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April 2013 part six...what does the third trimester have in store?

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edinfirst Sat 12-Jan-13 22:43:34

Link to stats thread

damnitdamnit Sun 13-Jan-13 21:51:38

Just checking in and marking a place so I can come back and read later.

Missmuffet28 Sun 13-Jan-13 21:54:46

Wow so many posts since this morning! I just love love love hearing about everyone!

Mama glad things are looking up for you with the incredible strength you have shown so far I'm sure it will just be a matter of short time before you are back to yourself again and Alexander sounds amazing as do the rest of your dc's!

Jaqueline really sorry you have been poorly sounds quite scary, for what it's worth I think for your sake you have made the right decision it sounded like ALOT of stress on you, now you can sit back and relax for a bit when u need to the most! It'll all still be there waiting for you to get back into the swing of it in a years time smile

Argh the changing bag thing came up again! I managed to get dp's plain black freebie from boots baby club lol so just my girlie one to find there too many fab ones to choose from at this rate I won't have one at all!

Ooh and I'd be up for a Facebook group too!


birdbrain17 Sun 13-Jan-13 22:08:09

I haven't finished catching up on all the posts from today, sure I will have more to say when I do, but wishful just read your post, I also have anti-D tomorrow at the hospital, why on earth wouldn't it be in your arm?! you've really scared me!!!!and snap I am praying for a snow day would be lovely to have some time off, just had an email from school saying they will confirm by 7:15 on snow days if school is open or not, I still have hope....

birdbrain17 Sun 13-Jan-13 22:15:21

okay finished reading through, wishful forgot to say (baby brain) that we are also due date buddies, it's so exciting to be starting the final trimester!!!!

mama so so happy to hear from you that you and alex (good name choice, that's what my dh is called) are doing okay, take it easy and keep us updated


magictorch Sun 13-Jan-13 22:25:39

Woohoo Mama! So great to hear that you and Alexander are doing so well!! The strength you have both shown is truly inspiring.

Crossing all fingers and toes for Floss too and hoping all you ladies with PGP/SPD feel more comfortable soon. And Jac, what a scare. Hope you're feeling better now too.

I'd also be up for a closed Facebook group, great idea Ratbag

Got my 28 week midwife appointment tomorrow, that's if I haven't buried DH under the patio for eating the entire box of special biscuits given to me at Christmas. I didn't even get one sad. No court in the land would convict me, right?!

Thanks for all your comments on the last thread about possible names. Still dithering on boys names though, mainly because DH hates everything and I'm not in love with the one name he's suggested.

Hope you all have a good week and avoid snowmageddon!


HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 13-Jan-13 22:27:09

bird it would hurt like hell in your arm! Most arm injections go into the fat. Much kinder to go in your leg/arse!

EmpressMatilda Sun 13-Jan-13 22:51:06

Just marking my place. All well here.

Good luck floss

enjay0811 Sun 13-Jan-13 23:15:29

So good to hear from you mama. Come and talk about as much or as little as u like on here, sure I'm not the only one who finds u an inspiration and looks forward to hearing how u and Alexander r gettin on!

Jacq glad you've made such a difficult decision now, must b a weight off ur mind. Look afta urself x

Sorry to hear bout all those suffering with spd etc, makes my sciatica n achey bk sound a walk in the park! blush

Must give the lidl nappies a try too afta everyone's positive comments..planned on using huggies again but tht's out the window now I guess!

Good luck to all those forecast bad snow fingers crossed for a day snowed in don't think we'll b gettin much in s wales so off to work for me! ...9 weeks, 4 days and counting....

Oh, def up for a fb group ratbag fab idea!


bext Sun 13-Jan-13 23:15:56

Wow what a day of news!

Mama so great to have you back online and so glad to hear Alex is putting on weight. I think we've all been thinking about you loads and wondering how you've been getting on.

Floss, good luck if things do happen with you.

And Jac, so pleased you've decided to give yourself some time out, even though sounds like the decision was forced on you a bit.

On changing bags, I bought a pacapod second hand off eBay before Xmas and am so pleased with it. It looks brand new, looks like it will hold loads and looks smart enough to replace a handbag. Felt very grown up hanging it on the pram and pushing it round the kitchen grin

And thanks for the sainsburys tips. I felt a bit strange in the queue with nappies in my trolley as it feels so early but can't resist a bargain!

Hope the snow isn't too awful for everyone.
And a Facebook group would be fab, thanks for offering to set it up smile

ILoveNoodles Mon 14-Jan-13 05:42:45

Just popping in to save my place on the new thread, and to wave to mama! X

ILoveNoodles Mon 14-Jan-13 05:43:52

Facebook did someone mention facebook....yes please.

Trishstar Mon 14-Jan-13 07:24:23

Daft question but do we pay tax/N.I.
on SMP or do you receive the full £135.40?


Fluffeh Mon 14-Jan-13 07:29:24

mama it's fantastic to hear you're on the mend and amazing that Alexander is doing so well!

On the nappies subject I've heard Aldi are meant to be pretty good? We were going to buy a small pack of those and a small pack of boots then buy extra if needed. I was thinking baby was going to be a decent size but from yesterday's mw appt I'm measuring so small I think she's going to be <7lbs meaning we'll have to wait a but longer to start with reusables.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and the snow isn't too bad, if your affected by it smile.

milktraylady Mon 14-Jan-13 07:32:25

I had a look at the finances, and unless I have it wrong, 12 months off work with smp gives around £9k. So that's under the limit to be taxed on. So we should pretty much take home all the smp.
Anyone else more financially savvy can agree??confused

I am so pleased Mama & Alex are doing well, I often think of you bothsmile

I had my first hypnobirthing session yesterday. Lovely lady, am now feeling maybe I can do this <scared> blush

bunnygirl80 Mon 14-Jan-13 07:52:11

Great to hear mama and Alexander are doing well

jaqueline glad you've made a firm decision about uni.

I went to test drive yet more double prams today and STILL can't make up my mind. I just don't think my ideal pram exists, as everything I've tried is a compromise somewhere. The one I liked most is well over my budget, but I've seen one nearly new just listed on eBay, so perhaps that's fate telling me to get it grin

Teapig Mon 14-Jan-13 08:38:08

So happy to hear from you mama. You and Alexander have been in my thoughts a lot, really glad to hear that you're both doing well. It sounds like a very traumatic experience so give yourself plenty of time to recover. Huge congratulations on your baby boy!

jaqueline, sorry to hear how poorly you've been. You've taken a brave decision and I'm sure it's the right one for you and baby. Time to start enjoying your maternity leave.

Ratbag thanks for offering to set up the facebook group, count me in.

KelleStar Mon 14-Jan-13 08:44:28

I thought I lost my post last night hmm glad it posted! Would be great to have a closed group for us.

Currently trying to build a tent for DD under the dining table.

Giddypants Mon 14-Jan-13 08:52:35

So great to hear from you mama pleased to hear both you and Alexander are doing well and on the mend

I'm up for a Facebook group, faces to names etc

SneezySnatcher Mon 14-Jan-13 09:06:03

Good to hear from you Mama. So pleased to hear you are both doing well.

It sounds to me you've made the right decision JH but I understand how hard it must have been.

Consultant tomorrow - let's see what he says!

JaquelineHyde Mon 14-Jan-13 09:26:53

Gah! Help me let my Mum down gently please sad

DH and I have decided this is for the best and I have sent the email off to my student advisor asking her to answer a few more questions and put the ball in motion for intermission.

However, my Mum just rang to ask how I am after yesterday and I just prattled on about how I had rested yesterday (and then slept in this morning) blah blah blah and completely avoided telling her about uni!

I said I was going to pop round this morning for a tea and so I need to tell her when I go. It's stupid but I'm bloody terrified about telling her because she wants me to push on through so much. I just want to make her proud and it's really upsetting me that she migh might be let down sad sad

Please help me tell her...God I feel like a bloody child again not a 34yr old mother of 3 (nearly 4)!!!!


Ollibobs Mon 14-Jan-13 10:14:33

Hi Jaqueline, I know it is hard to feel like you are letting your mother down, but you must remember that you are not quitting or giving up, you are just taking some breathing space temporarily. You fully plan on returning to your studies, so you are just taking some time to concentrate on your new baby during a very special, and tiring, time.
To be honest, I think while it was a very difficult decision, you might be reassured over time that it was the right one. Not only will it be kinder to your body and mind, but it will allow you more time to bond with your new baby. Plus, when you return you will be able to give your full attention to your studies - which in my experience, is difficult to do when you are tired and overwhelmed. I think you will find that you will have better results on your dissertation if you are not feeling rushed too.
I know it was a hard decision, but the only thing that matters is doing what is best for your family - your children, your husband and yourself.
You are only one woman, so please don't beat yourself up. You are doing the best you can, and that is all you can do...

bext Mon 14-Jan-13 10:57:38

FWIW I completely agree with ollibobs jacq

The only other thing I'd add is to be open with your mum that you're worried about letting her down. By bringing this out in the open she's more than likely to dismiss it (ultimately she'll want wants best for you). And if there is any chance that she feels let down, then at least she knows you recognise it and you've not made your decisions lightly.

Good luck smile

angeltattoo Mon 14-Jan-13 11:05:44

Hi All,

Marking spot :-)

Thinking of you Floss and hoping all is well.

I have washed the clothes I have got, as my mum gave me some over Christmas and they needed washing, so I did the lot together.

Then I started my baby bag for hospital with a huggies starter set, some vests and gros in various sizes, a blanket and a towel etc. I have one pack each of vest and sleepsuits for newborn, up to one month and 0-3 months. I am taking both newborn and up to one month to the hospital.

I have started to make a bag for myself too, just throwing things in as I buy them really, so have some toiletries, some knickers, some maternity pads etc.

A bit early perhaps, but I think the nesting instinct is kicknig in :-)

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 14-Jan-13 11:13:05

jacq just spell out to your Mum that you and your DH have decided this best for both you and the health of your baby. You tried to stick it out but it was putting you at risk. Then try the broken record technique where you just repeat the same phrase until the message gets through This is what's best for me and our baby!

I am so tired, turning round from nights. Not nice at the best of times but vile when pregnant!


Flosshilde Mon 14-Jan-13 11:29:03

Update for you all.

I am still here with regular contractions but they aren't getting any worse so labour is progressing very sloooowly. It looks like I'm going to be here until I have the baby, however long it takes. Tomorrow is my DS' due date (albeit 3 years on) so it would be ironic if this one made an appearance tomorrow.

I am caught between wanting all this to be over and wanting to stay pregnant for as long as possible to give DS2 the best possible start. I've made 29 weeks today at least. I am horrendously bored interspersed with a couple of hours of agony a couple of times a day.

Lots of ladies coming in, having their babies and going out again. We had a delivery on the ward as someone ramped up to 9cm in minutes and they couldn't get her to delivery on time. The baby crying made me cry!

Mama I'm really pleased to hear you're recovering and little Alexander is doing well.

Those of you choosing baby stuff the most useful things I bought were my iCandy peach, muslins (used for everything), a baby bath for in the bath and a steriliser. The only new stuff I'm getting this time is a new breast pump and a new change bag as my old one has fallen apart and I fancy a treat for me. DH and I both like a grey one we saw in JL so will probably get that one.

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