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June 2013 Thread 3 - the one where we stop throwing up!

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DontmindifIdo Thu 03-Jan-13 21:47:40

new June thread - we've been chatting too much!

Hawkmoth Fri 04-Jan-13 10:05:12

Right well it's about time I de-lurked. Expecting number three 17/06, bit of a surprise! Now that I can feel movements I guess it's time I started taking it a bit more seriously, have told work this week and had to buy maternity pants... I feel like a house, but taking comfort in the fact that after two babies there is just no more room for stretch marks... Honestly, it's like the stretchy stuff they keep expensive peaches in down there!

Hoping for a home birth like with my last. After an induction with the first... and stuff... nothing beat having a round of toast (with pâté - I miss pâté like nobody's business), quick shower and straight to bed after having DS in the front room.

So hello everyone, now that I'm out of denial I will pop up now and again I expect.

MrsBri Fri 04-Jan-13 10:54:03

Hi Hawkmoth! Nice to meet you...come and join in our chatting every now and then now you've appeared once! :-)

SunnyL Fri 04-Jan-13 11:10:47

Whoever was talking about NCT classes yesterday - this article made me chuckle

redwellybluewelly Fri 04-Jan-13 17:39:35

AmI had my MW appt today, baby is doing ok with a good strong heartbeat. I had to take DD with me so had to hold it together somewhat but after discussing lack of sleep, sickness, anxiety, pure exhaustion, feelings of depression no joy about the pg or even wanting tell people or have any delight its not AND but PTSD and its becoming quite significant. The PTSD is effectively magnifying all the usual aches and pains and mood swings of pregnancy, in a lot of pain as well from uterus growing which MW said wasn't unusual but how I feel about that pain is just adding to the anxiety.

I haven't even looked at the scan pics since they were taken.

Problem is there is nothing in our PCT area for support in a pregnancy after poor outcomes. No mental health midwives, no counselling, no helpline or specialist teams. Not for severely traumatic birth, stillbirth, neonatal injury etc. MW said it was an embarrassment. So I have to go to GP next week who initially referred me to a psychologist months ago. But drugs won't help, so no easy solution.

AmIGoingMad Fri 04-Jan-13 18:32:13

Welcome hawkmoth!smile

Redwelly- poor you that sounds terrible! It's so awful that it really is a matter of your postcode deciding your standard of care! Is there no way they can refer you across to another, better equipped pct? It seems madness that you can't access the help you so desperately need just due to where you are! Can the gp at least rush your appointment through? See them and ask this as you need something to give you peace of mind sooner rather than later. Daft me saying that- safe to say its something you already know. Just want you to know that you have support here. If just talking it through helps even a little then do it- I'm sure the others will agree or you're welcome to pm if you want to. I'm in no way qualified to help but I think a good listener outside your immediate support network must help? Sounds like as with some others on here ( me included) the birth bit seemed like something to think of later and now later has arrived. With your past experiences it must be hard but you will get through this I'm sure of it. Sending hugs!x

AmIGoingMad Fri 04-Jan-13 18:32:35

Mrsbri- how was bungalow?

AmIGoingMad Fri 04-Jan-13 18:34:12

Dontmind- it was you I was thinking if with the 'later' arriving now. That's such a good way of putting it x

MrsBri Fri 04-Jan-13 18:55:55

The bungalow was awesome. We've put our application in and we are just waiting to hear if it is accepted. Fingers crossed.

It even has a sun room in the garden!

Redwelly, so sorry to hear how you're feeling and your diagnosis. I hope you get seen very soon.

I emailed the training principal at work today and told him how work is stressing me out. Too scared to see if he's replied now as I really slated some of my colleagues and their laziness. Ah well, done now! At least I should sleep tonight after only 4 hours last night.

massagegirl Fri 04-Jan-13 19:22:22

Hello June ladies! I'm new to this one.. Due 1st June. Been a bloomin roller coaster but finally have the all clear that baby is well and have started feeling wriggles! Hope you are all doing well. This is first baby, have just signed up for nct as new to my area so wanted to meet people and also a class called lazy daisy which is exercise and relaxation based.

Littlemissexpecting Fri 04-Jan-13 19:36:34

Hello newbies grin
Glad the bungalow viewing went well.
I've only been sick once today so fingers crossed starting to improve my end.

webminx Fri 04-Jan-13 20:27:09

Hi ladies,
Just checking into the new thread. All well here I think - feeling flutters, still exhausted but seems to be getting better. Yay! Now for a bit of TMI: Have VARICOSE VEINS in my thigh (and a little higher up iyswim). Cannot believe it. Had this with DC1 too, but much later on. Am bit traumatized. Bit sore but mostly just make me feel a little gaggy when I look at them ... Am I alone?!!?

MrsBri Fri 04-Jan-13 20:40:27

Hmmm...I'm now scared to look at my thighs!! :-)

The training principal was really lovely when he emailed back. Agreed a compromise with my working hours, which is great. He was so nice I may go back after maternity leave.

curlyclaz13 Fri 04-Jan-13 20:56:08

The Boss asked when I plan to start maternity leave yesterday I told her my plan is to start it on 1 June but to take any holiday owed immediately before. she couldn't get her head round it and kept saying she left two months before and I will have no holiday left. explained I plan to take rest of the year off and I think she gets it now. she had no idea about my rights or what I can do when I come back, I think I will want to do part time but she suggests treating me like a locum. I don't think so !

MrsBri Fri 04-Jan-13 21:14:37

Honestly, companies are so clueless. Scary really!

I've requested my risk assessment. Not sure the previous HR person knew about them. Worked out when I'm taking all my annual leave too.

Feeling much happier now than I was this morning. Thank god :-)

DontmindifIdo Fri 04-Jan-13 21:16:08

Curlyclaz - sounds a bit crap, do you have a HR department you can talk too? If not, have a look on the gov website, I'm sure there's stuff you could send links over to 'help'...

curlyclaz13 Fri 04-Jan-13 21:19:45

I think part of the problem is I work for a very small company with 5 employees (optician's) so boss is the owner. I am the only pregnant lady to work there since she opened 27 years ago ! clueless is an understatement. risk assessment was delegated and I was no part of it so had to go looking for it.

DontmindifIdo Fri 04-Jan-13 21:31:57

oooh, risk assessment, I'd forgotten about that !!!! I'm looking forward to the 'seat' lady coming in again, last time round, the H&S for having a pregnant staff member involved a) some random woman coming round to measure my chair and adjust it for me and b) my then boss throwing her weight around as at the time there was swine flu, and "my PA can't be expected to get the tube!" she kicked off until it was agreed that someone would have to give up their car park space if swine flu in London got bad. To put in perspective, there are only 20 places, there are over 60 partners in the London office, a car parking space is basically a sign you have made it, so to be told that someone (but not her - let's not be silly!) would have to be told to give me their space was causing panic, however as my old boss billed several million more than anyone else in London that year, she was being humoured...

AmIGoingMad Fri 04-Jan-13 23:10:37

Welcome massagegirl!smile

Mrsbri- glad you feel better about work now. Hope you get more sleep tonight and that application goes well!

Webminx- haven't noticed any as yet so am keeping fingers crossed not to. Hope yours ease!

AmIGoingMad Fri 04-Jan-13 23:12:01

Little miss- glad sickness is starting to ease smile

pinkapples Sat 05-Jan-13 03:44:02

Very cross I'm awake woke up for my normal 3am wee and can't get back to sleep to date this has not happened even if I get up 2 or 3 times in the night! shockdon't know what this face is but it seemed appropriate

In other news not feeling to sick anymore exhausted is an understatement though as I cannot keep my eyes open at all when I get in from work and I don't know if I've felt fluttering a yet I can't imagine what it feels like so can't decide am 18 weeks on Tuesday so just want the scan now to tell me everything's alright don't know how I'm going to get back to sleep but am going to attempt it wish me luck!

MrsBri Sat 05-Jan-13 03:51:52

I'm awake too. Again :-/

I'm not worrying tonight, I just can't sleep. I think I must wake up too much from my sofa nap when I come to bed.

Hope you get to sleep soon, pinkapples.

In other news, my bump feels a bit harder today, not quite so podgy-feeling. Interesting development!

pinkapples Sat 05-Jan-13 07:45:25

Aww mrsbri I was thinking that but there is no way I can stop myself going to sleep on the sofa grin

My bump is also getting harder which must be a good sign still a bit podgy in the middle under my belly button but defo around the sides and top bit gringrin

SunnyL Sat 05-Jan-13 08:29:33

Had someone go for their first grobe of my non-bump last night. It was my colleagues wife demanding to know what it was. I called out loudly it was a baby and hopefully human and she backed off. Bit weird especially since i'm still not showing.

18+3 now and still don't think i've felt it. Fingers crossed i do soon cos you're all making me jealous.

MrsBri Sat 05-Jan-13 09:17:49

No, I just die on the sofa most nights...where's the second trimester energy people talk about? Nowhere near me :-/

Sunny, how rude of that woman. But yay for your response! :-)

Felt sick in the middle of the night again. Hope that isn't a new feature.

I barely feel bubs. Assuming what I'm feeling IS bubs. And still 4 weeks til my scan. Not sure how I will cope if the MW can't find the heartbeat on Monday.

Withalittlesparkle Sat 05-Jan-13 09:27:22

Urgh at people touching bumps, so far it's only been family but to be honest even that freaks me out a bit, largely because I mostly feel my belly is fat rather than baby!! They wouldn't come up to me prepregnancy and run my belly after I'd had a big dinner would they?!

Bri I have a midwife appt on Monday too, do they always look for a heartbeat? All she told me was to bring a pee sample with me so have no idea what to expect!!!

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