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August 2013 Part 2: Looking forward to scans and the beginning of bumps!

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chocolatesolveseverything Tue 08-Jan-13 21:48:20

Here's a new thread for us summer mums-to-be.

A link to the first thread is here.

This first trimester will end eventually... it will, it will!!! grin

FoofFighter Mon 21-Jan-13 13:07:38

11 weeks tomorrow btw.

thekatsatonthematt Mon 21-Jan-13 13:16:39

foof it's not the most delicious thing you'll ever drink, but tbh it's the hanging around so they can do the 2nd blood test that is a pita. Boring!

With ds I had mine in the sept or oct and sat and wrote out all our christmas cards. ....yawn!

ScubaSarah Mon 21-Jan-13 13:18:13

So sorry to hear your news Oxford fingers and toes crossed that all will be well. Like you, I'd go down the harmony route!! Have they given you any odds?

Foof sorry to hear your news too - look after yourself

Blonde I would be livid and very sad - how could he not want to see it confused. Does he struggle to get time off work or have to take it unpaid?

Stopsitting glad to hear some happy news, such a shame about your DH though - flipping' jobs worth MW sad

I have my consultants appointment tomorrow am. Essentially to discuss the fact I'll be >40 on EDD. I'm hoping he'll see I'm healthy and send me on my way til 36 weeks and support my birth plans… Lets see! Anyone got any advice about best way to approach if he pushes for hospital vs birthing centre/water birth?

Take care everyone thanks

FoofFighter Mon 21-Jan-13 13:26:27

Yes kat, the mw warned me to take some magazines or a book etc!

Sarah - I'd just say, stand your ground and if you don't like what you are being told if there's no real reason other than age, then if you are in a larger area than me, you can go to a different hospital.

beckie90 Mon 21-Jan-13 13:35:56

He's a bit in denial about this pregnancy kty even though he was the one who wanted to try for a baby, I was in mixed minds but he talked me round. Since it happend he just changed about it. I know that once the babys born he will love it and bond, but it would be nice for him to support me while I'm pregnant as it is a hard time. I've told a friend, but I don't see her much as we live quite a distance away.

stopsitting congrats on your scan, wish mine would hurry, can't wait smile xx

GaryBuseysTeeth Mon 21-Jan-13 13:43:06

Morning all!
DS had his MMR today & is sad panda.

Oxford, hope the next two weeks fly by for you, fingers and toes crossed.
Hurrah for all the good scan results & good luck for those still to come today. x

Glad the fatigue is gone Rug!

Welcome kty & PatButcher

Snowshine, ah that's a bugger! Enjoy Grey's though, I love the show but really, really dislike Meredith so spend most episodes shouting 'Nooo! You're rubbish!' at the tv.

Has anyone popped over to the Sept antenatal thread...they've got a stats lists on there & it's huge.

Re.Changing Bags, I have two recommendations; Boots Parent Club free bag is fantastic (mine was killed by one of our rabbits) & Bababing 'paternity' satchel is spacious & man-friendly, only downside is bottle pouch can't fit a tall bottle (like a Dr.Browns).

MrsPennyapple Mon 21-Jan-13 14:38:04

Oxford Sorry you have a worrying couple of weeks ahead, fingers crossed the harmony test results are good. It's great that you have access to it, I very much doubt it'll be available round here just yet.

No purchasing here yet. Tbh I'm still struggling to accept I'm pg. I know that's daft given that I've done 2x tests, both +, missed two periods, and even had a mini-scan and seen the bean! I suppose I'm just reluctant to get excited until we're through the 12 week scan. That's a week today, so hopefully after that it might sink in.

I'm not sure there's much we'd need to buy anyway, as we have kept everything from when DD was born. If this one's a boy I'll need some fabric dye though! So many of DD's clothes were given to us, we were very lucky and hardly had to buy any clothes, but they are mostly pink.

LittleMissSnowShine Mon 21-Jan-13 15:27:42

mrspenny - I keep having the same thing! Even though I'm 11+1 and I've been throwing up all round me for the last 4 weeks I keep forgetting I'm actually pg and thinking of it as like a really awful and very long stomach flu!!!

Gary - I know, I am growing to hate Meredith in my boxset marathon lol

foof - thats annoying news for you but good that they caught it and are being proactive about testing you, better to catch anything like this early on. Hope you aren't too bored waiting round in hospital

sarah - I think consultant will need something more than just your age to tell you where you should deliver the baby, so if they lean on you to change your plans ask them what they think the specific risk factors are - if you're in good health then a birthing centre with experienced midwives should be absolutely fine

FoofFighter Mon 21-Jan-13 16:42:21

Mother & Baby magazine next month (feb 6th) have a free travel changing mat with it, HTH someone out a bit, I shall be getting one smile

blondecat Mon 21-Jan-13 17:37:43

Not the best news but as others said better they catch it and catch it early

beckie That's ghastly. It's so tough when you need them there and they are not there. Perhaps he is worried something will go wrong? Denial could be his way of coping with the worry. Oh and soon you will be able to tell people right? We all do after 12 weeks or so?

Scuba, beckie DH is thrilled we are pregnant but he is painfully logical about the scans - his presence there won't change anything and on balance nothing bad was likely to happen today so his being there wasn't necessary.
And he really believes "personal is not the same as important". I need to work hard to remember this is one of the things that attracted me to him. Now it hurts sometimes.

The appointment went well today. The blood results won't be there till Wednesday and the doctor told me that if they are OK I won't even get a phonecall, not to mention a results sheet. Naturally, I will be calling him as I can't imagine waiting for the call all afternoon. Plus I would like to know the actual odds. He could have told me the NT based odds but didn't - only showed me a curve on the screen and said and it was fine. Oh and he recorded 1mm and not 0.9mm that he actually measured - "to be safe". To be honest, I am a getting a tad pissed off with him. Luckily I found this hand NT risk adjustment calculator so I know the risk adjusted on NT alone is 1:2394 smile Of course bloods can still change all that
NT Calculator
Oh, and then he spent five minutes dissing the non-invasive test. Only 95% accuracy etc. The one we talked about is not Harmony which is not available here but still! And that's after I told him I won't have CVS/ amnio and in the context of the uni-clinic consultant telling me she would not recommend them given my history of bleeding.
He has been good until now and really good at hand-holding - seeing me at 30 minutes notice when I bled and all that but I am beginning to wonder about him.

Chuckaluck Mon 21-Jan-13 17:58:05

Hi all, sorry for my absence the last few days. Been a bit stressful! Father in Law is ok but have spent whole weekend going back and forth, driving mother in law around as she doesn't drive and is also carer for her mother who lives 20 mins away. Am exhausted so didn't go into work today. On a happier note, we had scan today. Was great to see baby wriggling around. Have a new due date of 29 July - am I allowed to stay On here?! Lady commented baby has very long legs so will be tall just like DH!

Hugs to Oxford and foof - waiting must be horrible but fingers crossed all will be ok xxx

Briarrosy Mon 21-Jan-13 18:52:48

Oxford, so sorry to hear about your wait and your worries, though do remember that 'high risk' is 1:250 or less and that they're just very careful these days.

Can I ask what your nuchal thickness measurement was? I had 1.2mm and haven't got my bloods back yet and you've got me thinking...

EggyM Mon 21-Jan-13 18:59:59

blonde your doctor does sound a little frustrating - fingers crossed everything is ok for you.

foof sorry to hear your news- my sister had to have the same but all turned out to be a false alarm so hopefully will be the same with you

oxford and beckie sorry to hear you're going through a hard time x

chuck good that your fil is ok and great about your scan! I got a new due date of 28th July and I'm still staying on this thread so yes of course you should!

I'm ok- had a day off due to snow day at school - which should have been a good thing but I've left all my marking at work so had the whole day to my thoughts - not good - just been worrying about absolutely everything!!

LexiLoganberryBump Mon 21-Jan-13 19:31:24

purple and foof people say that we're leaving a big age gap, it's 8 years, nothing compared to you ladies.

We need everything, we didn't honestly think we'd have another baby so car booted and gave our stuff away to family. We kept our cot but can't find the flipping bolts, I love my cot and really want to keep it.

I haven't felt as fatigued the last few days, it's nice to not be constantly tired out, I've started cooking real meals and cleaning the house properly again.

oxford sorry you've got to wait so long for your test results, fx for you.

ScubaSarah Mon 21-Jan-13 20:23:38

Thanks for the advice on consultant appt tomorrow. In other news I've got my FTCS full score back. 1:318. Given I'm nearly 40 I know that's good but I was hoping for more conclusive. Can you all give me a slap please?

chocolatesolveseverything Mon 21-Jan-13 20:39:48

Foof - Try not to worry about the glucose test. High blood sugar in your blood test could be a result of many factors, not just diabetes. I had the same issue last week and it ended up fine. The stuff I had to drink was lucozade which wasn't too bad, but I don't recommend it to anyone as a regular breakfast substitute grin. Oddly, my fasting blood test came back with a slightly higher result than my post-drink test which means A) I'm not diabetic, B) My metabolism is weird and C) There was a reason for me shaking when I arrived home from hospital just before lunch that day!

Oxford - FX for your test results

Scuba - You don't need a slap, just a good hug from someone. This testing malarky is stressful!

chuck - Glad your FIL is OK, and great news on the scan

lexi - Yay for feeling more human-like! I too managed to do a load of cooking this weekend and it felt like such an achievement.

My scan is on Wednesday. I don't feel uber-excited yet - nervous I guess. Hope it goes well!

LittleMissSnowShine Tue 22-Jan-13 09:32:26

chuck - glad your FIL is ok and good news about your scan! DS was 57cm when he was born (nearly 2 feet!) and he's still big for his age length wise, he's always been quite skinny but he has the longest legs lol

lexi / chocolate - feeling v envy of your energy, i feel like nausea and fatigue are actually getting worse! What gives?! I'm 11+2 now!!

scuba - yep tests are def stressful, no matter how much you tell yourself not to get worked up, we all do!!

eggy - snow hit us pretty badly last night and lots of schools and roads closed today. Was supposed to meeting a new childminder for DS this morning but had to postpone til Thurs. Still...snow day!!!

blonde - I find GPs can be a bit hmm when it comes to pregnancy! Mine stuck me on cyclazine for nausea and wrote me a line for 2 weeks. Had to phone this morning to get line extended and receptionist told me he'd just written on my file that they could automatically extend my line if I requested it. Ok, fine. But the fact that even with anti nausea drugs that I am needing a third week off work (not counting the weeks off over xmas holidays) didn't seem to concern him?! I just asked very politely to ask him to phone me this afternoon because I have concerns about my medication. I could literally be wasting away and he hasn't seen me since my pregnancy appointment a month ago but he's happy to keep writing me lines and filling me up with drugs...Good ol NHS grin

peacefuleasyfeeling Tue 22-Jan-13 11:39:35

Hi there, Oxford, I am so sorry to hear about your mixed results, and will keep my fingers crossed for you. I think it was my "essay" you referred to earlier.
For what it is worth, when I got my initial NHS screening results back, I rang the fetal medicine dept at my local hospital and spoke to the head sonographer. She was such a sweetie, she retrieved my ultrasound images, studied them, called me back and told me cateorically that as far as she was concerned she was looking at a healthy baby, and although she would very much like to tell me to stop worrying, she would obviously be very unprofessional to do so. When I went for my Harmony test, my consultant was also very positive, just looking at the scan. I suppose what I am saying is that the visual cues are important, so if your baby looked well at the scan, that IS significant too.

ScubaSarah Tue 22-Jan-13 14:21:44

Its gone quiet on here.... Hope everyone is doing ok and the snow isn't buggering up plans too badly! Foof, do you know if you're going to be able to make it out on Thurs? I have my fx for you!

Chocolate and Littlemiss thanks for the kind words - I feel bad being peed off when others have much worse news. I've dusted myself off and have new PMA for the day - 317/318 chance of all being well, right :-)

I was wondering if anyone else has through about names yet? We have been talking about it loads and I think we're settled on names for either DS or DD and I'm wondering if we're a bit, well, previous, or if everyone else is thinking of names already?!

FoofFighter Tue 22-Jan-13 15:17:29

I doubt we'll know til the day SS, things are changing all the time! Loving your new PMA, you are so right x

Names - a little bit yes, had a girls name in mind for ages and OH has a few preferences for a boys name (Albert anyone? confused made worse by the fact he doesn't say T sound properly, Alburr!) if it's anything like the other two though, I shall pick a couple of names, wait and see what it looks like, decide it looks like neither, and go for something that was never on any original list as they just looked like it!

LittleMissSnowShine Tue 22-Jan-13 15:28:50

Names - Last time round I just had a feeling all along DS would be a boy tho we didn't find out the sex. And I was completely unable to pick out a girls name, I had a few that I liked but just none that particularly stuck in my head, but me and DS had our personal favs right up until at about 32 weeks a name just popped into my head, DH also liked it and when DS was born it totally suited him!! I'm hoping something similar will happen this time, but this time I'm finding it a bit easier to think of a girls name than a boys maybe this one is a girl grin

PMA all round - GP has taken me off my current anti nausea stuff and given me something new to start tomorrow. Keeping fx that it will be a better solution for me and I'll be able to make it out of the house...sometime..

RugBugs Tue 22-Jan-13 15:29:51

I've told DP my short list for names Scuba we kind of agreed on Astrid for a second DD but now I'm not sure! It would work if a DD had DD1s height and complexion but we won't know that for a while!
I can't summon any enthusiasm for boys names but I do like Dominic, Sebastian and William.

RuckAndRoll Tue 22-Jan-13 15:36:10

we've had a chat about names, dh is a list and spreadsheet man, he downloaded the list of all names given last year and we went through it narrowing it down. currently got 100 options so not a very good shortlist! although I have 2 or 3 of each I love smile

warning, moan time now. my nausea had pretty much gone but today it has hit again badly. problem is I'm working on a site where the ladies is in a separate building through pass controlled doors - not easy for chucking up!

glad lots of you have good scans with heartbeats. can't wait for ours. we've refused the my test as I'm a very anxious person and a risk factor would be too much for me.


RuckAndRoll Tue 22-Jan-13 15:38:07

NT test even. phone is auto correcting

GaryBuseysTeeth Tue 22-Jan-13 16:10:47

Scuba, we still have the lists we made with DS, over 200 names & we can only agree on 23!
However, we had a name sort of decided for DS (I would never 'name' a baby before it was here, alive & in my arms), and when he arrived he didn't 'look' like an XYZ, so we used a different name, one that we'd dismissed earlier!
In a roundabout way, no matter what you decide now, you may change your mind when the time comes!

Rug, I like all your names! Keep on pitching Astrid to DH but he's not keen.

Snowshine, will keep my fingers crossed that it works.

Chuck, glad your FIL is ok.


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