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The 3rd Gemini Luxury Bus

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Librarina Sun 20-Jan-13 15:51:32

I thought I'd get our shiny new thread started, welcome.
Previos Thread

I also thought I'd include our little round up of who is having what, when...feel free to update, there's only a few of us so we shouldn't end up drowning in Stats!

kittykats : girl
JoJo: boy
Bringon: girl
Frust: boy
Blending: one of each
Lib: surprise - 1st baby - EDD June 7th
Lor: surprise (for now!)
Ohtheplaces: girl - 1st baby - EDD June 5th
Peardrop: boy

bringonthetrumpets Wed 06-Mar-13 14:21:20

Kitty Frus is totally right. You've got so much time for baby to flip. Mine was vertex for about a week and just randomly decided to flip to breech last night hmm. Who knows what they're doing in there....

Check out Gaily Tully is like one of THE smartest midwives that I know (she's from Minnesota smile) and she tours around the world teaching seminars on body balancing during pregnancy, how to turn babies into good positions for birth, and delivering breech babies. I've been doing the exercises from the page and they feel weird but they do help a lot with alignment at the later stages of pregnancy (and hopefully encourage the little one to flip back around).

Jojobump1986 Wed 06-Mar-13 23:20:32

I'm pretty sure my baby's horizontal most of the time. He seems to like lying with his head just above my left hip while prodding my right hip/side with his feet! I can feel it every time he shifts position now. I don't remember that with DS1 but I often feel a gentle squirm & just know he's getting comfy!

Thanks for the link bring. I'll check it out. I'd not be overly concerned if he was breech but anything is better than sideways. He's definitely not coming out that way! wink It'd be nice to feel like there was something I could do to encourage him into a better position.

kittykatsforever Thu 07-Mar-13 11:25:22

Thanks bring ill definatly give them a try, maybe a better position would help siatic pain too
How are you today Jojo? I saw your other thread yesterday feeling abit wobbly, I think we all get abit like that over it especially if you think your on your last pregnancy, I think it's knowing that's it now isn't it, I was similar in that I felt I didn't have a preference at all but then after everyone kept guessing boy I really wanted it to be another girlshock think part was I wanted dd to have a sister like me but still feel abit sad when I think dh doesn't get to enjoy that father son relationship and when I see cute little boys loving their mums

Jojobump1986 Thu 07-Mar-13 14:33:21

I'm ok really! We may stop after this one but we've agreed to discuss it again after 3-4 years & might either have another 2 or consider fostering/adoption so there's a high likelihood of me getting a girl at some point. I really don't understand why it upset me so much yesterday. My absolute ideal would be to have 2 boys, wait a few years & then have a girl & another boy. I'd also like to live in a bigger, detached house with a big garden that backs onto woodland & have a dog & a few chickens... Short of DH's parents having some sort of catastrophic accident & leaving us all their money, that's probably never going to happen! Ah well, c'est la vie! I'm sure we could squeeze all 6 of us into our little terraced house if we got a bit creative! DH isn't quite so convinced but I've got 4 years to work on that before it's time for the next one in my plan! wink

bringonthetrumpets Fri 08-Mar-13 17:36:58

DH and I keep talking about having 3 kids and how busy we will be and then just sort of look at each other with a gleam and know that we'll most likely have 4 (despite how crazy his family will think we are). Especially since our two eldest are best friends and do everything together, I'd really like to have that for this one and any future baby Bringon.

I love your dream, Jo smile Sounds lovely!

Let's see.... in the news of the mundane: Finished stock-piling cloth nappies, got most of the clothes that we'll need for the summer, and started getting birth supplies together. Eek, only 3 months until "due date"!!

Jojobump1986 Sat 09-Mar-13 23:25:04

'Only' 3 months?! Don't you mean 'yet another 3 months <dramatic sigh>'? wink

Is it normal to be getting cervical/vaginal pressure at this stage? Sometimes when I stand up after sitting for a while I feel like the baby's going to drop out. I stupidly googled it & scared myself with pages about incompetent cervix & prem labour! Is this something I need to worry about?! confused Getting lots of BH tonight after a busy day & that's not helping calm my fears! I feel awful now for mentioning to DH earlier that I feel like I wouldn't really mind having the baby soon. I think DS2 heard me! Obviously I don't want to have the baby too early, I'd just like to be 10+ weeks further along than I am! wink

kittykatsforever Sun 10-Mar-13 07:33:05

Omg Jojo I could have written most of that, don't want baby glover to come till 37wks or after not really afterwink but I feel so uncomfortable now the thought crosses my mind! I'm definatly bigger and more uncomfy this time!
I don't think I've had bh but I have pain in my fanjo, feels like its the outside but not a stingy or anything just sore is the best was to describe it,on one side though. I'm sure baby's not about to just fall our though as much as it feels like it!

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sun 10-Mar-13 08:02:16

jojo step away from doctor google. <gives jojo a stern look> my fanjo has been feeling like its going to drop out for the best part of this pregnancy. like there's a baby head pressing down on it, usually, but not always, in the evening the only thing that's missing is the baby, iykwim, he's too high, and the waddle. But the pressure is still there.
Mine was also doing it more last weekend when I overdid things and had loads of BH too.

I had loads of leg cramps last night. Ouch. So will have to seek out some calcium and magnesium.

I have sewing to do today. Ive been getting creative. Trouble is I have two sewing machines in the attic, but for some reason their plugs aren't with them. Anyone want to hazard a guess what I would have done with them? I don't fancy doing it by hand. whilst I could, its not impossible, but it would take simply ages

kittykatsforever Sun 10-Mar-13 10:48:51

Maybe you must hit 28wjs then you get leg cramps frus? Lol horrible isn't it, my leg felt sore for 2 days after too, I can feel it creeping up if I accidentally stretch my legs in bed and think no no no unwind unwind!
I'm doing what mothers do all year round and clean! Atleast dh has taken dd to see mil for an hour so abit of peace, I got breakfast in bed this morning too although dh idea of a lie in was 7:30!! ( he gets till 9 every other day of the year he's off apart from my bday) this is him being generous lol
Happy Mother's Day to all you Gemini bus members, my your bumps and dc treat you well today xx

kittykatsforever Sun 10-Mar-13 10:49:36

P.s yes frus I wouldn't even want to imaging how you have lost two plugs from machines?!? I'm going to guess dh?

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sun 10-Mar-13 11:29:56

I shall name them the 28wk cramps. grin

If it was just the plugs I'd blame DH and be able to sort it out, but it's the whole wire and foot pedal but too. So definately me thats hidden them put them somewhere safe. But for 2 machines? Guess I'll have to go back into the attic. sad there's 2 boxes up there that they could be in.

Disclaimer, I'd get DH to do it, but he has no clue when I comes to my sewing machines and he's never actually been in our attic ever, in the 4 years we've lived here so wouldnt know what I was talking about, or where to find them. Grr.

Jojobump1986 Sun 10-Mar-13 16:09:58

So my legs are going to spontaneously seize up come Tuesday then? Good to know. I won't plan to leave the house! wink

Thanks for the reassurance. I have a tendency not to be concerned about things but then I get worried that I'm not concerned about things that should be concerning me! blush Still BHing regularly today but only had the falling-out feeling twice so far. Not really done anything to mark Mothers' Day but have told DH that he has to finally hang the picture that's been sitting on the floor since we moved in nearly 3 years ago! hmm

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sun 10-Mar-13 16:36:45

Give it 'till Thursday to completely kick in jojo wink
I'm falling out now. But only to be expected since I've done a massive lot of cleaning and tidying today. I've blitzed the girls room, and half attempted the bathroom, my room and the spare room, taken 7 bags of junk to the tip and recycling bank, hung 5 pictures, and finally nailed the panels back on the bath. <phew> now to stick some stuff into the attic and and hunt out my sewing machine plugs.

bringonthetrumpets Sun 10-Mar-13 17:45:36

Wow, Frus! That is nesting/spring cleaning at it's finest! Well done, mama! Take a load off and REST now for the rest of the day.

Jo it's common for BH at this stage. Are you noticing them coming in a pattern? Are they in a different location that what you're used to? Are they feeling like cramps? Are you noticing any change in discharge? Do you notice them more in certain positions, or situations (ie, hungry, thirsty, tired, etc?). Those are all things to keep in mind if you're feeling concerned about things. It's always safe to just have it checked out too if you're feeling that it's just aren't right. You're a second time mum, you know your body, tune in, listen and see what you need.

Leg cramps- calcium/magnesium, calcium/magnesium, calcium/magnesium. I'm telling ya, it will change your pregnant life. Go get some ladies!

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sun 10-Mar-13 18:27:50

Unfortunately bring that was a normal Sunday. except perhaps the tip run, I usually save that up a few weeks/months got my plugs only to discover that my sewing machines are both playing silly beggars (same thing on both machines.) so after the dog has been out I'm going to settle myself on the sofa and get out the needles and do it by hand.

kittykatsforever Sun 10-Mar-13 20:00:55

Am I sad that frus sorting is the kind of thing I love doing?!? I get such a sence of achievement when I've sorted or done something you don't do very often unfortunatly I don't really have any stuff to sort because of this lol can't wait to sort out dds clothes though and put all the new born things in order

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Sun 10-Mar-13 20:43:57

Oh kitty you are more than welcome to come and sort mine. grin

Librarina Mon 11-Mar-13 12:17:39

OOOH, I can finally join in the 'sorting things out' conversation.
We have bought (drumroll please) a Filing Cabinet!

No more messy piles of paper by the door, in the kitchen and at the bottom of the stairs. If it doesn't fit in the new Filing Cabinet then it's going in the bin. And that includes DH.

I had a lovely Mother's Day. Cooked a very nice roast for our Mums, DH did a sterling job on pudding then they all went a way and DH took me to see a folk singer I've long been fond of (Anais Mitchell) who was also sporting a lovely little bump, so we compared notes at the end.

kittykatsforever Mon 11-Mar-13 12:44:47

See lib, that nesting urge is slowly creeping out! wink

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Mon 11-Mar-13 13:10:04

Ooh lib that's sounds like a lovely day. Aren't filing cabinets amazing. I love mine.

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Tue 12-Mar-13 08:15:15

Midwife and bloods today. That's if she can get to my arm through all the layers I've had to put on due to the bitterly cold weather that seems to have appeared from somewhere. Brrrr

Jojobump1986 Tue 12-Mar-13 09:58:23

Are bloods standard at this point? Can't remember from last time! I've got my next appointment on Thursday. I like to be prepared for having holes poked in my arm!

28 weeks today... On the home stretch! grin

Lorelei353 Tue 12-Mar-13 10:10:00

I think I'm going to be like a pin cushion at my 28 week appointment (this day next week).
They're taking bloods, giving me Anti-D injections and also Whooping cough jab (I believe I'm getting it at that appointment anyway).

kittykatsforever Tue 12-Mar-13 13:14:16

Yes bloods are standard Jojo whooping cough not though lor, usually it's after 29wks and done at the gp, I've got to book mine, I know this is the final tri but anyone else think it seems very far away!!

Lorelei353 Tue 12-Mar-13 13:38:15

Maybe you're right kitty. I was told I'd get it at 28 weeks but don't remember if it was from midwife or GP, so maybe I won't get it at same appointment.

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