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March2013 New year, new trimester, old symptoms but the finishing post is in sight!

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Oodsigma Fri 18-Jan-13 12:11:04

And confuddled has passed it!

So will this one be our last before we move to post natal?

And who is next?

Thanks sarah & jojo for the thread title. smile

dgift Sat 19-Jan-13 07:25:00

am new here and am enjoyin d site.sorry if u are experiencing snow,in my country we do not know what snow is.
pls I want to know if this anusol ointment can truly shrink this big lump of external pile killing me here with pain. can it go in b4 my due date this march bc i cannot imagine going thru labour with this kind of really scared ,i never experience this kind of pain b4

mandasand Sat 19-Jan-13 08:07:47

Hello ladies!

Place-marking on the new thread as haven't posted in a good few weeks. Nice to see so many new names on the thread! Sorry haven't caught up with everyone's news.

All good with me and the prodigious bump. 33+4 with the twins and hoping to last another three full weeks and a few more days, though my NCT instructor took one look at me on Weds and said I should be counting down in days not weeks...eek! Lots and lots of work to finish off so I hope they hang on in there, also we've three days of double-glazing work happening next weekend so they can't come yet! Am working from home thank goodness and walking is so difficult that I only get out for NCT appointments and to the hospital nowadays!

I really, really am going to get my hospital bag packed today, especially as the nice Ocado man braved the snow to bring me my Lasinoh cream and Tena pads last night, and DH braved the queue in Boots to buy me some extra maternity pads and zinc and caster oil too. There is really no excuse now! I'm thinking a small wheely suitcase for the first 24 hrs and then a bigger one, but what I need depends on whether the babies will come in spontaneous labour before my 36-week hospital appointment or CS thereafter. (It was going to be definitely CS but that's a long story...)

kirsty80 Sat 19-Jan-13 09:23:24

Mandasand I was going to request a post from you today!! Glad to hear all is good with you! I want the long story! No cs now?! X

Emsyboo Sat 19-Jan-13 09:25:20

leni can you work from home my official mat leave starts at 36 weeks but I have been working from home since 25 weeks as the drive was causing bleeds (placenta previa) I still have childcare and has been a bit difficult getting sorted but now I am set up so I can even log into my work computer from home.

The snow has been a pain- we have had a few inches but everyone is going mad about it. I hate the cold at the best of times so emigrating to Oz sounds great! And so does chris Hemsworth.... Drools
Such a shame NCT classes and appointments are being cancelled!

I'm not sure about self scanning, sounds lovely but people worry too much after using home dopplers I would love to see little un more often but any weird blotches or dark spots and I would be worried - prob just me I tend to worry a lot even when not pregnant smile

mandasand Sat 19-Jan-13 10:09:26

Hey Kirsty! smile It maybe CS, but have to see how long I go.

After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with my old hospital - including being told where I had been treated was private clinic so no NHS notes, that they destroy notes after certain period of time etc - consultant said that if we didn't know for sure there was no uterine perforation then we couldn't risk a rupture so had to have CS. Was a bit down for a day or so but soon came round to the idea and started planning on that basis.

Then over the holidays got a call from consultant's secretary to say the other hospital had found my notes, and when I went in to see consultant we learned that there had not been a perforation, just a massive haemorrage (sp?!), so I could try for vaginal delivery if I wanted. Which threw me into a flat spin, to be honest!

I don't want to be induced, so if I go into labour naturally before 36/37 weeks I'll give that a go (but am totally unprepared for it as have thought for so long it wouldn't happen!) otherwise I'll request a CS for 37 weeks.

At this rate I doubt I can go beyond that tbh - I'm so big!!

How are you getting on? xx

confuddledDOTcom Sat 19-Jan-13 10:10:21

I'm going to mark my place and try to post...

Rainbowbabyhope Sat 19-Jan-13 11:50:12

leni I am working up to the second that I go into labour. I just can't waste my maternity leave on myself and want to save up every previous second for when the LO is here. Plus I can't bear the thought of just sitting around waiting for weeks on end!

lauren Scanning machine sounds awesome! I know that my fetal heart monitor has kept me sane in these long months especially before I could feel movement. Even now when I am concerned if baby is quiet, I can do a quick check. I have always found heart beat within 10 seconds of trying since 13 weeks so never caused me any concern and really helped keep my stress levels (and blood pressure!) in check during this pregnancy.

Emsyboo Sat 19-Jan-13 12:39:44

Hi mandasan
Wow what a nightmare I can't imagine the nightmare getting hospitals to talk to each other it's bad enough sometimes getting notes sent from one dept to another.
Goodluck with the twins x

eigmum Sat 19-Jan-13 13:14:06

mandasan gosh that it a lot to get your head around. Did I miss what happened to zoey ? Haven't been able to keep up as work has been crazy. Given I have a desk job it's the commute to canary wharf that is tough ( and the need for an afternoon nap!) but otherwise I plan to work til 38 weeks leni or when the baby arrives, whatever comes first! Getting huge now after weeks of measuring small I am now dead on 32 weeks with a baby in the 50 percentile. Definitey a bit bored of being pregnant now and want it over with but clearly not for at least another 4 weeks! Had a fabulous pre natal massage yesterday as was traveling for work and in a lovely hotel with spa. Really helped by back and shoulders, will be looking at getting another one next weekend. Any recommendations, I am Wimbledon area sw London?

leniwhite Sat 19-Jan-13 14:20:15

Eigmum - I work in Canary Wharf too - it's a fair old trek from West London eh? (I'm Ealing)...

Rainbow - i feel the same about not wasting any of my leave, I can work from home as I'm all set up here but because I'm a PA to two blind execs a big part of my job is physically printing out papers, writing notes in meetings and guiding them around, so I have to be there really. Plan is to work from home from feb 22nd but that's only four weeks before my due date so just have to see how I get on.
Problem is that because I was agency up until Dec when they made me permanent, I don't qualify for SMP, I can only get MA. So working for as long as poss is all I can do hmm

If I had a really comfy chair at work and somewhere to lie down and sleep through the commute it would be much nicer! The seats on the tube are SO UNCOMFORTABLE!

Anyone placed bets on actual delivery dates as opposed to due dates yet? If I'm late it could run into April in which case I'd have to move threads shock

GrottyPotPlant Sat 19-Jan-13 14:29:47

Good to hear from you manda - I was wondering if the twins had made an apperance, glad to hear you are hanging on in there!

Self scanning gives me the heebie jeebies, I must say. There is actually very little safety data on scanning, considering how widespread it is, so very frequent scanning seems a bit scary to me. Unless it is needed, like in zoey's case, of course! (*eig*, I think she is just keeping her head down having had a few trips to hospital- but things might have changed!)

pink has an amazing chiro in south west london, Northcote Chiropractic, if I remember rightly. They sound great, my back sorted itself out before I got around to booking an appointment, but I think tramp might have used them too?

jojo yay re mat leave! I think we are date buddies, so a bit alarming how real it all makes it... I am freelance, and the person I had lined over to take over my work has just got a better offer, argh!! So I was expecting to wind down over the next fortnight, and stop at about 36 weeks, but I am now travelling to run an event at 36 weeks, and don't expect to be finishing until at least 38-39 weeks. Good on the money front, but not so great on the knackeredness and ready-for-baby front...

My baby is protesting too- he chose the day I found all this out to twist into a new position which lets him grind his head into my spine. Lovely sudden stabbing pains in the lower back at unpredictable times. I had a little panic that it was back labour getting off to an early start, but it is clearly connected to him moving about, and is very irregular, so I think it is just one of those things. The delights of pregnancy! Anyone have any tips on getting him to shift?

dgift no idea re anusol, have you tried posting on the main pregnancy board? Lots of knowledge thre. Or ask your midwife or pharmacist?

JoJoBella84 Sat 19-Jan-13 15:38:17

grotty I'm 36 weeks tomorrow :/ how far are you now??!

GrottyPotPlant Sat 19-Jan-13 15:55:35

35 on Tuesday- further behind you than I thought! This is oddly reassuring ( sorry)

Good luck with your big move tomorrow- do you have plan b in case of more bad weather? It all sounds very stressful, but lovely to know it's the last big schlep until after your mat leave. We'll all be thinking of you wending your way!

GummiberryJuice Sat 19-Jan-13 16:05:27

Right better place mark if this is the final thread and try and catch up with everyone

EthelredOnAGoodDay Sat 19-Jan-13 16:33:22

Hi all, marking place! I fear this thread may finish before Dc2 makes an appearance, as due end of March, but you never know. 6 weeks left at work and counting!!!

LaurenCaddy Sat 19-Jan-13 18:38:33

My word this thread has moved quick! Hello to all, a few names i've not seen before so hello!

Ethel I don't know how i'd manage to work for another 6 weeks if i had too, but good on you! Tbh i do get bored, but then the little naps i can have here and there when i'm tired and being able to get things ready, i don't think i could do it. I'm lucky i was a seasonal worker.

Leni We are taking bets on days and weight smile On my side, me and my sisters/bros where early, and my nephew was early, but on my OHs side they was all late! Also whether she'll be born with little hair, no hair, or lots of hair! We've got it all written down in a little notebook. Its rather fun, we saw a lady do it on One Born and thought we'll do that! It'll be nice to put it in my Bump to Baby book as well, so we can look back and see what everyone said.

Going through my Birth Plan ideas todays, and was wondering what people are doing in regards to having Students involved in your labour? Or if they've had this before. I know they have to learn and start somewhere, but i'm a little uneasy about it. I'd like quite a close labour, me, my partner, 1/2 midwives ect (unless something bad happens in that case just throw me whoever can do the job!) and something about having people look at my notes and watching me scares me a little.

JoJoBella84 Sat 19-Jan-13 19:48:26

lauren I have no problem with having a student taking care of me at all, in fact I would love it as ultimately you receive more attention, everything has to be clinically reasoned with their educator and all of this (should) result in better care! But then, I'm a Physio student and I can only base that on what I do with my patients (I would imagine the student/educator role is the same throughout the NHS world though regardless of profession).
Some people can be put off with students (especially 1st year ones), but I quite like the idea of the thoroughness of it all and although having only the fully qualified midwife is reassuring I would question the amount of thought going into your care as when you've done something for a long time you tend to run on auto pilot!! Obviously there'll always be a fully qualified midwife there as well!
Like I say, just my view, but I may be a little biased given my student status!!

SoYo Sat 19-Jan-13 19:50:54

I've roped my parents in for the weekend so DDad and I have been wallpapering the nursery today!

Lauren I am completely without birth plan and plan to stay that way but that's only because I work on labour ward and so planning's not the right thing for me as I'm sure they all know full well what I want painfree sneezebirth. I was talking to DH about students the other day as I'm happy for any students to be in there observing and generally helping the MW/Dr but wouldn't let a student deliver me I have to say. DH is happy for MW students to be in there but not medical students as he's worried he'll end up working with them in a few years and hates the idea that they'd have seen my lady bits!!

I think we should all make out own predictions about what date we will deliver, weight of baby and blue/pinkness if we don't already know and then we can compare on the PN thread!

I predict I'll deliver at T+5, 9lb 3oz, boy (no idea as when I said I didn't want to know the buggers turned the screen away at my scan so I couldn't have a sneak peek! DH is convinced it's a girl).

Manda definitely sounds like you've got a good plan in place now finally, best of luck with the twins!

So impressed with everyone working so late. My job's really physical and starting to get to be a bit tough on certain days and I actually can't wait to put my feet up for a couple of weeks unlikely as I still have so much to do but keep burying head in sand, I was fine until about a week ago but all of a sudden it's a bit of a struggle! I think the constant use of my gallbladder as a football is wearing me down!!!

LaurenCaddy Sat 19-Jan-13 20:24:03

Do students give you injections/needles?

I am a complete needle phobic, OH has to hold me, and i have to lie down, or i'm gone! I don't think i'd mind them being in the room, having a chat kind of thing, but i don't think i want them prodding me and practicing on me :/ Does that make me a bad person?

Oooo like that idea SoYo

I predict: 2 days early, 7lb 10oz, we know it's a girl, but with a full head of hair!

Going on the fact, all girls in my family where petite and early. And i'm only diddy myself and having issues with low BMI.

Maybe also being a little hopeful haha.

EthelredOnAGoodDay Sat 19-Jan-13 20:27:13

Lauren I had a student in with me when I had DD. she was great and was very encouraging and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to have another in with me this time.
I think what they are allowed to do depends on what stage they're at in their course.

Oodsigma Sat 19-Jan-13 20:27:36

I know my date but I think it's a boy, 7lb 9

JoJoBella84 Sat 19-Jan-13 20:41:56

lauren I would imagine so depending on your level but you could explain in your birth plan that you would rather they didn't do any cannula's/ bloods due to needle phobia and would request a more experienced person to do that kind of stuff!

backwardpossom Sat 19-Jan-13 20:57:43

Evening all. New thread again?! Wow! So I had my last day in my old job yesterday. Was very strange walking out yesterday knowing that I wont go back there as an employee. Start my new job on Tuesday (for a whole 3 weeks and 1 day). smile

Rainbowbabyhope Sat 19-Jan-13 21:06:29

lauren I am specifying no students. In fact I am specifying that people are to stay out of my room unless medically necessary for them to be physically present e.g. I will only allow midwife in for intermittent heart rate monitoring unless things are not going as normal. I will absolutely not permit people to stand in the room 'just in case' - they can wait just outside the door if necessary! I just know that for me I need darkness and quiet. With DD I basically hid in the dim bathroom and refused to come out and this really helped me to have a natural labour. This is one of the reasons I may just end up staying at home it give birth if I feel like it on the day.

manda great news that they found your notes and you may be able to have spontaneous labour!

Oodsigma Sat 19-Jan-13 21:41:41

Good luck backward smile

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