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September 2013 - roll on the second trimester!

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Creamtea1 Tue 19-Feb-13 21:05:18

Last one nearly full so thought I would start a new one - new thread, new trimester!

andadietcoke Wed 20-Feb-13 14:54:18

kimjayne meant to reply yesterday - try not to worry about fading/changing symptoms. I think that worrying about it contributed to my mini meltdown yesterday and everything's fine. Enjoy it smile

andadietcoke Wed 20-Feb-13 14:55:23

blankets brilliant news - congratulations. Hope you have lots of fun telling people. Nice to only have a little bit of time until your next scan as well?

flipflump Wed 20-Feb-13 15:00:42

Had my midwife appointment today. I'd got myself so wound up and anxious - so silly!! I'm a 31 year old woman for goodness sake!! My midwife was lovely, such a positive experience. Didn't feel a thing when she took (tons) of blood and left with my bounty pack of leaflets to work my way through. Didn't stop me from squeezing the life out of DH's hand though wink Counting down the days (9) until the scan.

CheeseStrawCraving Wed 20-Feb-13 15:01:49

Checking in ladies, blimey we are fast movers!

Happy birfday to Lexy and Hetty, welcome newbies, hope we don't overwhelm you, it's mostly poo, food or fret related, with the occasional rant thrown in! And huge congrats to all the successful scans, feels like it has take us blinkin ages to get here!

My scan's on 25th (Monday), anyone else with me?

CheeseStrawCraving Wed 20-Feb-13 15:04:26

Ooh and anyone got experience with moving docs mid-pregnancy? I have 12 week scan Monday, then I am planning on changing doctor from Oxfordshire to Hampshire (moved already but didn't want to lose out on my scan date so have lied about my whereabouts...) but now need to book 16 week mw appt, and re-choose hospital etc. anyone any advice for South Hampshire hospitals whilst I'm at it?? Help!!

WhizzsMum Wed 20-Feb-13 15:56:26

Cheesestraw I'm South Hampshire, on the sunny coast that is Lee on Solent. Where abouts in South Hampshire are you?

I had my DD at Blakes maternity Unit, however, since then QA hospital near Portsmouth have had a brand new maternity unit. Two of my sister in laws have had very good experiences in there.

loubeebaby Wed 20-Feb-13 15:59:08

Hi Ladies....been ages since I was last on here!
Welcome to the newbies and was a laugh to read about the poo issues!
Had my 12wk scan on Monday and it was really exciting but a bit anxious too. Sonographer lady was virtually mute throughout!! Didnt explain anything really except pointing out its shit sherlock! So I was asking a million questions. The baby kept jumping dont know if it had hiccups or something.....has anyone else seen this before? She didnt tell us if everything was generally OK or not. But the baby had a heartbeat....2 arms and 2 I guess thats a good start. It also rubbed its face\eye while we were watching which was cute.
Good luck to all of those with upcoming scans. Looking forward to hearing all about them!
I am now off to read up on safe neck measurements for nuchal! Memorised the measurements she will go and worry myself to death now!!

Creamtea1 Wed 20-Feb-13 16:19:18

cheesestraw I'm on Monday 25th too, 11.30am smile

fl0b0t Wed 20-Feb-13 16:34:44


Anyone getting even more totally and utterly anti smoking? I stepped out of the train station today and some bloke expelled the biggest lungfull of toxicnasty straight into my face, so I coughed in his face whilst clutching my uterus pointedly. That'll learn him (no chance).

ION despite not being at all pregnant looking or shape, I'm busy trawling ASOS and JESUS THATS EXPENSIVE Seraphine looking at lovely clothes that I'd never bother wearing unpregnant, let alone pregnant! smile

fl0b0t Wed 20-Feb-13 16:35:33

(In defence of the young trendy ASOS stuff, I now have 4 weddings to attend this year!!)

JammyTummy Wed 20-Feb-13 17:00:00

My skinny jeans arrived from gap today and they are bloody ginormous!!! Really annoyed about that as I was so chuffed with my £11 purchase... Back in the post they go.

Also was wondering- do you get a print out picture from your 12 week scan? I'm sure I read somewhere to 'remember to take your purse to pay for photographs' but wanted to double check.

In other soul destroying news, I am going for my dental check up tomorrow, and am absolutely pooping my pants as I know I need some work done. If it wasn't for this baby (and my midwife looking at me like I was really special when I told her I'm terrified of the dentist) there is no way I would be going!!!

fl0b0t Wed 20-Feb-13 17:23:20

Poot to dental work! I had a wisdom tooth out last year and I'm still recovering from the horror1 ;-)

I think most places you have to pay for a print out- apparently at my local (Frimley Park) it's like a photo booth and you then have to go and put your coins in and wait for them to be printed (random!).

jennimoo Wed 20-Feb-13 17:27:36

Lots to catch up on today, work gets in the way of MN!

No 30 week growth scan that I've heard of here.

Also Changed docs at 12 weeks last time, just call your local surgery and ask and they should get you booked in. And also South Hampshire! Live 10 mins from QA and after planning a home birth there weren't enough MWs and had a positive experience having DD at the MW led unit at QA. Will most likely go back.

And to those ordering from gap: aren't their sizes 'wrong' in that a 12 is a 16 or something? Might be why someone's having size issues.

I think I felt a flutter over the weekend, and sickness is much improved although varies by day.

jennimoo Wed 20-Feb-13 17:28:50

We had to put £4.50 in a machine to get a 'token' which was given to sonographer in exchange for a few photos.

juniper904 Wed 20-Feb-13 17:30:08

I had a scan at the early pregnancy unit this morning because I'm neurotic and it turns out I'm back on the September bus. Either my baby is already proving itself to be a genius (I have Mensa on hold) as it has grown 8 days in the last 5 days, or the private scan I had was wrong. The doctor was very pursed lipped about the private one. Apparently it's bad practice to do an external scan at all in early pregnancy and they should know that.

I am now due on 30th sept so my 12 week scan is 18th march but then I have already seen the blob twice

nerual Wed 20-Feb-13 17:55:09

Came across this website sharing good birth stories, which you don't hear a lot of as the bad stories tend to take centre stage in the media.
Good reading for anyone nervous about their birth.

Creamtea1 Wed 20-Feb-13 18:18:47

Hi all, can share info on today's topics:

scan photos second the others re approx £4.50 cost done in a coins/token set up

gap sizes are unfortunately American sizes - so if it says size 6 on the label that means US6 which is a UK 10. However I did think that when you order online you chose the uk size so they should at least send you the right equivalent - unless their mat clothes just come up huge anyway?

Great news juniper about your nhs scan smile

Rosyisgonnabeamummy Wed 20-Feb-13 18:34:25

Gap clothes I'd be delighted to get size 12 jeans (which are actually 16) as I have had many a year go by without size 12 jeans gracing my bum!

LexyMa Wed 20-Feb-13 18:41:56

our scan pic was £5 at watford general but actually we got a whole set for that. The sonographer took lots if pics and when I went for my desperate post-scan pee, she decided which ones needed to be kept in the notes and used for the nuchal measurement, and just gave us the rest. It's not like it actually costs £5 to print one.

Since the scan DH has been all cute. Patting tummy, and saying bye bye to me and 'tiny monkey' after I called up the stairs this morning bye little monkey and big monkey as I went off to work (in fairness, only DS was actually being a monkey, and quite nicely really). Scans, and kicks you can feel from the outside tend to make it more real for partners, and children too I suppose.

Dorita75 Wed 20-Feb-13 19:05:30

Love all the scan news! Gonna be a busy few wks..

flobot I've got 4 weddings this year too, after none for years! The last one is 2wks before my due date and I'm a bridesmaid!

BinarySolo Wed 20-Feb-13 19:11:55

Had my scan and paid £5 for ONE photo, so feel thoroughly ripped off! Nuchal transparency looked thick to dh and I, but think it was just on the thicker side of ok. Got to wait 2 weeks for the results to come back.

I had the chance to vent about my midwife being negative about the nuchal measurement and they told me if I couldn't resolve my issues with her to contact them and they would arrange for me to see someone else.

Definitely feels nice to be able to tell people.

WaggyBlueElf Wed 20-Feb-13 19:19:47

Hi Wincher and Jammy, my scan's on Tuesday as well. Got to wait til 3pm though...not much will be getting done that morning!

Congrats to all those who've had scans, lovely to hear all your news.

We've already told quite a few people - except at work, though I was told today by one of the people who does know that 4 people have asked if I'm preggers! I thought I was hiding it quite well, but evidently not!

LexyMa Wed 20-Feb-13 19:37:21

I spilled to my boss at work today. I was going to wait another week but just couldn't. I wanted to explain why I had been knackered and ineffective the last few weeks, and why I had been emphasising about a staff member who's joining soon needing to be able to cover my job (although I am also going for internal job moves with potential promotion which was my previous reason). He said congratulations and was just the right amount of pleased but not prying. I said I wasn't announcing as such and didn't want anyone else to know yet (importantly not the people interviewing me next week) but it was about time he should be aware if he wanted to start looking into advertising for maternity cover (takes ages to do internal recruitment at the moment).

I was wondering if another colleague was starting to guess, but as she asked me to help her carry a lot of relatively heavy boxes up and down stairs this afternoon, I guess not...! It wasn't actually difficult, just a but unweildy (we were carrying two at a time of those boxes that reams of printer paper come in) but is the sort of thing you might not ask a preggers woman to do.

Sent my scan pics last night to my brother in Afghanistan on an e-bluey and he was really pleased! If you send eblueys before midnight UK, they get printed at the main bases and arrive with the post run at lunchtime, and that happened to be just the moment he worked out how to email me (am on a connecting government system). So we had a little chat too, which was great. I think he is pretty pleased with knowing something before people back home, which was the intention.

MummyOfPrawn Wed 20-Feb-13 19:45:41

KamikazeeKid, SGJ, and Choccie, my scan is on the 22nd too.
I can't bleedin' wait! I just want reassurance that everything is ok. The earlier talk of MMCs has made me very paranoid.

They don't offer the nuchal measurement in my area. No idea why. Rather disappointed really. They do still offer the Downs Syndrome probability score from blood results but these are pretty indicative when they don't go hand in hand with nuchal tests.

Readytosettle Wed 20-Feb-13 20:07:25

The good news is, there's definitely a little blob with a heartbeat in there...bad news is she's back dated me a week- new due date of 1st October (I refuse to accept that before the nhs 12wk scan determines it tho!)

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