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Due in August 2006. Part 4

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SnowBoo Wed 19-Apr-06 14:59:05

Part 4? Can that be correct?

PinkTulips Wed 19-Apr-06 15:02:38

i know, we seem to be going through so many more than the other ante-natal groups, that said there seem to be alot of us, must have been a paticulary fertile month november!

BigHotMama Wed 19-Apr-06 15:16:26

Bugger I'd just posted on the old one! Oh well sorry if I'm repeating myself,.. I've just booked our 4d scan for 13th May..I'll be nearly 28 weeks (OMG) anybody else having one? Hoping to see a baby face and told them I dont want to know the sex which they can hide.

purpleturtle Wed 19-Apr-06 15:28:00

We too are a family of Hebrew names, PinkTulips - well for the children anyway (Dh and I have Greek names). All Biblical, anyway. I think we're settled on Elijah or Keziah - would be grateful for opinions on the pronunciation of Keziah: does it end to rhyme with ear or is it like Isaiah?

For those of you considering cloth nappies, try using the nappy lady site. You can fill in a fairly straightforward questionnaire and they'll send an e-mail back in a couple of days with a recommendation. Having used kushies ultras for my first two, I am definitely not using them anymore, and will be using Bumbles with Motherease wraps. I will however, be using a pack of newborn disposables to deal with the revolting meconium poo produced in the first few days. I just don't fancy trying to wash that stuff out of nappies!

SnowBoo Wed 19-Apr-06 15:36:20

Was it November? I thought it was mid/late October. And found out on honeymoon mid November. Gosh, not too sure but i CAN remember the few times we played hide the sausage....

purpleturtle Wed 19-Apr-06 15:39:03

Def Novemeber for me.

SnowBoo Wed 19-Apr-06 15:44:23

Just working this one out.... I really think they have my dates mixed up. I know when i had sex but they are going by my first scan at 7 weeks. Now they say i'm having a big baby. Maybe he's the right size but they've got it wrong!

Oh no, maybe i'm on the wrong thread! Arghhhh too much to think about now!

Nbg Wed 19-Apr-06 15:57:53

My god you lot!
You do yak on don't you

Love the names your all picking. We're still with Beau (Bo) and it's really growing on me, plus as daft as it may sound it goes pretty well with dd's name (Madison)

Thanks for the link PT, Will check it out and send a questionaire off. It may help with the decision making process.

sarahlou1uk Wed 19-Apr-06 17:09:39

Re cloth nappies. Agree with purpleturtle. I filled out questionnaire on thenappylady dot com and she came back with recommendations for me. Basically, I'm looking at motherease one size birth to potty and also tots bots. Expect to pay around £200 for a brand new set to see you through but I have got quite a lot off ebay for bargain prices. There is also a classified section on thenappylady for mums wanting to sell their nappies. You will also need liners, booster pads and wraps. Everything is explained on the website. You can get quite funky colours and wraps - I've just bought quite a few pink ones and some spotty and stripy wraps. Re names, only got one - Molly Anne. Seems to be the one one that me and dh agree on (plus Molly is the favourite train in Thomas for ds!!!)

PinkTulips Wed 19-Apr-06 17:29:40

lol Snow, i thought i was pregnant and confused! i have absolutely no idea when me and dp did the business (b-fing and not very horny so not really memorable occasions) but i got one of those working out your due date charts and did it backwards for my due date and apparantly it was the 16th of november!

PinkTulips Wed 19-Apr-06 17:35:54

Purple- i'd imagine Keziah would be KEZ-AY-AH like Isaiah, and the alternative spellings in the baby name book i have would back that up, Kaziah or Kezia apparently

kitegirl Wed 19-Apr-06 18:05:19

we did it on 24th November or thereabouts, can't pinpoint the exact moment of passion as we were really going for it that month, poor dh...

aaarrrgggghh NHS muppets. I start to remember why we went private last time. Scan this afternoon, waited 1 1/2 hours for my appointment, then in a room full of eastern European students who didn't seem to know what they were doing, kept poking me and muttering to one another as if I was not in the room, and got that slimy stuff everywhere on my clothes, more senior doctors were eventually called in as they could not see a head measurement because Milo is head down really low. I was told to go back next week. 3 hours later, am on the phone to dh ranting and wiping slime off my jeans...

oh hell, ds obviously found the last easter egg as I was MNing and has eaten it. He is now high as a kite on sugar so it'll be an interesting bedtime...

PinkTulips Wed 19-Apr-06 19:02:52

sorry you had a crap appointment kitegirl, they really seem to have no bedside manner these days do they? have fun with ds, don't envy you the suger rush madness!

jayjaybaby Wed 19-Apr-06 20:02:11

hi bhm we are having one wen im 28 weeeks on 28th may and we are paying 75 as its quike one wit b+w pics as we wont the sex confirmed hope it looks like me and not my sil ugh
our baby girl will be charlie jayne charlie coz we like it and jayne after me haha
been out buying stuff again today 70%off in debenhams til sunday got some cute outfits lol

Arabica Wed 19-Apr-06 23:48:58

ooh, new thread! Not much time for Mn today as we have the builders in & everything v chaotic--can just about access computer! Having to wee in a bucket as we have no loo and no running water, but luckily went to my friend's place for a shower earlier tonight and another neighbour is lending us her flat for the weekend so we can have baths and cook!

melsy Thu 20-Apr-06 08:40:15

your brave arabica , doing all that pg, dh wanted to rip our kitchen & loo out to around this time to and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I suppose it will be all lovely and fresh when baby comes though.

Think Im feeling somewhat stir crazy , feel like Im going a bit crazy,(and also irratable), been in alone with dd soo much last few weeks. Im almost institionlaised (sp?)to being at home in solitary confinment, going out today for lunch, this is the 1st time in a long time for a trip out, feels weird , like Im doing something really odd.

melsy Thu 20-Apr-06 09:16:53

how did i know i would kill this thread this morn!!!

BigHotMama Thu 20-Apr-06 09:55:25

Hi everyone, lol Melsy are you trying to steal my crown? Love your spelling too, did you just make that word up? or is my vocabulary not stretching enough? Have a good time out today and enjoy it while you can! I cant wait to be at home everyday instead of working and constantly daydreaming about being a mother. Cant seem to think of anything else at the moment, and the amount of boo boo's I'm doing, they'll be glad to be getting rid of me I think!

JayJay, thats not a bad price your paying there for your scan? If the baby is not in a good position they will send you for a walk and cup of tea to get better movement so just hope my baba is gonna be playful for us. or we could be there all day

LMAO Arabica peeing in a bucket! Maybe this is tmi but I have found myself not wanting to sit on the loo seat? I sort of stoop over now as feels more comfy and the shock of cold toilet seat makes me n bab jump ha!

Nbg Thu 20-Apr-06 10:52:11

Great to hear you got an efficient scan KG.

I thought my 12 week scan was bad. Do they not understand it's rather uncomfortable waiting with a full bladder whilst pg!

I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable everyday now. I have to sit down with my legs wide open just to accomodate Master Bump. Not attractive.
Got my 3rd Midwife appt next Thursday which I'm actually looking forward too. It might be the last time I see her because the next appt is 4 weeks after and we may have moved by then

I sent a questionaire to the nappylady and they have sent a confirmation mail so I should hear something within the next week. I think dh will take some real convincing about them especially with the initial cost.

lockets Thu 20-Apr-06 11:00:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jayjaybaby Thu 20-Apr-06 11:09:29

hi bhm yes they send you to have a walk round wollaton park if they don copoperate i hope she behaves better that at my scan she was all curled up head down refusing to move dh saya she takes after her mum already lol
me and the dh were having dispoablenappy verus real naapys last night and he's dead sey against them reckons i'll have enough on my plate as it is so its pampers and huggies all the way

BigHotMama Thu 20-Apr-06 11:47:26

I've had same debate with all the moms in my office and my DH, am gonna stick to disposables, may try out one or two washable's just to see what they like, but know the washing will do my head in. I'd like to whip em off and chuck em away me thinks.
Cant believe you had to wait so long Kitegirl, 1.5 hours is a joke! When they are running that late I feel that they rush your appointment aswell. Complete Poo! And students poking and sliming ya isnt the best either! Hope your next one is better!

aprilgirl1 Thu 20-Apr-06 11:56:56

im having a 4d scan on 11th may i cant wait soooo exciting how much has it cost you BigHotMama its cost us 200??

jayjaybaby Thu 20-Apr-06 12:20:46

i feel sorry for you kg your 20 week scan is such a big moment and for it to ruined like that is terrible can you ask not to have any students attending next time our midwife was lovely and really detailed about what she was doing it was very reassuring i have also found as all my appointments have been in the beginning of the day they are on time maybe ask for the earliest appt next time
my spelling has gone to the dogs

claire7676 Thu 20-Apr-06 13:11:02

Hey all, bloody hell its taken me ages to catch up!!

Huge vote for bambino mios here, also NBG you can buy them split into size packs, so not such a huge initial outlay. Used them for dd (14 mths) and will use again!

Also, BHM question was a while ago, but I have to say I loved my mamas and papas pilko travel system and have been gutted that I have to get a different one. We got the pramette, so no need for carrycot on top as you can flip it round so you can see baby like a pram. I do loads of walking and wheels are fine and the car seat for that one rates quite high from memory. I love how light it is and that it folds umbrella style, so doesn't take up much room. Funny how differently people view prams, nappies, baby wipes isn't it!! This time we've gone for a cossato duet lite as dd will still need to go in pram when ds comes along.

Lockets, sympathies on the heartburn, me too! If I'm more than a hands reach away from the gaviscon bottle I feel a panic setting in!!!

Kitegirl, are you on clexane too? Bad news about the stockings!

23 weeks tomorrow, it's going so fast this time!

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