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July 2013 thread 4 - keeping the duchess company

(960 Posts)
Runswithsquirrels Sat 26-Jan-13 13:53:01

No one seems to have started a new thread yet, so here we go!

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TotallyEggFlipped Sun 03-Feb-13 19:28:59

special I bought maternity jeans a week ago, but could easily have been wearing them for several weeks. I was barely showing with DD at 20 weeks, but I'm quite obviously pregnant this time around. I love having a bump, I just wish it wasn't going to be quite so obvious for my interview (although I'm going to have to tell them at the interview anyway).

VinegarDrinker Sun 03-Feb-13 19:31:35

Ah Thinkingof4 we must share a due date smile Were your others on time? Early? Late?

Beginningofthejourney Sun 03-Feb-13 19:47:31

This is my 1st and I seem to have a fairly big bump already (wasn't exactly skinny before!) I hadn't put on any weight until 2 weeks ago and my hairdresser said my face look slimmer! Haven't weighed myself recently and the midwife didn't weigh me, she did say I have good stomach muscles as my ridge (I can't feel one) is well defined? Nearly fell of the bed laughing as I didn't think I had any stomach muscles hmm

BadMissM Sun 03-Feb-13 19:56:32

specialknickers Was a Quest on the Boots Website, with all accessories, £130. I'm picking up instore...

15+6 and definite bump, though is no 2 and I am ancient I'm older, so abs have given up and packed their bags! God knows what OI will look like in the end!

Have had to get some things as we are skint I need to spread the cost over a few months rather than all at the end. Pram was a good deal, and have been looking at cots and car seats too.... just picking stuff up as I see it. Have nothing left from DD as she is 14, and was born abroad. Only thing have been given is a Moses Basket by my friend in Belgium (arriving with her in April!).

MrsRoss26 Sun 03-Feb-13 20:25:25

special I definitely have the start of a bump. First baby for me, but no stomach muscles to think of. I was a size 12 before and have completely given up with
work trousers. The only trews I get in now are my very stretchy skinny jeans (seems wrong!)

Fortunately I have got quite a few dresses and tops from eBay which are keeping me smart at work and pretty slimline feeling still! Would completely recommend maternity stuff from eBay as it's been very cheap and still very good quality.

Telling my other workplace this week. Not expecting them to be surprised! Will be a relief to have told everyone though. Have you all told most important people yet?

15+4 smile

Cheeseandbread Sun 03-Feb-13 20:30:21

Thanks runs guava and cut for advice on telling kids.

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself as I have bad wisdom tooth pain at the moment. It came on Friday evening- why is it these things always happen at the weekend? Pain opening my mouth and swallowing. Just had porridge for supper. Not had much sleep but the cat has taken pity on me and curled up on my lap smile

I've been looking at pushchairs some more. There is a nice Chicco travel system in the boots sale. Does anybody have any experience of chiccos?

Looking forward to a trip to ikea in a couple of weeks grin

AmaDablam Sun 03-Feb-13 20:35:44

Hello, hope everyone had a good weekend. We finally made it down to my parents, which was nice as our intended trip a couple of weeks ago had to be cancelled due to the snow.

Twirlie really pleased to hear your feeling better and your backache didn't come to anything.

To join in on the name conversation, we had our boy's name sorted before we'd even conceived, and both still love it now it's becoming more of a reality, and have also settled on a middle name. We intend to find out the gender at the 20 week scan on 4th March, so if it is a boy we don't need to have any more name conversations, which would be both a relief and a bit of a shame, as it is quite an exciting part of getting ready for your baby's arrival, I think.

As for girls' names, that's proving much trickier, although I did use the two hour car journey this afternoon to pin DH down on the subject and we've managed to find two we both quite like. I was raised in the UK but as my mum is half Dutch and half Swedish it would be quite nice to have something that works in other European languages. I think Anna is a brilliant one for that, but as it's already my mum and my SIL's name it would probably be a bit much to have another one in the family, so would probably end up as a middle name.

In bump news, I think I look a bit pregnant, and so does DH (well at least when he sees me in my birthday suit blush) but to anyone that doesn't know me and my usual body shape well, I just look like I have a bit of a post-Christmas tummy. I've outgrown my jeans now, and a couple of skirts, but other than that I'm mostly in my normal clothes still, and having serious "bump-envy" with other pregnant-and-blooming-looking ladies!


SundaySunshine Sun 03-Feb-13 20:40:31

I've got a proper little bump, it's great smile. I've put on loads of weight, as I've eaten my way through 18 weeks of nausea; I'm not too bothered though, I'm hoping the weather will warm up a bit so I can get out and get some exercise now that I've stopped feeling so sick 24/7.

As for names, DH has got a boys name lined up, and I've got a girls name - though that hasn't been cleared by DH just yet, but I'm sure I can bring him round grin

flying you poor thing, it must be exhausting you with worry. Hang on in there flowers

I succumbed to buggy stalking today, even though I have no intention of buying one! The icandy's look so bright and comfy.

VinegarDrinker Sun 03-Feb-13 20:52:17

cheese we have the Chicco Trio buggy/travel system. No complaints at all tbh. Still on regular use at nearly 2 unlike virtually all our friends' travel systems. Easy to use, folds much smaller than other parent facing buggies (and umbrella fold) lightweight. Obviously not as trendy or shiny as icandy/Bugaboos/Stokke etc but that isn't something that is important to us.

Cheeseandbread Sun 03-Feb-13 21:09:18

Ooooooh thanks Vinegar smile I thought it looked quite good- a good deal too!

I've got a little bump but if you didn't know me you might just think I had eaten one too many pies. I've got a couple of pairs of maternity trousers and one dress. All my usual dresses that I wear for work will do me for a bit I reckon as they are quite loose. I can't wait for a real bump...

Looking forward to midwife appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Guavasforbreakfast Sun 03-Feb-13 21:11:16

Lol beginning my midwife said the same thing and I'm pretty sure I have NO core strength at all, have never been able to do sit ups etc as it hurts my back. Not a sporty person and haven't been to the gym for about 2 years. I thought she was either a) being nice or b) was comparing me to someone who'd already had a baby. I nearly laughed out loud!

Sashabella0 Sun 03-Feb-13 21:46:38

I'm 15+4 and its my first pregnancy. I I have a huge bump! I was in size 32 jeans pre pregnancy. I measured my bump today and its 37".

I am only 5 2 so perhaps that's why I'm showing so early. My boobs are massive too!

I'm still tired and suffering from really bad headaches. I was in bed until 4pm today with one. It's not fair as my DH was out all afternoon watching the rugby so it should have been him with the sore head! I'm finding working full time difficult so hoping the headaches will pass soon. I'm seeing the midwife on Tuesday so I'll have a chat with her about it.

Buggy wise we have been offered a nearly new Phil and Ted's from a relative so will see how we get on with that. Haven't got a clue what we need. Think we are going to sign up for NCT classes.

Good luck with the appointments this week ladies.

dinkystinky Sun 03-Feb-13 21:49:15

Mmm serious case of pregnancy hormones going on today - caught myself welling up at bloody Tangled when watching it with the kids earlier!

MarieKL Sun 03-Feb-13 22:27:33

Dinky I hope DS2's cough is better and you get more sleep tonight.

Cheese ouch to the toothache. I hope the midwife appointment goes well tomorrow.

Bump wise I also seem to be showing far earlier than I did with my first, but if you didn't know me you'd probably put it down to too many pies as I've also got chunkier all over - brought my normal size 8 knickers yesterday only to find to my horror when I got home I had a bad case of builder's bum!

iclaudius Sun 03-Feb-13 22:36:43

Hello I am an emergent lurker.
Probably the oldest on here and with lots of dc (!) this is an unexpected one for me.
Had nuchal etc which was fine but with some dicky bloods and have since had harmony.
Trying to get some sense of reality by joining here as not really faced what's to come yet!
15 weeks tomorrow so end July but will have elcs which was a couple of weeks early last time so assuming mid July

paolocee Sun 03-Feb-13 23:09:25

Welcome iclaudius - what a great show that was. Do you have a football team's worth of DCs yet?

DW's twin bump is HUGE. It's great. But bad back pain and TERRIBLE headaches.


iclaudius Sun 03-Feb-13 23:25:53

of sorts and without outing myself 'yes' paolocee!
Have been lurking for a while so will say congratulations to you and your wife! What great news !
I think i make your wife look young so that's another positive smile

orangebubbles Sun 03-Feb-13 23:44:35

My last remaining stomach muscle gave up the fight and left the building in Christmas Day blush def bump here!

Thought I was decided on twin buggy but now I'm umming and arghing over whether pram and buggy board combo <sticks head back in sand>

dinky join you in need of Kleenex! Not stopped today, so bad my eyes are swollen! Pesky hormones!

Hope mw apt goes well cheese mine on Wednesday, I can't remember whether they listened to the hb at 16wks with DD. hope they do, it's very reassuring to hear it.

Welcome newbies smile

photographerlady Mon 04-Feb-13 07:39:39

Morning all and welcome newbies. 17 weeks today and really hoping my tiredness and fatigue starts to let up. Especially Mondays with all the boring morning meetings I've been yawning my way through them. Where is this sudden burst of second trimester energy at?

orangebubbles Mon 04-Feb-13 08:18:10

Tri 2 never made any difference here until week 18/19 but I was never 'radiant' as some are photographer. Only in one department did my body think wha hoo, tri 2! and that was that my sex drive went bonkers blush

photographerlady Mon 04-Feb-13 08:29:45

Yeah I noticed I'm out of my "do not tough me hisss" phase heehee. Roll on 18/19/20 weeks.

photographerlady Mon 04-Feb-13 08:51:34

On another note:

Anyone booking antenatal classes soon? We just registered for NCT and hynobirthing. Really could decide but DH pregifted hynobirthing ones for valentines. We are really romantic atm it's all babies. babies, wife snoring all night and endless trips to appease my bladder.

I am hoping I'm not the weirdo in NCT, I'm abit dorky, we both are, and my DH is going to make me giggle.

Devilforasideboard Mon 04-Feb-13 08:57:48

Hello all, how are we doing today?

I've been lurking for a while as we dealt with Devilcat1 getting iller and weaker. We made the difficult but as it turned out correct decision to let him go yesterday. I'm in absolute bits today so have taken the day off work to wallow a bit. I'm in bed now with Devilcat2 stretched out beside me.

In happier news I not only have a definite bump but am feeling proper nudges from Bobble smile He/she (I think we're going to find out which it is if we can) went nuts when Scotland scored the first try at the weekend so that settles the 'will it be a Scotland or England supporter' debate DH and I have been having. This is even more important than names or gender grin


dinkystinky Mon 04-Feb-13 09:19:29

Welcome iclaudius - add yourself to the runners and riders (or rather waddlers and riders) list with your due date. Congratulations on your baby - no need to say which no child it is. My mum is one of 8 and my dad one of 9 (as I mentioned upthread my BIL is youngest of 9 - MIL is one of 8 too) so big families are ace as far as I'm concerned.

Devil - huge hugs and box of kleenex for the loss of Devilcat1. Take your time to grieve and remember all his wonderful funny/silly/scary moments. Lol at Bobble being a scotland supporter.

Photographerlady - there was a huge mix of people/backgrounds at the NCT class I did, but being where it was at least one parent to be was a working professional. Very sweet of your DH to gift you your hypnobirthing course.

Spoke to my lovely birth doula yesterday - she was trying to coax me towards a homebirth as she was convinced DS2 would have arrived even earlier (it was pretty fast as it was - 3 1/2 hours from waters bursting to him in my arms) if we hadnt had the half hour transfer to the birth centre. Will speak to DH when he's back next week and see how the pregnancy progresses and how I feel nearer the time. Keep thinking this baby is going to be born in July when we (and everyone down the street) have all the windows open and I am a very loud birther....

dinkystinky Mon 04-Feb-13 09:25:09

Ps Orange - I have a buggy board max from when I had DS1 that I was going to pop on Ebay. PM me if you're interested and can dig out the details. Was going to sell it for a tenner plus postage (so still alot less than brand new).

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