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September 2013 part 2 - there's LOADS of us!

(997 Posts)
Wincher Thu 17-Jan-13 13:27:04

New thread created in haste before the old one fills up!

CatPussRoastingOnAnOpenFire Fri 18-Jan-13 14:22:42

I'm feeling really rough today. Been out shopping with mum and gran. I feel queasy, and so tired I can barely stand! We stopped for lunch and I had a chip Butty. I'm a real pig usually, I can stuff myself all day long. But at the moment, food just leaves me cold! I was walking round Morrisons and my brain was saying "Ooooh, trifle, biscuits, sandwiches, cake..." And my stomach was saying "not likely!" It is a very odd sensation for someone who is usually such a foodie! sad

Babyboo79 Fri 18-Jan-13 14:38:15

I know the feeling! It's a bit depressing really. I used to love cooking, especially with DH at the weekend. Now I can't bear to be in the kitchen.

I never imagined that the thought of wine would turn my stomach either!

fl0b0t Fri 18-Jan-13 14:43:31

Adding me:

Weeweeweeallthewayhome, 26, BFP 23rd Dec, EDD Aug 18th, DC1
Islingtongirl, EDD end of August
MeanMrsMustard, 31, BFP 19th Dec, EDD end of Aug, DC1
loubeebaby, 32, BFP 23rd Dec, EDD 30th Aug, DC1
batfuttocks Bfp 17/12/12 dc3 edd 31/8/13
GirlWithTheYellowHat, 29, BFP 31st Dec, EDD 1st September, DC2
Cartyloopylou, 41, BFP Christmas Eve, EDD 1st September, DC2
Jennimoo, 31, BFP 21 Dec, due date 1st September, DC2
ZombiesAreClammyDodgers, 32, due date 1st September, DC1
Jmf294, 36, BFP 29th Dec, EDD 2nd September, DC3
Sheeplikesleep, EDD 2nd September, DC3
Rosiechoice, 30, BFP Christmas Eve, due date 2nd September, DC1
Starfishkiss, 27, BFP 27th Dec, due date 2nd September, DC2
Emma290, BFP Christmas Eve, due date 2nd September, DC1
LexyMa, 33 until Feb , BFP 22Dec, DC2, EDD 03/09/13
SGJ, due date 3rd September, DC2
TotalShock, 34, BFP Christmas Day, Edd 03/09/13
Manoodledo, EDD 4th September, DC3
Kipsonline, 35, EDD 4th September, DC3
Legoboat, BFP 22nd Dec, due date 4th September, DC2
Creamtea1, BFP 28 Jan, EDD 5th September, DC3
BelleEtLaBete, 31, BFP 28 Dec, EDD 6th September, DC2
cravingformilk, 28, BFP 11th Jan, EDD 7th September, DC2
Corkgirlindublin, 30, EDD 7th September, DC2
jm233, 26, BFP Christmas Day, due date 7th September, DC1
Kimjayne, 29, BFP 29th/30th Dec, EDD 7th September, DC1
CarrieJayne, 30, BFP 30th Dec, EDD 8th Sept, DC1
SpanishLady, 38, BFP Christmas Day, due date 8th September, DC2
Badguider, 36, BFP 7 Jan, due date 8th September, DC1
CrikeeThree, EDD 8th Sep, DC3
CamomilleHoneyVanilla, 30, EDD 9th September, DC1
Shellywelly1973, BFP 30th Dec, EDD 9th September, DC6
amiready, 34, BFP 28th Dec, EDD 9th September, DC1
Kittenkatzen, 33, BFP New Years Day, due date 10th September, DC1
Gatorade, 28, BFP 29th Dec, EDD 10th September, DC2
Poonli, EDD 10th September, DC1
whyriskit, BFP 31st Dec, EDD 11th September, DC3
flipflump, 31, BFP 3rd Jan, EDD 11th September, DC1
rachielou1987, EDD 12 September, DC1
andadietcoke BFP 30/12/12 DC1 EDD 13/9/13
dorapeppageorgenoddy, 33, bfp 7th Jan EDD 13th September
PoppettyPing, 29, EDD 13 September, DC1
LotsaTuddles, BFP 6th Jan, EDD 13th September, DC1
Daisy299, BFP 4th Jan, EDD 13th September, DC1
Wibblytummy, EDD 13th September
HettySunshine, 33, BFP 5 Jan, EDD 14 September, DC1
Wincher, 32, BFP 2nd Jan, EDD 14th Sep, DC2
OneLittleToddlingTerror, 38, BFP 13th Jan, EDD 15th September, DC2
jemimahpuddleduck BFP New Years Day, DC1, EDD 15/09/13
SausageChipsGravy, BFP 7th Jan, EDD 15th September, DC2
Purplelooby, 32, BFP 6th Jan, EDD 15th September, DC2
MummyOfPrawn, 26, BFP 4th Jan, EDD 16th Sept (approx), DC2 (DS1 18 months)
BabyBoo79, 33, BFP 2nd jan, EDD 17th September, DC1
amidwifecrisis, BFP 12th Jan, EDD 20th September, DC2
hackneybird, 39, EDD 21 September, DC2
TripleRock, BFP 9th Jan, EDD 22nd September, DC2
Fl0b0t, BFP 13th Jan, EDD 23rd September, DC1
ClaryCazalet, 33, bfp 9 Jan, EDD 23 Sept, dc2
Thornintherose, BFP 13th Jan, EDD 24th September, DC2
Readytosettle, 30, BFP 15th Jan, EDD 24th September, DC1
Eeeknumber3, 36, BFP 16th jan, EDD 24th September, DC3
Cacks, 31, BFP 13th Jan, EDD 25th September, DC2

mynameisnotmichaelcaine, 33, BFP 7th Jan, EDD? DC3
Preposterashypothesis, 27, BFP 23rd Dec, due date?, DC2
Belvedere, BFP Christmas Day, EDD?, DC1
georgie22, BFP 31st Dec, EDD?, DC2
Rosyisgonnabeamummy, 27, BFP 1/01/13 due early September. (Tbc)
CatPusRoastingOnAnOpenFire, 37, BFP 6th Jan, EDD (TBC), DC3
Blanketsandpillows, 30, EDD (TBC), DC1
Celosia, 40, EDD (TBC), DC5
InnocentRedHead, 21, BFP 11th Jan, EDD?, DC2
Hooya, BFP 5-6 Jan, EDD?, DC?
Swaye, BFP 15jan DC1, EDD 25 September

In other news, I feel like an elephant! Constipated to all hell and swollen tummy with it! D'oh!

andadietcoke Fri 18-Jan-13 14:43:57

I can never work out if I'm hungry or nauseous or a combination of both!
My legs are killing me, and one boob, so have to sleep on my back or right hand side.

I went to see my friend's 5 day old baby last night. He was so tiny, and I now feel a bit panicked. DH didn't want anything to do with him, and I can't imagine him with a baby, freaked me out a bit.

I've got my first night out since finding out I was pg tomorrow night. Just a Chinese for a friend's birthday and am going to go with the January detox excuse I think!

Readytosettle Fri 18-Jan-13 14:52:54

Thanks eek that makes me feel loads better....seriously the nurse had such a freak out on Weds that it's really taken all the fun out of my holiday planning. I might look into the anti malarials u mentioned....Bali's low risk for malaria but we're going to the gili's & there seems to be conflicting advice for there.

I've just been to shopping basket contained: bread, muffins, rolls & hot cross buns....oh and lots of ginger tea & ginger yoghurt!!

Readytosettle Fri 18-Jan-13 14:54:36

andadietcoke we're away with the family this weekend. Hubbies not going to drink either & we're going to tell people we're doing the dryathlon ;-)

frogchops Fri 18-Jan-13 15:02:13

While we're talking about the list, whoever does a new one (I'm on the fone!) can you add me back on please?? I was on but now I'm not. Unless someone knows something I don't??confusedsad bfp 15/1 Edd 22/9

SGJ Fri 18-Jan-13 15:05:07

Another one here only wanting carbs, just like in my first pregnancy, only difference is that I'm not 'happy' after eating it, I just don't feel right - unlike 1st pg. Does this mean it's a boy this time round?!

swaye Fri 18-Jan-13 15:14:57

Pretty sure my cat knows im pregnant. Has been cuddling close every time i sit down, is happy to sit on my blanket (im freezing!!) by my side in a small gap instead of a lap,...he has never done that before no matter how much ive wanted him too. So so cute brings a lump to my throat. But quiet honestly most things are doing that including DH being super attentive and supportive esp. Whilst walking in the snow, oh welling up again lol.

CarrieJayne Fri 18-Jan-13 15:33:04

Hi ladies, just marking my place! Anyone else snowed in??

HettySunshine Fri 18-Jan-13 15:36:25

My DP told his boss today. His boss then confided that his wife is due on the same day as me! There are only three of them in their dept and the third is a sort of long term temp.

The Head is not going to be happy! wink

I've got the afty off today so i'm curled up on the sofa with my cat (she isn't any more interested in me than normal though) watching the snow. It's nice to be doing nothing.

Creamtea1 Fri 18-Jan-13 16:02:03

Snowed in here!
I usually eat low carb too and have been trying to continue that way, problem is have been wanting toast/bread to feel better. But I literally look at a carb and put on weight, and I am very paranoid/conscious about putting on weight - I put on 4 stone last time. My aim was to get to 12 weeks with no weight gain, it's going to be hard!

fl0b0t Fri 18-Jan-13 16:22:19

Enjoying the snow smile

Ps- is this the point at which we're supposed to stop watching "One Born Every Minute"? I'm still thoroughly enjoying it! It's taught me that whatever your plan, you have to do the best for your baby. Oh, and no matter how lovely, you will want to punch your OH, they got bored, and misbehave smile

Creamtea1 Fri 18-Jan-13 16:47:32

flobot I stopped watching one born every minute about a month before I had dc1 and never watched again!

I couldn't watch one born every minute last pregnancy but really enjoyed it on maternity. It snowed here today and I took the day off as DDs nursery closed. I'm sooooooo tired. I slept for an hour in the afternoon and I'm still yawning atm. Is everyone just having nauseousness and not tiredness?

DD slept from 1 till 4. Bless her. Only reason I got I lie in. I don know how I survived the work days hmm

Readytosettle Fri 18-Jan-13 17:18:33

I love one born! I always find it very re-assuring....except for this week when they didn't have enough midwives to go around!!

Readytosettle Fri 18-Jan-13 17:20:06

One I'm just nauseous, no tiredness (other than the norm for a Friday night!). I'm tired of feeling sick if that counts?!

jennimoo Fri 18-Jan-13 17:38:43

I'm exhausted, slept for 1.5h this afternoon, same as DD!

CatPussRoastingOnAnOpenFire Fri 18-Jan-13 18:15:34

<<TMI ALERT>> sorry!
Ok. Tell me what you think...
Right, for a week or so, I've had very light spotting. Generally bowel movement related. Not enough to make it to my knickers, but definitely there when I wipe. It's like a fresh spot when I go, fading to brown as the day goes on. I do have a cervical erosion, which spots anyway, so I've just been keeping an eye. Today, it's been a little more. Still clean knicks, but more when I wipe, and red most of the day. <<really embarassed to share>> I have no pain, and I'm feeling pretty pregnant still. I have had a slight left sided niggle occasionally, but due to the times and circumstances, had put it down to wind/stretching. I know erosions can be more sensitive due to the hormones of pg, I'm just wishing it would go away. Is this worth getting looked at? Tonight? tomorrow? Nhs direct? I don't even know how to get hold I my local EPAU. Will they do anything? confused

MummyOfPrawn Fri 18-Jan-13 18:15:59

andadietcoke - try not to worry about your husbands reaction. Neither DH nor me ever felt comfortable holding a tiny baby for fear of breaking it / making it cry / or a sudden eruption from either orifice. Neither of us had had much to do with babies but when I gave birth to DC1 he was very hands on, very confident, very relaxed. We both were. I think it's different when it's your own.

HettySunshine Fri 18-Jan-13 18:21:34

CatPuss it sounds like you should get checked out, just to put your mind at rest. Call NHS Direct and tell them what you told us. If they think you do need to go to the walk in place they'll tell you exactly where it is. How's your snow? Will you be able to go if necessary?

Try not too worry, I'm sure you'll both be okay. X

TripleRock Fri 18-Jan-13 18:47:26

Just wanted to let everyone know, I spoke to my MW today and she confirmed what we all knew that Sept is shaping up to be busy!

As a result shes sent off a request for my scan appt today, even though I've not got my booking in until early Feb.

So I should hopefully get my scan on time all being well.

Just thought I'd share in case anyone still waiting for their booking in wanted to try the same

CatPussRoastingOnAnOpenFire Fri 18-Jan-13 19:04:02

I'm not overly worried by the snow. Ill get where I need to be if i need to. Seems to have stopped now, so I am going to bed. Ill reassess the situation in the morning. I've gone all emotional this evening and I think I'm just worrying too much.

CatPuss don't worry about oversharing. That's what MN is for! I think it sounds like something that should be checked out. Even if it just for some reassurance. I'm thinking about the NHS direct too. On my booking in pack, there's a number to call to talk to midwives depending on time of day/week. Do you have something like that? I think maybe a midwives unit will be more knowledgable about pregnancy related stuff.

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