday booked and then managed 4 days last week but this week has just felt impossible. One step forwards/2 steps back. It just never seems to make any sense and isn't consistant. Good days/ bad days. Today is officially a bad day! these guys have been great though!

Creamtea1 Wed 06-Mar-13 14:16:25

tdrizzy and flo hope you start feeling better soon.

I collected the next skinny mat jeans yesterday - just tried on - really comfy and the all round band is really soft. Bargain for £12!

In other maybe worrying news - a child in ds2 class at school has got slapped cheek. Do I need to give midwife a call on whether to get blood checked for immunity?

chocciemousse Wed 06-Mar-13 14:45:20

Oh fl0b0t I didn't realise you have hyperemesis too. I have been off work since the end of Jan with it. I think things are improving one day to be hit down hard the next. It's the worst thing ever!

fl0b0t Wed 06-Mar-13 14:52:53

It's hard eh? I'm medically well as I can keep down liquids so technically not classed as HG. However I'm still feeling utterly awful and struggling to just do anything day to day. I've signed off work early today and am currently on the sofa as bed is too much effort (upstairs). Choccie have you been over on the HG thread? Very supportive and useful. I bet you're bored as sin?

RunningBear78 Wed 06-Mar-13 14:53:41

Had to share this.

I sent my younger brother a copy of the scan photogaph, you know with my name, the date and hospital name etc on the top. He emails back 'I really like the name Nuchal'


chocciemousse Wed 06-Mar-13 15:04:25

flo I haven't. To be honest it hadn't even crossed my mind to look for one. (Prob because I'm always so ill) I will definitely check it out. I am so so bored and doesn't help that I've only been able to make it out of the house apart from the hosp/docs for a couple of hours during the last 6 weeks. I hope you manage to get some rest as fatigue and stress make the symptoms much worse. Big hugs

KamikazeeKid Wed 06-Mar-13 15:12:10

Running bear thats funny. People said similar when I posted a newborn pic of son with anon underneath with his stats before we named him...people thought was different but liked it!?!? Errrr....

I agree with you binary wrt that remark as I have 2 family members affected and both of which put back into society that the op refers to! but to be fair I think I read a similarly r flippant comment regarding miscarriage in response to one of our ladies who got off the bus. ... That person had never suffered a mc (and hopefully never will) but having suffered 2 myself I had to bite my tongue as if they knew what the poor lady was going through I'd like to think they would have thought about their post before sending!

I think its a definite lack of understanding. I dont think deep down they meant any harm.

I for one think we as a family could not cope but saying that, I know when it comes to decision time making that call would be very difficult.

Regarding poo....40 minutes on the crapper??? I salute you haha! Ive beem real regular since BFP bit sadly seems to be slowing right down.... Damn smug pooness!

Excuse any typos I've got fatter fingers im sure and missing my keys!

fl0b0t Wed 06-Mar-13 15:17:23

kamikazee I think this is the same for all. To be honest if one more well meaning person (in particular mum 2 be) asks if i've tried a ginger biscuit, I may just punch someone. (Do you not think that if a fsking biscuit would make me able to get out of bed, I would?!) We are all going through a difficult, emotion al and very stressful time. Lots of comments made with all best intentions can be taken badly- I think it's important to remember that we're all in this crazy mix up together and we need to just take a breath and step away if something upsets us. Hence I have my blog which I rant and rave on rather than taking it out on people here! smile

Nuchal is definitely not a name though!!

BinarySolo Wed 06-Mar-13 15:55:53

Hmm. Nuchal smith. I like it! I do think there are certain words that would be nice/pretty names were it not for their meaning.

We've just booked a week away in Wales in May. Can't wait. It's the week of ds 2nd birthday so will have to find something special to do.

JammyTummy Wed 06-Mar-13 16:00:10

Yes at the ginger biscuit comment!!! The nurse who gave me my flu jan recommended it. Oh?!? A ginger biscuit?!? Gee, how incredibly novel! What a great idea that I've never heard of! said no one ever

Mothercare just kindly informed me that my dresser is out of stock for another two weeks, that's why it never turned up on the day of the delivery, ie right about now.

I've been playing with my AngelSounds Doppler- it's great. Definitely a £19 well spent. It doesn't do anything other than let you hear your bean's heartbeat, but it really is so so nice, and incredibly soothing. Took me a few minutes to find but was really worth it!

Did a bit of baby shopping with MIL today, was really lovely. Got a few cute blankets and a couple of little teddy thingies, and even some useful stuff (started building up my stock of bottles, went for some tommy tippee ctn anti colic ones and got a bottle heater too). Now if only my dresser arrived today as planned I could've put all those nice things into it...

Eek that ruggy teddy is even better in real life, I promise!

BinarySolo Wed 06-Mar-13 16:02:34

New Thread

As this one's nearly full.

BinarySolo Wed 06-Mar-13 16:04:50

Has anyone tried the iPhone heart beat app?

Eeeknumber3 Wed 06-Mar-13 16:07:23

creamtea I don't know if you remember, but I too had the slapped cheek saga a few weeks ago! DS's friend had it and had been at out house. They tested my blood for immunity and it came back that I had immunity. To put your mind at rest,, the GP said he'd never had a blood test back where someone didn't have immunity. Something like 80% of adults have had it, I was worried though. Be warned it took nearly a fortnight for my results to come back as the virology takes time to develop, or something technical?! (I was told!)

Creamtea1 Wed 06-Mar-13 16:29:16

Thanks eek that's good to know - I've left midwife a message so will wait for her to come back to me. Hopefully they can test blood they already have off me.

Whyriskit Wed 06-Mar-13 19:27:50

Binary - someone on chat (i think) who is a trainee midwife warned against the iphone app as it's inaccurate and can reassure when people should actually be concerned. She had a sad example.

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