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Not so doomy-gloomy any more! The hut of doom and gloom graduates.

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HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 26-Jan-13 21:23:36

Here's a home for us finally pregnant Hutters to hang out. <chucks around throw pillows>

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 13-Feb-13 10:14:47

Rooting for you and the embryos today delilah! Is the blood test local to home?

delilahbelle Wed 13-Feb-13 10:42:46

Hey - I had the blood test on Monday, results tomorrow from my GP.
Will let you know how I get on

Don't feel at all pregnant...

delilahbelle Thu 14-Feb-13 11:28:50

Blood tests showed my HCG has increased very nicely - 212 to 5000 over 6 days, which is a doubling time of 32 hours. My GP tells me I'm definitely pregnant, and I have booked in with the midwife for when I am 9+6.

Can't actually believe it mind you...

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 14-Feb-13 11:54:02

Woo hoo! grin Fantastic! Sorry it's been such a roller coaster but what great news smile Just hang in there. You are pregnant. Fact.

StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Thu 14-Feb-13 16:06:30

Squeeeeeeee! Thats my extreme excitement noise! Huge massive congrats Dee! grin

Devilforasideboard Thu 14-Feb-13 19:22:59

Amazing news Delilah grin I still don't believe I'm pregnant and I'm being kicked as I type smile

How's everybody else doing? And how far along are we all? I'm 19+1 today. Off to consultant next week as some antibodies showed up in my blood test but they had to do a repeat to find out which antibodies they are. 20 week scan is next Friday so I'm now swinging between excitement and the usual scan fear.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 14-Feb-13 19:33:07

Oof I think I've over done it a bit today. Cleaned bathroom and then mopped kitchen and bathroom floors. Did a 20 length swim. Then DTD when DH got home! Bump feels hard and I'm quite achey down the bottom of my bump! Now sitting watching darts after dinner with my feet up.

Devil I know what you mean. Sometimes I get kicks and think Oh yes, I'm pregnant, aren't I? or sometimes I try to squeeze through small gaps and can't blush Can you believe I'm 30 weeks now?!

I was really nervous before my 20 week scan. I got loads of comments about what sex I'd prefer but all I could think/hope was that it was healthy. We had a really lovely midwife though who talked us through it all and showed us what we were looking at. It was totally amazing! I've been much more relaxed about the baby since.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 14-Feb-13 19:33:30

How are you feeling Strawberries?

delilahbelle Fri 15-Feb-13 14:02:37

More reddish spotting and AF cramps. Stressed and really hoping this isn't the end. I was so happy yesterday at the doctors, and now I'm terrified and stressed again.


StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Fri 15-Feb-13 14:51:07

Dee try not to panic, easier said than done i know. Thinking of you!

Faith dont over do it! Did you make a buggy decision BTW? Im SO much better in myself, fallen in love with DS this last two weeks! Still a bit overwhelmed by other aspects of life so docs has put me on ADs just to help my hormones level out. Feeling much more positive though!

Devils eek 20 week scan how exciting! Ours was rather fraught thanks to the sonographer, but the rescan was good! Ive already popped! DS2 is 8 weeks today, and weighed in at 12lb 6 despite only being 6lb 2 born - tubster!

My first month on metformin seems to have sorted out all of my issues... Period came straight away, weight loss is continuing..Im glad obviously but also a tad annoyed at the conception problems I had when it seems they could of been helped with one little pill!! Grr.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 15-Feb-13 18:36:33

Oh delilah I hope this horrible stage settles down for you soon! Hang on to the fact that your bloods are good and the doctors were encouraging. Hopefully it's just the baby settling in.

Strawbs that's great news smile it's so lovely to hear you're falling in love with him!

In the end we chose the Babystyle Oyster with the red colour pack. It folds really small and is quite Squishy! I've been practising putting it up and down and putting the different attachments on smile

StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Sat 16-Feb-13 08:27:34

Ohh faith lovely, I love the oyster! Great Idea practising too as nothing worse than being confused whilst needing to get a shift on!smile

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 16-Feb-13 20:41:33

Yes I'm really happy with the choice (after a lot of faffing re decisions!). Got a good discount at Kiddicare too smile

I am feeling rubbish tonight sad Got my shifts muddled up, was meant to go into work for 7, thought I was in at 11.40! Cue call from work, me running in 50 minutes late and struggled to catch up. Now the evil FB has shown me that a colleague is having a birthday party and most of my colleagues are there confused I've only been with the team since October so relatively early days but always feels crappy not to be included!

StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Sun 17-Feb-13 09:12:33

Ah faith I dont blame you that sounds hurtful to be excluded! I think some people just dont think!

The buggy is my favourite part to choose! I am a zombie this morning sad DS2 seems to think that 3.30-5ish he simply MUST sleep on me... Sweet but i cant sleep!! Then DS1 up at half 7... Zombie! PJ day for us, DP is on his last day of work (he works 4 on 4 off) so at least there will be help the next few days.. The house work can wait until then!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 18-Feb-13 19:01:18

I am recovered from my Saturday woe. Today I am just oh so very tired. Only 24 shifts to work! smile

Delilah how are things?

delilahbelle Mon 18-Feb-13 19:14:10

Hi Faith
I was back in work today, it was absolutely knackering. Lucky you with only 24 more shifts!
Well, the spotting stopped, then started again - currently I have v v faintly brown tinged CM. It's been white, yellow, pink, red, brown, cream... a rainbow in my gusset <possible TMI> Never very heavy though. Worrying and scary.
My boobs are still hardly sore unless I poke them.
Loads of cramps as well, but none central, all in my lower back, ovaries, either side of my uterus, down into my legs, so I'm hoping these are positive.
Morning sickness really started today, retching when I brushed my teeth and I really struggled to eat breakfast. Hopefully a good sign. I felt sicky until lunchtime, and have to constantly nibble on ready salted crisps.
POAS again, and the test line came up before the control line was even there, and it seemed much the darkest so far.

So right now all I am really doing is waiting until my scan Friday afternoon, hoping I get some positive news then, and that I don't start with the heavy bleeding before then.

Stressful times.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 18-Feb-13 19:35:57

Scary as it is, there's some real positives in that post - particularly the fast line coming up and the nausea! Sickness was a double edged sword for me. Reassuring but really annoying! I found cutting out caffiene really helped minimise the sickness. Still can't face yoghurt now...only 4 long days til your scan.

StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Tue 19-Feb-13 19:55:54

Dee thinking of you, hope the day tick by quickly and uneventfully

delilahbelle Tue 19-Feb-13 19:57:30

More pinkish spotting, more nausea, some minor cramps, boobs marginally sore again.
Just wish I knew one way or the other what is going on, I keep bumping between hope and despair. In 3 days time I will have had my scan and will maybe have a clue what's going on.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 21-Feb-13 08:19:53

How are things now Delilah?

I am shattered and a bit grumpy!

delilahbelle Thu 21-Feb-13 11:15:00

Very heavy bleeding and cramping.
Came on at work, so I had the most hideous drive home ever. Now cleaned up, dosed with painkillers and waiting for DH to arrive home.

Life sucks.

StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Thu 21-Feb-13 16:53:11

Oh deesad how unfair. Although as the eternal optimist would say there could still be some hope

Devilforasideboard Thu 21-Feb-13 18:47:31

Oh Delilah, huge hugs sad. I still have everything crossed for you though x

delilahbelle Fri 22-Feb-13 10:14:40

Still pregnant.

Bleed from a SCH, next to one of my TWINS.

Yup, 2 healthy pregnancies measuring bang on for dates, two heartbeats seen.


delilahbelle Fri 22-Feb-13 10:16:19

Still worried, I feel sick and yucky but not very, have no real other symptoms. All the spotting has stopped though.

Lots more mentalling I expect.


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