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May 2013- boys , girls or the unknown? Over half way there!

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scooby26 Sun 06-Jan-13 18:55:09

Hi all, new had for may 2013!

scooby26 Mon 07-Jan-13 20:22:47

Maybeababy- you can get matb from from 20 weeks pregnant- generally you get it from whomever yo see at an appointment after that. My last midwife appt was 16 weeks and as this is no2 I dont see her again until 28 weeks. I may be wrong but I think you HAVE to complete mat1a by 15 weeks before EWC and hand in mat1b at least 28 days before you wish to go off.

Maybeababy- yes you remembered correctly ;-). I am office based ( was anyway) but have particularly poor bosses ( annoyingly the same one I had last time I came back from maternity has followed me to my current job!). They seem to imagine pregnancy is ' not an illness' and as such you will work as usual hours wise.... I will be off to the gp next week for a fit note- I think I've done my bit now. The same bosses have just banned all flexible working in my dept ( hmm not quite sure how that works...) so returning will be interesting!

Still hoping t move house in next few weeks signed contracts today and hoping all goes t plan and we exchange this week tho there is much Agro re move dates and other minor things presently so fingers x.

Scan here tomorrow.... Hoping all ok.... Gut feeling is a girl but we are NOT finding out ( unless really obvious ;> )

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 07-Jan-13 20:33:23


Another one here with constipation, getting a bowel mvt out today I was reminded of what is was like pushing DD out!!! Oh well all good practise I suppose!

mamabrussels very funny! I turned up at school today thinking it was very quiet but quickly realised there were no students today! I was dreading this week as it's my first proper week back after pneumonia but it's been lovely and relaxing! And I realised I'm finally feeling back to normal after 2 mths of feeling dreadful, hoorah!

I got my matb at my 20 wk appt.

clueless good news on e scan but so frustrating when they keep their legs crossed! DD did that and it was our only chance to see, but she was a lovely surprise as everyone said I was having a boy!

Back at work after 2 mths off and I find out that about 5 other women are pg, we're all between 15 and 30 wks! People keep saying there's something in the water! One woman is one wk behind me and I wouldn't know she was pg, I look like a beached whale next to her shock 22+6.

I've just bought a very cute outfit online with Cookie Monster all over it, the first thing i've bought, now i'm looking forward to finding nice boys clothes.

beaver33 Mon 07-Jan-13 20:35:27

Well...I was right - it's a GIRL! Another one for Team Pink. Am so happy to have seen her again and feel slightly stunned now. It feels like the bump finally has an identity. Absolutely incredible.

Was also lovely that DH got to feel a kick for the first time last night.

I am totally, completely in love with this little wriggler, even though she had her hands in front of her face through the whole scan...

Hope Geordie got on well today and good luck for tomorrow scooby.

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 07-Jan-13 20:38:54

Forgot to say, scooby sorry to hear your bosses are so useless, hope mat leave rolls on very soon.

And hi to everyone else and the new people!

The second thing I have bought is a swaddle blanket as it really helped DD sleep better, even thought she fought it like a hell cat to start with. The only thing I care about is getting slightly more sleep this time round, and I'm praying this one isn't colicky.

GeordieCherry Mon 07-Jan-13 20:50:15

Argh, did a really long post & now it's disappeared!

Scan today was lovely. All anomalies they can check are ok.

It was wriggling loads, waving & legs on the move which was great to see. Especially after it was asleep last time. I've put the 2 scan pics next to each other on the shelf. What a transformation!

We can now start planning & accepting the really generous offers we've had from friends

Any travel system/ pram/ buggy recommendations??

shelly81 Mon 07-Jan-13 20:57:28

Congrats beaver team pink are catching up glad your scans were ok ladies Xxx

MaybeAMayBaby Mon 07-Jan-13 21:11:01

Thanks for eveyones help regarding mat1B. Never heard of mat1a, Scooby! I don't think hospital will give me one tomorrow. I remember last time at about 26/27 weeks asking for one and they said only midwife had them. I will ask though!

scooby get the fit note. I think some 'managers' take the piss. I expect mine will be too. My DH works in same school and he made a comment today that he can see them piling it on me over the next few weeks to try and get as much out of me before I go. I'm not a HOD, but I do most of the HODs job (he is pretty unwell with chronic illness tbf). They are even fitting in a department inspection just before Easter to make sure 'I don't miss it'. Gee. Thanks. Just what I need at 30+ weeks.

Congrats beaver an Geordie! Who else? clueless?. I have mine tomorrow. Very nervous. I remember last time it was like holding my breath pretty much whole way through. DD sat on the wand legs a kimbo last time. Sonographer said 'well I guess we all know now '. I had to explain to her that no, I still had no bloody idea. DH really wants a boy. I'm not sure I mind. So it'll be a girl I expect smile.

Just caught up on last weeks OBEM. Cries my eyes out! Not sure watching this series is a good idea atm.

MaybeAMayBaby Mon 07-Jan-13 21:15:34

Geordie I had the baby city mini jogger. I spent (3.5 years ago) hours researching before investing last time. I can't fault it really. Had lots of women coming up to me to ask about it etc around town! The fold is pretty fab and the hand pull to do it makes a great handle. Downsides-the carseat did attach on-but I found that a bit bulky. In the end I rarely bothered. I'm thinking of getting a carry cot for it this time around.
I am slightly swayed by the vista though. Can't justify it.

GeordieCherry Mon 07-Jan-13 22:03:49

Thanks Maybe! (You should change that to definitely!)

We've been offered a separate car seat which would be good to just keep in the car

Want to walk on bumpy pavements with the buggy & get in & out of a weeny terrace

10storeylovesong Mon 07-Jan-13 22:07:41

So glad to hear of all the good scan results today.

I was told the policy near me is to only give the matb form at a 25 week appointment. I've informed my workplace of intention to finish at 37 weeks so 19th April, and I just have to forward the form afterwards.

I've just back from hospital yet again with another bleed. Baby's heartbeat is fine though and the doctor was happy that it was blood being released from the clot so hopefully a good thing.

roastpotatoes Mon 07-Jan-13 22:11:16

Great to hear about the good scans today and good luck tomorrow (seasalt, maybe.. others? sorry hard to keep up).

Here's the updated stats - the girls are indeed making a come back. Apologies if I've missed anyone...

Boys:16 (picklep, cuppa, beaut, 10, wilde, chottie, betsy, frankie, mwncigirl, secretcervix, artigene, wirrawoo, tas, flaming, seasalt, goldmaple)

Girls:12 (roast, babygeek, reeny, berri, jenpen, shelly, sparkly, mamabrussels, moll, lolly?, aberjen, beaver)

Surprise:9 (bunny, twinkling, littlespade, terracotta, Geordie, ellypoo, boodstress, geordie, rachy)

roastpotatoes Mon 07-Jan-13 22:20:33

Sorry to hear that you've had another bleed 10 - but glad that they were encouraging at the hospital. Do take it easy - a few days of doing not very much might be in order.

cuppateaandagingersnap Tue 08-Jan-13 00:10:06

I second roast’s advice 10 I know you feel better busy and I know that there are different schools of thought on whether bed rest makes any difference in these sorts of situations but all the same if you were my patient I think I would suggest it anyway as unlikely to hurt and may just help, up to you and your doc obviously and not trying to stick my oar in honest!

SeaSalt1 Tue 08-Jan-13 00:38:27

Morning everyone! It's scan day <takes long deep breath and thinks positive thoughts)>. Mine's at 3pm Singapore time (7am GMT), will let you know how it goes, please send positive thoughts our way. Scooby and Maybe I think you are both today too - I will be thinking of you!

SeaSalt1 Tue 08-Jan-13 00:40:26

p.s. 10 sorry to hear about the bleed, glad you got some reassurance but all the same must be a bit frightening for you. Hope everything heals up very soon.

10storeylovesong Tue 08-Jan-13 07:01:52

Good luck with all the scans today!

mwncigirl Tue 08-Jan-13 07:45:23

Thinking of youseasalt smile

BeauticianNotMagician Tue 08-Jan-13 08:13:43

10 Sorry to hear about a further bleed but hopefully it's healing.

Seasalt Sending those positive thoughts your way grin enjoy your scan.

I haven't slept.On the plus side the ds's are back to school today so I get some peace. I've had to call in sick for work they aren't happy. But I can't go in breathing my germs over everyone

BeauticianNotMagician Tue 08-Jan-13 08:13:51

10 Sorry to hear about a further bleed but hopefully it's healing.

Seasalt Sending those positive thoughts your way grin enjoy your scan.

I haven't slept.On the plus side the ds's are back to school today so I get some peace. I've had to call in sick for work they aren't happy. But I can't go in breathing my germs over everyone

BeauticianNotMagician Tue 08-Jan-13 08:14:16


ng1412 Tue 08-Jan-13 10:26:42

Hello all, had my amnio this morning, ouch it hurt! Was not very nice, more a strange feeling than anything else I guess but gyne said it went well. Have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for the results. I am now resting on the sofa while DH and PIL look after DD.

Good luck to all those having scans today.

scooby26 Tue 08-Jan-13 10:56:26


Hope yr scans ok seasalt and maybe.

Just had ours. All fine! In the 'don't know' camp by choice ;-)


SevenReasonsToSmile Tue 08-Jan-13 11:03:58

Found you all! I completely fell off the old thread, but I'm back and will try to keep up this time.

10 sorry to hear about the bleeding, but glad hospital are happy that the baby is fine.

Wow so many people have had their scans and know what they're having. Mine isn't until the 23rd when I'll be 21+5, guess I must be the last one. I had still only been feeling tiny flutters, but felt the first proper kick last night.

I used a sleepy wrap (like a moby but a bit more stretchy) with DD and really loved it, can't wait to use it with a newborn again. It was a big fiddly at first but I found it really easy once I'd got used to how to tie it.

DD is teething badly at the moment, I've been up since 1:10 this morning, little monkey.

seasalt hope your scan went well smile

ng1412 Tue 08-Jan-13 11:34:30

Meant to say we are also in the 'don't know' corner by choice!

Seven I feel your pain, my 20 month old DD has been teething with her molars this week, been up each night at ungodly hour feeding the poor little thing calpol. Thank god for that stuff!

BeauticianNotMagician Tue 08-Jan-13 11:41:50

Ahh I loved not knowing it is nice knowing the sex this time.I would have happily waited if it wasn't for ds1.

I told a few mums at the school today and got a lot of 'oh maybe they got it wrong' commentsangry I hope not now that I've bought a green pushchair and some boy clothes grin

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