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June 2013 Thread 3 - the one where we stop throwing up!

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DontmindifIdo Thu 03-Jan-13 21:47:40

new June thread - we've been chatting too much!

DontmindifIdo Sat 12-Jan-13 19:00:28

AlohaMama - I know what you mean about having given the 'best' name to DS already, I really felt like the names left on our 'boy name list' were the ones that weren't quite good enough, however we were chatting and DH just suddenly popped out with the shortened version we'll use and it seemed like it would go really well with DS's name. It wasn't on our last list so does feel like a new name just for this bump (if it's a second boy).

We didn't have a girl name we loved, we were arguing on the drive to the hospital while I was having contractions about girl names. I think that's also fed into the "let's find out this time" feeling!!! (It would have made that drive a lot less stressful if I wasn't trying to argue my case for a name I love while remembering to breath properly!)

Sarah2506 Sat 12-Jan-13 20:07:35

Urgh, 4am here in Hong Kong and wide awake. So tired having been awake for well over 24 hours getting here. Do miss being able to have a gin and some Valium to get me through jet lag! Today seems like it will be another long day!!

AmIGoingMad Sat 12-Jan-13 21:10:17

Poor you Sarah! Hope you manage to get some sleep!

I had a crappy day yesterday but then Kate in the afternoon I'm sure I felt some flutters! Yey! smile

Learner- that's my fear about finding out this time too! Although I think we're going to as I think it'll be helpful logistically with all the stuff we already have if this little ones a boy and stuff we'd need if bump's a girl!

Binkybix Sat 12-Jan-13 23:09:04

Hello all. First time on this thread. Am due my first on the 14th June. Over the puking now, and have just started a new job so feeling a bit tired this weekend.

I've not done any planning etc at all yet!

AlohaMama Sun 13-Jan-13 02:54:06

Welcome binky and good luck with the new job.

learner does that still happen much? I was so impressed by the clarity of the scans last time it seems surprising that mistakes can still be made, I would have thought it was fairly rare. I suppose you could still get a false positive for a girl if it was a boy crossing his legs and hiding the evidence. Would be quite a shock if it was wrong but I think I'll still find out and hope for the best!

arlandria666 Sun 13-Jan-13 13:34:55

after umming and aarring about flutters i am almost certain that what i felt the past coupe of days was little kicks not very often lol i am 19+3 and been unsure about what i have been feeling lol this is my first baby.
yesterday was the first day i have embraced the bump and wore maternity clothes :-D
got my scan a week on Wednesday so hope this snow has cleared off and no more comes!x x

learnermummy Sun 13-Jan-13 17:39:17

The scans are so clear these days that hopefully they wouldn't get it wrong - just my irrational fear! Will still try and find out though.
DS1 and DS2 are driving me mad today and really making me worry about coping with 3! Am hoping it will diffuse them a bit!

cupcake78 Sun 13-Jan-13 17:53:32

Beginning to get excited now. I know I'm a long way off but wondering what baby will look like. Is it a boy or girl etc

Can't wait to pull the baby stuff out the attic but have a room to sort out and a house to rearrange before I can even get to that stage!

forgetmenots Sun 13-Jan-13 18:06:43

It's so exciting Lexi, I'm getting impatient for another peek. I'm in a city but for offroad I heard good things about Babyjogger versa gt - think it may only be for occasional offroad use but heard the wheels were very resilient.

Spent today looking online for things for baby, getting little jabs and kicks, so exciting. DH is thrilled because baby seems to get all active whenever he touches the bump smile

grainmum Sun 13-Jan-13 18:12:33

Just bought my first baby related purchase - a manual breast pump! Seems ridiculous but was half price in the Tesco event so seemed silly to miss.

Littlemissexpecting Sun 13-Jan-13 18:19:40

I bought myself some breast pads in tesco! They had 1/3 off. Might start popping something in when ever I do a big shop or when I see something on offer. Just got to work out where to put it!

MrsBri Sun 13-Jan-13 18:26:18

Asda has a baby event starting on 17th. I'll get a few bits from there.

Go on Amazon for really good deals on Avent bottles, sterilisers, pumps etc.

AmIGoingMad Sun 13-Jan-13 18:54:56

Welcome binky!

My scan seems ages away! Have mw appt on tues though so hopefully I'll at least be able to hear little one. Feels a bit unreal again to be honest!

curlyclaz13 Sun 13-Jan-13 20:10:00

I am so bloated today can't really face food and am super gassy ! is this a pregnancy thing or just me grin

redwellybluewelly Sun 13-Jan-13 22:33:32

Ten days and we'll find out the gender! First thing I've been excited about since finding out I was expecting.

Dh still playing the competitive tiredness game, he is insisting we share night wakeups for dd and today had a lie in while i looked after dd and a nap while I did the weeks food shop! I'm annoyed as well as I did the first eighteen months solo at night even though I worked from dd being six months, had two nights off when I had a sickness bug and one when i had mastitis. Argh!

Little miss under the cot is a good place.

Littlemissexpecting Sun 13-Jan-13 23:13:25

I don't have a cot yet!
I'm looking forward to finding out too the 24th can't come quick enough. My bump is looking huge! Had a bath tonight and can't believe how much it's grown already.

MrsBri Mon 14-Jan-13 06:33:05


And so the return of MS...lots of retching in the shower :-/ Wonder when I'll finally be free of it?! Hoping the breakfast I'm currently eating will stay down.

Redwelly, sorry your DH isn't being helpful. Why is he like that? Exciting about finding out the sex though.

Withalittlesparkle Mon 14-Jan-13 07:30:46

bri how far are you now? I have moments when I just feel awful (17+3) but I've stopped the actual vomiting which makes a nice pleasant change!!

Scan in just over 2 weeks and I'm still undecided as whether I want to find out or not!!!

forgetmenots Mon 14-Jan-13 07:49:01

Not feeling pregnant today! Very strange! Bump is clearly there but... Nope. Forgot I was pregnant this morning. I'm 18+4, hasn't been like this for a few weeks. sad

MrsBri Mon 14-Jan-13 08:20:12

I'm almost exactly the same as you, sparkle. Either 17 or 17+4 depending on whether it is LMP or scan we go by.

At least I'm not the only one suffering :-/

My sister thinks it may be caused by turn caused by baby growing hair to tickle internally! I like that theory.

We are determined not to find out. I hope we stick to that resolve!

Steffanoid Mon 14-Jan-13 08:45:42

Hi all! Im due June 11 with my first, cant wait for my 20 week scan as im not sure what I've felt are movements or not but am very worried that something has gone wrong I'm very paranoid about this stuff!, hoping to find out sex as well providing all goes ok

olimoss Mon 14-Jan-13 10:55:38

We have scan tomorrow, and Consultant appt. Bit scary but mostly excited. I suppose we've been up officially waiting for the (hopeful) all-clear after the anomoly scan to really get serious about sorting the house, buying stuff. And booking a final holiday - essential!

Oh, and we are DEF finding out, don't feel any compulsion whatsoever to be secretive, maybe it's cause we're old and v pragmatic!

princesschick Mon 14-Jan-13 13:03:38

Wow, it's so busy on here! I try to keep up and read when I can but I've been so busy with other stuff, mostly around our house renovations that I haven't had time to get involved. So, sorry, you've probably all forgotten me as I've been woefully quiet. Anyways, hellos to all the newbies and hugs and brew all round.

I'm glad to be able to say that the sickness has gone...finally...I was still throwing up last week. Bleurgh... And I'm 19 weeks today. Fingers crossed for no more vomming.

Can't wait for my 20 week scan next week - so exciting! We're not finding out the sex because I like the idea of a surprise at the end.

Baby has been moving loads since 17 weeks and DH can feel him too (we call baby "he" in the text book sense and because he had big hands and feet on the 12 week scan!! grin)

On the topic of antenatal classes - we're starting hypnobirthing classes next month and have decided on the UPPAbaby pram. We had a good look at one before Xmas in John Lewis and absolutely loved it. I've only decided on the pram and a babybay so far, but not brave enough to buy anything yet. We're going to leave the nursery for a while so that we can use the room for people to stay over whilst baby is in with us and then we'll do nursery when we know what we really need as I'm the sort of person to get majorly excited and OTT, and we need to save for my maternity leave as I bring in the bigger wage at the moment.

On that note, is anyone going down the cloth nappy route? I've been in touch with the Nappy Lady who had some brilliant suggestions but the one's she's suggested seem to take a long time to dry and I really like the look of the bumgenius nappies. I think we'll try a couple of cloth nappies and if we don't get on with them we'll go down the eco disposable route. We'll probably end up doing a mixture of both anyway. Just wondering what others were going to do?

I've started a pregnancy yoga course, which is really brilliant and went and had a gentle swim at the weekend. It's so nice to feel back to normal again.

Well, hope you are all feeling brilliant and that the bloom is kicking in.

SunnyL Mon 14-Jan-13 13:09:04

Hi Princesschick

I'm hoping to go down the cloth nappy route. My sister in law has passed me her Bambino Mio newborn pack of nappies. I'm an environmental consultant so feel it would be hypocritical of me not to at least try. I did the sums and technically I could do full nappies up to potty training for £250. I found the Changeworks website really helpful for describing all the various options.

princesschick Mon 14-Jan-13 13:20:13

Thanks SunnyL the Nappy Lady suggested Bamboozle Stretch (Stretchies) and then Motherease Rikki wraps plus all the other paraphernalia required. The nappies / wraps were about £200 + a bit more for liners etc but this would be newborn to potty and seems like a huge saving. The Bamboozle's do look good, apart from the drying time. She was really thorough: I had to fill out a long form and she got back very quickly. I'll check out the website you've suggested thanks for that! Lucky you to be passed some cloth nappies, I'm the first in my family to have a grandchild; we haven't had any new babies for 15 years in either of my families or DH's family so there aren't really any hand me downs and just complete hysteria about the arrival of our baby - eek!

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