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nct class

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meganw Wed 30-Jan-13 14:11:18

Hello, we had a woman with Placenta Previa in our NCT class. Although there was a lot about natural childbirth/breastfeeding, we did cover Caesarian births and vonteuse/forceps delivery (which two of us ended up with). The most useful thing about NCT is the people you meet, and now our babes are about 3 months old we are all meeting up, her included. Go along anyway, your birth will be what it will be so that your baby is delivered safely but you may still make some good friends :-)

purpleroses Sun 20-Jan-13 12:06:37

Bits of them will be irrelevant, but most bits will not be. They'll cover caesarians (because no one knows for sure that they're not having one) and quite a lot on babycare and breastfeeding, and many people go to make friends, so you're absolutely fine still to go.

lisa2104 Sun 20-Jan-13 11:29:44

me and dp have booked nct antenatal classes for giving birth and breastfeeding. However I have been diagnosed with placenta previa and will most likely be having a caesarian. are the classes now completely pointless? Im still keen to do them to meet others if nothing else

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