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What do you suggest for bringing your baby home in?

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Lottielou Tue 18-Apr-06 15:52:33

Hey Ladies!
I was just wondering.... What's the ideal thing to bring your baby home in, clothes wise? I know everyone has different opinions.... all in one's, cute little dresses or dungarees???
I'm due beginning of June so it'll hopefully be warm then. And dont know what i'm having so will need something blue and something pink!
Thanks in advance!
Lottie xxxx

kama Tue 18-Apr-06 16:01:16

Message withdrawn

Milliways Tue 18-Apr-06 16:01:18

Dresses get rucked up in car seat straps. How about a lovely all-in-one suit - unisex with teddies or similar.

bundle Tue 18-Apr-06 16:06:40

babygro, white or cream, little white cotton hat and footless babygro might be handy as dd1 was so long had to cut the feet out of her 3 mths one!

MrsBadger Tue 18-Apr-06 16:07:22

dungarees? don't make me laugh...

if it's clean and has poppers for easy nappy changing, I'm happy.
And definitely white or similar gender-neutral colour - can't bear the thought of having to take back / pack away the 'wrong' colour one, thinking what might have been...

Bodysuit vest things, babygrows and a blanket/shawl cover just about every clothes need for the first few weeks, during which time people will give you more cute outfits than you know what to do with, and wash easily, dry fast, don't need ironing etc.
Don't make work for yourself if you don't have to - you may well be exhausted!

Enid Tue 18-Apr-06 16:07:33

dresses are a pita when they are tiny

deffo babygros for a car seat - just buy a couple of packs of white ones

scotlou Tue 18-Apr-06 16:09:44

I'd stick to a white baby gro - and take several into hospital with you as no doubt the baby will puke all over it just before you're ready to go home ! (mine did, anyway). Remember a light hat and scratch mits.

Lottielou Tue 18-Apr-06 16:19:57

The reason why i'm getting one pink and one blue is i know 3 mom's to be that are having boys and girls so i will have a gift ready for what i dont use.
And dungaress were only mentioned as thats what some i know have done! lol

bundle Tue 18-Apr-06 16:25:10

straps on dresses/dungarees are just too fiddly when you have a tiny baby. plus they only fit for a few weeks so are a waste of money imo. a nice babygro with cardi (if it's cold and you have a knitter in the family) is fine. and a blanky.

IamBlossom Mon 24-Apr-06 10:23:48

For what it's worth, I can advise about what clothes to NOT take for your self to go home in - I ambitiously thought I'd be MUCH smaller the day after the baby was out, and couldn't zip up the cut offs I'd bought to wear home! Back into the maternity jeans I went............

Thomcat Mon 24-Apr-06 10:27:40

All in one suit. Stops socks falling off, soft and comfy for them and hassle free for you. Every thing else is a pita. Even seperate little tops and bottoms as you hav e to put baby through agro of pulling it over head, pullinh arms into holes etc. So much easier with a babygrow in so many ways. Good luck for June btw

Lottielou Mon 24-Apr-06 15:05:22

Thanks for your comments ladies.
And Thomcat... thanks for the well wishes for June.
All in one suit i think it is! :-)

tassis Mon 24-Apr-06 15:08:18

I love the velour all-in-ones with feet. I'd probably go for a hand knit cardi on top. Don't forget a hat and lovely blanket.

And like IamBlossom, I came home wearing my maternity clothes as I didn't fit what I'd taken to wear in.

All the best for June!

madmarchhare Mon 24-Apr-06 15:10:18

Tbh, I think its all a bit overated, are you going o have a welcoming party at home? DS came home in a sleepsuit, a coat and a hat. We then covered it all up anyway with a blanket.

MichMoo16 Thu 18-May-06 16:48:09

Personally I was given soooo many baby clothes after my DS arrived that I was really glad that I hadn't bought much before hand. You only need to get some babygrows/vests which will be far easier than dresses etc. What will you be wearing? My maternity clothes were too big (but DS was 4 weeks early so didnt get to huge stage) and my pre-pregnancy clothes to small, if you bought any clothes 1 size over your normal size i'd keep them handy. Good luck x

SoupDragon Thu 18-May-06 16:50:05

White all in one and little white hat. They look far cuter and kind of all new and fresh in white than they do in blue or yucky pink

colditz Thu 18-May-06 16:54:09

For you to wear, take anything that fitted you when you were 6 months pregnant. For the baby, take a large quantity of various shaped white cotton babygrows. Both my ds's puked all over everything i took in, and although there was only 3 oz difference in weight between tham, they were a comletely different shape.

yomellamoHelly Fri 19-May-06 20:09:38

Vest, baby-gro and maybe a hat and a blanket just in case. That's plenty of poppers for a knackered and, I assume, already starting to feel the effects of sleep-deprivation person to deal with.
Ds's poos were really leaky for the first 6-8 weeks or so which wasn't conducive to complicated clothing!

morethan1 Wed 31-May-06 09:36:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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