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September 2013 part 2 - there's LOADS of us!

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Wincher Thu 17-Jan-13 13:27:04

New thread created in haste before the old one fills up!

jm233 Mon 21-Jan-13 22:02:57

Kim- You're right, it's not the going out, but spending time with people, and not feeling like you can't now that your preggers!
I think we'll tell our really close friends this we, provided the 8 week scan is good, everyone else at 12 weeks (my mum knows and his parents away for a month now).
I feel bad cause it sounds like I'm moping, but I'm really not, and we are both so excited for this little bean! It's just a lot to get my head around!

andadietcoke Mon 21-Jan-13 22:06:26

Heehee. In a way I'm worried because we're the last of our friends, and I'm secretly a bit anxious that they'll be a bit meh about the whole thing. Been there, done that etc!

amiready Mon 21-Jan-13 22:10:28

Hi guys, just marking place - still no real symptoms over here! But in my book it says 1 in 4 don't get nauseous and it seems there are a few of us on here who keep fairly quiet about it but pop up every now and then!

kimjayne so sorry you fell over! Are you ok?! Did you make it to the toilet???!

jm233 totally know what you mean - in fact New years eve (the day my period was due so brand new pg) was so sedate as I wasn't drinking and couldn't just blab everything about how I was feeling, so ended up just being really quiet and we all had a bit of a boring night! I definitely find it's affecting my friendships, not being able to say what I'm thinking. Just want to talk about it so much!

Otherwise all is well here. Got a draft contract from work at last today - haven't had a chance to read through the maternity bit yet though. Not sure how I'll bring it up if anything needs negotiating! Here's hoping it's all ok. I find work things quite stressful.

SGJ Mon 21-Jan-13 22:42:13

jm233 - I remember when the first of our friends told us they were pg - of course we were pleased for them, but I also remember being completely unaware of what a big deal it was for them, it just didn't occur to me. People really don't understand until they have their own, so though your friends were pleased for you, they won't be thinking about it every couple of minutes like we all are!! But rest assured they will buy some great presents and bring you wine, cheese and late after the birth!

And I'm loving all the food/nausea stories (especially the fajitas, excellent work!) - I'm having to really work hard at eating little and often. If I eat too much in one go (as I have this evening) I feel massively bloated and vom-tastic. I know I should be eating more fruit but I really wanted grilled cheese sandwiches! Bread bloat...

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Tue 22-Jan-13 00:30:31

An interesting article here. Found the miscarriage stats a little reassuring.

kimjayne Tue 22-Jan-13 08:22:55

amiready - i made it to the look just in time. phew! i now have grazed knees like a 12 yr old boy though! somehow managed to bruise my bum too!? not sure how that occurred? i instantly panicked that id harmed the bean?! I don't know if im just stressing out?
Jm233 - I think once the news is out we will feel the cloud lifted and we will be able to enjoy seeing friends much more. Its just difficult when you are lying all the time.
In food news - Im not normally a big snacker but im currently carrying an emergency bag of grapes and mini flapjacks around llike a nutter. The little snack bags of grapes at tesco are good for handbag food if anyone else struggles with hunger sickness?
by the way, has anyone else had nose bleeds recently? I've never had one before. Not sure if its common in pg?

kimjayne Tue 22-Jan-13 08:25:55

amiready - good news on your contract! smile bet thats a relief.

Kittenkatzen Tue 22-Jan-13 08:28:40

kimjayne sorry you fell over, I hope your poor knees are ok! If its any consolation, I cried in bed this morning because the cat woke me up at half 5 and I couldn't go back to sleep! DH was like confused

dietcoke we're the last of our friends to get upduffed too, I'm thinking of holding off telling them as long as possible as I don't want all the well meaning advice just yet!

Kittenkatzen Tue 22-Jan-13 08:30:33

Oh and whoever mentioned crumpets, thanks, I'm now going to have to stop for some on my way to work!! grin

kimjayne Tue 22-Jan-13 08:41:36

mmmmm good call on the crumpets! smile

jm233 Tue 22-Jan-13 08:50:26

Has anyone had a flu jab yet? DH announced this morning that he has a scratchy sore throat this morning and I'm panicking!

Creamtea1 Tue 22-Jan-13 08:58:44

Flu jab tomorrow for me
Just weighed myself and have jumped from 1lb weight gain to 4lb gain in the last couple of days!! I will be 8 weeks on thurs. there goes my aim of no more than 3lb in the first trimester then sad

Kittenkatzen Tue 22-Jan-13 09:19:24

Just had two crumpets with butter and marmite for breakfast with a decaff coffee - I am a happy kitten! grin

No flu jab for me - is it even flu season still then? The midwife didn't mention it last week....

cream tea I'm 6+5 and have definitely put on about 2lb so far.....I'm hoping the constant hunger wears off soon and things will even out a bit - otherwise they're going to have to roll me into the delivery room come September! DH thinks it's hilarious that I'm probably going to end up weighing more than he does by then end...hmm

fl0b0t Tue 22-Jan-13 09:22:30

I don't know how anyone does this!
I've been feeling the sickness since Saturday. I've been in bed by 9 every night for almost two weeks and I'm feeling ridiculously queasy. Was just afternoons at the weekend and now it's all day. I'm only 5+1! What's worse is that everyone's body handles pregnancy different and I've heard women giving it the old "What's wrong with you? I'm pregnant and I'm fine! You're only pregnant, not ill!"

The opposite to that is something (was it on mumsnet advice?) that said "You'll be grateful that you're pregnant, otherwise you'd think you were dying!". So true!

If I keep feeling this bad a)I'm worried about being back in the office and b)I'm going to have to tell people before I really want to because I'm finding it hard to keep things together when I'd rather be alseep or curled up nomming something carby to keep the sickness at bay!

Ah well, first dr app today- what should I expect? Will they just do a pregnancy test and then refer me?

Eeeknumber3 Tue 22-Jan-13 09:46:23

Kimjayne - I have suffered with nosebleeds in pg...with my little girl but not my son. Am having minor ones again this time, maybe another girl?! I am prone, but other than in pg not had them for years! Also, I suffer with the bleeding gums...what can I say, must be a bleeder! Seemingly, they are fairly common pg symptom, but not nice x

jemimahpuddleduck Tue 22-Jan-13 10:11:50

Morning all

Felt awful this morning didn't know how I was going to get to work but I am here and it's bearable. Helped by salt and vinegar rice cakes and sherbet lemons.

Also loving toasted bagels with philidelphia.

SaggyOldPregnantCatpuss Tue 22-Jan-13 10:13:09

Well I've just been booked in with the doctors, midwife in a couple of weeks. I do love my doctor, she's a gem! Had me giggling like mad!
Anyway, she's put me down for consultant led care because of my bmi, sad but I'm going to be fighting for a MLU delivery the whole way! Everything else looks fine, she's upped my dose of folic acid, and the I'm to go back next week for a cervical exam to check out the spotting. If my cervix doesn't look correct, then I get an early scan. Hurrah! can I get just a wee bit excited now? grin

nerual Tue 22-Jan-13 11:41:22

Adding myself, hello everyone smile

Weeweeweeallthewayhome, 26, BFP 23rd Dec, EDD Aug 18th, DC1
Islingtongirl, EDD end of August
MeanMrsMustard, 31, BFP 19th Dec, EDD end of Aug, DC1
loubeebaby, 32, BFP 23rd Dec, EDD 30th Aug, DC1
batfuttocks Bfp 17/12/12 dc3 edd 31/8/13
GirlWithTheYellowHat, 29, BFP 31st Dec, EDD 1st September, DC2
Cartyloopylou, 41, BFP Christmas Eve, EDD 1st September, DC2
Jennimoo, 31, BFP 21 Dec, due date 1st September, DC2
ZombiesAreClammyDodgers, 32, due date 1st September, DC1
Jmf294, 36, BFP 29th Dec, EDD 2nd September, DC3
Sheeplikesleep, EDD 2nd September, DC3
Rosiechoice, 30, BFP Christmas Eve, due date 2nd September, DC1
Starfishkiss, 27, BFP 27th Dec, due date 2nd September, DC2
Emma290, BFP Christmas Eve, due date 2nd September, DC1
LexyMa, 33 until Feb , BFP 22Dec, DC2, EDD 03/09/13
SGJ, due date 3rd September, DC2
TotalShock, 34, BFP Christmas Day, Edd 03/09/13
Manoodledo, EDD 4th September, DC3
Kipsonline, 35, EDD 4th September, DC3
Legoboat, BFP 22nd Dec, due date 4th September, DC2
Creamtea1, BFP 28 Jan, EDD 5th September, DC3
BelleEtLaBete, 31, BFP 28 Dec, EDD 6th September, DC2
cravingformilk, 28, BFP 11th Jan, EDD 7th September, DC2
Corkgirlindublin, 30, EDD 7th September, DC2
jm233, 26, BFP Christmas Day, due date 7th September, DC1
Kimjayne, 29, BFP 29th/30th Dec, EDD 7th September, DC1
CarrieJayne, 30, BFP 30th Dec, EDD 8th Sept, DC1
SpanishLady, 38, BFP Christmas Day, due date 8th September, DC2
Badguider, 36, BFP 7 Jan, due date 8th September, DC1
CrikeeThree, EDD 8th Sep, DC3
CamomilleHoneyVanilla, 30, EDD 9th September, DC1
Shellywelly1973, BFP 30th Dec, EDD 9th September, DC6
amiready, 34, BFP 28th Dec, EDD 9th September, DC1
Kittenkatzen, 33, BFP New Years Day, due date 10th September, DC1
Gatorade, 28, BFP 29th Dec, EDD 10th September, DC2
Poonli, EDD 10th September, DC1
whyriskit, BFP 31st Dec, EDD 11th September, DC3
flipflump, 31, BFP 3rd Jan, EDD 11th September, DC1
rachielou1987, EDD 12 September, DC1
andadietcoke BFP 30/12/12 DC1 EDD 13/9/13
dorapeppageorgenoddy, 33, bfp 7th Jan EDD 13th September
PoppettyPing, 29, EDD 13 September, DC1
LotsaTuddles, BFP 6th Jan, EDD 13th September, DC1
Daisy299, BFP 4th Jan, EDD 13th September, DC1
Wibblytummy, EDD 13th September
HettySunshine, 33, BFP 5 Jan, EDD 14 September, DC1
Wincher, 32, BFP 2nd Jan, EDD 14th Sep, DC2
OneLittleToddlingTerror, 38, BFP 13th Jan, EDD 15th September, DC2
jemimahpuddleduck BFP New Years Day, DC1, EDD 15/09/13
SausageChipsGravy, BFP 7th Jan, EDD 15th September, DC2
Purplelooby, 32, BFP 6th Jan, EDD 15th September, DC2
MummyOfPrawn, 26, BFP 4th Jan, EDD 16th Sept (approx), DC2 (DS1 18 months)
BabyBoo79, 33, BFP 2nd jan, EDD 17th September, DC1
amidwifecrisis, BFP 12th Jan, EDD 20th September, DC2
hackneybird, 39, EDD 21 September, DC2
TripleRock, BFP 9th Jan, EDD 22nd September, DC2
Fl0b0t, BFP 13th Jan, EDD 23rd September, DC1
ClaryCazalet, 33, bfp 9 Jan, EDD 23 Sept, dc2
Thornintherose, BFP 13th Jan, EDD 24th September, DC2
Readytosettle, 30, BFP 15th Jan, EDD 24th September, DC1
Eeeknumber3, 36, BFP 16th jan, EDD 24th September, DC3
Cacks, 31, BFP 13th Jan, EDD 25th September, DC2

mynameisnotmichaelcaine, 33, BFP 7th Jan, EDD? DC3
Preposterashypothesis, 27, BFP 23rd Dec, due date?, DC2
Belvedere, BFP Christmas Day, EDD?, DC1
georgie22, BFP 31st Dec, EDD?, DC2
Rosyisgonnabeamummy, 27, BFP 1/01/13 due early September. (Tbc)
CatPusRoastingOnAnOpenFire, 37, BFP 6th Jan, EDD (TBC), DC3
Blanketsandpillows, 30, EDD (TBC), DC1
Celosia, 40, EDD (TBC), DC5
InnocentRedHead, 21, BFP 11th Jan, EDD?, DC2
Hooya, BFP 5-6 Jan, EDD?, DC?
Swaye, BFP 15jan DC1, EDD 25 September
MrsMc82,30, BFP 15th Jan, EDD 14th Sept, DC2
Nerual, BFP 17th Jan, EDD 27th Sep DC2

Kittenkatzen Tue 22-Jan-13 12:33:43

fl0b0t I doubt they'll do a pregnancy test at your appt, from what I know the home tests are so reliable these days that they tend to take your word for it! When I had my appt last week we discussed my dates, symptoms, any relevant medical history, she made sure I was taking folic acid and then gave me the free prescription form to send off. I had to tell her which hospital I want to give birth at so that she can register me there - now I'm just waiting for a letter from the hosi telling me the date of my booking appt/bloods/first scan etc (hopefully all on the same day).

hackneybird Tue 22-Jan-13 12:46:59

jm233 I second what SGJ says. Don't be hurt, or read too much into it, your friends just probably aren't that interested and don't appreciate the enormity of it all for you. Before I had my DS I wasn't bothered about my friends' children or pregnancies. I would make all the right noises for the sake of politeness but that was it.

I now find that my friends and family members without children are exactly the same towards me. Whenever I see them without my son in tow they never even ask after him! I don't mind, it's quite refreshing to have conversations that don't revolve around children from time to time smile.

Eeeknumber3 Tue 22-Jan-13 13:35:09

I have just HAD to walk through the foot of snow here to get a can of irn bru from our local was bliss! How bizarre...

Eeeknumber3 Tue 22-Jan-13 13:40:36

I feel that I will be judged by some of my friends for having a 3rd child, when they constantly say how happy they are with two and couldn't deal with another. We all seem to be concerned, for different reasons, about others reactions. My other irrational, yet very real, fear, is that I have had two real text book pregnancies with no complications and relatively straightforward deliveries (dd arrived within an hour of getting to hospital and was nowhere near as bad as ds1)! So, now I think I can't be that lucky a third time and something terrible will go wrong. I have the midwife from second birth in my head, after she commented how fast dd arrived, saying 'ooooo, don't have a third, third births and pregnancies get difficult again!'

swaye Tue 22-Jan-13 13:43:15

Im going to see a pg friend tomorrow. She's not a best friend or close, more that my DH knows her DH. She is 7months me 5 weeks. I dont think i should tell yet, only told 2 close friends so far but im going to feel so guilty not telling whilst talking about her bump. Oh, i just dont want to burst in to tears and spill the beans!!!! What would you do?

fl0b0t Tue 22-Jan-13 13:44:59

Cheers Kittenkatzen- I almost feel like taking two positive tests in with me to "prove" it. I, also, have been stressing about not being pregnant- even though those two lines couldn't be clearer! I kept the tests and double check them every night before bed. I am a nutter!

And to add to the general chat- I'm also finding to quite hard socially. Luckily I'm recovering from an injury which is a good "excuse" not to do lots of things (like sledging etc), but the "how are you?!" chat from my end is just boooooring! I am currently doing nothing except being exhausted and excited!

rumtumtugger Tue 22-Jan-13 14:03:09

Hi all, congrats and can I join? My edd from dates is 27th Sept. This bean will be our 2nd dc but I've forgotten what I did re midwife appts the first time round - should I call the surgery to arrange my booking appt now, given I'm only 4 weeks?

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