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Due around Valentines day thread

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iamwhaticallpregnant Sun 27-Jan-13 16:45:54

Hi ladies - I am due on the 12th of February. Just wondering if anyone on here is due around that time (Valentines Day time)? Say 5 days either side - ish?

I thought it would be nice to start a thread so
1/ we could just count down the days together (relieve the boredom)
2/ we could share our thoughts and worries and ailments
3/ we could announce news of our labours / baby's arrivals

I am based in Leeds, due 12th Feb with first baby - boy, terrified about labour, currently battling crippling acid reflux and indigestion and stabbing pains in my fanjo. 17 days to go and counting down the seconds.

JOIN ME brew

Nicky1306 Sun 27-Jan-13 17:43:48


I am due 16th Feb DC2, getting generally uncomfortable now, also scared of labour, looking forward to having baby here.....but it still doesn't seem real!! grin

X x

Nicky1306 Sun 27-Jan-13 17:44:10

Oh and I'm in Watford, Hertfordshire x

simbaandblue Sun 27-Jan-13 18:07:57

I'm due on the 11th, boy, first baby and I live in Suffolk. Husband is in the army so I can be on my own sometimes and haven't had an easy time with the pregnancy recently! Just want him out now! 2 weeks tomorrow I have a sweep. Hope you ladies are relaxing on maternity leave now grin xxx

mushymoo Sun 27-Jan-13 18:14:37

I'm due on valentines day, first baby and its a girl smile who still likes to wriggle and hiccup whenever I want to sleep! Have been counting down for a while now, getting very uncomfortable and can't wait to meet her! Hope everyone's having a nice rest in this so called "calm before the storm" grin x

PK1975 Sun 27-Jan-13 18:53:07

Hi. I'm due on 13th. It's my first baby (a girl) and I'm terrified of labour! I'm really uncomfortable and finding it hard to sleep, walk or do anything useful! smile

bangersmashandbeans Sun 27-Jan-13 18:57:40

Hi! I'm due on the tenth with DC2 and am in Surrey. And am very impatient! I was induced at 38 weeks first time round so this waiting around is a first for me and I'm useless at at!

MJP1 Sun 27-Jan-13 19:00:50

Hello Im due on Monday 11th with my first a little girl, so excited cannot wait to meet her, am actually surprisingly calm about the birth "what will be will be" just really cannot wait to have the baby, have been on Maternity leave for 3 weeks now and am bored.

I did get really freaked out on Friday night with the heavy snowfall we had, my other half couldnt get home and stayed over at a collegues and I was getting stressed and convinced things were starting and I would be stranded. But after posting stressed messages on FB I realise that I do have support and people I can call on.

I have been having some twinges and stuff so hopefully it'll be anytime¬!!!!

Good luck everyone xxx

LadyL82 Sun 27-Jan-13 19:13:11

I'm due on 15th with DC3. Getting very fed up now! Terrified of going 2 weeks over, not sure how I'll cope.

iamwhaticallpregnant Sun 27-Jan-13 19:28:19

HELLO LADIES!!!! Welcome. Lovely to hear from you all.

I completely understand all of your impatientness (im not sure that's even a word!) - I'm also incredibly fed up of waiting and not having much to do. I have just eaten my dinner and am in so much pain! it is indigestion and gas and the baby being in an odd position and just general pain. urgh.
yes i was very very worried about the snow too. we dont drive so we were extra worried and Im also worried about getting a taxi!
that must be very hard having your partner in the army - i salute you. when i moan i try to remind myself i am very lucky really and people are dealing with much more.

lolo99 Sun 27-Jan-13 19:36:18

hello I am due 10th.....petrified of the birth. Will be doing it hoping it goes ok. Good luck everyone. I can't even work out how to use my tens machine it. oh dear!

meditrina Sun 27-Jan-13 19:45:52

Here's the 'due in February 13' thread. Nice and busy - on part 3.

InchyInchy Sun 27-Jan-13 20:00:43


I'm another one! My first baby a little girl whose currently in the process of bruising my insides is due on the 8th of Feb and I can't wait to meet her!!!

I'm up in Scotland around the Aberdeenshire area.

DeathMetalMum Sun 27-Jan-13 20:10:22

Just thought I would wish you all luck. Dd was born on valentines day two years ago smile due in March this time. Dp has used this as an excuse not to celebrate valentines day however!

Saddlebagger Sun 27-Jan-13 21:23:19

Hello! I'm due 16th Feb and live in Surrey.... Really hoping for an early birth, baby feels MASSIVE!!

Baby feels engaged some days and like its having a disco in others. Excited and unprepared....

Great to have company to count down the days.. smile.

LazyMachine Mon 28-Jan-13 06:06:36

Due the 9th...and really feeling ready for it. Two friends who've been due around the same time have already given birth. envy

Symptom spotting, anyone?

Mixxy Mon 28-Jan-13 06:27:05

I'm due Feb 17th, my first, a boy. I'm the size of a house, everybody keeps telling me the baby is coming soon and I still haven't finished putting the crib together! Terrified of labor. Based in New York City.

TheSkiingGardener Mon 28-Jan-13 06:43:05

I'm due on the 18th. Another boy to go with DS1. Feeling like a beached whale at the moment. DS was induced at 2 weeks overdue and I'm kind of hoping this one gets induced too. The idea of just going into labour is a bit scary. House is nearly ready for the new arrival, which mostly involved digging things out from under DS1's bed.

stowsettler Mon 28-Jan-13 06:54:53

Due on the 13th, WILL NOT be impressed if she stays in that long! Done hypnobirthing and just hired my TENS machine. Hoping to stay rational for labour - although having spent about £250 on the above, also hoping I get to have a normal labour to make use of them!

CuppaSarah Mon 28-Jan-13 07:03:35

Hiya, I'm due the 19th, with my first and a girl who is currently sitting breech. I live in Hampshire and am enjoying my Maternity leave. Just hoping this little one turns before my scan on thursday!! The skirting boards have never looked so good.

Mixxy Mon 28-Jan-13 07:10:21

Hey cuppa mine was breech at 36 weeks and turned in time for my hospital appointment last Friday. They really can spin!

CuppaSarah Mon 28-Jan-13 07:30:50

I hope so, the other night I had some right weird goings on in my belly, it made an M shape then went amazingly wonky so I'm hoping that was her turning. She's very wriggly and has a very hard bottom so not even the midwives can tell which way she is grin I know it's silly but i'm glad shes inherrited my boney bum.

Mixxy Mon 28-Jan-13 07:37:35

Oh I felt him turning for sure. Like he used my rib to push himself around, got stuck side ways and then scrunched down. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

TheSkiingGardener Mon 28-Jan-13 09:58:14

My bump turned from the right way round to the wrong way round last Wednesday evening. We watched him do it! Most bizarre. DS did exactly the same thing though, then turned round again before the birth so there's plenty of time.

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 28-Jan-13 10:05:07

Hi all,

We have moved this to ante-natal clubs now.

Good luck ladies, not long now!

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