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BFP wishes CAME true!! The Graduates Club

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LittleMissSnowShine Wed 02-Jan-13 15:08:35

Ladies of the bfp wishes thread who've had their wishes granted ... Join me!! We've had a rocky road ttc, now lets enjoy the highs and lows of our much wanted pregnancies together grin First came the bfps...and then what comes next????

RedRobin1 Tue 07-May-13 16:17:37

haha kitten choc does the trick!! I can't wait to get to that phase where I can feel the baby, play with it and feel the kicks... sounds so dreamy!

MrsBri Tue 07-May-13 16:32:11

I would definitely tell HR then, red, as they will have to do a risk assessment which will look at things like travel for work and decide how to manage it during your pregnancy.

Feeling baby is awesome. And often painful! I do sometimes wonder how many arms and legs Baby B actually has with the kicks and prods I get :-)

My first midwife appt was simply being weighed, quite a bit of blood taken and a general chat / completing info in the notes you're then meant to carry everywhere with you! You will be asked if you suffer from domestic abuse too. It took about 45 minutes in total. Nothing too major.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful Tue 07-May-13 17:18:55

red I think you should tell hr. They might not bother with a risk assessment though. I told mine at 6 weeks, had about six days off (spread out) but to exhaustion and not feeling safe behind a wheel (driving is part of my job).

They still haven't bothered with a risk assessment.

MrsBri Tue 07-May-13 17:20:23

When, they're legally obliged to do a risk assessment. You should demand one. I did and was the first person at my company to ever get one.

They need to be looking after you properly.

Alexandra6 Tue 07-May-13 18:13:19

kitten liked your choccie story grin

red also loved that philosophy about worrying and effect on baby, I totally believe that as hormones like stress hormones are passed to baby in the womb. Am now worrying I've made my baby a worrier grin right that has sorted me out, really has, I'm going to remember that every time I feel myself worrying - if I can't be happy, calm and worry-free for my sake, I can for my baby! I give it 5 minutes

red Also, I told work early and refused to fly to Switzerland and back in one day for a tiring event in my first trimester. Totally get where you're coming from on that. My agency are very small (don't even have an HR person yet along department!) so no risk assessment or anything like that but I am of course making myself responsible for what I can and can't do and setting limits.

kittykatsforever Tue 07-May-13 18:34:05

Red you have a great attitude, very commendable!! I hope it is a happy stress free pregnancy for you, yes I think if you want to avoid thing like flying telling work would be a good call although try not to worry, they is no evidence of flying being bad for you at any stage but the tiredness will hit you like a brick in a few weeks so beat to be prepared to cut back!
Kitten that's so cute, my little one goes mad for food aswell particullaly chocolate, they know there stuff!
I'm going to bed right after dd tonight had a terrible nights sleep last night only dropping off at 2 and waking up at 6 hmm think I'm starting to think about when bubs may make an appearance, don't feel like she imminent as sure she's not in gaged yet but I went into labour with dd1 what is effectively tonight confused

Kittenkatzen Tue 07-May-13 21:37:46

Ooh mrsb I don't think I was asked about domestic abuse at my booking in...maybe because DH was with me I guess.

red my first appt was the same as mrsb's, but I also had a pre-booking appt with the community midwife at my gp surgery at 6 weeks - it was quite brief, only 10-15 mins, just a quick chat to check my dates etc and then enter me into the system. I had to choose which hospital I wanted to be referred to for ongoing care and that was about it.

Agree with everyone else that you should tell work, especially so you don't feel pressured to fly. And lol at rubbish risk assessments - mine consisted of being advised to take my coat off the back of my chair and to call if I have any problems! hmm

So exciting for you to have everyone to tell - have you been thinking up fun ways to break the news to different people? I loved loved loved just dropping it randomly into general conversation and watching people's faces as the penny dropped. Worked especially well with my parents grin

Ooh kitty that's so exciting, is it weird to think you'll be cuddling your newborn soon?!

kittykatsforever Wed 08-May-13 06:43:22

It's weird kitten but still seems surreal, I don't like thinking it could still be another 5 weeks tough confused

resipsa Wed 08-May-13 08:01:19

I know I'm not strictly allowed on here (yetwink) but had to comment on the domestic abuse thing. When I had my first booking appt in 2010, it lasted about an hour and I swear that 30 mins was spent discussing recreational drug use (umm, no), alcohol (umm, no) and abuse (umm, no). DH was in the room and MW asked him to leave in case I felt "scared" to confess it in front of him. Same midwife managed to miss my Rhesus -ve status meaning I missed my 26 week Anti-D shot. More focus on the obvious - ie all well chez nous - at the first appointment might have helped! And I love in a "naice" area.

resipsa Wed 08-May-13 08:02:27


RedRobin1 Wed 08-May-13 08:04:15

kitty have you got your hospital bag ready? Hopefully you dont have to wait that long...

I am still in no symptoms land. It's weird while we ttc I would try and symptom spot in the 2ww, hard to believe there are no symptoms till a lot later in some pregnancies. I am not worrying but I have peed on 8 sticks so far blush and I am still relieved when they come up with bfps.

We have an early scan booked for 25th May when I will have completed 7 weeks. they don't have any appts in the 8 week period. And I can't wait till 9 weeks grin

nic what a strange question to ask around domestic abuse, but I suppose better to be safe these days.

Kittenkatzen Wed 08-May-13 08:13:03

res of course you're allowed on here whenever you like! What a rubbish midwife you had before - maybe she had been caught out previously and missed the signs or something?

kitty I'm sure you won't have to wait 5 weeks - I'm getting definite May baby vibes from you (so therefore it must be true....!)

Haha red I hope they were 8 cheapy sticks and not the £5/£10 a pop ones! Exciting about your early scan, that's not long to wait at all - I was thinking this morning that its not long till my next midwife appt on the 30th, and your scan is almost a whole week before that! Will be here before you know it smile

Kittenkatzen Wed 08-May-13 08:13:10

res of course you're allowed on here whenever you like! What a rubbish midwife you had before - maybe she had been caught out previously and missed the signs or something?

kitty I'm sure you won't have to wait 5 weeks - I'm getting definite May baby vibes from you (so therefore it must be true....!)

Haha red I hope they were 8 cheapy sticks and not the £5/£10 a pop ones! Exciting about your early scan, that's not long to wait at all - I was thinking this morning that its not long till my next midwife appt on the 30th, and your scan is almost a whole week before that! Will be here before you know it smile

Alexandra6 Wed 08-May-13 08:16:07

Great news on the early scan, at the end of 7 weeks going into 8 weeks should be a good time to see the heart beat.

Don't worry about no symptoms, sooo many people have told me about their symptom-less pregnancies that went well. I'm usually told that when I'm worrying about a symptom-free day. Which I'm not today as I've just been sick (sorry), only the second time I've actually been sick though. Feeling rough but not complaining one bit smile I'll eat now, that helps. I'm working from home still as refusing to go into the office after rubella-gate until I know no one else has it! I get tested for immunity at my midwife app next week so planning to work from home until then, I'm sure work won't complain (directly to me anyway!) as I'm just being sensible.

And I got through about 25 pee sticks so totally understand the pee stick obsession!

MrsBri Wed 08-May-13 09:40:21

I was just asked one question about abuse. They'd have sent DH out of the room if he had been there! Seems like you got a grilling, res :-/

And you're more than welcome here :-) Hopefully you'll have some good news in a week or so too!!

Kitty, let's hope your little girl comes sooner rather than later! 5 weeks seems like a long time!

Red, good that you've got an early scan booked. Bet you can't wait!

RedRobin1 Wed 08-May-13 11:14:16

mrsbri can't wait for the scan indeed! I just want to know the date when I can meet baby smile

I don't think they'll be able to get an accurate date at 7 weeks, but it will help us guess when we could have conceived?

At the moment I have no clue when I OVed or conceived. So I am not even sure I am the number of weeks I think I am.... Oh we'll just have to wait.

MrsBri Wed 08-May-13 11:30:30

It'll be your 12 week scan they use for dating. You're right that they can't really tell anything at 7 weeks. Baby is more of a jellybean than a baby too!

It is very exciting though :-)

Have you told HR yet?

kittykatsforever Wed 08-May-13 12:38:16

25 sticks Alex!!!shockshockshock
I thought I was bad lol
Yes I'm hoping I don't go overdue, a may baby is what the doctor ordered grin hubbie asking for Friday night as he doesn't want to do his night shift!
Not long to wait for an early scan then red, it will be here before you know it! I don't remember getting asked about domestic abuse... Maybe I look too tough wink

Alexandra6 Wed 08-May-13 12:54:07

I was a teensy bit excited and worried it would go away blush
grin at you being tough! That will come in handy for child birth! Wow it's so soon kitty exciting!

weechops Wed 08-May-13 13:05:13

Anyone ever had bad diarrea? Sorry for the tmi smile this is day 4 of the runs (after ds bug cleared up nicely) and I feel awful. Drinking plenty of water and lucozade sport and only managing toast to eat. Baby will be ok though right? I'm 9 weeks tomorrow. Gah I'm a terrible ill person!

kiwi5 Wed 08-May-13 13:18:10

Wee- i had food poisoning with dd and just recovering from d and v with bump2. Was told both times that baby will be fine, it will just mean u feel like crap. Tho this time the mw said if i was being sick for mpre than a few days to go to tje docs as dehydration isnt good. Cud u ring the docs just for a reassurance chat? Hope u feel better soon.

weechops Wed 08-May-13 14:13:49

Thanks kiwi. If it doesn't stop today think ill give the doc a ring.

RedRobin1 Wed 08-May-13 16:34:07

wee I am sure I read somewhere diarrhea is a pregnancy symptom. But make sure you stay hydrated and take plenty of fluids. Hope you feel better soon.

kitty you haven't got long left to go - spring baby is awesome timing.

mrsbri decided to wait till that early scan before divulging the news at work. I don't have to fly to Ireland though, so I am relieved. The days need to tick by quicker to that early scan.

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed today, I guess its slowly sinking in that I am not having my period and I am actually going to have a baby. There is something finally growing inside my body. Feels amazing but OH MY GOD! I am having a baby smile

DH seems to have gotten back into daily routine and football and all the things that 'men do'...He said he doesn't feel it yet because his body isn't changing.

Whereas I am already talking to the baby everytime I am running to the loo (I guess frequent weeing is not that much fun when you have an all day workshop!)

RedRobin1 Wed 08-May-13 16:34:55

Sorry that seemed like a long essay but theres so much going on in my mind - I have so many questions and thoughts.... I just need to take a deep breath and let time pass.

Alexandra6 Wed 08-May-13 16:43:10

I had a loose stomach (sorry) wee and that can be a symptom, the other end of the scale to constipation which lots of people get! I think the difference with a bug is the urgency, running to the loo etc, mine wasn't like that.

I've heard people get thirsty in pregnancy but I'm drinking a lot less and (again, sorry) my pee is quite dark/yellow. When I try and drink more, I just don't fancy it. Not sure if that's really weird or doing the baby harm? Will try and force more water down.

red you sound so happy, love that feeling, I still get it now! Now DH has seen the first scan and my little bump growing a bit, I think it seems more real to him and he's started saying good morning and talking to the bump in bed. Then he does an impression of a grumpy baby saying "oi keep the noise down, I'm sleeping in here". Ha cracks me up every time grin

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