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July 2013 - thread 5 - baby kicks and scan pics, we're halfway there!

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dinkystinky Sat 16-Feb-13 20:04:23

New thread to natter on. Will go find the due date thread to link on in a tick...

dinkystinky Sat 16-Feb-13 20:06:07

Right - link to waddlers and riders list

Fingers crossed that works...

VinegarDrinker Sat 16-Feb-13 20:45:40

Hello smile
Just on my way home from a long day at work. 13 hr shifts tomorrow and Monday too.
Hope you are all having good weekends anyway!

flyingsprocket Sat 16-Feb-13 20:45:46

Well done dinky I'm amazed at how much you've crammed in today despite feeling ill. Get well soon

thinking lemon bread & butter pudding sounds gorgeous, sounds like you deserve it!

I made yummy raspberry bakewell slices having had one in Costa yesterday. To mark 5 weeks of bleeding today, I may have more than one blush

Guavasforbreakfast Sat 16-Feb-13 20:57:48

Wow, have only just caught up on a week's worth of thread after spending half term with family.

re: comments on size, I'm also super sensitive. I had 'wow, 18 weeks, you look good for 18 weeks' - spent the rest of the day agonising over whether that meant I was wow=big or wow=small. It was clearly just meant as a kind comment. I don't think there's anything people can say about size that won't make a hormonal pregnant woman miserable, they should just comment on my hair or something non-bump related grin

I held a random stranger's newborn today while she put her wrap sling on in a coffee shop. It didn't make me broody in the way it would have done before, just bloody terrified as I realised I have no clue what to do with a newborn. I've bought so much stuff, but like someone else said I'm only now realising that there's a tiny helpless person coming my way. Ahk!

I think I felt something last night that was different - I'm sure it felt like a little kick from inside - I think what I've had so far is just my own heartbeat. Although it could have just been gas this time. Did feel a bit like the big bubbles you get before a burp/fart (sorry tmi) is about to surface, come to think of it.

As for reusable nappies, I had better bloody well use them as I've spent a ton! Got a range of types to try out, either ebay (unused but pre-washed) or in various online sales and offers. Some teenyfits and kissaluvs for first few months, a couple little lambs and totsbots with thirsties wraps, then a few BTP pocket nappies of various brands. Intending to use disposables at least for the meconium stage though, sounds totally gross and don't want to ruin the nappies as soon as they're used!

Sorry for long post and I know I'm missing out on loads, it's taken me so long to catch up!


Cutandstick Sat 16-Feb-13 20:59:32

dinky never got to. My big shop, found two bagels in the bottom of my school bag blush ...maybe tomorrow. Might aim to do our first online shop this week - it's definitely something I want to start. We're lucky our nearest supermarket is small. The big one near work is overwhelmingly big and kills me getting round it!

photographerlady Sat 16-Feb-13 21:45:08

Evening all. Not even 1/4 unpacked, and that's the moving van in the front drive. We are both exhausted and up again at 6am to lug more in the house then off to ikea for a sofa. Moving is just too much hard work I can't wait til next weekend so I can sleep in heehee.

TomDaleysTrunks Sat 16-Feb-13 21:54:10

Marking my place.

Cutandstick Sat 16-Feb-13 22:57:35

Anyone else got sore/odd feeling nipples? Mine hurt a crazy amount of I'm cold at the moment but I'm getting pain what feels like behind the nipple. Mainly one, but not exclusively. Is this normal?!

MummyKanny Sat 16-Feb-13 23:00:28

Marking my place too! Thanks for a new thread dinky - aren't we chatty?!

I don't know how to add myself to the list, but due date is 18 July, am 18+2 with my first. I definitely have a paunch now and boobs continue to grow!

I've been feeling some movement in the last day or so, or at least I think so. Feels a bit like a muscle spasm behind my belly button. Seem to notice it more when I'm tired. Can't wait for kicks! I'm sure everyone is looking forward to their 20 week scan?

Also road tested a few pushchairs, what a minefield! confused Anyone chosen theirs yet?


Runswithsquirrels Sat 16-Feb-13 23:21:15

cut my nipples are agony if its a teensy bit cold! It's been the one constant symptom throughout. And I mean, it gets really painful! They're like cold weather detectors.

AmaDablam Sun 17-Feb-13 08:02:37

Morning all, thanks for starting the new thread dinky, I think we're up to more than one a month now!!

Fab news on more great scans and exciting times for people finding out the gender. On count down to mine now - 2 weeks and a day to go!

Sorry to hear you're still bleeding flying. I love those bakewell slices they do at Costa too, although I'm sure home-made ones would be even yummier!

Good news on the baby movement guavas and MummyK. Mine feel quite like the pre-fart/burp gurgles that seem such a prominent feature of pg too, but different too as they seem deeper inside and said gas doesn't emerge! I've been getting quite a few now (I think), mainly in the evenings and in bed just before I drop off to sleep. I'm starting to find now that I get a weird feeling when I bend at the middle as well too, not at all painful, just like something is being squashed that shouldn't be. Time to start remembering the "knees not back" mantra when I pick something up off the floor!

cut I wouldn't say my nipples are really painful but they've started tingling over the last week or so, which they never did really in the 1st trimester, despite what all the books say. Occasionally I get a sharp stabbing pain but it only last a couple of seconds. Hope yours start to feel better soon.

Re. nappies, I'm still undecided on the cloth/disposable debate but going to see a friend in a couple of weeks who used cloth ones exclusively for both her DCs (not sure what make) and has offered us the lot now her youngest is dry. I hope to talk to her about the pros and cons and maybe take up her kind offer. As I mentioned when this topic came up a while back, the washing and drying of them does fill me with a bit of a panic, especially as we don't have a tumble dryer and nowhere really to put one. Maybe a mixture is the way to go - even if we just use one or two re-usables a day it will surely help the environment (and our wallets) a little.

Well, I started my Sunday by spilling a whole tub of sugar all over the hob and worktop - aargh! It really is a bugger to clean up angry. Still, I thought, I'd better get used to this given that my (somewhat idyllic) vision of the future involves lots of happy hours spent baking with DC!!

Have a lovely day everyone smile

18 weeks today

BB01 Sun 17-Feb-13 08:16:58

Oh dear had meant to comment on lots but forgotten most of it now I've flipped to this thread!

Kanny, yep just started properly looking at pushchairs. Still very confused. Have discovered I'm immensely fussy re the look of them. Only ones I loved were icandy. Have had free ones offered to us to use until we know what we need but if I'm spending ridiculous amount on a gorgeous one don't want to have to wait until baby's six months' old to have it. Apparently waiting list is that long for some models! Also worried re weight and chunkiness. Didn't really see any I liked that weren't quite huge but will be walking, public transporting and driving so really need an all rounder. Which ones have u been looking at?

Someone commented on Gap jeans having big bum. Yes, someone gave me some and love em but totally unwearable at the mo due to saggy bum area! My bum's really not that small!

Guavas you are so right about size comments. Better avoided altogether! Makes me feel better anyway to realise they can't really say anything right!

wifey6 Sun 17-Feb-13 08:21:46

Hi July mummies-to-be...can't keep up with the threads..moving so fast..but like to read as much as I can, when I can. Hope everyone is keeping well. Will keep popping in x

Cheeseandbread Sun 17-Feb-13 08:30:41

Thanks for starting a new thread dinky I hope you are feeling better.

Congratulations tom on the driving test!

phoyographer hope you ate moving stuff ok

So lovely to hear of everyone's good scans and lots more pink and blue appearing!

I went to my first nct nearly new sale yesterday had to try and stick my tummy out so it looked like I belonged I felt a bit overwhelmed surrounded by big bumps and actual children and babies... Managed to pick up a Moses basket and stand and a wrap for bean so was very chuffed. I was extra smiley carrying it home- bit of a walk back to my house and it got heavy... Couldn't persuade DH to come though he was pleased when I got home with my treasures.

We are staying with some friends this weekend who have a 4 month old and they have just given is some newborn clothes- I couldn't stop stating at them- very exciting.

I'm not sure the real baby bit has sunk in for me yet- maybe sub-consciously I'm not letting it. I think it will after the scan.

Have lovely Sundays- all your baking issuing me hungry!


Devilforasideboard Sun 17-Feb-13 08:42:47

I do love a shiny new thread!

Kanny and BB I managed to drag DH out to look at pushchairs yesterday and we both want an icandy now. It just feels so much sturdier than everything else we've tried although I do like the Quinny Buzz as well. My parents are paying but I'm thinking of doing without the carrycot to ease the financial pain. Could anyone tell me if a carrycot essential or could we manage with just the carseat and slings until Bobble is big enough for the pushchair bit?

Cheese would you say the NCT sale was worth going to then? I'm a bit scared for some reason but there's one near us in March I was thinking of going to.

Huffpot Sun 17-Feb-13 09:15:57

Marking place and totally agree with sore nipples - mine are agony if they get cold!

MightBeMad Sun 17-Feb-13 09:22:10

Ooh I found you all! Thanks for the link from the other thread. Taking a leaf out of photographers book this morning -pancakes!!


OhGood Sun 17-Feb-13 10:00:56

Marking my place - good weekends all!

Huffpot my boobs have grown so much that when I wonder around naked I keep just bumping the tops of my nipples on doors, cupboards etc. Agony! And excuse the mental image everyone. I am now fairly enormous - had put on 5 kgs by 16 weeks <horror>

SlouchingPanda Sun 17-Feb-13 10:01:53

Hi Team - Happy New Thread (thanks, Dinky)!

Having a lovely lazy Sunday today after a knackering 20 mile cycle yesterday. I feel so unfit - no reserves at all. Going for blood tests tomorrow before my consultant appt in a week or so. I am hoping I can blame anaemia, but it's more likely to be lack of exercise and too much chocolate.

Photographer hope your move goes smoothly... having all your crockery in boxes is an excellent excuse for take out, I find.

Still in awe of all you organised people with buggy and nappy chat. Head firmly in sand here. However, re. pushchairs, I have been recommended the Uppababy Vista (?). Any experiences, anyone?

Guavas, the movements I feel are a little bit like a fish flipping over inside, between my bellybutton and pubic bone. Occasionally there's a big poke, but am knocking on 19.5 weeks now...

Finally, hope the shifts have been kind to you, Vinegar, and that you get some rest after Monday.


McKTastic Sun 17-Feb-13 10:25:35

Hello all smile

Loving the chat - managing to read the thread but no wifi in our temp accommodation so everything takes ages! Am rubbish at commenting regularly & in awe of those of you who do.

Hope you're settling in photolady. I was ab knackered the week we moved but have now settled in to smaller surroundings & getting into the swing of making decisions re renovations.

Have a consultant apt on Tues after 16wk bloods. Apparently we're high risk & they want to discuss further testing. Got two letters from them - one with an apt for last wk & another for new apt after we missed last weeks. Am irrationally angry that MW told me any results outwith the suggested 'normal' range would be communicated by phone & that given the date of first letter they've had the results available since beg of last week. Am pretty sure we won't test further but has anyone on here any experience of having to do so? Am hoping 20wk scan would give us a better picture of what's to come but also going to look into another private one & see if they can do a detailed look. Why is pregnancy such a minefield when it's one of the most amazing things we do?

Sorry it's me,me,me. Re buggies we used a borrowed Quinny Buzz with carrycot till DD was about 8 months, bought the cross country wheel for the front second hand & it made a big difference to ease of use. Friends have had Bugaboos & Uppababy Vista & raved about both.

Have used Bumgenius V4 nappies with DD & love them. Use disposable liners during day & homemade fleece ones (blanket from IKEA) at night. We lived in a flat till she was over a year & no tumble dryer but as long as I kept up to date with the washing it was ok.

mysterymeg Sun 17-Feb-13 10:44:21

devil we've gone for the icandy peach jogger and have bought the carrycot too. Think the main thing about carseats is that baby is only allowed to be in one for up to two hours in the beginning. Fine if just popping out but if you drove half an hour each way somewhere you'd only have an hour carseat on pram time iyswim.

TomDaleysTrunks Sun 17-Feb-13 12:13:14

Morning all.

I'm bed bound with awful sinusitis. Antibiotics aren't shifting it and can't move my head much as its so sore. Propped up on pillows, watching the beautiful day go by and listening to DD and DH cause havoc downstairs.

I'm off to catch up with the thread.

TotallyEggFlipped Sun 17-Feb-13 14:21:31

cutandstick my nipples are definitely very sensitive to the cold. They get tingly and a bit sore when I'm out for a run.

I'm going to pick up some second hand re-usable nappies I found on freecycle this afternoon. We've used disposables with DD, mainly due to living in flats where our laundry took forever to dry until recently. Hopefully they'll be in a usable condition and I can give them a go. I'm reluctant to pay out for them when I'm not really sure they'll be a success.

Guavas Re: broodiness disappearing. I did the anaesthetics for an elective Caesarian list on Friday. (first week back at work for 2 years). I felt a bit emotional when the first baby was born, but I was completely 'over it' for the next two!

Think I'm feeling a few movements in bed at night, but not that convincing every night. My mum commented that my 'bump is coming along nicely' today, which made me smile It felt really reassuring.

dinkystinky Sun 17-Feb-13 15:33:06

Hello all - am up north at friends place for a couple of days and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Vinegar hope your shifts aren't too busy and you get some downtime to rest.

Mummykanny - just copy and paste the dates list in new post on the other thread and type yourself and the due date in at the relevant place. Only works if you're posting from a PC though.

Mcktastic - so sorry that you are being put through unnecessary stress in this way. Make sure you make a big list of questions you want to ask -including why you didn't get a phone call, what the issue is, why is it an issue, etc - and take it with you. Am keeping my fingers crossed all is OK.

Tom - you have my utmost sympathies. I suffered terrible sinusitis as a kid and know how debilitating it can be. Steam baths helped a tiny bit but barely touched the edges. Our nanny swears by acupuncture for shifting her sinusitis. Not sure which would be worse for me!

Totally - glad the return to work seems to be going smoothly.

Photographer - hope you have unpacked OK and are settling in well.

Tingly nipples not an issue here (though had it really badly with my other two pregnancies). Heavy jumpers at all times seemed to help abit as the cold definitely made it worse.

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