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July 2013 - thread 5 - baby kicks and scan pics, we're halfway there!

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dinkystinky Sat 16-Feb-13 20:04:23

New thread to natter on. Will go find the due date thread to link on in a tick...

photographerlady Sun 24-Feb-13 20:14:14

Thank you dinky and everyone else. I know need to just take things at it comes but like many things in a first pregnancy I don't know how I'm meant to feel or how to reassure myself. I know the hormones don't help but I hate to say it but find abit of comfort to know I am not alone.

MrsMillions Sun 24-Feb-13 20:25:34

Delayed update from a Friday scan as I've been "back home" for the weekend. I also had a slightly uncooperative baby and had to move positions a few times to be able to see everything, but got there eventually. Sonographer lady confused us by asking about finding out gender as "so is this a private baby or..." - no no, we thought, we're not paying anything, then all became apparent! So still set for our surprise but I'm not sure we'd have been able to find out if we wanted to, due to positioning.

In contrast to some of you I'm getting a bit worried about the amount of movement I AM feeling...scan revealed anterior placenta but am sure I feel multiple movements every day (not gas) despite this, am I growing a future boxing champ in there??!!

Went to visit a nursery afterwards and it seemed good but we have no frame of reference so going to visit another at some point for a comparison.

Spent a lot of Saturday with good friends whose DD I am godmother to and DS is a month old. Had lots of fun, and my friend gave me a load of maternity clothes she has no intention of needing again, a tens machine, and newborn babygros, vests etc, some of which unused as their v cute and chilled little boy was too big to ever wear them. Quite a collection and absolutely lovely of her to pass all on to us.

Flying - no idea if you'll be back to read this but so sorry to hear your news, look after yourselves and hope you're back on a new thread as soon as you feel ready. In the meantime I can highly recommend the therapeutic powers of a sunny, relaxing holiday for you and DH, did us the power of good after losing one last year, and imagine your jobs give you access to such things at good prices.


Cheeseandbread Sun 24-Feb-13 21:08:30

I hope everyone has had nice weekends.

Like photographer and others I've been a bit aprehensive lately. I have a question... I don't think I'm feeling kicks but I do feel a build up of pressure on different occasions and when I press lightly on my tummy (womb area) where the pressure is building, it is hard... Are these kicks?

Also been feeling slight pain in my lady area, cervix I think... I felt this early on but not for a while now- is it normal? Does it just mean I'm stretching some more? Please say yes... Google is not my friend I started to find information about an incompetent cervix...

dinkystinky Sun 24-Feb-13 21:14:52

Glad you had a good scan and weekend MrsMillions. Lovely of your friend to pass on all that stuff.

Cheese - if it feels hard and like a squeeze its likely to be braxton hicks - practice contractions - you are feeling. Baby will feel like something tapping or flipping over in you.

dinkystinky Sun 24-Feb-13 21:16:08

PS pain in cervix area v common - not sure what causes it but 4 out of 10 at pg yoga were complaining of it today.

MightBeMad Sun 24-Feb-13 21:22:00

Yep pain in cervix/pelvic floor v v common. I worried myself silly about incompetent cervix last time but no, everything fine, pregnancy is just jolly uncomfy! (less uncomfy second time around though, interestingly. I guess there's nothing left to stretch!!) grin

dinkystinky Sun 24-Feb-13 21:29:20

Second time round the foundations have already been laid Might be mad :-)

Cheeseandbread Sun 24-Feb-13 21:31:33

Thanks for the reassurance dinky and mightbe

MarieKL Sun 24-Feb-13 21:40:06

Just catching up after not checking for ages. Flying I'm sorry if I've missed you but you and your DP are in my thoughts and prayers.

Welcome to all those joining us, and lovely to hear all the scan news. Ours went well though DS looked at the two screens and announced look 2 babies! Took a while to explain there is only one!

I'm nervous too, but can't place why. Feeling movements now but didn't feel anything till 24 weeks with DS1. To be honest the movements give me the ebbie jebbies but good to know bump is wriggling away. I think I must be the only one who isn't too keen on them, but they remind me too much of a scence from the film Ailen!

Can't remember who was mentioning a baby bath but I wish we'd got a washing up bowl for DS 1 instead. He loved being bathed in one at his Nan's. It wasn't so heavy to empty and despite trying to give our bath to friends twice it's always come back!

Hope everyone has a good week.

dinkystinky Mon 25-Feb-13 08:47:51

MarieKL - glad your scan went well too. We had a tummy tub for DS1 (which we used for DS2 and will for this baby) for when they were tiny - I quite liked having a baby in a bucket (and they loved being in water up to their shoulders too). I'd recommend it to anyone - and you can pick second hand ones up really cheap from ebay...

photographerlady Mon 25-Feb-13 10:06:58

Morning all! 20 weeks today so will be joining the halfway there club smile

dinkystinky I have seem those tummy tubs, look very interesting but as Marie has mentioned we will probably use a washing up tub. We accidentally purchased a second on when we moved so its in the kitchen collecting dust. I guess we will just put it to use.

No leg pain last night thank goodness, must of just been a weird night, as last night I slept like a rock. Well a rock that was using the poor DH as a pregnancy pillow, had him trapped in the duvet as I leg locked him coverless. This pregnancy is making me one classy gal.

dinkystinky Mon 25-Feb-13 10:54:29

Fair enough Photographerlady - washing up bowls wouldnt have worked for me as I seem to give birth to long legged babies (I had to cut off all the feet on their baby grows from 4 weeks! Bloody DH and his tall thin genes). Can see it would be perfect for non-freakishly long babies.

Re leg pains, I used to get bad leg cramps in pregnancy with DS1 and DS2. Mag Phos tablets really helped reduce those. Havent had any yet so far this pregnancy but a while to go yet..

MrsRoss26 Mon 25-Feb-13 11:10:22

Photographer absolutely everything about this pregnancy seems to be making a classy lady of me - the ungainly walk (thanks to pgp), the trapped wind, restless legs, the pillows wedged everywhere at night. Thankfully my DH is taking it very well so far - and I'm really hopeful of certain things returning to normal post-pregnancy!

A colleague passed on a tummy tub to me - they're odd-looking things, aren't they? She didn't use it at all, but I'm hoping to at least try it as it was free.

I definitely felt the baby move on Friday for the first time - s/he was having a solid wriggle. I don't think I've ever been so in awe of something. To those asking about cervix pain - I'm also getting the odd twinge here and there which I generally attribute to uterus stretching / potential braxton hicks.

18+5 (scan next week and can't wait! Hopefully DH will be able to come too.)

bigbelly4 Mon 25-Feb-13 11:45:43

Ha ha ladies! Who said pregnancy was glam! With the aches and pains to burps and constipation, its such a lady like time - not!

Got my scan on friday, which is aslo my eldests 8th birthday! So have enlisted my parents to look after the children whilst we go to scan - thankfully ds1 is very understanding (with bribary and the promise of birthday tea out and party the next day!)

Have just booked some camping for the end of the summer hols with a friend - my dh is a farmer so mega busy and we find it better being away as much as pos over summer hols - but this year taking a friend with me (and her older ds x2) to keep me sane!

Eek not much more to say really, hope evryone is well and despite the grim sides of this pregnancy lark, enjoying it too! X

MiniPenguinMaker Mon 25-Feb-13 12:24:02

Ooh, I really like the look of those tummy tubs - I'd rather like an adult one, all for me! I'd settle for a hot tub though... wink

Getting so impatient for my 20-week scan, which I'll be having at 21+3. I've been feeling some little movements on and off lately. Including some that feel like the little one is kicking me right in the cervix! Very funny feeling.


dinkystinky Mon 25-Feb-13 13:55:13

At the gym today I had 2 women come over and tell me how great it was I was exercising so late in my pregnancy. I had to point out I'm only just 5 months - the looks on their faces were just like this shock

So I have had official confirmation I am ginormous. Ho hum.

TotallyEggFlipped Mon 25-Feb-13 14:33:53

Glad you got positive comments dinky.

For some reason my mum decided to buy the (Shhh) Mail on Sunday blush (I think she was tempted by the Delia pull out). Anyway, there was a pretty positive article about exercise in pregnancy, following on from an article they'd done recently about a woman who got loads of abuse of exercising in pregnancy. My mum had been asking in terms of me giving up running soon, but is now much more relaxed about it. (And also recalls playing squash until she was 7 months pregnant with me, which is much more hazardous!)

Persuasion Mon 25-Feb-13 16:15:51

Pregnancy is certainly not glamorous! This morning DH said I seem to have reverted to some sort of primal state where all I do is eat, pee and fart, and I'm totally ruled by my emotions!

Congrats to those with good scans in the last few days.

dinky how embarassing. I'm also ginormous (and it's my first, so no excuses). Although it seems to change day to day whether people think I'm big, small or just right. The most recent one (now we know it's a girl) is 'oh yes, you can tell it's a girl because you're carrying low' - I mean, really, what does that even mean??

I'm definitely feeling movement now, which seems to come in bursts. Then I worry when baby is quiet, and have to remind myself she's probably just sleeping!


BooStar Mon 25-Feb-13 16:29:05

I haven't been online for quite a while & its taken me ages to catch up with you all but want to say first that I'm so so sad to hear the news about Flying. If you are still popping by I can only second someone's recommendation of counselling - it was invaluable for me. And the other recommendation of a holiday, it's no compensation but I found to just get away from reality for a bit really helped.

So I'm now trying to remember all the topics that have come up over the last 4hrs it's taken me to catch up with the thread that I wanted to comment on - I really should have a notepad and pen handy when reading coz by the time I come to post my mind is blank.

I remember someone was asking about cots and co-sleeping. We were given a standard cot and it seemed a shame not to use it (even though I coveted the specialised co-sleeper side cots) so DH took the front off and attached to the side of our bed with cable ties. We used big books under the feet to bring it up to the right height! I think it actually worked really well and it was nice to have the extra space of a full cot for DS to grow into. And the intention was that we would put the front back on and he would naturally move into it when he stopped feeding in the night. Although by the time he was a bit more robust he was in the bed with us and we took off the cot and put a side guard on the bed instead and he didn't stop feeding in the night til he was 13 months!!
So he then went straight into a standard single at 2yr so never actually used the cot as its intended!!

MIL has just turned up so will try & post again later!

dinkystinky Mon 25-Feb-13 17:15:10

Seriously Persuasion - I am all bump. I look like one of the kiddie drawings with a huge round body and tiny arms and legs...

SlouchingPanda Mon 25-Feb-13 18:15:31

Just a quickie to say that all looked well on my 20 week scan today. We didn't find out the sex (our choice) and the child was wriggling around in there like a good-un. Hurrah!

Hope the rest of you are all coping with the aches, pains, piles and other associated pregnancy woes.


MightBeMad Mon 25-Feb-13 18:24:47

Congrats on the scan slouching!

I got asked for the first time yesterday if I was sure it wasn't twins blush by my dad! angry

Cheeseandbread Mon 25-Feb-13 18:27:10

dinky loving the mental picture ha ha ha

Boostar I like the sound of the cable tie idea.

penguin lucky you feeling lots of movements!

I know we covered this earlier but my brain can't contain all the things we chst about... at what week are people planning to go on maternity leave? I was thinking 35 weeks... DH is pushing me to go for 37/38 saying I can bring it forward if it gets too much but won't be able to push it back if I'm still feeling fine...

Hope anyone who had a scan today went well.

MightBeMad Mon 25-Feb-13 18:30:59

Congrats on the scan slouching!

Dinky, I got asked for the first time yesterday if I was sure it wasn't twins blush by my dad! angry

MightBeMad Mon 25-Feb-13 18:32:12

Oops! Duplicate posts! Sorry!

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