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April 2013 part six...what does the third trimester have in store?

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edinfirst Sat 12-Jan-13 22:43:34

Link to stats thread

photochick Tue 05-Feb-13 22:05:53

Hi ladies. Been for my 28 week check today (28+4). All good and measuring perfect. Our LO seems to want to be the center of attention and the midwife always finds the heartbeat straight away, plus I lay there while it was having a good old kick about! Got my anti-D but they were out of whooping cough so get that next week when I see the dr for a certificate so I can fly. Might ask the dr to weigh me if I am brave enough (although surely about a stone of it must just be my breasts?!)
Have just treated myself to a whole load of aromatherapy oils that I can use in labour and for massage smile.
Off to the UK next week so making lists of what I still have to get (mainly stuff for me) and then I hope to pack my bag when I get back. Thanks for all the tips of what you have been getting.
Bargain this week was a basic monitor from a charity shop. Not convinced I need one so didn't mind the £3.50 it cost!!

Mama so glad to hear you are both doing so well x

aufaniae Wed 06-Feb-13 00:29:00

Managed to remember both my notes and a sample to take with me to my midwife appointment today. Yay! (Have not been good at this to date).

Only ... I was a day early. The appointment is tomorrow blush

What an idiot! grin

nottinghillmom1234 Wed 06-Feb-13 15:35:09

Hi Ladies!! So I had the worst night ever last night....since past 2 days i've been feeling that something round was bulging out from my left side of the tummy and been thinking it's the baby's head..but last night i couldn't feel baby's movement at all (normally baby is hyper active) and my left side started paining...all night i was tossing and turning in pain...couldn't sleep on my left side at all...couldn't wait to call my doctor in the morning as i was panicking the baby is ok.

But just got back from the doctor's baby is fine thank is my fibroid that is acting up sad apparently my baby has been kicking the fibroid (playing foot ball smile) and it's become very sore. Doctor said nothing can be done at this stage so i have to sit and bear the pain sad Hope it goes away soooon!!

28 + 2

BonaDea Wed 06-Feb-13 15:57:43

nottinghill - ouch, sounds no fun. Hopefully the baby will find something else to kick / punch / pull on soon.

usernamegoeshere Wed 06-Feb-13 16:19:54

aw nottinghill that sounds horrible, fingers crossed baby gets bored of it soon.

kitkatsz23 Wed 06-Feb-13 17:10:51

aufaniae: that made me smile a lot, I hope you made your appointment at the endsmile

nottinghill: poor you, it must have been a terrible experience. I hope you'll have a better night tonight! Which hospital did you go for at the end? I am 28+3 today and I think we live close to each other.

nottinghillmom1234 Wed 06-Feb-13 17:44:01

Thank u guys - i hope I feel better too and get some sleep tonight. Kitkatsz23 - I went to St Mary's hospital, that's where i'm registered. Which hospital are u registered at?

wishfulthinking1 Wed 06-Feb-13 18:00:17

Hi all-
Hope you sleep better to it notting - that sounds horrible!

I've just had a shit mw appointment. My old (lovely) midwife has moved and has been replaced by Cruella!! She was looking through my notes and commented that as my placenta was completely covering the 'os' whatever that is! at 20 weeks then its unlikely to have moved by my rescan next Tuesday. She then measured the bump- said it was definitely going to be a boy- before plotting it on the graph and saying 'oh, it's shrunk!'- she re-measured but yes, it seems my baby has shrunk! I obviously got quite upset- she said that she would get me a tissue but "couldn't tell me everything was going to be alright" and she booked me in to have a growth scan at the same time as placenta scan next week.

Anyway- I'm sure my baby is growing- my bump does seem to me to be growing just fine- and even if its smaller than the 10th centile then there's nothing to worry about. But still, I feel quite shaken up by it.

With my cool, calm, I've-had-a-cuppa-and-a-deep-breath head on I know none of these things were the midwives fault- I'm sure she was perfectly professional and that there's no easy way to deliver bad news. But still, I felt she could have been more gentle.

But genuinely I'm quite positive- I know my bump has grown, the baby is moving around a lot and if its small, then at least it's been noticed now and an eye can be kept on it e.t.c.

But still- to be told your baby has shrunk over 2cm in 3 weeks was a bit upsetting! If I wasn't pg I'd have had a brandy by now!!!

Hope all of you are ok- and that aufanie made it to her app on the right day, with notes accompanied by urine sample!!!


(Sorry for long ranty post!)

wishfulthinking1 Wed 06-Feb-13 18:09:16

P.s I've also had whooping cough jab so now my arm is achey!

I know I'm pretending to be brave about the small baby issue, but if anyone has any 'I know someone who measured small but actually had a 10lb baby ' anecdotes I'd really like to hear them!


Keys86 Wed 06-Feb-13 18:24:36

wishful so sorry you've had a crappy time, you know your body better than anyone. It is poss down to some poor measuring skills!! You know if our bump has grown and you can feel baby moving lots, that's the he's reassurance there is! Try not to stress about it (easier said then done!) And you're a better person than me as I think I would have told her to p*ss off! And look forward to getting a peek at baby at the scan!


LikeCandy Wed 06-Feb-13 18:43:30

notting oh no, feel better soon! Sounds painful!

aufanie lol! hope you had better luck today!

wishful everything I've read about measurements says they are very midwife specific, if this is the first time 'cruella' has measured you maybe her 'top and bottom' positions are slightly different to your previous m/w? (I was over 9lb and my Mum says she was in normal clothes until I was born, I guess that meant she had a tiny bump!!) At least the scans will be reassuring smile

trish phew! Nice to hear someone has put on a similar amount of weight! I (naughtily) looked at a few American sites and for my starting weight (about 8st) it looked to be at the high end of the scale?!

Teapig Wed 06-Feb-13 18:50:04

wishful that mw sounds horrible! I completely agree with keys, you know if you're growing and measurements are known to be inaccurate. Great that you get to see baby at a scan soon.

Sorry to hear that you've had so much pain and discomfort notting. I hope baby finds another (less painful) target soon.

Thinking of everyone suffering from SPD and hoping things ease up.

Thanks kelle for the babymel bag tip, they're gorgeous!

Ok, a bit of an out there question but would you consider doing this:
A colleague's partner is studying for an Msc in something baby related and as part of the course they need to observe a mother and baby for an hour a week from when the baby is 2 months old to when they're 18 months. They don't get involved or judge, just observe. DH thinks no way but I'm open to considering it. Am I mad to even consider it? I imagine there will be some days when I'm covered in poo and sick and the last thing I want is someone observing. Also it's a lengthy committment. On the other hand I'm open to helping them out and it doesn't require anything from me. Would you?

30 weeks today grin

Trishstar Wed 06-Feb-13 18:53:50

Teapig I have bought a babymel bag! It was £50 on amazon (£55 on their own website) love it! It's black with beige interior. OH is more than happy to carry it and it'll be looped over pushchair handles anyway most of the time x

KatyT86 Wed 06-Feb-13 20:35:32

Bit of a rubbish couple of weeks... Similar new midwife story. Mine was poorly and new midwife measured 6 times with concerned face and questions like 'but he does move, yes? You're sure?' Which inmediately made me question myself... Sent to hospital for growth scan same day and found to have far too much fluid and a big baby. Was referred to consultant today (a week later) and fluid is increasing as is baby size. Diagnosed with polyhydramnious... If anyone knows much about it is be grateful. They don't know what is causing the extr fluid. Can't rule out baby being unwell. But they are monitoring. He is 4lb 10oz already... Think my blissful water birth is off the cards! And I have been told to start mat leave tomorrow, instead of mid march. But of a shock sad sory for whingey message! Sounds like third trimester isn't so easy! X

kitkatsz23 Wed 06-Feb-13 20:46:58

Nottignhill: I'm at Queen Charlotte's and due on the 27th April but it probably will be an earlier delivery.

Wishfulthinking: Please don't stress, if you feel good, bump is growing and baby is wriggling ignore the MW!! Btw, I have a total placenta previa, my placenta it totally covering the cervix so there is no way out for the baby. I've been told not to have high hopes, it will not move probably. Having a scan on the 1st March at 32 weeks. Did they advise you what to do? Well, what not to do? I've been banned from gym, travelling, cleaning, sex, you name it. I've been advised to take it very easy and warned of possible bleeds and if that happens I have to go straight in - no bleeds so far thank God. Please take it easy, I hope it moves for you!

LikeCandy Wed 06-Feb-13 20:51:16

Hi katy sounds like you're having a rough couple of weeks, my thoughts are with you - you can always come on here to vent!
I don't have any medical knowledge about polyhydramniosis (have you tried posting on the pregnancy forum for advice?) but it sounds like you're been well monitored and cared for. Try not to worry, and make the most of your early maternity leave. Let us know how it goes smile

kitkatsz23 Wed 06-Feb-13 20:53:56

KatyT: So sorry to hear you've been having bad couple of weeks. I think the third trimester will get tricky for some of us. I am not familiar with your diagnosis so no useful advise here sorry. The main thing is that they are aware of it, diagnosed it and you are now monitored. Concentrate on getting plenty of rest now, sending you my positive energy+++

EmpressMatilda Wed 06-Feb-13 21:31:49

Hi all. Nothing to report so marking my place. Sorry so many people are having problems and irritating midwives. I think we're into the really stressful part of the waiting game when everything is under pressure physically and emotionally. I want it to be over and to have my baby in my arms but at the same time I don't feel ready yet! Crazy!

Currently watching OBEM and reiterating to DH the fact that I very much want a birthing pool when the time comes!


wishfulthinking1 Wed 06-Feb-13 21:55:12

Thanks for the reassurance everyone- I am feeling much better now- I'm sure baby is fine- it's giving me a belting tonight!

kitz- noones really said anything about the placenta- just to go to next scan. It's interesting to know you've been taking it easy. I really need to get myself ready to finish at work- I still have 5 weeks to go but if anything happened my classroom and assessment folders really aren't ready to be handed over!

So - the plan this week is to pack hospital bag and try to get on top of work. The last thing id want is to be worrying about work on top of everything else!! X

nottinghillmom1234 Thu 07-Feb-13 09:24:27

Morning Ladies!! Ok - so i managed to sleep for a few hours last night but still in a lot of pain. My doctor has prescribed me co-dydramol tablets - i'm not too happy about taking them but feel helpless - hope doesn't harm my baby sad

This is the second time i'm having fibroids pain during this pregnancy - first one was 3 months back when my 1st fibroid was degenerating. 2nd one is degenerating now. I've got a 3rd one too hope it behaves itself and doesn't bother me sad(( i think it will take about a week for the pain to subside - so not fun!!

wishful and Katy - sorry you both had a crappy experience with your midwives. Just stay calm - no point stressing out. Get it checked regularly. I know one doctor who is the 'guru' of scanning - he charges 150 pounds (very pricey sad ) for a scan but if you can afford it it's really worth it. He will give u the best advice and guide you how to go ahead with it. In my opinion best 150 pounds i spent EVER!!! Let me know if you're interested and i'll give you more info.

In the meanwhile, try listening to hypnobirthing CD - i absolutely love it and every time I'm in pain I listen to it and it calms me down. I got it for 10 pounds on Amazon - It's called effective birth preparation (hospital or birth centre). Hope it helps!!

Hope today is a better day for all of us!!

usernamegoeshere Thu 07-Feb-13 11:35:03

Wishful & Katy sorry to hear you are both having worries.

I finally booked whooping cough jab for next week & I have one last ante natal appt with my GP next Friday before I move.

Am noticing now that its hard to eat food with plate on my lap, there is just not enough lap space left & the plate is too far away so am holding it above bump & the kitchen sink is getting far away too but luckily the bathroom sink is below bump. So I can brush my teeth but not wash pots, its all good!


Msbluesky32 Thu 07-Feb-13 11:41:52

kellystar thanks for the bumps recommendation - I feel less nervous about it already.

Is it me or has it been a bit of pants week for a lot of people on this thread? I'm off work today after spending the day being monitored at the hospital yesterday. I contracted food poisoning from a meal and spent all of Tuesday night very unwell. Come Wednesday I'm even worse and told to go in for checks. Baby was fine, lots of wriggling but I was really dehydrated. They finally discharged me last night. Of all the things food poisoning was one of the last things I was expecting to deal with during pregnancy.

Here's hoping things brighten up a bit over the next few days! brew.

JaquelineHyde Thu 07-Feb-13 12:25:10

Afternoon ladies.

Sorry so many are having shit weeks and bastard midwives to deal with. Fingers crossed everything picks up for everyone and the next few weeks sail by.

My midwife (well one of them as I have never seen the same one twice) is doing a home visit at 2pm today to discuss what happened during my last pg and labour to try and calm my nerves about being admitted and dealt with this time round. I'm really looking forward to actually finding out what was written in my notes etc. I shall report back later.

Woohoo 30 weeks today, it feels like a bit of a milestone but a bit surreal as my waters broke at this point last time. Well when I say broke they dribbled over a few weeks grin I shall invest in some tena lady just in case! grin

KelleStar Thu 07-Feb-13 16:36:24

I got my babymel off eBay BNWT for £15 bin. Well chuffed.

PandaOnAPushBike Thu 07-Feb-13 16:44:01

Hi everyone. I haven't been around much lately but am thinking of you all. Can't believe I'm now in the third trimester. Terror is starting to set in. shock


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