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September 2013 - fretting our way through the first trimester

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KamikazeeKid Sun 03-Feb-13 13:38:51

Created as other thread filling up!

Dorita75 Sun 03-Feb-13 18:03:33

I've only got my booking in appointment at the moment, 13th Feb. Last time my midwife booked the scan at the booking in, for few wks later when I'd be 12+2. Unfortunately it didn't last until then but I'm assuming it will be done the same way this time and just hope there's not a queue!

We've told several people but just closest friends, parents, brothers, sisters, and my boss. If anything goes wrong these are the people who'll either need to know (my boss) or we'll need support from. Plus, it was nice to get excited about it as last time I waited and didn't have that.

Going back to work tomorrow after a week off, not looking forward to coping with the nausea.....badguider I really feel for you, I hope the next few days go fast for you.

redandyellowandpinkandgreen Sun 03-Feb-13 18:50:02

cravingformilk I'm not sure about telling DS either. It has stopped me telling parents too as he'd pick up on it and tell the world I'm sure. I think we'll have to do it after the scan as he'll pick up on it but it feels a long time for him to wait.

Rosyisgonnabeamummy Sun 03-Feb-13 19:00:39

O m g!!! Facebook ground rules?? And from m I L !?!?!

We have told people who we are close with and only if we have seen them face to face. Reason being that if we mc then I know I will need my pals to support me, and I know my dh will be too gutted to share, so will need his mates to drag him out

We went pram shopping today. Premature I know but thought we would do some research. Weights of and heights of etc.

Decided that I'm gonna get most things from gumtree - other than bottles, and car seat. It's so expensive!!!

I had a dream last night that my babe was born blonde.

GirlWithTheYellowHat Sun 03-Feb-13 20:23:26

Marking my place

I've been reading the last thread just never posted as I felt I'd just be moaning about how ill I feel. Sorry to all those who recently got off the bus, makes me wonder if I shouldn't have told anyone, but what's done is done. Hoping to get my scan date through soon as I'm about 10+1 and I can't stand the suspense much longer! Can't afford a private scan so that's not even an option.

My nephew thinks its twins so we'll need to wait and see what's going on in there!

batfuttocks Sun 03-Feb-13 20:34:30

Hello all, old and new.
Just marking my place on this shiny new thread!
For those asking when to tell dcs, we did at about 6 weeks, as I was so sick. Just said, we think there might be a baby in my tummy as I am so sick. Then, when the scan was done (dd age 4 came with me) we said we were looking to see if we could find one. Now they have seen the scan they know there's a baby there at the moment, but sometimes things go wrong whilst they re being made and we are going to check how things are going in a few weeks time (nuchal scan). They are being great about it.

MrsMc82 Sun 03-Feb-13 20:42:21

Hi juniper

Stats from here
Sonographer said 80/85% at 6+4 ish. .... and read 95% at 7weeks some where too another private scan place I think.....

MrsMc82 Sun 03-Feb-13 20:51:31

Oh and we've told ds..... he heard Dh snf I talking send asked "is there a baby in your tummy mummy?" He's 3.... don't liketo lie to him so told him yes, but it's going to take a really really really long time to come out and left it at that seems unphased!

badguider Sun 03-Feb-13 21:10:52

I've had to stop yoga as I did ashtanga which is pretty intense and it just felt wrong in my abdomen. My yoga studio does pregnancy fitness yoga (so not birth prep) and I REALLY want to go... But we haven't told anyone yet... am wondering if I can sneak a peak first to check there's nobody I know in there? Feels very cloak and dagger...

andadietcoke Sun 03-Feb-13 21:15:13

badguider I love the idea of your covert mission to the yoga class. It made me laugh after the GP's on Wednesday. Big neon sign bleeps up with 'andadietcoke - midwife - room 5'. Brilliantly discreet.

Wincher Sun 03-Feb-13 21:52:14

I walked home from my booking appointment with my great big bounty folder under my arm labelled 'pregnancy information' - was desperately hoping not to bump into anyone knew! I wished I'd taken a bigger bag!

We have told quite a lot of people - close family, close friends. People who we would tell anyway if things go wrong. I am rubbish at keeping secrets.

SGJ Sun 03-Feb-13 22:32:25

I like that approach,*batfuttocks*, and lovely that they're being so great about it.
Am going shopping with my sister tomorrow who has a hospital doppler as she's a midwife... might ask her to try and find a heartbeat!

MeanMrsMustard Mon 04-Feb-13 07:23:34

Morning - hope you all had good weekends.
I have been reading the August thread too, but actually found it quite a comfort. I'm 11 weeks and over the past week my sickness has been easing and changing. (it used to be a sort of deep nausea and appear at the same times every day staying quite a while. Now I feel like gagging a few times a day mainly whilst travelling or if i'm too warm. Thinking about it, it's gone back to how the ms started off 6 weeks ago) . Anyway, a lot of the August ladies had their sickness easing after about 9 weeks, and have as far as I can see, gone on to have healthy scans.

My scan is 2 weeks tomorrow. Still so far away! I was going to tell my mum the day after so had already arranged for her to come round that evening for a meal. Had also booked in to see in laws and my oldest friend (who is very hard to pin down!) later in the week. It was all so perfect and organised but now mum has text to say she is going away that week so my plans have been thwarted! I am unreasonably pissed off! I can't imagine my mum not being the first person I tell so will have to have a complete rethink. Gah. Serves me right for being organised for once. It was probably tempting fate anyway...

Sorry for the long and indulgent post. Am nearly at work now so will leave you all in peace!

HettySunshine Mon 04-Feb-13 08:04:20

Morning ladies, another week begins! I have my booking in appointment on Friday so only a four day working week, hurray! I think we're going to visit my mum this weekend (I told her a few weeks ago but haven't seen her since Christmas). She's a retired health visitor and before that she was a midwife so a very useful person to talk to.

I mentioned my lack of symptoms and she said she never had any ms with me, or many other symptoms, apart from the metallic taste in her mouth that I have had once or twice. That has made me feel much more relaxed about things. Have those of you who have told your mums done the same? Might put some minds to rest.

LexyMa Mon 04-Feb-13 09:12:45

Hi all. Symptoms have all dropped off here other than total exhaustion, sore boobs and I had a bit of pain in my fanny-bone when I was moving furniture on Saturday... probably slightly foolish to do that but we had a sofa being delivered and needed the old one into another room.

Booking in is this Thurs but I can't find where I have put the notes book that the GP started off!!

Still haven't told anyone. My dad was visiting this weekend and I managed to claim I had a long running cold which was making me so tired. Also joined in the wine drinking but only half a glass.

I got asked outright by one of our friends who is keenest for us to get on with having another.. on New Year's Eve (!!!) we had been talking about school choices or something and in context of my old plan to take a big chunk of leave and possibly trying to time the arrival of DC2 when DS starts the complicated short days going into reception, she asked when my last period was (!!!!!) and I blustered a bit and said I dunno off hand, it's all on my phone in an app. Of course at that point I was 4+6 and absolutely not about to tell her, lovely as she is. I bet when we do announce it she will claim to have known from then.

Am also wondering how to make sure PILs don't broadcast it on Facebook, they didn't do FB last time and to me it seems less intrusive that they would have phoned their family/friends etc. Whenever they put a picture of DS up or I do and tag them so they spot it (they're not on FB all the time) I get a flurry of friend requests from random distant cousins who I've never met, or have met and find zero in common with them. I just ignore but always worry that I'm coming across as snooty.

Eeeknumber3 Mon 04-Feb-13 09:21:17

Me zombie! Been told I wont get one til 12-14 weeks and that won't hear about it for another 3 weeks or so, am 7 weeks today...feel like I've just been left! Also no midwife qppt at GP til 16 weeks, I understand this is my third, but still?!

Creamtea1 Mon 04-Feb-13 09:35:52

eek I'm on number 3 too and was told at booking that if I was under midwife led care I wouldn't get another appt till 16 weeks. As it turned out I had to be under consultant led so means I get an appt at 12 weeks on same day as scan. So anyway I think for old timers smile like us it is the norm to have booking, 16 weeks, 24 weeks and then a couple more after that.

Kilkers Mon 04-Feb-13 09:52:35

Excited as I've got my booking in appointment on Thursday! MW sounds very nice, we've moved areas so she's different from the one I had when I had an MC. Sounds like a very lively Geordie lass!

I'm naturally worried because of my previous MC, I'm not yet at the stage of asking for an early scan but I wondered if I ask her will she ask the hospital to check my hgc levels to set my mind at rest a bit. Does anyone know?

fl0b0t Mon 04-Feb-13 10:08:24

Ooh busy new thread smile

hetty my mum mentioned at Christmas that she was very sick when pg with me (chatting to sil about pregnancy) so at least I hope she will understand!

I've git to briefly brag about how absolutely wonderful my husband has been. I always knew he was a bloody good catch but he's looking after me so well. Hes done all the food shopping and washing up and emptying the bins and the clothes washing whilst I've laid on the sofa groaning for 4 days. He's made me small, plain snacks, not complained that I can't bare to be touched, he's let me book an early scan and has put together a schedule to tell close family this week to take the pressure off me! I feel very blessed right now.

My boss has also been great. I've now been off work for 6 days but I said I'd call her after my Dr appt today. so I guess I'll be telling her! Hope she takes it well! (she's gay with no maternal interest!)

I'm still feeling mad about the mil thing if I'm honest. I really hate it when people are unable to respect other peoples personal news. I'd love to tell my best girl friend but feel unable to as she is terrible at secrets and her fiancee is even worse!

Creamtea1 Mon 04-Feb-13 10:13:30

I know this is far, far, farther than far too much information, but I feel the need to tell you I just did a 2lb poo grin

fl0b0t Mon 04-Feb-13 10:23:34


Kilkers Mon 04-Feb-13 10:49:28

I can identity with you CreamTea as I did a huge poo yesterday and it felt goooooood!

I've been so backed up I even saw my GP on Friday and he prescribed me some pg-safe laxatives/stool softeners. I haven't taken them yet as I'm too scared!

LexyMa Mon 04-Feb-13 11:23:03

A bouncing 2lb-er!!! Did you need to bear down for that?!?!

Creamtea1 Mon 04-Feb-13 11:27:39

Ladies the relief was immense!!! I should have thought of it as a practice! I can literally see the difference in my (less bloated) tummy.
I think it was the apricots that did it...recommend smile

Kilkers Mon 04-Feb-13 11:35:17

I can literally hear the MWs on OBEM shouting "just push into your bottom"! I've tried prunes and they didn't work so I might give the dried apricots a try.

Creamtea1 Mon 04-Feb-13 11:39:06

klikers they need to be the soft ones, not the totally dry ones. I got a big pack in sainsburys for 1.89, they were whitworths ones. I know m&s have small packs as snacks too

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