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May 2013 - celebrating our entry into the 3rd trimester and an early arrival!

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SevenReasonsToSmile Thu 14-Feb-13 20:35:41

Welcome to the new thread, grab a brew.

beaver33 Wed 17-Apr-13 16:43:17

rachy any news? How exciting for you - keeping everything crossed (and yet, at the same time, not crossed, IYSWIM).

Beaut I SO know what you mean re the moving stress. You have taken on an awful lot at the moment - it's a lot for a non-pregnant person - so don't feel bad about breaking down. Everyone will understand. I can't remember if you said you were buying or renting, but how crap of the old tenant/landlord/seller not to clean properly. If it's landlord-owned I'd complain if I were you and get them to pay for it to be professionally cleaned. That's the least I'd expect moving into a new property.

Take it easy on yourself, won't you? And get help. Lots of help. It will all fall into place, I promise. It just doesn't all happen at once. My hallway and living room are still stacked with boxes and the nursery hasn't been painted and is full of rubbish. So my mat leave's going to be busy...

SiSi I think they can turn any time, really. I wouldn't worry. I don't think anyone gets concerned until right up to the birth if they haven't turned and engaged.

Been having quite a bit of 'low down' pain today, both in the lower back and front. Bump feels really tight at the bottom. Sure it's just Braxton Hicks but it's the most uncomfortable it's been and verging on painful. I doubt it's contractions - am 36+2 - but I hope it's a sign that things are moving in the right direction!

But then I read your post Seven and suddenly thought, Gulp....

MooLL Wed 17-Apr-13 19:43:35

Hi all - hope everyone is coping with the last stages of pregnancy and is resting up as much as possible for the weeks ahead. All good news from here. I was released from hospital about 10 days ago and am now off all my blood pressure medication and BP back to a normal 120/80 at all times. Pre-eclampsia is an amazing illness - it comes on so fast, goes out of control and about a 5 days after birth goes away totally. Mine was particularly bad this time as I had both pre-eclampsia and hypertension. However the care I got at Kingston was amazing and fully recovered (although will NEVER have another child after this time - thankful for my 2 girls!). C section also healed well and now walking everywhere, runnning up and down stairs, bending, picking up my 3 1/2 old etc ... much quicker recovery than the first time (only benefit of a little early baby!). As for Clementine again all good news. She is now 2 weeks old and would have been 35 weeks on Friday. She has moved to the final room in the neo-natal department known as the departure lounge. She is off all tubes/monitors and even her feed tube is out as she is taking all milk from the bottle. She has started to gain weight again and I was shocked to hear she will be coming home probably this weekend!!!!!!! she is still only 3lbs 4oz and 35 weeks old but has passed all the tests so they see no need for her to stay. I must admit I got pretty emotional when I was told - I think a mix of releif she was totally fine, happy we can be a family at home and also fear of having such a weeny at home! However at the moment I am rushing like a loony dropping off my DD1 Poppy at pre-school at 8am then onto the bus to the hospital to do the 9am and 12pm feeds then back home and off to pick up DD1 again ... so if anything having Clemmie at home will be more relaxing (although not looking forward to the 12am and 3am and 6am feeds!!!!). Anyway many many thanks for all the well wishes and I cannot wait to hear all your stories over the coming weeks!!!!! exciting!!!!

MammaBrussels Wed 17-Apr-13 20:23:13

MooLL what a lovely post! So pleased that you and Clemmie are doing well. Can't believe the early babies are ready to getting ready to go home already - it's amazing.

Boodstress Wed 17-Apr-13 20:55:58

MooLL thanks for posting! How wonderful that all has gone so well . I can understand how daunting it would be to have a baby that small coming home. Lucky you're her Mum and instincts will take over.

Beaver I feel pretty similar though in my case I've been over doing it as well so it's hard to know which is my body screaming STOP! I've had two shitty incidents with the boys and school runs the last two days and its left me feeling crap and inept. One week tomorrow and counting. Meeting mid wife in the morning to discuss the birth plan. That will be exciting so focusing on that.

Beaut hope it's not too stressful and that you have lots of help. Hope you're getting to practice re driving test, good luck!

Wirrawoo Wed 17-Apr-13 20:56:37

Mooll So happy to hear your news and it sounds like you have recovered amazingly well. Am in awe of your C-section recovery! Brilliant news about Clementine, keep us updated with your news smile xxx

CluelessNewbie1 Wed 17-Apr-13 21:21:56

Hi everyone. I never post but am reading all the posts and keeping up with the news. It's all gone fine for me and bump so far (fingers crossed) however we are relocating now 4 weeks after baby is due (if due on time)(husband has new job. Our house goes on the market this week and we have to exchange on a new house in 4 weeks. Argh stress! Plus side is the new house is two minutes away from my parents and my brother and his family and five minutes from my husbands parents and brother and sister. It will be lovely to have support around us. Downside is the house hasn't been redecorated since it was built in 1970 so my maternity leave will be spent with paintbrush in hand!

Thingiebob Thu 18-Apr-13 02:48:23

Have had a few pains yesterday which seemed more intense than the constant BH I have had so far. I have woken now with pressure in bum, lower back pain and aching tingly thighs. I've been for a wee and had some pink tinged discharge.

I am 38 wks today with second child and DH works about 40 mins away from home and Hospital is 40 mins in other direction from me so it will be an hour and twenty mins trip to get home and get me to hospital as well as sort out child care.

Was induced last time so no real idea what to expect. Should I ask him to work from home today or panicking unnecessarily?

DXBMermaid Thu 18-Apr-13 06:45:03

Goodmorning ladies, am feeling rather good today thanks to Chiro who sorted me out again yesterday. Let's see how long it lasts.

Thingie if it's an option and puts your mind at ease then why not. Just be prepared to have to quiet days... My DH is working from home today so that means I can't sort out the kitchen as it makes too much noise. Oh well, will just have to have a couch day smile

MooLL that is such good news! Enjoy having Clementine at home and just shut everybody out for a week or so till you feel settled.

When do BH usually start? I'm 35+1 and so far have felt nothing though occasionally my bump does feel harder then other times. Usually when I've overdone it.

Pest control is coming on Sunday so need to clear out all the lovely baby clothes and keep them at a friends for a day or so. Will take bedding and mattrass out as well and cover furniture in nusery with bin bags. Not happy, but it's the lesser of two evils as I can not stand the thought of having cockroaches anywhere near my baby!

lollypopsicle Fri 19-Apr-13 08:39:31

Well it's quiet on here lately!
mermaid some people never get BH, others get them from pretty early on. You're more likely to feel them in a second+ preg.

So lovely to here you and clementine are doing so well moo

I managed to get through the working week grin yay me! I'm using the crutches at work which helps but they're impossible to use when out and about with a 2 yr old. Only 2 weeks left which is 6 working days for me. I CAN do this [grrrr emoticon]

elly how is your PGP now baby is born? Do you still have to use the crutches?

Today I will mostly be spring cleaning while cbeebies babysits DS. Then perhaps we'll make cakes to redress the balance.

Enjoy your day, ladies.


WestieMamma Fri 19-Apr-13 09:16:42

Baby Jacob David St George was due on 1 May but decided a speedy arrival on Wednesday 17th at 11.15 was preferably. The paramedic has since found a new job as Wicket Keeper for the national cricket team following his rocket like arrival out in the street as his mummy clung to the back step of the ambulance.

WestieMamma (previously FlamingNoraImPregnantPanda)

scooby26 Fri 19-Apr-13 09:43:09

Westie- wow! Hope ur both ok and not too traumatised!

Boodstress Fri 19-Apr-13 09:49:28

OMG seriously, how amazing and quite scary I imagine. Lovely name for such a prompt little man. Will look out for the 'both story' when things calm down. Big congrats!

Boodstress Fri 19-Apr-13 09:55:48

birth story ..soz

beaver33 Fri 19-Apr-13 10:01:23

Westie That's amazing - well done you (and paramedic). A lovely story, if one of the more unusual ones I've heard....! Congratulations. Can't wait to hear more.

Take care of you xx flowers

roastpotatoes Fri 19-Apr-13 10:23:51

Fantastic news! Congratulations westie!

tasmaniandevilchaser Fri 19-Apr-13 10:24:21

Wow! Westie! Sounds exciting! Congrats, hope you're recovering well.

lollypopsicle Fri 19-Apr-13 10:29:03

wowza westie sounds like in the movies! well done for waking up the thread grin
hope you've all recovered from the shock. congratulations!

TigerSwallowtail Fri 19-Apr-13 10:31:37

Congratulations westie! And welcome to the world baby Jacob grin I hope you're all doing well.

It's not even May yet and so many of our babies have already arrived!

Artichook Fri 19-Apr-13 10:42:08

Congrats Westie! Can't wait to hear the full details of your quick arrival. I hope you are both doing well.

Today is the first day of my maternity leave. It feels so odd. First time round you do NCT and make all these friends who'll be off work with you but it's different this time, I don't know many people who aren't working, am going to have to make a plan of action as I like to keep busy.

Zorra Fri 19-Apr-13 10:47:34

Blimey, Westie, huge congrats! Look forward to the full story, and hope you are enjoying lovely baby cuddles with your little man x

InNeedofSomeSleep Fri 19-Apr-13 10:49:32

Congratulations Westie. X

DizziDoll Fri 19-Apr-13 10:52:27

Wow Westie, what a story. Congrats!

I have been lurking as usual but not posting much. I am counting down to my ELCS though if labour starts spontaneously before, I would like to give it a go. It is highly unlikely though. Plus my consultant doesn't seem so keen to let me try after 2 previous c-sections. Has anyone had a VBA2C?

aberjen Fri 19-Apr-13 10:56:31

Wow Westie, congratulations! smile and also shock Hope you're all well

scooby26 Fri 19-Apr-13 10:59:32

Just a Quicky- is it worth having a separate page for people to type their ''birth stories' if they would like to? We did that last time with DS ( dizzidoll may recall ) the theory being those wishing to offload can without scaring any first timers who have their head in the sand and wish to choose whether to read or not ;-)

SevenReasonsToSmile Fri 19-Apr-13 11:31:13

Congrats westie on your speedy arrival!

scooby perhaps it would be a good idea for anyone to mention now if they'd rather not read birth stories, then we could start a seperate thread if necessary, but if not just post them here? Or we just put a BIRTH STORY ALERT at the top of the post and people could just dkil it if they dont want to read it? There's not long for anyone to be burying their head in the sand though, it's something we'll all be going through in the following weeks! When I had my first I was happy to read all types of birth stories, I thought it best to be prepared for all eventualities just in case.

arti mine was transverse but is now head down but still free. Thanks for your post, I'd stopped worrying as it hasn't occurred to me she could still turn back again. I'll keep using the birthing ball and hopefully get her to engage before I relax completely!

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