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Oct 2013 come and grab a seat on the first trimester bus!

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TheFalconsmistress Mon 18-Feb-13 10:45:36

New thread grin

roxvox Mon 18-Feb-13 10:54:53

I am here smile ... Thanks Falcon

roofio87 Mon 18-Feb-13 10:56:16

I'm here!! may all the excessive chatting continue!!grin

mouseymummy Mon 18-Feb-13 10:56:51

I'm here!! Pg again!! I have a 4 month old so it was a bit of a shock!

34PinkLadyApple Mon 18-Feb-13 11:00:14

Marking my place! 8 weeks tomorrow! X

cazboldy Mon 18-Feb-13 11:00:29

wow mousey! congrats!! grin

My last two were 15 months apart - the first year (while both were babies) was tiring, but they are now 7 and 5 (nearly 6) and they are really close.

I am feeling very queasy today,

finding drinking enough very tough, but am thirsty. Everything tastes horrible when i swallow and then i can kind of feel it sloshing in my stomach sorry if tmi!

never felt like this with any of the others, even when very sick (with both dd's) never found drinking a problem.

doctors tomorrow morning!

thethreeblondies Mon 18-Feb-13 11:01:44

Thanks Falcon here's to more chatting over too little symptoms v too many symptoms! smile

mouseymummy Mon 18-Feb-13 11:07:30

There is an 8 yr age gap between my dd's so 2 so young is going to be a massive learning curve!!

I can't get my first mw appt til the 6th of march, which isn't great but I know the mw is only at the doctors once a week and there's quite a few people pg near me atm!

I've had the same sloshing feeling before, my doc said it might be trapped wind and then with the water on top, it sloshes around... I found a can of fizzy drink helped me.

So far on the morning sickness front I've been very lucky, with dd2 I was sick nearly every day until 20 weeks... I realise you all hate me now grin

Umlauf Mon 18-Feb-13 11:07:54

I'm here too! Can't as as an iPad but if somebody moves the stats can they also take the (on Sunday) part out of mine as that was two Sundays ago and I am now 26!

Am resolved top telling colleagues today (only have 2) as fed up of them thinking I am pathetically sickly for no good reason!

TheFalconsmistress Mon 18-Feb-13 11:09:40

No worries smile

Wow mouseymummy welcome they will be lovely and close!

I decided to do what the books say I had dry toast and a banana before getting up feeling ok so far shock

TheFalconsmistress Mon 18-Feb-13 11:13:26

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
WillSantaComeAgain, 35, EDD 27 Sept, 1 DC (2.1)
Umlauf, 26, edd 1st October, 0DC
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC
Artyparty- 38, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2yrs 3 months)
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DC
Legallyblond, 31, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2.4)
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
GreenSunrise 33, EDD 3 Oct, 1 DS (20 months)
TheFalconsMistress, 28, EDD 4th October, 1DS (4 years)
GTbaby 30, edd 5/10. Ds1 is 4 months
Tarlia, 30, EDD October 6th, 1DS (2)
Pinkush, 33, EDD October 6th, 1DS (18m)
xuntitledx, 25, EDD 7 October, 0DC
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
GettingObsessive, 31, EDD 8th Oct, 0 DC
Irishfairy, 28, EDD 8th October, 1DD (2.5)
Carcassonne, 30, EDD 8th October, 1 DD (3)
Cazboldy, 31, EDD 8th Oct. 3DS, 2DD. (16,13,11,7 and 5)
Pinkbuttons, 22,EDD 8th October, 1DS(2)
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
roofio87 25, EDD 9th Oct, 0DCs
Pannacotta, 34, EDD 9th Oct, 0DC
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Xiaoxiong, 29, EDD 10th October, 1DS (14m)
mini28, 28, EDD 11th October, 0DC
Topslou, 34, EDD 11th October, 0 DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Sal1977, 35, edd 12th October, 0DC
Soupqueen, 36, edd 12th October, 0DC
Livened, 30, edd 12th October, 1DS (1)
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0D
wickedgirl, 37, EDD 14 oct, (14, 12, 8) oh no!
Haylebop12, 25, EDD 15th oct, 1dd (4years)
CelticPromise, 34, EDD 15th Oct, 1 DS (3.5)
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
delilahbelle, 32, EDD 16th October, 0DC
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)
PseudoBadger, 32, EDD 18th October, 1DS 2 years
HotSoupDumpling, 29, EDD 18 October, 0DC
Sephy, 27, EDD 21 October, 0DC
EuroShagmore, 37, EDD 23 October, no children
OrangeBlossom2, 27, EDD 23 October, 0DC
RainbowsFriend, 39, EDD 25 October, 1DD (19 months)

roofio87 Mon 18-Feb-13 11:20:04

btw is everyone else as crazy as me and already talk to their baby?! I talk to mine everyday reminding them how much they're wanted and to stick in there!! Haha. I've done it every day since it was conceived (as it only took 1 month for us!!) which I felt very stupid about at first but now I'm glad I did!!
I think I must seem a little insane to be talking to a blueberry sized embryo, anyone else?!?!

mouseymummy Mon 18-Feb-13 11:27:19

Roofio, I did that the other night while I was in the shower... I was telling peanut to develop boy bits as daddy really wants a boy... Too many women in our house apparently!!

cuillereasoupe Mon 18-Feb-13 11:27:27

Hello everyone, I'm due #1 on 20th October. Very excited!

Umlauf Mon 18-Feb-13 11:28:41

No... Lol! But I do speak about it all the time at home! As not many people know I have to talk about it to make it seem real, DH is getting very bored! Baby is now called tinyface but already has their girl and boy name sorted!

8 weeks today and I feel like I've passed a little milestone! Sooo long to wait until scan though :-(

I also really want the November bus to hurry up and be created so we aren't at the end anymore!

walnut300 Mon 18-Feb-13 11:28:47

I'm jumping on the bus... found out I am pregnant again after a MC only 6 weeks ago. due 16th October. hoping and praying this time everything is ok.

cuillereasoupe Mon 18-Feb-13 11:30:32

Oh BTW I'm 38.

pinkbuttons Mon 18-Feb-13 11:30:38

Hi all, wow you've been chatty this morning, just checking in to the lovely new thread.
Still sick here and only 7 weeks tomorrow, DH away all week with work so am trying to look on the positive side that Ill be able to go to bed every night at 7 not at the awful Ill have no help with DS or the house all week and feel rubbish. Oh well by the time he gets back we will be nearly 8 weeks which sounds alot more than 7 for some reason...

roofio Im not at that point yet, feel like everything is very different this time round and apart from being sick, being pregnant isnt taking up as much of my mind as when I was pregnant with DS, maybe its just that Im so busy with him at the moment I dont get chance to think. Still dont think your insane though smile

Hi to everyone whos new, we must be getting to due dates at the end of October now, wonder who will be having a Halloween baby.

Wickedgirl Mon 18-Feb-13 11:34:24

Today is week 6 for me. It's all very exciting. My youngest will be 9 when this one comes along and e erythema we go shopping, he wants to buy something for the baby.

I don't want to buy anything until after the 12 week scan though just in case. With my other 3 pregnancies, I bought pink and blue to take into hospital so that the baby's first photos would be the right colour. That isn't mad is it? I will do the same this time too. I haven't seen any really cute blue and pink first babygrows yet though.

TheFalconsmistress Mon 18-Feb-13 11:36:21

I think 8 weeks will be my little milestone too umluf im still in nervous nelly land at the moment but im 8 weeks on friday every week that passes I feel more confident smile my scan is not until march 26th feels so far away too!

Wickedgirl Mon 18-Feb-13 11:37:14

Pink 12 year old was due on Halloween but came 9 days early (still weighed an impressive 9lb 13oz!)

mouseymummy Mon 18-Feb-13 11:40:37

Forgot to say I'm 6 wk exactly today and I'm 28!

Still shocked I'm pg again!

Walnut, congratulations on your news! Is there any chance you could get an extra scan around 8 weeks!! Might be worth speaking to your mw or even looking into a private scan, if it's an option. Fx everything works out for you though!!

I've just realised I've got to tell everyone I'm pg... Oh shit.... Any inventive ways to tell people?? I don't really fancy telling mydad so might get dh to do that one!!

cherrycherry41 Mon 18-Feb-13 11:43:26

mouseymummy! me too! dd was born last oct!
can someone add me plz? edd 7th oct (dd 4.5 months) x

Wickedgirl Mon 18-Feb-13 11:56:49

Mousey........wait until 1st April (12weeks exactly) and then tell everyone. They won't know if you're being serious or if its just an April fools joke

juniper904 Mon 18-Feb-13 11:59:51

I passed my 8 weeks milepost and felt all happy about it (apparently there's a 98.5% chance of it carrying if you make 8 weeks) then went for a scan and found out I'm now 7+4 so back below that magical threshold I was holding onto!

I'm due on 23rd sept according to LMC or 3rd Oct according to private early scan. Going to go to the walk in early pregnancy clinic on Wednesday to see which dates are right.

I'm dancing between September and October groups at present- being greedy!

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