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May 2013 - celebrating our entry into the 3rd trimester and an early arrival!

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SevenReasonsToSmile Thu 14-Feb-13 20:35:41

Welcome to the new thread, grab a brew.

rainand Fri 15-Feb-13 19:17:41

Ellyppo, ng1412, Wirrawoo, SevenReasonsToSmile, aberjen Thanks all for the welcome! smile I'm 26 weeks, due at the end of May. Had my ups and downs, but no sickness atm, so happy smile How are you all doing?

Wirrawoo My natal hypnotherapy book is in the post, going to read that 1st and then get the CD. Trying to get the library to order a copy as I just need the audio off it! grin

rainand Fri 15-Feb-13 19:20:07

This week has been the 1st week where I've started getting dizzy spells and light headedness. Anyone else feeling that way? I suspect I should bring my blood tests forward in case I am anaemic (my blood pressure has always been low, and was very low at last check up).

InNeedofSomeSleep Fri 15-Feb-13 19:21:46

I'm counting down till maternity to, 4 weeks to go. Yay!!

Did I see there was a Facebook group for the thread what is the name of it so I can join.

Struggling today with the tiredness didn't sleep well last night coz I ate too much valentines food so suffered with indigestion all night. Also my craving for ice is getting silly now currently sat with some ice lollies.


SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 15-Feb-13 20:40:52

inneed I've PM'd you about the Facebook group.

rain I've been experiencing slightly dizzy spells on and off for ages every now and then, my MW has never seemed bothered tbh. My red blood cells are smaller than they should be so can't carry as much iron, I guess like being slightly anaemic so I'm guessing that's the culprit. My blood pressure is no lower than at booking and its not always when I've not eaten so not likely to be blood sugar levels. I've got an appt with the GP in a couple of weeks so I'll be mentioning it then. Get it checked out if you're concerned.

elly sorry to hear about the crutches, though glad it sounds like everything is going really well with your LO. As much as i'd rather not have a CS it must be a lot less daunting that you'll know exactly when your baby will arrive, I hate the randomness that labour could start at any time regardless of where you are or what you're doing. Thankfully my waters broke at 6am with DD so I was still in bed, I think I'd be so embarrassed if it happened out somewhere grin

Remember when Friday nights used to be fun? I'm in bed already about to start knitting!

michmab Fri 15-Feb-13 20:43:17

Hi everyone

Want to introduce myself as have been reading threads for a while now. Am expecting baby mid may 26+ 5. Already have DS who is 2.5. Looking forward to hopefully having a may baby as last time DS was due mid may but arrived mid april, I was in total denial that I was in labour and more upset that he wasn't a may baby, so fingers crossed maybe this time ; )

MammaBrussels Fri 15-Feb-13 21:21:55

Hello Michmab & InNeedofSomeSleep!

Cripes, I've got 10 weeks to go until I start my mat leave. Can't believe some of you are starting so soon (lucky bitches grin).

Bunnychan Fri 15-Feb-13 21:52:37

Haha! mamma I've still got 12 weeks to go. :-s Got Easter holiday in there though to break it up x

Wirrawoo Sat 16-Feb-13 07:43:41

rainand can sympathise with the dizzy light-headed stuff, I have been getting that quite a bit in the last few weeks although it seems to have calmed down now (got a few more steaks into my diet and a bit more rest!). It seemed to be just related to low blood pressure, low blood sugar and pushing myself too hard without putting enough fuel in the tank as it were. Lying on my left side at night helped, being propped up sitting and just regulating my diet and rest a bit more. It was v reassuring to be checked out by the GP though so recommend it if you are concerned.

Am up far too early considering I couldn't sleep until 2am last night as LO appears to be practising to be an Olympic cyclist! A nap will definitely be required at some point today. Is this what they call pregnancy insomnia?! The dream genii pillow has been a godsend but unfortunately it doesn't cure the cat deciding to play crazy fun times with fav jingly ball on my duvet at 6am. Now am awake and starving. They say you only need 200 extra calories but I am definitely needing to eat more most days just to keep from knawing my own arm off!
Hey for those people into name researching at the mo, For anyone feeling a bit hippy dippy about it there is a website called that does a sort of numerology analysis of most names out there for you. I'm not usually into that but the analysis for my own slightly out there name was so massively spot on that now I am feverishly typing in all our baby name options blush
Have ordered the cot from the mothercare website and am looking for good front opening nighties for the hospital bag/initial time at home. So am I likely to throw out whatever it is I give birth in or are they keepable?

Ellypoo Sat 16-Feb-13 08:01:03

Welcome newbies grin

Morning Wirra, typically i woke up properly when DH went to work this morning - any other morning when i have to be up i can sleep right through!! you will poss not have anything on by the time you actually give birth, or maybe a hospital gown so don't worry too much about that. I would buy some cheap black knickers and poss darker nighties for after - when you are in bed you could always 'hitch' them up around your waist to avoid ruining them. I lived in mine for a few weeks after last time and def didn't chuck them.

Ellypoo Sat 16-Feb-13 08:03:58

Oh and bollocks to the 'only needing an extra 200 calories/day' - I'm constantly starving and if I don't eat, I get mega heartburn so I have to eat! Plenty of time to worry about it after, and hopefully we'll have some half decent weather this summer so we'll be able to go out for lots of walks, fx gringringrin

ng1412 Sat 16-Feb-13 08:38:45

Agree with you Elly I bought loads of black knickers one size bigger than normal and three cheap, cotton night dresses which I took to hospital and they are fine and definitely will be used again this time round.

BeauticianNotMagician Sat 16-Feb-13 08:57:34

Hi ladies just marking my place on new thread. Will read through properly later.

Just noticed some of you are due to start maternity leave soon. At what week are you all starting it?

I was going to start leave at week 36 but now I'm thinking I may leave at week 33 25th March as its the Easter holidays.Ill probably still get maternity pay to kick in at week 36 though. It's just that it seems pointless using childcare for Easter when I could be at home fitting in activities for the last time with just my older two.

10storeylovesong Sat 16-Feb-13 09:23:23

wirra I spent a fortune on nursing nighties, and as soon as it looked like labour was on its way the hospital whipped me into a hospital gown. I found I wasn't comfy wandering around the ward in my nighties so ended up in my comfy pjs.

And yeah, lots of big black knickers are a must!

InNeedofSomeSleep Sat 16-Feb-13 09:44:17

I was meant to finish good Friday but gonna finish the week before now coz I'm a childminder and the parents have time off work so it worked out better for me. Running around after 1 toddler is hard work the other kids wear me out. I am planning to go back at beginning of September tho so starting earlier will be nice. Hoping the weather starts to cheer up so I can get out and about with my dd.

beaver33 Sat 16-Feb-13 13:32:42

Hey y'all, what a lovely new thread.

Welcome rain and michmab!

On labour, I am blissfully unconcerned. I think that's called "denial" but my view at the moment is that it's probably not something I'll be able to control so I'm happy to just go with the flow. That said, I'm sure I'll feel very differently on the day but for's all flowers and butterflies, la la la laaah...

Guess what? Got the bank to refund the cash. Wrote to complaints dept and copied it to their press office (I'm a journalist) and alleged they didn't care if their pregnant customers were robbed at cashpoints. Cue a £200 refund and two very apologetic phone calls. Happy beaver.

So, I'm at work today and my lovely colleague, who sits opposite me, has come in with a sore throat. This would not necessarily worry me but her stepson has been in hospital with scarlet fever caused by strep A infection. I can find lots online about pregnancy and strep B, but less on what it means if I get a strep A infection. Any ideas, anyone? Should I be worried? The last two mornings I've woken up with a sore throat so I may already be infected with whatever it is....

House problems still stressing me out. I will be homeless in less than two weeks if the sale is not sorted out. This is making me VERY tetchy although DH seems unconcerned. Goddammit, I want to NEST. NOW.

Also, my NCT class has just been cancelled after 'lack of interest'. Anyone else had this?? So annoyed as it was for my new area and I was hoping it would introduce me to other local mums. There's another NCT class relatively close, but the times are just not compatible with my job - I know I can take time off for them, but they literally fall at the very busiest part of my week so I can't see the office agreeing.


MaybeAMayBaby Sat 16-Feb-13 14:47:46

Brilliant news, Beaver. I never understood them not doing so in the first place. Time to go shopping!

Was it Bood who asked about when starting ML? I'll be 35 weeks (delivery at 38 weeks max). But I actually break up for 2 weeks Easter hols before that, so really more like 33!

Welcome new ladies!

Had new boiler fitted today. I can't believe the difference in the radiator temperature! They are at least twice as hot. All good as the house has always felt cold. Gas company owe us £400, plus with the savings with a new boiler, I'm hoping our payments will drop significantly in time for being off work.

Can we use Vicks? I am so bunged up and sinuses hurt. I'm trying to refrain from drugs but I'm feeling like a wimp.

I was another one that preferred pJs. I had one nightie because my DM insisted. Are PJs a no no with a C section?

Boodstress Sat 16-Feb-13 15:00:42

Hi maybe I think that was Beaut re maternity leave.

Re PJs and sections, I've had a couple of CSs and you are very sore across your scar plus you will have a catheter in to start with so a discreet nightie (you won't wear pants to start with) is pretty essential. When I changed to PJs I had over the bump ones so it doesn't touch your scar.

Boodstress Sat 16-Feb-13 15:02:07

Oh and maybe my sinuses are terrible, had this preg congestion before. Saline spray is all they will give me in the chemist.

berri Sat 16-Feb-13 15:39:31

Thanks seven for the new thread!

Hi rainand, inneed and michmab welcome! smile

elly how annoying about your crutches - although if they help take some of the pressure off they must be a good thing.

Beaver I'm SO pleased about your refund! About bloody time. V annoying about your NCT classes, although maybe have a look into stuff you can join once the baby is here - in my old SW london area there were loads of drop in new-baby groups/baby massage/play cafes/bumps and babies etc which you can join - I met loads of people that way. Hope your house stuff gets sorted asap!

How's everyone getting on who is doing the hypno stuff? I've got 2 classes left...wish I had some more at the moment but guess I'll get more confident in it as time goes on!

My sinuses are terrible too but I'm totally converted to those breath-right strips, they make an amazing difference at night, so worth a try.

Funny some of you are experiencing sickness again - me too. Have gone back to making sure I eat first thing, like it was at the start! Also if I force myself to eat the full-fat natural yoghurt, I've noticed that I don't really get heartburn all day....big discovery!! I never really feel like eating it but if it gets rid of nausea and heartburn in one, then I will!

Wirra I'll be homesick with you grin. Seasalt jealous of you being at home in time for the baby's arrival envy Hope you are having a good time in Oz!

Snowy here in Chicago still! Hoping it'll be lovely and warm by May smile

SevenReasonsToSmile Sat 16-Feb-13 15:53:14

Hi mich. It's perfectly normal to have a preterm birth followed by a full-term one, however I'd advise you don't set your hopes too high on a May baby. I've had two earlies, at 35+5 and 35+6, it seems that's when my body decides its had enough of being pregnant. I've no expectations of going beyond 36 weeks, if I do it's a bonus. Did your DS need to go to SCBU?

10 thanks for posting more pics on the fb group. Sounds like he's doing really well, can't believe he's a week old already!

beaut I think it's a really lovely idea starting ML a little earlier and doing activities with your older two. I think we'll try to fit in a trip to the zoo after Easter before the next one comes, just easier to do these things without a newborn as well!

beaver so glad you got your money back. Sorry to hear about the NCT classes. Find out if your new area has a sure start centre, they often have plenty of groups you can go to once baby is here and are a good place to meet other new mums. No idea about Strep A, if you're concerned I'd suggest calling MW first thing on Monday morning.

maybe glad it's warmer now. Being ill in pregnancy sucks, I'm not sure about vicks tbh. I have some PJ bottoms from Asda that are really soft and stretchy and have a really wide non-elasticised waistband. I'd have thought some like that perhaps in a bigger size would be ok after a CSection.

I've never been made to wear a hospital gown, I've always taken off my bottoms and birthed in what I was wearing. You'll have a bath or shower after the birth anyway so just keep PJs in the top of your hospital bag and put them on then before you get moved onto the ward, if you're not lucky enough to get a 4 hour discharge that is!

Those suffering PGP is there anything that helps? I know nothing, never suffered with either of my other two, but round the back of my hips is agony today. Picking up 15 month DD certainly isn't helping matters either.

Rhienne Sat 16-Feb-13 16:23:01

Hi all.

Can someone please PM me about the FB group?

I've booked to start mat leave 4 weeks before LO is due. DS was 40+3 or so, so there's no reason to think this one will be really early. Last time I worked to 38 weeks, and the last couple of weeks were very tiring. This time I'm less motivated in my role too, so this feels right. Can't wait for it to come, actually.

I gave birth in a hospital gown, and I wore nighties after, but that's cos none of my PJs fitted. I'm a PJs person, and got lovely mamma PJs for xmas, so I'll be wearing them this time, unless something unexpected happens. Then I lived in comfy pants (joggers, yoga pants, whatever you call them) for ages anyway.

Managed to go to the craft fair today, and take DS to give DH some own time. Exhausted now, but feels good to have managed something besides sitting on the couch in my weekend!

MammaBrussels Sat 16-Feb-13 16:24:53

Beaver, I thought work had to give you time off for antenatal care. Could you, through careful description, present the NCT course as if it were antenatal care?

Well done for getting your cash back from the bank.

Re: birthing attire - I laboured in a maternity tankini top and a big T-shirt. Don't have anything too complex to get in and out of. Also bear in mind that you may be on a drip which can make changing a bit of a faff. Also remember that hospital gowns don't do up at the back. They might encourage you to go for a walk to speed things along so remember to cover your bum up (which may be made more difficult if you have a drip in and can't put your dressing gown on).

Rhienne Sat 16-Feb-13 16:26:27

Oh - and huge sympathy for those with bad sinuses! Mine were awful with the bad cold I had in January, mfelt like I had major toothache all across my upper jawline.. I lived on paracetamol and saline nasal spray. I did use Vicks one night when they were really bad, but it's not really recommended, and the smell made me nauseous. My doctor prescribed me with a steroid nasal spray - said the enclosed paperwork said it was not recommended during pregnancy but newer research says it's ok. It's no quick fix, but they got better over the days I was taking it, so maybe it helped.

ng1412 Sat 16-Feb-13 17:12:55

Been doing some serious nesting, washed all sheets, blankets etc for Moses basket and crib, washed muslins and baby clothes and put them all in neat piles in our dressing room wardrobe.

Then made a lovely pasta and pancetta bake thing which is my favourite dish and very yummy.

And all this while looking after a lively DD, who thank goodness had a nice long nap this morning and let mummy get on with things.

DH has been painting a bedroom all day and is half way through (it is a big room) so he is nesting by proxy smile

shelly81 Sat 16-Feb-13 18:15:54

I've been out in the garden today painting walls & gates DP keeps laughing at me hehe I've also bathed the dog and disinfected all the drains etc ouside think my next plan is to paint my kitchen but for now I'm going to collapse on the couch .....forgot how tiring it is being pg ha xxx

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