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April 2013 part six...what does the third trimester have in store?

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edinfirst Sat 12-Jan-13 22:43:34

Link to stats thread

LikeCandy Fri 01-Feb-13 18:08:02

username I bought a newborn suitable gro bag swaddle from TK Maxx for £6, it's blue star pattern (and we're having a girl, but I'm sure she won't notice!) and I'm intending to grab a couple more if the have them in again.
There were also some nice Aiden & Anais sleeping bags but only in 18m+ so I'm hoping there will be some smaller ones in some time.

Feel better soon keys, I had v painful sinuses with a cold a couple of weeks ago and a steam with a small amount of Vicks in boiling water did the trick.

kitkatz I just moved the pile of baby stuff from our spare room to make room for my parents staying over and it all fits into 5 carrier bags. Two of those are nappies/breast pads/toiletries, 1 of clothes, 1 of knitwear, and 1 of teddies she got for Christmas!! It's not a lot but it feels like we're getting there!


wishfulthinking1 Fri 01-Feb-13 19:25:06

Hi all-
Glad all was well teapig I'm sure babies are just more wriggly than others- try not to worry.

I'm raging at the mo- dh is just pissing me off- cant even tell you why- but he's watching shit on tv and drinking beer and his presence is just hacking me off. So, I've come upstairs and I'm feeling just sulky- no idea what's wrong with me! What a madam!!

I blame the hormones (and dh- obviously!)

JoRich77 Fri 01-Feb-13 19:25:50

Hi all

Very excited, we went and reserved pushchair yesterday- got a package with Uppababy vista travel system, maxi cosie car seat, car seat base, footmuff and babbabing changing bag (in unisex, man friendly style). We managed to tick alot of things off the list.

Someone asked about baby bouncers- the lady in the shop recommended this Mamas and Papas one She said its suitable right from birth as baby can be laid flat, also has music and vibration so good option. I also looked at the Baby Bjorn chair but it looks a bit basic as doesnt have music or vibration- lady in shop also said this was quite large and not great for newborn.

I havent decided what to get yet mattresses, we still have to get mattress and I have no idea what to buy but as will be for cotbed and for a few years will get something mid-range.

We are planning on using the Vista bassionet as a moses basket with stand as its is suitsable for overnight sleeping and saves having to buy something else

SneezySnatcher Fri 01-Feb-13 20:05:33

Hello all. Warning this is a me,me,me post!

I've had a shocking day today. Went for routine BP monitoring and it was higher than ever (152/94). Ended up getting bloods taken, on CTG machine etc. I was there for four and a half hours and missed work too.

Eventually, after around three hours, it started to come down but I just feel so low now. I'm back Monday for more monitoring but I just want to enjoy this pregnancy and it's not easy!

Hope the test of you are well. I won't be so self-indulgent next time!

KelleStar Fri 01-Feb-13 20:44:24

sneezy poor you, it's a real PITA being monitored and hope that you have a relaxing weekend and Monday's monitoring goes well.

We went with a coil sprung mattress from mothercare, I think I went when it was 20% off, so it was a good price. DD is hopefully moving into a bed in the near future, baby will be in DD's old crib in our room for at least 6 months.

I had my 28 week check up today, all fine, GTT came back ok and had my bloods taken. Mostly talked about knitting with the MW's smile they liked the cardi I am knitting at the moment. It's teeny tiny and very cute.

DD is spending time with grandparents this weekend so that me and DH can get the baby stuff out the attic and see what needs doing. The in laws are really great with her, my parents are just awful with her so I've given them an activity to do with her and it's last chance saloon as they usually decide to overrule me as 'they know better'. I threw a barney a few weeks ago and withdrew contact as she is not having fun driving hours and hours for Mum to go look at some shops, so we shall see. Our families are all local, so they are each having her for the day.

There seems to be no more spots emerging so looks like the chicken pox is finally on it's way out and we can get back to our normal routine next week. I've missed seeing all my usual mummy friends.

mama great news on Alex increasing his feeds. It really is inspiring hearing your progress.

Dysgu Fri 01-Feb-13 21:31:55

Great news on Alex Mama he really seems to be heading in the right direction. It is great reading about how he is doing and your DD seems really fabulous too.

I had my GTT (finally - third time lucky) today and they also went off to check my results from the bloods they did last week. All results fine so just got to wait for a text on Monday to get GTT results.

Still trying to get my head around sorting out hospital bag and making sure we have the essentials for the baby whenever it arrives. I keep looking online but figure there will be plenty of time for shopping once the baby is actually here - will either be in NICU and we will need to keep ourselves busy or else we will bring it home and can take it with us to buy stuff. I have a small collection of vests and sleepsuits - mostly in newborn sizes - which I think will do the first few days. We just don't know what size to buy... but figure it will grow into newborn.

Dysgu Fri 01-Feb-13 22:44:27

Also, related to hospital bag packing - any suggestions on what DC3 should 'bring' to give to DD1 and DD2? I can't remember what DD2 gave to DD1 - she may not have given anything as she arrived so early and quickly and it was Christmas Eve so that was keeping DD1 busy.

DD1 is 6 and DD2 is 4. I think they are old enough to have something a bit special but also expect them both to have their noses pushed out of joint - DD1 will be going to school whilst DC3 stays home with me and DD2 will be home with us 2 days a week too.

DD2 is much 'higher maintenance' than DD1 and might have to get used to not being 'the baby' who gets her own way with Daddy and DD1!

Trishstar Sat 02-Feb-13 03:00:38

All this talk of hospital bags is making me think I'm not as sorted as I thought! It's my last thing to do now!!! Xxx

Fluffeh Sat 02-Feb-13 05:20:41

sneezy glad your BP went back dien, hopefully it'll stay there so you don't have to go through it again.

Saw my usual mw yesterday and she was not happy with the one I saw last time. Because I was measuring so small she said I should have gone for a scan ASAP to check on the baby. I measured a bit better yesterday though so she said waiting till Thursday should be ok.
My BP is still raised but under 140 so although she says to watch it closely, there was no protein in my sample so hopefully it'll be ok.

Regarding lasinoh if anyone was going to get some, the mw said she's organising a prescription for a few tubes off my gp. It can be prescribed and as its around £10 a tune this is a fantastic bonus! Try asking your gp or mw and see if you can get the same smile.

I have my anesthetist appointment in 2 weeks to sort out the cs, scarily creeping up on me.

Hope your all having a lovely weekend smile.

Teapig Sat 02-Feb-13 08:57:38

Morning ladies, I'm feeling brighter today and have vowed to myself to stop fretting so much as everything looked great at the scan and I felt quite a bit movement last night. Thanks for the good wishes and reassurance user, * faith* and wishful. I think some babies are more wriggly than others, and suspect LO may take after DH in the lazy department.

sneezy that sounds like a really tough day but good that they kept a close eye on you. Hopefully your bp will be down on Monday and you won't have more monitoring.

trash I haven't started on my hospital bag yet either. We have a few more bits to get for baby and then the hospital bag is next
on my list.

It's lovely and sunny here today which makes me think spring, and our new arrivals, are just around the corner!

enjay0811 Sat 02-Feb-13 09:11:26

Mornin ladies! Jst a quick post to let u no tht sainsburys are selling economy packs of huggies atm for jst under £10 and u get a 9 x 64 pack of wipes free! Paid £7 for the wipes on there own in Asda the other day envy will catch up on the thread lata! X

toobreathless Sat 02-Feb-13 10:11:01

Lovely weather here too smile we are off out with DD.

teapig your baby sounds very similar to DD, she was quite a lazy thing during pregnancy, often going fairly long stretches without obvious movements & me having to go in for monitoring. You'll be pleased to hear she was the sweetest, most relaxed baby. Slept 5 hrs straight (breastfed) from day 1 overnight & was just so easy in every way! She was referred to Paeds for failure to thrive (born at 8 lb 8, 10 lb at 10 weeks!) and they found CMP allergy and reflux, she was the stereotypical opposite of most refluxy babies! This one is more active though....which makes me nervous!

KelleStar Sat 02-Feb-13 11:31:41

Buried under a mound of baby clothes grin sorting through DD's piles of small stuff and our bed is heaped. Will take a photo and post on FB later. Getting ready to go out for lunch with DH! Loving the sunshine grin

steph2412 Sat 02-Feb-13 15:39:03

Enjay what was the huggies offer sounds to good to miss

EssexWelsh Sat 02-Feb-13 17:37:32

Thoroughly enjoyed my 'puddling' club in Brentwood this morning, glad I went, met some lovely mums to be, 2 of which are due beginning of April too, I'll be going again in 2 weeks x

usernamegoeshere Sat 02-Feb-13 17:39:44

I feel very strange today & yesterday too. I feel.... normal. Started sleeping better, walking better (slowly but not painfully, just normal tired legs) less itchy, bump is more comfy during the day & my bladder is more normal, only got up once last night. Even my boobs are normal.

ITS GREAT! trying to pack & stuff now since I assume this happy phase I been waiting for since week 14 won't last long.

jojo2509 Sat 02-Feb-13 17:57:51

Hi all. Sounds like you are all busy getting organised. So far managed to buy a nappy bin! Didnt realise i had to get a new mattress either! My sister gave me moses basket - so i will have to sort that.
30 week milestone today and pleased that i am on the final stretch of what has felt like a never ending pregnancy! Have felt overwhelmingly emotional this last week with several bouts of unexplained crying! Dont know if its because i am tired and DS1 has been ill most of the week or there has been a gear change in the old hormones again!
Anyway, hope you are all doing well. I have a 4d scan booked now for 12 feb so cant wait to see little one again.
Happy weekend everyone grin

MrsSimkins Sat 02-Feb-13 21:08:55

Hi all,

Hope everyones well and coping with 3rd trimester tiredness!
Just wondered if any of you are bothering to buy a breast pump yet? I was going to get one but surely if I end up not breast feeding for any reason then I'll of wasted my money? Or would I still need express it out anyway? Can anyone help?
Thanks x


steph2412 Sat 02-Feb-13 22:02:35

Mrs simkins im not bothering with a breast pump yet. With dc1 i only breastfed for the first 6 weeks as she was to hungry so went straight to formula and didnt need one with dc2 i would just wait and see. Im on the lookout for a nursing chair for my spare room downstairs if anybody sees any bargains. Has anybody washed babies clothes yet? On clothes i have12 vests 12 babygros and loads of outfits in 0-3! 29+4 and i just cant get comfy!

Dysgu Sat 02-Feb-13 22:09:58

I have mostly had more energy since reaching the third trimester although I guess that may not last. I think it might also be related to having been a bit too anxious during the first two trimesters but getting this far along means I am feeling much more relaxed.

I am not 28+3 and again, having reached 28 weeks means I have reached another 'milestone' and am now starting to really think about getting stuff ready.

We are not planning on getting a breast pump (yet). DP did mention it when we were shopping today but my thoughts are that I will either be successful with BF this time and therefore will not need a pump or, if DC3 comes early then I will borrow one from NICU (as we have always done before). With DD1 and DD2 I only managed to BF until they reached their due dates - and I am fine if that turns out to be the case again.

We bought a few bottles today anyway just in case we end up with formula and we are gradually getting a few more bits and pieces for the baby. DP is off to see BIL tomorrow to see the cotbed that DNephew used. It is dark wood, which is not my first choice, but then - what will the baby care!?

Fluffeh Sun 03-Feb-13 07:09:48

I'm leaving buying a breast pump until I know how breastfeeding is going to go.
My midwife has been fantastic finding me lots of bf info in audio or DVD with audio description. I'm really worried that I can't check the latch myself but DP is doing his best to read/watch everything he can so he can check for me.
Today marks 28 weeks for me yay! Finally in the third trimester :D.
Off to a nearly new baby sale today. Not sure if we're going to buy anything but if we fall in love with something we might do.

SneezySnatcher Sun 03-Feb-13 08:42:11

MrsSimkins we had a breast pump last time. It was a medela swing and it was fantastic. Unfortunately, DD wouldn't take a bottle, so pretty much everything I expressed got wasted until she started having some solids and the breast milk was mixed in with those! She ended up going straight to a cup.

This time, I'm hoping to introduce one bottle of expressed milk a day from pretty early on to try and get this baby to be happier to take a bottle.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 03-Feb-13 08:44:04

I've inherited a breast pump from my sister - she had one but her DS never got the hang of breast feeding so its unused. I don't think I'd be rushing out to get one yet anyway. I think it can wait a couple of weeks until BF is established and your milk has really kicked in at about 2 weeks.

mrss I haven't washed anything yet, it'll all in a bag waiting to be seen to!


enjay0811 Sun 03-Feb-13 11:06:10

steph and anyone else interested, I saw the nappies and free wipes deal here

Also bought a cream 0-6 mths sleeping bag from primark yday, reduced to £3 smile will keep you informed if I find anymore bargains!


Dysgu Sun 03-Feb-13 11:58:17

We bought a changing mat, 2 x TT closer to nature bottles, 2 x Avent bottles in Sainsburys yesterday - all for a total of a lot less than £20.

We also looked at monitors and breast pumps but didn't buy them.

We also got the Huggies free starter pack - we got a voucher for it for joining the Sainsburys baby club but you also get the voucher if you buy any Huggies product, I think. The most useful thing in the box is the metanium so I have not had to buy that!

TBH I am not a fan of Huggies so was not too interested in the special nappy deal with the free wipes (my SIL, otoh, loves their wipes but I find them too thick hmm ) I just bought a few smaller packs of the newborn nappies but will be hoping to go itno cloth asap - but that depends on the baby!

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