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July 2013 thread 4 - keeping the duchess company

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Runswithsquirrels Sat 26-Jan-13 13:53:01

No one seems to have started a new thread yet, so here we go!

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VinegarDrinker Sat 26-Jan-13 22:45:07

Oooh hello, I thought the other thread was very quiet!

Supershiv1 Sat 26-Jan-13 22:55:19

Hmmmm. Back home at 9:40 after a meal out for my sister's birthday.
I cannot believe how much 12 drunken people screeched and wound me up.
I am never going out again!
I even left OH with them. Just wanted some peace and quiet. angry

Cheeseandbread Sun 27-Jan-13 07:10:32

Marking my spot too.

Well done runs for starting it.

Tricky I too have been having some pains below but everyone on here was great and reassured me it was normal. It was a few pages back, you might have missed it. It's scary when you are a first timer- I'm so glad I've got all of you to talk too.

I think my boobs might be growing again- they are painful at night and tingle in the day. I was complaining yesterday to DH and stated he didn't know what sore boobs was like- he initially agreed but then said he did have sore boobs once after press-ups, I laughed and said it wasn't the same.

Still finding it hard to sleep... I fear it will only get worse...

Happy Sunday everyone


flyingsprocket Sun 27-Jan-13 08:15:45

Wowser, I didn't log on for two days & have missed so much. Great question photographer re NCT v Hypno....I wanted to ask the very same. Must book the NCT classes ASAP.

I'm looking forward to shopping for maternity stuff, still no evidence of my pregnancy (except for my boobs) I'm in my normal clothes & sometimes my 'when I was fatter' clothes. I think that's from all the cake I are on holidays though!

In other news, I've been bleeding for 16 days now. If this continues I shall be keeping always ultra in business. I'm tired of 'taking it easy' too sad

Sorry for the Sunday morning moan. 13+5

dinkystinky Sun 27-Jan-13 09:06:21

Re Hypnobirthing - the Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing book is v good (much less american/irritating than the Marie Mongan one) and you can get the exercises/relaxation techniques online too.

Supershiv - I agree that big nights out in pubs/meals out with big group when pregnant can get rather dull. I'm trying to do my socialising and catching up in quieter environments - small dinners out, theatre or exhibition trips, etc where possible. Fortunately my friends and family like all that kind of stuff. Though eating out when pregnant proves surprisingly cheap - never realised how much booze I managed to put away in pre-bean days blush

Flying - as a first timer, your bump will suddenly sprout overnight - its coming, I promise. I spent the first 5 months wishing for a bump - I looked like I had a space hopper down my top by the end. So sorry you're still bleeding - did the MW say to expect bleeding through pregnancy (I know a few people who bled through out - babies absolutely fine though)?

dinkystinky Sun 27-Jan-13 09:07:16

Cheese - what's your bedtime routine? Maybe try mixing it up - dont read just before going to sleep if that's what you do, try meditation etc.

shelley72 Sun 27-Jan-13 09:12:20

flyingsprocket sorry you are still not having a great time of it. hopefully the bleeding will stop for you soon. i didnt do NCT but i did do a local hypnobirthing course with my first and would recommend. we also had a free session at our local hospital as a 'taster' - so i kind of knew what i was going to get before i went! tbh though in the throes of labour i did forget some of it, but i have used it since - eg at the dentist when i was bf and didnt want an anaesthetic!

as for those looking for hotmilk and other branded nursing bras - try the nursing bra shop - they were really good last time i ordered, v quick and free delivery. not sure how 'up to date' their stock is, but i did find it cheaper than figleaves and other stores.

enjoy the rest of the weekend!

photographerlady Sun 27-Jan-13 10:05:01

* flying* so sorry to hear you are still having bleeding :/ hang in there hope things turn around soon.

My darling DH ate all the cake and scones last night. How sweet of him since I was moaning I was eating poorly yesterday lol

Had a deep sleep last night, probably ten hours and still in bed typing here on my phone. Ultimate lazy Sunday here I come, I keeping being told to treasure these because when I have children it's over smile

Btw so after the babies are here where do we all go to make a thead, I am sure after 200 parts mumsnet will kick us out smile

photographerlady Sun 27-Jan-13 10:07:08

whoa just found the Post-natal clubs forum and there's groups from 07 there.

TwoOfThree Sun 27-Jan-13 10:07:41

New page marking!

Hope you ladies are all progressing well. Had a bit of a worry on Friday as I started spotting so had to go in for a scan. All is fine thank goodness just having to take it easy for a bit. Only remembered I was wearing a rather fetching pair of Incredible Hulk socks when I had to have the scan blush

dinkystinky Sun 27-Jan-13 10:17:13

Photographer - as you've discovered, you just move to the postnatal board (and there's a fun bit where some have popped, others havent where you are part antenatal and part postnatal...)

I'm still posting on my postnatal thread from Feb 09 - though it moves alot more slowly than the antenatal ones.

Glad all ok Twoofthree and hope spotting stops soon for you.

TotallyEggFlipped Sun 27-Jan-13 11:02:16

Just a thought re: NCT. We missed out on our course when DD arrived early and I really wish I'd been a bit more prepared for labour eg knowing what positions I could get into to help/get more comfortable etc, as well as for meeting other parents, that I feel we missed out on. Having said that, I managed to get through the labour with nothing apart from local anaesthetic for the episiotomy, so it wasn't that bad. In definitely planning on doing some reading up this time though.

Runswithsquirrels Sun 27-Jan-13 11:11:44

First pregnancy cold. No normal plethora of drugs to get me through. I'm grumpy, especially because it looks like another really lovely day out there. Moan over.

CottonSock Sun 27-Jan-13 11:54:11

Marking place....

And question ladies, I think my due date is wrong.. as it puts me at 39 weeks. Will ask at scan next week, but is everyone's at 40 weeks?

Re pram research, I think I have almost decisded on Babystyle Oyster. If you are also short check it out as has one of the lowest handles I found (but tall enough for DH too), folds with deat both ways quite compact. Can get air tyres for it.. Was going to go for the City mini GT, but think I might see if I really need an offroader, as could not live with no rear facing mode after speaking to an experienced mum who asks how often I will really go offroad anyway. I still prefer the quality of the Uppbaby,. but too big for 5 foot me.
Anyone had a Oyster?


marimama Sun 27-Jan-13 12:16:46

Omg. Just sneezed while lying down. Felt like a mini CS. yikes! Why so painful??

MrsRoss26 Sun 27-Jan-13 12:58:53

Our pram testing yesterday consisted of walking into mothercare and mamas and papas, pushing a few, feeling intimidated and leaving. how on earth do you know what to look for?!

Glad I'm only 14+4

dinkystinky Sun 27-Jan-13 13:11:22

MrsRoss - think about your lifestyle and who will use the buggy and set a budget. Do you need a travel system (so you can clip carseat on chassis) or just a buggy? Do you want a buggy people of different height can use? If so, adjustable handles are the way forward. Do you want the baby to face you (or have the option of it) or is forward facing only ok? This will narrow the choice down. Do you live in the city (so need narrower buggy that is easy to fold - ideally one hand mechanism) or country or in a town but walk a dog alot (so need buggy that can deal with varied terrain)? Are you thinking about having another baby before this child is 3/out of buggies? If so, maybe one that can be adapted to a double or have a buggy board of some sort on it.

Once you've narrowed down the things you DO want in a buggy, check out the pushchair section of talk. There are some pram-huns on there who are brilliant at suggesting different types of buggies (Tiggywunkle is brilliant at stuff like that) then take a look at them in a store - try a friendly independent store or make an appointment in the nursery division of John Lewis. The staff are approachable, well educated on specs etc and will let you have full info on them.

marimama Sun 27-Jan-13 13:51:23

dinkystinky you should make a career out of baby gear consulting! Wish i talked to you 3 yrs ago...was such a hassle figuring all that stuff out on our own. You've summed it up nicely!

MrsRoss26 Sun 27-Jan-13 14:26:39

Thanks dinky, will try to put your advice to good use next time we go looking!

Tashtastic Sun 27-Jan-13 15:09:23

cotton I have a babystyle oyster. Ds is now 2.5 and just about too big for it but we tend to use the Maclaren or scoot now. The oyster has served us well and the adjustable handle is great. It seems to do exactly what the other more expensive travel systems do. I rarely use it for "off road" but it has been fine when I have. I am sure it will last for this baby too. I would definitely recommend it!

Not much happening here. We are currently trying to have a clear out because the builders start on our loft conversion in a week. It's amazing what rubbish I have held onto over the years!

Calmisthemantra Sun 27-Jan-13 15:46:58

I was on antenatal threads with dd - feb 2012grin Just before the babies were due we then changed to a private facebook group which everyone posts on LOADS even now with 1st birthdays approaching. It has been lovely, especially to see pictures of growing bumps, nurseries, newborns

photographerlady Sun 27-Jan-13 15:49:51

Aww Calm that's a nice idea

Devilforasideboard Sun 27-Jan-13 16:08:03

Hi all,

Lovely to have another shiny new thread. Hope you're all feeling a bit better and getting ready to glow smile

So sorry you're still having a hard time flyingsprocket, hoping it all calms down soon.

I still haven't entered the murky waters of maternity bras but will have to get on with it soon as my normal ones are getting very uncomfortable. I have a pair of skinny fit overbump cords from H&M which are lovely and comfy and smart enough for work.

For those who remember, poor wee Devilcat isn't doing well, it looks like it's the incurable virus rather than a tumour. He's starting antivirals this week but has lost more weight and is very sad so if he doesn't pick up quickly we'll have to do the right thing by him. Being a hormonal mess doesn't help - I'm sure he's sick of me snottering all over him.

On a more positive note I've taken the plunge and booked an NCT 'Birth and Beyond' course. I really need to get over this head-in-the-sand attitude I'll be in the delivery room before I know what's happening!


dinkystinky Sun 27-Jan-13 16:37:36

Oh Devil -so sorry to hear about Devilcats latest prognosis. Its awful seeing anyone - including beloved pets - you love suffering so. I would be in tears too.

Marimama - just passing on the benefit of things learned the hard way over DS1 and DS2! A friend of mine (who has 3 ) works for a baby gear consultancy service for an independent shop - she loves it! I couldnt do the being nice to customers all day thing - worked in a shop for 3 months after uni to raise money for travelling and it put me off for life! I take my hat off to anyone who works with the public at large.

Cotton - if your scan means your dd is a week early get them to change your notes or you will come under encouragement to induce a bit too early.

MightBeMad Sun 27-Jan-13 16:41:44

Marking my place on the new thread. Back later x

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