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September 2013 - fretting our way through the first trimester

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KamikazeeKid Sun 03-Feb-13 13:38:51

Created as other thread filling up!

WhizzsMum Sun 10-Feb-13 21:36:12

frog I'm feeling the same. Took a couple of days off last week, but I've only got a 4 day week to get through this week and then it's half term with a week off. I'm determined to get through it, but that could all change tomorrow morning! There doesn't have to be anything 'wrong' - you're creating a miracle inside you, if rest is needed then rest should be had!!

WhizzsMum Sun 10-Feb-13 21:45:16

Just thought I'd share a recent purchase...
Covent Garden Sanctuary Spa - Mum to be - Collagen boosting body butter
Feels gorgeous and the smell doesn't turn your tummy. Start using now for a gorgeous glowing bump to be. I used it from this stage last time and my skin held up well throughout my preganancy smile

CheeseStrawCraving Sun 10-Feb-13 23:06:26

Ooh whizz I've been using the bath salts stuff from there, it's lovely isn't it?

kimjayne it's effing frustrating isn't it? My not-so-darling husband walked into his aunt's house two weeks ago and announced to his parents, and the other 10 members of his family that we were expecting, despite the fact we had agreed only to tell the parents until after 12 week scan. I know he was excited but I was so angry with him I couldn't talk to him all evening.

I swear you should all just be mean and pile the guilt on to the people that have spilled the beans by telling them how disappointing it is that they have told your special news to people. Bastards. Ooh just thinking about it makes me rant.

I've decided to just be positive now, no point worrying, can't do anything. Once I had this epiphany I treated myself to a baked Camembert and a large glass of Chablis at dinner on Thurs. Bloody scrummy it was too.

frogchops Sun 10-Feb-13 23:21:22

We have a good 2/3 inches if snow here tonight. It's helped me decide on the work tomorrow situation!

Kilkers Sun 10-Feb-13 23:29:22

When I got pg last year my OH went round to a very old friend of his for dinner, got very VERY drunk and told the guy we'd like him to be godfather. We hadn't even really decided yet, I was only about 7 weeks pg and had a mc 3 weeks later confused Suffice to say I think he's learnt his lesson for this time!

Dorita75 Mon 11-Feb-13 08:19:21

Thanks girlwiththeyellowhat grin

I just can't believe the selfishness of people telling others baby news, are they stupid-can they really not see that we are the ones it's happening to and we are the ones who want to see peoples faces for what for some, could be a once in a lifetime experience? Ooo it makes me so mad!

badguider Mon 11-Feb-13 08:52:08

I'm starting to feel more and more sure that we won't tell anybody (except the four people we're skiing with at 12wks) until after our scan on Monday of week13... that way nobody needs to keep it from anybody...
The only issue is that I have to see a friend/colleague who do wome work with (self employed) before anybody mentions it on fb as he's on my fb too. The pregnancy will affect something we normally do annually but i've got a plan for that so have to speak to him before he hears.

I feel MUCH better today and I think it's because after having a headache all the second half of last week i've now had two whole days of FORCING at least 2.5litres of water down my throat each day. I think I was dehydrated and can't believe the difference it's made! (I managed it by adding a dash of lime coridal).

kipsonline Mon 11-Feb-13 09:15:54

My lovely parents have come today to look after the boys as they are poorly and I can't miss work. I had to wear my coat inside to hide the bump as there is no way my mum would miss it!! Not sure what ruse I will come up with later?! One more week of hiding to go!!

Creamtea1 Mon 11-Feb-13 09:49:11

Gahhh am 6lbs up now on pre preg weight...the nausea so needs to go away so I don't have to constantly eat white carbs to keep it at bay..trimestre 2 = healthy eating !!

jennimoo Mon 11-Feb-13 10:04:06

I've not been brave enough to weigh myself since the BFP. Once the sickness eases I will though...

Whyriskit Mon 11-Feb-13 10:10:26

Ugh, thought the nausea had abated a bit, but feeling yuck today. Also have DS1 home as schools are off this week.
I will tell people after 12 week scan (pils and parents already know) but not going to do a big fb announcement or anything. Have the 18 week cardio scan to get through after that!

EmmaDee Mon 11-Feb-13 10:13:41

I can't believe everyone's family's attitude, I've only told my mum and best mate and I'd kill them if the told anyone!!
This is my first and I'm totally paranoid that it won't be ok, haven't got a date for my booking yet, I'm 8 weeks today, is that normal?
I still haven't got any nausea just knackered and sore boobs! Think id be happier if I had a wee bit of sickness, just for some reassurance!!

jemimahpuddleduck Mon 11-Feb-13 10:18:38

I'm in the same boat to afraid to weigh myself bur know it's bad! I lost 2 stone a while ago so am now always careful but with feeling so sick I have to eat what I can which is always rubbish. As soon as I feel better I will be eating healthily to try and pull it back!

badguider Mon 11-Feb-13 10:37:53

I'm half a stone heavier since before conception and before christmas - a few lbs will be christmas weight which I then couldn't shift as I was too knackered to do my normal level of exercise in January and then a GOOD few lbs are my boobs!!! I swear they're twice as heavy as before.
I feel much more normal in my stomach now though - at 9+5 - so am back on vegetables and other healthy things. I really hope this is just my body adapting to the hormone levels and not an indication of dropping hormone levels confused

Creamtea1 Mon 11-Feb-13 10:40:38

Same jemimah I had lost 3 stone and it was such hard work, had to change my entire eating habits - and now I've had to do a complete 360 and revert back to eating all the 'bad' stuff sad I know it sounds ridiculously irrelevant, vain and pathetic but I am paranoid that everyone will be thinking 'ooh I know she wouldn't keep the weight off' etc etc. and I know the answer is stop stuffing my face with carbs then! But I will just do ANYTHING to stop the horrid nausea...arrrrgh
Sorry for stupid moany pointless rant ladies

Eeeknumber3 Mon 11-Feb-13 10:44:17

Oh dear god, I have the foulest gripey stomach ache and bad windy pops! It is defo gut related, rather than anything sinister. My 4 yr old was prompted to tell me I really stink this morning. Honestly, I feel like I live in outnumbered in the mornings, my dd is so like that little girl and DS is just 'bored of everything'! I hate the snow, we have another great load and I detest all the snow paraphernalia! On a food note, I can heartily recommend tesco finest mature cheddar and Devon butter scones....smothered in butter with marmite and cheese on if you please, thank you very muchly

kipsonline Mon 11-Feb-13 10:58:03

Eek the first joke my (v reticent about DC3) DH has been able to crack about this pg is that we may as well audition to be the (real) next outnumbered now!!!

jennimoo Mon 11-Feb-13 11:01:32

To those of you who've lost lots of weight, you might find my first pregnancy puts your mind at rest...

I lost 3.5stone in the couple of years before DD by reducing carbs, portion control etc. I was constantly hungry and eating throughout pregnancy and beyond and yet a few months after was only about half a stone heavier than where I'd started. I didn't over do the eating, but always ate if felt empty, hungry, or sick. When I went into labour I wasn't the heaviest I've ever been!

Not sure ill be so lucky this time around...

Eeeknumber3 Mon 11-Feb-13 11:09:15

Oh dear, three scones appear to have accidentally fallen into my mouth!

fl0b0t Mon 11-Feb-13 11:32:38

I'm still 3.5kg down (1/2 stone) since my BFP, mostly related to my sickness. I've been able to eat a bit more the last few days but still not putting on. I'm not worried though as I know baby will take all the good things it needs from me.

After another 13 hour sleep (with the cat sticking a claw in my arse twice this morning when I dared to move when he was comfy) I'm almost feeling back to (crappy tired sick) normal as opposed to yesterday which was awful. Managed to keep some toast down too. Just another 4 weeks now until the end of this sodding awful trimester, I can start to tell people properly, they'll understand why I've spent almost a month in bed (I hope) and I'll be on my way towards that lovely glowing second trimester.... RIGHT?

kimjayne I cannot believe how awful some people are being about sharing YOUR news. It drives me really batty when people can't understand that news like this is really important and a)that it's yours to tell when you want to (and they'll just have to suck it up) and b) that they can't understand how awful it would be to be the person finding out from a friend of a friend! ERG. sad

BinarySolo Mon 11-Feb-13 11:45:32

Got the scan sorted. Will now have it next Wednesday when I'll be 11+5 and will have the nuchal measurement done. Hospital were very understanding and positive. Then had to ring midwife, to get relevant paperwork sorted. Left a message with the healthcare assistant. She told me several times that it was only 75% accurate and there was a 3% risk of a false positive and even if I get a very low chance I could still have a baby with downs.

Am I reading to much into it, or is my local surgery anti nuchal measurements? I explained I only wanted to know the risk so I could prepare if it looked likely.

I feel really pissed off with them now. Frankly if I didn't live in a village and have no car I'd be switching surgeries and getting a new midwife.

BinarySolo Mon 11-Feb-13 11:48:19

Oh and I recommend aniseed balls for warding off nausea.

Creamtea1 Mon 11-Feb-13 11:56:01

Thanks jenimoo that is reassuring to hear, I can put up with half a stone afterwards if I'm lucky enough to get away with just that smile
Step away from the bread....

fl0b0t Mon 11-Feb-13 12:05:06

Oh god Aniseed?! That's almost as bad as suggesting ginger!! There's not much in life I don't eat but that's two things!!!

Eeeknumber3 Mon 11-Feb-13 12:15:59

Grrrrrr, had my booking in moved again by hospital, will now be nearly 11 weeks when I first see someone. Then I will have to wait for another date for nuchal and first scan. Am going to book a private nuchal too, as having talked to be lady at ultrasound now when she did the early scan, she said I would be surprised at the nhs nuchal, compared to the private ones I'd arranged for
last two pregnancies (wasn't available on nhs whe I had DS and dd). She may well have being doing a sales job on me, but she said they don't look at nasal bone or heart valves in nhs, all things they did privately, plus they accurately told me sex of baby both times. I probably wouldn't have bothered, but after all this messing about with appts and not seeing my Gp midwife til week 18, feel like I'll just take control of it all myself. We can't really afford it, but the savings we've made in wine helps!

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