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Dad's work rights for midwife visits etc...

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StarlightMcKenzie Sat 09-Feb-13 12:37:17

Antental visits are blimming boring and for a healthy pregnancy a total non-event, and you'll be lucky if you even get anthing by way of a conversation with the midwife.

It usually goes like this over 3 minutes:

MW: Have you brought your wee? Right, pop it there.
MW: Hold your arm out. BP fine. Pop on the bed.
MW: Fine, Bye.

AnyaKnowIt Sat 09-Feb-13 12:30:34

Why would the dad want to go to every visit? Scans I can understand, dp changed days off to go.

redwellybluewelly Sat 09-Feb-13 12:28:15

Scans he is given paid leave, he doesn't come to MW appointments except the first one where he wants to be a part of it. My consultant appointments are after each scan so he is able to come to those.

LovesGSD Mon 04-Feb-13 13:54:09

For scans it was ok for him to come with me and be paid, any other app's I'm sure he would have to take a holiday but I didn't need/want him to come with me.

SauvignonBlanche Mon 04-Feb-13 13:50:33


scarlettsmummy2 Mon 04-Feb-13 13:50:10

Holiday, and to be honest, having attended two sets of ante natal class, it was better when the dads didn't go- the conversation flowed much better!

constantnamechanger Mon 04-Feb-13 13:48:34


mummatotwo Mon 04-Feb-13 13:48:13

pregnant women are allowed paid time off for midwife, drs and hospital visits etc.. but what Dad's?

If your husband was to attend every visit, appointment with you are they entitled to paid time off or would they have to take this as holiday etc?

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