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October 2013-anyone else with an early Bfp?

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tackytiger Mon 21-Jan-13 15:57:12

Got my line at 10dpo
This will be my secomd dc. Torn between delight and fear it will all go wrong. Dd october 3 by my reckoning.
Cant tell anyone except dh in real life so hoping i can get quietly excited here!

cherrycherry41 Mon 18-Feb-13 11:41:16

lots of smilies in that last msg.. can you tell im happy? :p

cherrycherry41 Mon 18-Feb-13 11:40:33

Zara hey! smile thank you grin yeah again, first month trying too :') took us a year to conceieve last time so we thought we'd get on it as soon as possible as we want close ages.. october again shock grin im still in shock tbh!
Just got back from my booking in! Same midwife, was lovely smile got to have consultant led care due to EMCS and got to have a gest diabetes test too as big baby last time but very excited now! grin

Zara1984 Mon 18-Feb-13 11:26:42

Cherry!! I recognised you from the October 2012 thread! You're pregnant again? Congratulations!

cherrycherry41 Mon 18-Feb-13 11:20:54

well we were having a surprise last time and in my dreams baby was always a girl with jet black hair- i had a girl with loads of jet black hair! smile

Umlauf Mon 18-Feb-13 11:09:13

Ooh therefore I'm having a boy according to mums dreams! Baby is dead in all my dreams :-( it with the reversing rule... Yay!

roofio87 Mon 18-Feb-13 10:55:31

oh falcon I'm coming over!!
roxvox interesting so I'm having a girl according to your gran!! can't wait to find out if she's right!! wink

TheFalconsmistress Mon 18-Feb-13 10:49:20

New thread made! Come and jump on the bus!


roxvox Mon 18-Feb-13 10:48:46

Although we still haven't told any family members about me being pregnant, it still seems to be a hot topic when I am at my Mum and Dads house. My Mum said she had a dream that I had a little girl, and as a result of that I keep dreaming the same. My Gran said "Yeah, but you should always reverse the sex of the child in your dreams though."

So maybe we're having a boy?!

roofio87 Mon 18-Feb-13 10:31:51

Haha cherrycherry to that dream!! I've had lots of vivid dreams, I dreamt I had a boy, wonder if I will!!
yes we'll have to start a new thread soon, we're so chatty!!
pinkmoonlight I'm jealous of ur urine containers, I was just thinking I'll have to find somewhere to buy one before my booking in app!!

thethreeblondies Mon 18-Feb-13 10:23:40

there's a limit of 1000 messages per thread x

Natalieand Mon 18-Feb-13 10:18:26

Just wondering why we need to start a new thread? Cx

cherrycherry41 Mon 18-Feb-13 10:17:36

morning everyone!
am sat waiting at docs for my booking in midwife appt, maybe it was my brain that was hopeful as i thought my appt was for 10.15 but its at 11.15 :/ got to sit here an hour ugh.
I had very vivid dreams of losing baby in my last pregnancy, even had a dream she kicked me so hard she kicked a hole in my belly and i took her out to play for abit then rang the hospital to see what to do and they told me itd be best to put her back! grin hmm x

pinkmoonlight Mon 18-Feb-13 10:14:26

Thanks umlauf and sephy- I'm glad being really hungry is normal. I had breakfast 2 hours ago but I'm starving again.... I am a bit scared about how much weight I may put on if this continues!

Just got back from GP and it was much less exciting than I thought it would be- she took my blood pressure, calculated due date (she says 23rd, which is the day my husband was due to be born!) and gave me loads of urine sample containers. Booking in on March 20th smile

Sending positive thoughts to all those feeling rough biscuit

thethreeblondies Mon 18-Feb-13 10:12:42

Ooh yes Falcon get a new thread at the ready!

Intense realistic dreams are a big pg symptom, so try and be reassured by them smile

I have had very few symptoms so far (although only just 5 wks so plenty of time) had really bad indegestion yest after a massive carvery and cake moments of sore boobs and a teeny bit of nausea, I'm not complaining at the mo!

TheFalconsmistress Mon 18-Feb-13 09:52:28

Btw cant bold on my phone sad should we start a new thread?

TheFalconsmistress Mon 18-Feb-13 09:50:34

Rovox try not to worry I was feeling sick every other day last week (week6) now its mostly always its just your body getting used to that level of hormone. Next week you will be sick and wishing you were not like me grin

roxvox Mon 18-Feb-13 09:41:24

umlauf, roofio and haylebop, thank you! I am sure that I am just being ridiculous. I hate all of this paranoia all the time! Thank you though. I shall calm myself down now... smile

TheFalconsmistress Mon 18-Feb-13 09:31:45

Hello new joiners smile

Haylebop omg am I right there with you I feel dog rough, dont want to moan I have been waiting almost 4 years to have this bean but constant feeling ill is more than I can bare! Dh is off uni this week apart from tomorrow so I am getting looked after.

Umluf that shirt sound adorable I have not been brave enough to buy a stitch yet sad

Jelly curls rest is all I can think honey xxx

Haylebop12 Mon 18-Feb-13 09:31:15

rovorox if you had indeed had an mmc your symptoms wouldn't stop until other things started happening. I was still nauseas and bloated 5 days after my mmc had happened. That's 3 weeks after baby had actually stopped growing so chances are no. Unless your experiencing bleeding ect.

roofio87 Mon 18-Feb-13 09:30:02

roxvox sometimes I can convince myself my boobs are less big and I feel less tired etc but actually I'm just getting used to the feeling of being pregnant so it no longer feels like such a change,its probably the same for you!!
no such luck yesterday and today though as the nausea seems to have finally kicked in!!x

Umlauf Mon 18-Feb-13 09:25:03

Roxvox you may be putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5! The dream was scary (at least mine was) but then dreams don't really come true. And my boobs are always less sore in the morning than at night.

Don't panic!! Xx

roxvox Mon 18-Feb-13 09:22:25

Morning everyone.

jellycurls I find that putting painful pressure on a pulled muscle and rubbing it as hard as I can (it hurts) until less painful helps. Kind of like a massage...

haylebop sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%

When I went to bed last night I felt really quite sick, but woke up this morning feeling fine. I think I may have a very very mild case of nausea.

I also dreamt last night that I lost my baby. Woke up this morning and convinced myself that my boobs had started to get smaller again. Could this be true? If I had a MMC then would my boobs start to shrink again?

Haylebop12 Mon 18-Feb-13 09:14:40

Anyone else feel rough as toast?! Bleurgh! And it's half term, I'm working a 40hr week to cover even though my contract is 24 (3 days)

My mum is being lovely however and dh is taking dd to his family oop north the weekend to let me wallow in my self pity.

Think I need to start on he meds soon as this nausea is taking over my life... Can't see it getting any better!

Sorry for the me me me post but I need a rant!

JellyCurls Mon 18-Feb-13 09:11:35

Morning ladies and welcome to the new joiners.

I turned over in bed last night and felt a muscle in my side go into spasm and is now so sore when I move. Never ever pulled a side muscle before when pregnant or not, any tips on how to ease the pain?

Umlauf Mon 18-Feb-13 08:48:51

Re nursing bras, bravissimo have 2 styles that go to a K cup so fear not!

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